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Hi sissy\’s. Here with new ragsan story of two shots. Hope u like it. I\’ll update
Tere ishq me jana tmrw.

Let\’s start this..

A school is shown. It\’s result day.

9th std girl and boy holding result card.

Girl: see. I again topped in class. U r third.

Boy: let\’s see next year.

Girl: u can never top till m in class.

Boy: if I did top. Then?

Girl: I\’ll do as u say.

Boy: ur one week chocolate u Wil give to me.

Girl: ok. Agreed. If I topped then u have to ur chocolate for one week.

Boy: ok.

Both left to their home.


First class of 10th.
Both met in first period. They look at each other like they are entering into battle of war. They were standing at door.

Boy: u go first. Who knows next time may u\’ll remain in second or third position.

Girl: rubbing nose with attitude. No way. U go. M allowing u first time to go first.

Both were arguing at door. Inside teacher angrily staring at them.

Teacher angry: sanskar, Ragini. Will u both come inside or want punishment for standing outside on ur first day of school.

All students started laughing. Ragsan entered class. They go and sit to their place.

They sit daily in their place only.
There were 3 rows. Sanskar sits in first bench of first row. Ragini second bench of second row.

Ragsan r studying in same school from starting. They\’re always fighting with eachother taking any topic. Sometimes that topic may b senseless also. They never behaved frndly. Always behave like opponents and competitor. Both ragsan families are frnds. They enjoy ragsan\’s cute fight.


Evng maheshwari mansion.
Both families were present. Gadodias, parents of Ragini.
Both r only child of their parents.
All were having snacks and talks.

Ragsan were playing in their garden outside home.

San: I don\’t want to play with u.

Rag: even I don\’t want to play with u.

Janki: sanskar, ragini come inside. It\’s abt to rain.

Ragsan goes inside where all were sitting.

Suj: Ragini. See, I made pav bhaji. It\’s ur fav na.

Rag: wow. Thanku so much aunty.

San: mom. But I don\’t like pav bhaji.

Jan: I made it fav aloo paratha.

San: thanku aunty. My mom is always my villian side.

Ragsan glares angrily at each other.

Suj audible to Jan: jiji. I want Ragini as my bahu. I liked thier pair. Both look like made for each other.


Next day class started. A new girl entered class.

Tea: come Kavya. Students, she\’s Kavya. New to this school. Kavya go and sit.

Kavya went and sit in third bench of third row.

Sanskar was staring Kavya continuously. Ragini saw this. She didn\’t like the way he was looking at her.

San to his friend: hey. She\’s beautiful Yaar. I think m in love.

Ragini got angry listening this.she dint understood y she\’s angry.

In between lecture sanskar tried to see Kavya. But as she was in third row, Ragini was coming in between his sight. It\’s like ragsankav sitting in diagonally. Ragini came to know that he\’s staring Kavya, she intentionally moving to and fro, whenever sanskar tried to see her.
Sanskar got irritated. After class.

San: Ragini, y u r a villian in my love story?

Rag: who\’s love story?

San: mine Nd Kavya. Whenever I want to see her, u r coming between. Don\’t come between my love.

\’Who\’s love\’

Ragsan looked at voice. Teacher was standing there.

Next moment sanskar shown with Sujata and ram in principle room. Ragini was also present there.

Pri: is this his age of talking abt love?

Ram: sry sir. We will correct him. Forgive him this time.

Princi warns sanskar too. Ragini was suppressing her laugh. Sanskar getting angry looking at her.

Outside princi room.

San: u made my love away from me. I hate you.

Rag: I hate u too.

Both families have to shift other places due to their business. Maheshwari family to Delhi, gadodias to Mumbai. They were in contact. But as time passed due to work and all they cudnt contact eachother.


5 yrs leap.

Now ragsan turned to 22 yrs.


Jan: Ragini wake up soon. U r getting late.

Rag: mom let me sleep.

Jan: u only told me that today u will b allotted company for apprenticeship, so that after result u shud get gud company.

Rag jerk from bed.: Oh no. How can I forget.i slept peacefully after finishing final exam. Ragini get ready fast.


Ragini reached college. Bela was waiting for her.

Bel: how much time Ragini? Everyone gathered at hall already.

Rag: sry sry. Let\’s go.

In hall.

Principal: students, first of all congratulations for completing ur graduation. I hope u\’ll get good results too. After one month ur result will b announced. So today we r going u to tell company names where u have to work for one month. list is on notice board. From next week u have to attend. One more thing. Like our college, other colleges also working like u in same companies. I want our students b best. All d best.

