Mere Angne Mein 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti saying I love Lucky and I will marry only him. Kaushalya beats her a lot and scolds her. Preeti says beat me more, I will still say, I love Lucky and will marry him. Kaushalya beats more and asks her why is she doing publicity of this bad thing. Preeti says I will publicize it well and takes dhol. She goes out and plays dhol, telling the neighbors that she is in love once again, but not with Nandu, she loves Lucky. She says Nimmi has much place for Nandu in her heart, so I thought to go off from their way, I will marry one I love. Shanti, Kaushalya, Nimmi and everyone get shocked.

Neighbor calls Preeti shameless to declare love like this. Nimmi asks Preeti to come. Preeti says leave me, you ruined my life. Sarla asks Preeti why is she doing this. Preeti says I love Lucky and will marry him. Nimmi asks her to think of Nandu. Preeti says you are hurt for him, let Nandu go to hell and you all go to hell, everyone will see whom I love.

Bablu gives water to Amit and Rani. Amit throws water on Rani’s face. Rani cries. Bablu says you made aunty cry. Amit says shut up, once I get your mummy, I will make her cry. Bablu says Lallan will tie you in stable, let our connection get strong, then I will call home. He taunts Amit.

Preeti writes on road that I love Lucky. Nandu comes and gets shocked. Nandu thinks what did Preeti do, she told everyone of Lucky. Nimmi consoles Nandu. Preeti calls him clerk and says I want divorce. Sarla thinks its good Preeti is insulting Nandu. Preeti shouts on Nandu. Neighbor lady tells Shanti’s family is such, Preeti loves someone else and Nimmi loves Nandu. Sarla says this house is getting insulted. Preeti tells Nandu that Lucky’s name is her identity now, free me and get lost. Nandu asks what are you doing, come with me. She shouts leave me, why, are you ashamed, did you not get ashamed when you went out to market with Nimmi, I got to know about you and Nimmi. He shouts mind your tongue, don’t defame anyone’s name, don’t think of my silence as my weakness, my silence as I don’t want to get into dirt. He goes.

Shanti goes and drags Preeti holding her hand. She takes Preeti inside the house. Sarla tells neighbors to see more drama tomorrow. Shanti scolds Preeti. She asks Nandu is he shameless, if I were in your place, i would have buried Preeti in the ground. He says no, I love her, I can’t do this. Preeti says I will not move back now. Shanti and Kaushalya cry.

Preeti calls Lucky and tells him what she did at home. She asks him to marry her soon. Amit and Rani have an argument. Bablu gets oil and asks Rani to do his hair massage. Rani gets angry. Sarla pours oil on the floor. Shivam comes and asks why is it so darkness here. He switches on lights. Sarla says everyone is worried. Preeti goes to light diya. Shanti stops Preeti and asks her to go.

Sarla signs Preeti to see the oil on floor. Preeti goes towards that oily floor. RJ says Preeti has dedicated a song for her Lucky ji. Everyone hear this on radio. Shivam asks whats this, who is this Lucky. Preeti asks don’t you know, Lucky is one whom I m going to marry, whom I love.

Shivam gets shocked and asks what happened. She argues. He goes to beat her and falls down by the oil. They all rush to Shivam. Preeti says Lord made you fall. Nimmi asks how did oil fall here. She sees Preeti and says so Preeti has done this, you made oil fall to hurt Shivam. Preeti asks are you mad, he just fell, he did not die. She asks Kaushalya to beat her. Kaushalya calls her shameless, how can you try to kill Shivam. Preeti says I did not do anything, when Shivam had to marry Riya, he shouted, and now he is stopping me. Shivam says its difference, we did not run away or had an affair despite being married, we are keeping our marriage with honesty, you have fallen so much. She asks him to say she is characterless. Shanti shouts enough Preeti.

Shanti cries and says enough now, Nandu respected death is better than respected life, either shut her mouth, or take her from here. Preeti asks why shall I go, I also have a right on this house. Shanti scolds her. She cries. Preeti goes. Kaushalya says I think someone did black magic on Preeti. Sarla says no one did this, Preeti left stammering and started talking, bad happened with her, she feels so. She says I will go to Preeti and talk to her, maybe she understands. Pari says I will come and try. They go.

Shanti asks whats this written. Shivam says its about Lucky. Neighbors laugh on Preeti and Lucky’s love story.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kaushalya deserves this,,,She was soo proud of her daughters and was after Riya to prove her wrong,,,,,,Sooo much drama

  2. Sarla again plotting and no one sees anything. Why doesn’t nandu tell the truth in front of everyone? Now sarla and pari will fill preeti’s ears even more and shanti won’t stop them. Sarla breaking her brothers house and not worried about her own.

