Mere Angne Mein 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti saying I will talk to Ajay, maybe he accepts me again. Ajay wins the game. Amit says you play well, I had fun playign with you. Ajay says even you play well, I know good players, I m Ajay. Amit says I m Amit, I got job in police. Ajay says I came to do belan party work. Amit says my mummy is minister. Ajay says I came to meet you and gave thanking letter to a lady, Sarla attended my marriage. Amit says oh it was you, now we became friends. He hugs Ajay.

Aarti calls Ajay. He answers. She worries and ends call. Pari asks her whom is she talking to, I see, calling boyfriend. Aarti says there is nothing like that, it was wrong number. Pari argues. Phone rings again. Aarti worries thinking Ajay called. Pari answers call. Preeti asks what are you doing there. Pari says I m missing you Preeti. Aarti gets relieved. Pari asks Preeti to come home. Preeti says no, my saas is troubling me. Pari says I can see her, but I want gold earrings. Preeti says its too much. Pari says you have to give it. Preeti says its not cheap. Pari says I will take gold earrings next time. Preeti agrees.

Aarti asks whose phone was it. Pari scolds her. Pari sits talking to Kaushalya about Shanti. Kaushalya says Shanti’s love is in her taunts, she looks tough, but loves me as daughter. Pari thinks what to do of her. Nimmi looks on. Pari says maybe people do backbiting, leave it. Kaushalya asks who does it, tell me. Nimmi says I will not leave Pari. She asks Pari who did backbiting about Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks did Ashok or Rani did backbiting. Pari says Preeti’s saas was speaking bad about you. Kaushalya gets shocked and says I can’t believe this, what did I do. Pari says yes, that’s the problem, you don’t call her home and don’t go there. Nimmi asks Kaushalya not to believe Pari, she is a liar. Pari and Nimmi argue. Kaushalya says Pari is right, I did not go to meet Nandu’s parents, I did not invite them. Nimmi says you will regret if you agree to her. Aarti looks on. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to go. Nimmi says fine, don’t tell me anything the. Pari cries and does drama. Kaushalya says calm down, its good you told this to me, I will go to Preeti’s inlaws and make everything fine.

Aarti gives her fruits and asks Kaushalya to take it to daughter’s inlaws. Kaushalya says look you don’t teach me, I have seen much times, I will manage this, you do the responsibility given by Shanti. Aarti goes. Pari says she is oversmart. Kaushalya says I m bearing her because of Shanti. Pari says you have to go to Preeti and have a good impression, else they will complaint, none will take Shanti’s name. Kaushalya says yes, I have to keep relations with them, I will congratulate Sarla for making you so smart. Aarti comes and tells her about sweets, I will manage Raina. Kaushalya says I have to deal with her.

Kaushalya meets Nandu and Preeti and compliments their house. She meets Nandu’s parents. Nandu’s mum says I don’t wish to come your house, I have to teach many household lessons to Preeti. Nandu asks his mum to go with Kaushalya, stay with them for some days. Kaushalya says its my mistake, I did not meet before and did not invite you to come Shanti Sadan, give chance to rectify mistake. Nandu’s mum agrees. Pari asks Preeti to convince her Saas. She asks Nandu’s mum to go if Kaushalya is saying, you also wanted someone from my Maayka to take you, you taunted me too. Nandu’s mum thinks she is taunting me. She says fine I will go if you are saying by love. She asks Kaushalya to wait, I will go and wear some good saree, my son has become big hero. Nandu asks Kaushalya to have something.

Kaushalya asks Preeti what did she tell you. Preeti says she just taunts me. Pari smiles. Aarti makes Raina sleep. Phone rings. She gets tensed and answers call. She gets shocked hearing Ajay. Raina cries. She ends call. Amit asks what happened. Ajay says someone called me, I heard baby crying. Amit says kids are such these days, come I m giving party to my friends, you also come along. Aarti takes Raina and talks about Ajay.

She says I have to go back to him, but I will miss you a lot, will you miss me, I just share my heart out with you. Kaushalya, Pari and Nandu’s mum come home. Aarti stops them and gets aarti plate. Kaushalya says Preeti praises her saas a lot and does aarti. Aarti helps them and gets kalash. Kaushalya says saas has come, but any bride. She wards off bad sight and says Charni learnt everything taught by me. Nandu’s mum blesses Nimmi and Aarti. She sits on Shanti’s swing. They all worry.

Nandu’s mum says my son has come here to stay, they kept him by love at first and then got him married to a characterless girl, they can tie Shivam to Aarti’s neck now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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