Mera Pyaar (My Love) Intro

Hello friends I am susmitha shri here to give you a love story based on school students. I hope you enjoy this. First of all I will give you a intro and the main characters.

SaranyaSusmi-a girl who’s cute and she’s fat but she doesn’t care about that. She is good girl. She has two best friends. She has one elder sister, she likes her so much.

Manoj– A dream boy for all the girls in the school.He is a chocolate boy . He is so handsome and not so good boy.

Kruthika Rashmika– She was sweetly called as keerthi by Susmi. She was so beautiful. Many boys go around her.

Swetha– She was the best friend of Susmi. She doesn’t fight with anyone she is a silent girl to who she is not close . She will be so naughty with her best friend Susmi and Rachna.

These are the main character. I will upload my first episode tomorrow. I hop u like this. Please leave the coments about this friends.

Credit to: susmitha shri

  1. Super susmi its wonderful

  2. All the best for ur story

  3. susmitha shri

    I am sorry to write wrong name actually heroine is susmi not saranya sorry guys

    1. susmitha shri

      Thanks devga for ur comment

  4. Nice continue …

  5. Nice beginning dear sushmi !! Hope u dont mind me calling u sushmi !!!

    1. Susmithaa Shri

      No mansi thanks for your comments

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