Mere Angne Mein 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam taking the Id card on pretext of taking blessings of Shanti. She blesses him. Raghav asks him to get serious and do any work. Shivam goes to his room. Shanti asks Preeti did she get new dress. Preeti says no, its old and goes. Raghav says he will also get ready now. Nimmi gives tiffin to Preeti. Riya reads the body language for men in love and tells Bunty. Bunty says she has seen Shivam noticing her. Riya says why don’t we try anything today. Bunty gets an idea. She makes a mole on Riya’s face and says if he notices this, it means he has something in his heart for you.

Shivam tries to leave the bag by balcony. He does not see Raghav downstairs. He sees Raghav and pulls the bag up. He hides and Raghav leaves. Shivam comes downstairs and sees Shanti. He thinks

she won’t let him take sample kit and hides it. Shanti asks him to do any work. Anupam asks Riya to hear about Amit, he is good. Riya says she does not have time and leaves. Shanti asks Kaushalya to make kheer for Sarla. She calls Sarla and says she found a rich girl for Amit and asks her to come. Sarla says she will talk later. Amit asks Sarla to do something.

Sarla says what shall I do, Anupam did not call us. Amit says I have set everything, just meet him. Sarla says she will do some acting that he comes to us and smiles. Kaushalya makes kheer and shows the dry fruits she has saved to put in the kheer for Sarla. Nimmi says you never tell anything against Shanti and praises her mum. The manager scolds Shivam for forgetting his sample kit. Bunty asks Riya to show she likes him. Riya tells the manager that she has forgotten the kit, and defends Shivam. The manager says she should never do this again. She says sorry.

Shivam thanks her and she smiles. She says its okay, we are one. He looks at her. She says I mean we are in one team. He says I m sorry for yesterday, I went without telling you. She says its okay. Bunty sees their eyelock. Riya says I will get water. He says I will get it, will tea work, I have your coffee due also.

Kaushalya makes the kheer and keeps it on table. She tells Shanti that kheer is ready, can she go to bhajan mandli. Shanti says the house has so much work and she is going daily to sing bhajan. Kaushalya says fine, and calls the lady. She says she can’t come today, she has much work at home, keep the money that comes in my share. Nimmi looks on. Shanti asks what money. Kaushalya says some money comes in my share. Shanti asks her to go and wants to know what amount she gets. She calls Nimmi and asks Kaushalya to learn taking video. Kaushalya leaves.

Shanti thinks Kaushalya said badam and pista got over, and checks kheer. She says its full in this kheer and why did she say ration is needed again. She finds the dry fruits box and gets angry. She finds all the ration and also the detergent packets. Kaushalya is at bhajan mandli and tells the ladies that Shanti asked her to record video. Riya is glad that Shivam likes her. Shivam hears people saying about Riya and him and gets angry. Bunty says if he notices your mole, then we will proceed to check his interest in you. Riya agrees. Sarla comes to meet Anupam.

The manager tells Riya that she will not work with Shivam now, they are not sale buddies. Riya asks why. The man says Shivam wants to change her, he is not comfortable with her. He asks them to get back to work. Riya gets sad. She goes to ask Shivam. She asks him what did she do. He says everyone has expectations from me. He says he wants to become something in life and explains her. He says he loves sports and wants to open a sports academy for himself, everyone feel I can’t do anything without you, I want to prove I can manage alone. She smiles and he gives tissue to wipe her tears. He says I hope you don’t misunderstand me and leaves.

Sarla sees Anupam in market and makes him hear that she is seeing a girl for Amit. Anupam greets her and she acts as if she did not see him. She says many proposals for coming for Amit. He says he will answer from Riya soon. Bunty says I will not leave Prashant. Riya says we have got to know more about Shivam. She says Shivam did not make me feel special by taking me on date, but made me feel special by sharing his heart, its my turn to make him feel special. She says she has to surprise him now.

Shanti asks Kaushalya what did she get. Kaushalya says metal water storage tanks. Shanti asks for video. Kaushalya shows the video. Shanti sends her to wash clothes. Kaushalya does not get soap and tells Shanti. She asks for rs 500 to get few items. Shanti shows her the samples and asks how did she get this. Shivam gets Sonal’s call and asks why is he upset. He says he is fine. She says she has his letter. He asks her not to tell anyone. She asks him not to take tension, she will not tell anyone. He thanks her. She asks him to give party. Shivam comes home and sees Shanti scolding Kaushalya.

Shivam asks Shanti not to tell anything to mum, she did not do anything. Shanti asks then who did this. Preeti comes home and looks on. Shivam says I have done this. He says its his friend’s free samples. Shanti asks him to call friend. Shivam says he is not here, and leaves. Shanti asks Kaushalya is he making story. Kaushalya says why will he lie for soaps. Riya looks for Shivam and asks Priyanka. She says he was unwell and went home. Riya says how did he get unwell and hopes its not serious. Bunty asks her not to worry. She asks peon for Shivam’s address. He says you give him a file and address. She thanks him and leaves.

Sarla comes home and greets Shanti. She likes the metal tanks and Shanti asks her to take it home. She asks her to have kheer. Sarla says where are the dry fruits and does cheap things. Shanti gives the big tanks to Sarla. She also gives the detergent and sample kit to Sarla. Shivam looks on and thinks what to do. Sarla gets happy and says this is free gift from company. Nimmi says Shivam did not lie. Shanti asks Kaushalya to use it at home. Shivam says its two days he joined office and problems started coming. He says what will I tell boss, and says its good that Bua is here and letter is at home. He calls Sonal to take letter and talks to her. He smiles ending the call.

Shanti hears Kaushalya saying about Shanti and cries. She starts her drama and hides the phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice ep but the family drama is disgusting………

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