Mera pehla pyaar (Part 15)

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Hey guys moni is back again. Thank u all for your comments. So shall we start now.


Swara’s p.o.v

We went to laksh’s silver BMW hybrid sports car & although he had many cars… this was my favourite.

“Can i drive?” i looked at laksh hoping he will agree.

“I am sorry baby…but this is my other baby”

“You dnt trust me right”. I pretented to cry but laksh just laughed at me & said “yes” .

I laughed to because to be fare if i had this car i wouldn’t let anyone to drive.

We went laksh’s house to watch football match. I dnt mind being the only girl here because in rugby was involved. I loved being one of the guys.

With all of the football team occupied every chair & even some forced to sit on the floor, but i sat comfortably on laksh’s lap with my head snuggled into his neck.

Swara: What a load of girls?

I shouted at the screen giving me the attentoon of everyone in the house. Oh crap!

Laksh: I thought u like football.

Laksh asked me looking confused. I got off his lap.

Swara: No i love rugby. This american football it doesn’t even compare.

To my reply every single person in the room stood, anger now showing on their face. Maybe i shouldn’t have said this in a room full of football players… but i will always stick up for the sport i love as much as they would.

Laksh: What? In what way is rugby better?

Swara: Well for starters… rugby players aren’t filled with pussies who can’t even take a tackle.

I had now became angry & defensive almost shouting at laksh.

“What the…” was repeated around the room by the many men i had now pissed off. Laksh just stood their shocked waiting for me to explain myself.

Swara: In american football, it is mandatory that you wear your football kit plus the numerous amounts of protective gear such as leg, shoulder & crotch padding also a helmet & face guard plus much more… whereas in rugby the only thing you have to wear is shorts, a top, socks & shoes….

” Thats only because us football players play more rough & don’t just roll in mud like you rugby players” some blonde 6ft3 man said from behind me. I turned with disgust on my face.

“Actually as of 2003 the metal helmet that use to be mandatory was banned due to the fact that it caused more damage due to the roughness of the game, now if players want to use a helmet its just a little cloth ” i turned back to laksh but not to see anger but instead he was both amused & impressed.

Laksh: I guess there is only one way to settle this, lets have a game.

Instantly a smile came on my face. I love challenges and i love playing rugby. Its on.

Swara: Sounds like fun but i hope you dnt cry when i beat you.

Me & laksh exchanged playful stares but the rest of the team were being deadly serious.

Laksh: But who is going to be on your team?

Oh yeah i forgot about that. I mean i am good but not good enough to take own all these muscular men. Wait!!

“Jay” i pointed to jay because i knew he will be with me when it come to rugby. Thats the reason how we became such good friends. Jay proudly stepped forward & stood behind me.

“I am with swara” ayan stepped forward instantly make me proud to call him my favourite of the group.

“Me to” from the back out stood david & i could feel laksh tense up. Laksh still hadn’t forgiven david for hitting on me. Even though i had told him it was my fault. David’s face is still really badly damaged with cuts on his lips & eyebrows & bruises taking up more on his face than skin. It must be painful.

With the three brave men behind me i turned back to laksh.

” I have my 3 players. So lets play a mini game of 4 on 4.”

Laksh: Well i wouldn’t say there was 4… more like 3 and a half.

Laksh patted on my head highlighting that i was only half the person that these men were… but i had skill on my side.

Swara: Oh are u scared of me?

Laksh: Haha! No. But how about we make this interesting. How about we make a bet?

Swara: Oh then you are in. If i win… hmmm… i thought hard at what laksh could do & a smile cracked my face with happiness.
I will drive your silver BMW hybrid sports car… for a week.
This was my only chance i had to take it.

He looked at me in disbelief “there is no way”

Swara: Fine you are scared because you know i will win.

I am pretending to act snobby but trying hard to maintain my smile.

Laksh: Ok then you can drive my car for the week, but when i win you have to admit that i am your boyfriend & that i have passed your test.

I thought about it for a while… but in my mind and in my heart, he had already passed the test. It was a win win for me anyway. If i win i will get the car & if i lost i will get a smoking hot boyfriend to call my own… which girl wouldn’t agree.

Laksh forwarded his hand & we both shake hands each other agreeing to the terms. It was on & going to be fun.


Touch down & game starts now.

Thats it guys. Please comment. Love u all.

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