Mera KABIR Episode 19

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Sorry guys last two episode were so short so I think I will write this one longer

Sanchi : listen everyone now this hospital belongs to veer

Veer:- sanchi….?

Sanchi:- yes veer this is ur n Aunty’s hospital…umm …Riya from now u r my assistant…. U will do all my works .. U have to follow me….

Naina:- n gaytri u ….come with me…..else u know what will I do….

Sanchi:- guys don’t look like this …m the same sanchi…just my surname changed…..

Naina:- baby…take care of urself ….Dr.kabir as Dr.malhotra is no more….I mean he leave this hospital so I want u to handle the matters of hospital as veer is not experienced

Kabir:- hmm…

At night

Sanchi:- kabir I never want to hurt u

Kabir:- u know I hate lies….n u played this game….everything was a drama….ur love too

Sanchi:- what rubbish!! Are u mad…kabir mera name badla tha mai nhi…..I loved u wholeheartedly…..tell me what matters more….my love or my identity??

Kabir:- love

They hug each other…..

Time skip

Sanchi in kabir arms ( obviously they get intimate)

Kabir:- n how long u will punish Riya n all

Sanchi:- just for some days… Wese u r very concerned about Riya

Kabir teasingly:- obvio!! She is so hot…n now u make her ur assistant….

Sanchi:- oh really….listen u r just my kabir….just mine… u get that?

Kabir laughs…..he kiss her lips….

7 years leap

A little girl is shown in white frock….

Girl:- papa papa….

Man:- yes my little princess….

Girl :- papa look …I make this drawing…this is Mumma….me n you…

Man look at the portrait n a tear falls from his eyes…..

The girl wipes it n say:- papa don’t cry….

Someone puts a hand on his shoulder….

Person:- no…u promised her…u will never cry…..

Man:- yah….I can’t break my promise ….but I miss her….

Person:- me too….so let’s meet her……

Man:- I don’t have courage of doing it….

The man hugs the person……

Guys I hope u will enjoy it…..any idea about the man….n the person….????

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  1. Hema69

    post asap cant wait for the suspense

  2. Yes it is really good nd I think the man is our kabir d the person is veer bt what about sanchi where is she??? Plzz post soon.

  3. Niyaaa

    Yes the man is our kabir n ithink the other one is veer n sanchi may be in coma i guess but i really curious for nxt chap n dear this one is also short plzzzzz make it some long sorry if i hurt u and yaa otherwise ur ff is amaz

    1. Mystery

      Thabkyou keep reading

  4. Outstanding and rocking

    1. Mystery

      Thankyou keep reading….

  5. Moonlight25

    Wow so much suspense..i guess the man is Kabir and the other person is Veer and the small girl is obviously Kanchi’s your next part ASAP

  6. Very very very Nice story.i think the man is kabir and the person is veer.but sanchi ko kya hua or ak bad sanchi ka laki ka name kya hae

    1. Mystery

      Ty keep reading

  7. Anee

    Wow mystery I think the man is kabir but not know about suspense please post soon.

  8. i guess the man is Kabir and the other person is Veer and the small girl is obviously Kanchi’s your next part ASAP

  9. Mystery dear……episode was osm…….??
    thnk God there wasn’t any kind of misunderstandings after sanchi’s identity revelation??…btw post leap, I think the man is kabir, the other one is veer & the little girl is kaanchi’s daughter ???

    1. Mystery

      Thanks a lot

  10. Really awesome I think it kabir don’t know but wait next episode update soon can’t wait

  11. Trisha139

    Awesome fab

  12. I can’t wait for nxt epi

  13. I think it’s Kabir and veer

  14. Where is the next epi…man?? waiting..

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