  3. Why is this crappy show still on? Who watches this shit? Stop the garbage

  4. There was a spoiler that said nandu tells preeti he is lucky, why hasn’t that been shown yet? Sarla given too much importance instead of lead actors. Just like other serials. @silentreader I agree, she always used to think preeti would do no wrong, but yet nobody believed/believes nimmi when she says that pari is a bad influence on preeti, even now.

  5. SHIT and more shit coming.

  6. Sarla and Pari have been getting away with nonsense yet are enjoying and the rest of the family suffers and Riya gets all the blame! They should start Sarla’s downfall track!

  7. Kaushalya fumes with jealousy when she sees Riya and Shivam together. She forgets how Raghav also dotes on her and acts lovey-dovey 🙂

  8. Kaushalya bahot proud tha na apnni betiyonpar aaj khud Ki beti ne hi bhare baajaar Mein tumhara Muh Kala karavaya na …u deserve this punishment….u hopeless women….u and ur selfish daughters r stain in the name of women….aukaad kya hai tumhari…iska bhi tum Riya par hi daalogi abhi ..seriously…??….Namita bhi selfish hi hai….Preeti ko to zinda jalana chahiye …Preeti is pr*stitute and WHORE her character is worse than Pari and Sarla….Kaushalya tum Riya aur Shivam ka romance dekhkar jalti thi na …Can I ask u one question please tumne kya 3 bacche aisehi paida kiye kya???… Tumne bhi to apne husband romance kiya hoga aur apni betiyonke husband se bhi tum yahi expect karti Ho Ki wo unhe happy rakhe….then why can’t u digest that ur daughter in law is happy with ur son…jitna bura tum Riya ke saath karogi usse bhi bura tumhari betiyon ke saath hoga actually ur daughters r only responsible for their situation…abhi bhi time hai Kaushalya sudhar jao apologize to Riya otherwise u will suffer more…next time tume pachtaane ka bhi chance nahi milega u Dumb , Bull buffalo woman ?….Riya people in shanti sadan doesn’t deserve daughter in law like u…U deserve every happiness in ur life…u always do sacrifice for that blo*dy shrivastav family but everytime they took u for granted…..don’t trust Kaushalya and her daughters ever…they only using u for their sake ..they want to rule shanti sadan and treat u as their maid ….for u Kaushalya is goddess and like ur mother but reality is opposite…Kaushalya doesn’t treat u like a daughter she is treating u like a maid like a animal…she is worst than Shanti and Sarla they r much better than Kaushalya…..abhi bhi dekhna Riya Kaushalya tumhehi blame karegi….but this Riya u fight back we all r with u…nahi to Puri life regret karne me hi nikal jaaegi tumhari..U r the strong and brave person Riya don’t waste ur time and life by bearing torture of this blo*dy family…

  9. Disgusting episode honestly what kind of a family is that daughter defamed herself and her family and then has the cheek to blame her sister and bhabi bua breaking own brothers family out of jealousy sab itne naseeb wale nahin hote arree if she focused on her own family instead of being laalchi and jealous then maybe her naseeb would’ve changed what kind of message are these writers putting across its a shame I would request the writers change the track because it’s now becoming unworthy of watching

  10. Preeti to set herself on fire; seek divorce in Star Plus’ Mere Angne Mein .

    The family tiff is set to intensify in Star Plus’ Mere Angne Mein (Sphereorigins).

    As viewers would know, Preeti (Charu Asopa) never agreed to her marriage with Nandu (Dushyant Wagh) and she will finally decide to rebel against her family and opt for a divorce.

    Preeti will insult her family on the streets of Mughalsarai outside her house telling the world about how her family pressured her on marrying Nandu. When she will realise that her family is not getting affected by the rebuke she will decide to set herself on flames.

    Shared a source, “Though disgusted by Preeti’s act, the family would keep calm and not react. But when they will see her trying to set herself in fire, Shivam (Karam Rajpal) would rush to save her. The family would then unhappily agree on her getting separated from Nandu.”

    Well well, this is not enough.

    Preeti will ask Nandu to leave the house and she would also blame him on having an extra marital affair.

    All these would leave Nandu distressed and he would confront the family on being unfair towards him.

    What lies ahead in the show?

    When we spoke to Charu, she said, “Preeti is currently in a bagawadh mode and she is not even thinking of the consequences. It will be an exciting time ahead for sure.”

    Stay hooked for more updates.


  11. Preeti is total mad now she one hopeless girl who desperately want to get married but she will regret doing so why writer’s still showing negative impacts on the show if riya try to say something they shut her up shan’t please use ur brain and try to find that ur daughter doing this enemy game with you what kind of daughter Sarla selfish looking her own family insult and smiling wow one selfish Sarla she always get from thing she should focus on her son not mother family selfish sister and selfish daughter writer please exposé sarlaaaaaaaaaaa rather than having fight each other and put some in mind maddddddd girl one day she will exposé like balloon and die if she keep on thinking her family is her enemy now this serial is negative action

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