Mere Angne Mein 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with inspector arresting everyone on charger of Riya’s murder. Everyone get shocked. Shanti asks what are you saying, Riya did not die, she is alive, and you came to arrest us. Nimmi calls Riya. Nimmi says Riya’s phone is off. Police arrests everyone. Shanti says call police station here, no one will go, everyone sit down. Raghav says why will we kill our bahu. Inspector says bahus are killed, we have seen many cases, come with us, there is no court here, if you do not come, we will not leave you. He tells neighbors that they killed their bahu. Neighbors say we have seen them beating Riya, so Riya left home. Neighbors scold them. Shanti gets angry and says I did not do anything, I will not go anywhere. Kaushalya says leave Shanti, take me to jail. Sarla says I don’t stay in Shanti Sadan, I will not come. Inspector scolds her. Shanti says leave us, its shameful thing, its wrong. Police drags Shanti by rope. Everyone get arrested.

Shivam recalls Riya’s words and get angry. People see Shanti and her family dragged by police. Sarla says Shanti Sadan people would have done this, leave me. Shanti asks Sarla to shut up, Riya did not die. Raghav stops inspector from beating Shanti. Inspector says your heropanti did not go, you did not do right for Shanti. Inspector sends Raghav, Shanti and everyone to lockups.

Shanti says Riya came with us abroad, she left her husband to die and left us, I m saying truth, she called me just now, talk to her. Inspector takes her phone. Pari asks Shanti to save her. Inspector scares Shanti and asks her to confess crime. Sarla says I m not from this house, Ashok is my husband, he has to open canteen, it will be our big loss. Inspector scolds them and slaps Nimmi. Shanti hugs Nimmi. Nimmi asks them to check proof. Inspector calls Riya’s number and says this is not reachable. Raghav asks inspector not to hurt women. Inspector says Raghav is right, they like to get served by us, I will show them. He beats Ashok and Amit. Sarla says Riya is troubling us even after death. Inspector asks do you accept you killed Riya. Shanti says we did not kill anyone, leave us. Inspector beats Amit.

Sarla asks Shanti to accept that she killed Riya and save Amit. Shanti says Sarla says nonsense, don’t listen to her. Lallan drinks wine and misses Amita. Babloo says its bad manners to drink. The news of Riya’s murder comes in papers. Nandu gets shocked reading the news. The man says I did not imagine this family is like this. Nandu reads news.

Prabha comes to Sarla’s house. Lallan says Amita ji where did you go and hugs her. Prabha says I m not Amita, read this news, my Rani also went to jail because of them. He asks where is Amita, who are you. Prabha says I m Rani’s aunty. He says then how did you not know about Amita. She says she is not my relative. Lallan says she is Rani’s cousin. She says my daughter does not stay here. He says don’t say wrong, you have another daughter. She calls him mad and laughs.

She asks why are you here. Babloo asks her to leave. She takes paper back and goes. He says we have to go and free Amita, it will be my insult. Everyone sit upset in lockup. Nandu meets them and asks why did they not inform him. Shanti asks him to talk to inspector. Nandu says its not legal arrest, do you have warrant. Inspector says put him in lockup. Shanti asks Nandu to run. Nandu says I did not do anything, listen to me. Nandu runs away.

Sarla asks Shanti what did you do, what will happen now. Shivam calls Shanti. Inspector tells Shanti about Shivam’s call. He asks shall I tell him you all are in jail, if he comes here, he will also get trapped. Shivam calls again. He gets worried.

Inspector asks lady constable to beat the family well. Shanti gets beaten up badly and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. are yeh kya drama hein but its good for Shanti and Sarla inko sabak ache se sikhana chahiye.Riya k sath galat kiya zabardasti use shivam ka rishta tudwa diya and this Shivam I hate him kisi kaam ka nahin

  2. Is Riya really dead? No spoilers for this serial.

  3. haha…Arrest him,arrest her, arrest everyone…maybe the inspector is mad…lol….Nimmi deserved a slap for her attitude….no need to beat Shanthi,she is somehow better than all other naagins ,,,beat that Kaushalya,Sarla and Pari verywell so that they will get back their senses….actly what happened to Riya !!!

  4. ahahahahahahahaha ?????????????

  5. Esther

    I never know that arresing somone is so easy….what happened to Riya anyways!!! well police should give some attention to Sarla and Pari,..they really deserves to be slapped

  6. Yrr riya nhi mari hai I am sure and vaise bhi ye sab shi ho rha hw) hai in logon k saath I don’t like that stupid nimmi also riya ab nye look mai aaye toh mazaa aa jaayega

  7. I am loving this death drama… Now home riya takes make over and enter in someother name and prove dual face of sarla and pari, after proving her innocence just wish riya slaps everyone, especially kaushalya donkey and leave santhi sadan.

  8. Why no spoilers for this serial. It’s about time Riya exposed everyone for their lies and show Shivam the real faces of his dadi, bua, pari and nimmi. What’s happened to Riya, has she been kidnapped by that shanti prasad? Hopefully Shivam will find her.

  9. Why weren’t they taken to usual police station? Where’s the lady officers that normally come to sarla’s house? I think it’s a plan of shanti prasad the way the police are behaving with shanti etc, how can they hit people like that without warrant etc? Will Shivam come back or stay to find Riya?

  10. Shant is good person but she get influence by sarla .sarla should get slap not shant she doesn’t know who doing all bad things and look sarla in jail she is trapping her mother to save her self by saying Amma will accept all the crime.what a selfish daughter she is .she is one who get slap not shant I really felt sorry her when I saw preview of tomorrow and I know will happy as her mother getting beaten by cope so instead of shant sarla should be a target of

  11. nothing happens to sarla

    dirty person

  12. stupid serial its all going wrong…..

  13. I think it is sarla who filed case against shant beacuse watching today episode she was saying to her mother that accept her crime but she got trapped her self into sarla should get punishment not shant

  14. Shanti is a nice lady getting influenced by Sarala. Instead of Shanti kushia shd get beatings. Very bad mother and bad mother in law. Nimmi stays with her babi but never supports her,such a stupid character. Every small thing happens they keep blaming riya… Wat a family. Riya doesn’t deserve that family at all. Let her really take shivam and live somewhere else.

  15. Later it happened that ria was robbed or kidnapped by someone who met with accident, on the basis of the proof robber replicate as ria and her father filled murder complaint.. . . . . Later ria came and family got acqited ria told of her blackmailing at the time of the injury and shivam accept ria left Shanti Sadan

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