All: thanku sir.

Both ragbel reached at notice board.

Rag: Bela. We both got same company. It\’s xyz.


Ragini reached home and informed her parents. She went to her room. She had no work now. She took her lappy and just browsing. She opened her FB account. She got many friends request. She saw name one by one. At middle she stopped seeing one name. Her expression changes in unexpectable happiness.

Rag: sanskar maheshwari. Ragini wat r u seeing u got request from sanskar maheshwari. And m feeling very happy. After many years. I thought he forgot me.

She stood on bed with teddy and jumping happily.

Rag: he still remember me. It means he remembers our all moments. Yeah . Wait. Shall I accept his request. He became so handsome. Aww so cute look. He also did MBA like me. Oh god wat all m thinking.

Slowly she clicked on confirm. Janki called her for dinner. She went keeping her lappy on. After dinner she came to room. She heard beeps. She saw messages on her FB. She saw and got double surprised. It\’s Sankar. He\’s online now.

It\’s message convo

San: hi Ragini

San: u there?

San: hello.

Rag: typed hi. But her hand were shivering to press enter. Some how she gathered courage and enter.

San: how r u? Do u remember me?

Rag in mind: I shud not Tel I remember him. Or else he\’ll feel on top.

Rag: hmmm..? U r Sujata aunty\’s son sanskar na? We were in same school?

San: ya. Rite. So where r u? Hw r aunty and uncle?

Rag: all r gud. There?

San: here too same. Can u share ur number? Our school team panned for get together of our batch. So that I can inform u date.

Rag: ok..
She gave her number.

San: ok I\’ll msg u . Bye. Tc.

Rag: bye.

Message conversation over.

Rag: I chatted with him. Wow. M feeling very gud and happy. But y? During childhood I used to hate him. Now y am not like that. By looking his name only current passed through my body. In movies I saw if this happens means it\’s love. Means I love him? Wow. I love him. Ragini is in love. she was twirling, Bela comes and sees her. Ragini drags her and dance with her.

Bel: hey wat happened? U seem too happy.

Rag: Bela. M in love. Love love love. It\’s nice feeling. Now I understood y u always blush whenever u hear mahir\’s name (Bela\’s bf). Now onwards u take his name I\’ll also blush. Wow. If I wud have known that this feeling is so much good then I would have sent him request first.

Bel: request?

Rag: yes request.

She shares with her everything.

Bel: u said u both were enemy. U have changed now. Wat abt him? If he remained same ?

Rag: if so then y wud he contacted me?

Bel: that\’s also point.

Ragini heard message tone on her mobile. She saw and got happy that it\’s from sanskar.

San: this is sanskar. Save my number.

Rag: Bela. He gave his number.

One week they chatted on mobile. They didn\’t call. They chatted ok only casual talks like hi hello dinner lunch. Nothing more.


After a week, ragbel reached xyz company.

Mahir joins them there.
Company manager told there work and told to start. They were teamed up in four members.
In ragini\’s group, behir were there. One student from other college. They were waiting.

Mah: I\’ll go and check our 4th member name atleast.

Bel: ok.

Both were waiting. After few mins. Ragini started feeling something. Unknown happiness she felt. She heard someone called her. She looked back. It\’s sanskar.

Rag: is this dream? Or real? Is sanskar really here? I can\’t control my happiness.

Ragini runs to him and hugged him.
Rag: I love you sanskar. I love you so much.

San: I love you too Ragini.

Ragini , Ragini.

It turned out to b her imagination. Sanskar comes to her.

San: Ragini. Me. Sanskar.

Rag: ya. I know. Hi

San: I thought u won\’t recognize me as we just saw eachother in pics. U here?

Rag: m here only. But u were in Delhi na.?

San: ya. But for apprenticeship our college students came here.

Mahir comes there sees sanskar.

Mah: u r sanskar rite?

San: yes.

Mah: m mahir, she\’s Bela, Ragini ur group mates.

Rag: wat? Sanskar is our fourth member?

Mah: yes, just now I checked and came.

Ragini was on cloud nine. Now she can spend her more time with sanskar.

Rag in mind: in this month I\’ll spend more time with u. At end I\’ll confess my love. M happy sanskar.

\’Sanskar\’ she heard voice. She turned back.

She saw a girl hugging sanskar. She didn\’t recognize her.

San: Ragini. Remember her

Rag: nods no.

San: she\’s Kavya.

Ragini face fell.

How\’s this. Next shot will post soon.

Leave ur views.
Love you all…

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