Mera dost Mera pyar -Ragsan-last shot

Hi sissy’s.. here is last shot of mera dost mera pyar.

Ragini face fell as she saw kavya.
Rag in mind: is he behind him or she? Does sanskar love her? How to get to know?
Bel: ragini wher u lost? Come we shud go now.
She went with behir leaving kavsan. Ragini turned and saw them talking with eachother smilingly. She desperately want to know that whether they are lovers or frnds?
All groups entered computer lab. There they arranged all computers in one line. In one line 2 groups can sit. First chair bela sat then mahir, then sanskar and ragini serially. After their group another group sat where kavya sat bside ragini. Ragini saw both side. She remembered her school days where she used to sit between kavsan and san gets irritated of that. She stood and goes to mahir.

Rag: mahir. Can u sit in my place? I have to talk with bela.
Mah: sure.
He went and sat there. Ragini saw sanskar through corner of her eyes to check whether he is seeing kavya or not? He was bending his head down and typing. Ragini felt little happy. But still she was confused abt their relation.
Next day. At canteen.
All gathered behir, ragsan and kavya.
Beh: its really different experience to work in company. I wud love to work like this if I get best company during interview.
Mah: hello madam, I’ve family buiseness, u have to join me after marriage.
Bel: first I’ll work in company then will join u. BTW sanskar wats ur future plan?
San: I already have my dad’s buiseness, I’ll join my dad.
Rag in mind: bela ask abt his marriage plz.
Bel: wat abt kavya then?
San: y u r asking me? Its her wish.
Bel: u don’t love each other?
San: wat? Me? And kavya? Nice joke. We r just frnds.
Rag in mind happily: love u bela. U made my doubt clear.
Mah: we thought that u r lovers as u told u r childhood frnds.
San: dude me and ragini also childhood frnds. It doesn’t mean that we both r lovers.
Ragini’s expression changes hearing this.
@ragini room
Rag: I thought he remember our moments. But by his words it seems like he just remember my name. not our moments. I thought after a meet he may love me. But after listening him today, that hope also gone. My love became one sided. My first love.
But atleast I can try for a last time.
She thinks something and slept.
Next day
Behir and san were waiting for ragini.
Mah: where is she? We have to submit this with group. Still she’s making late.
Bel: mahir wait for few more mins. We hav still time left.
They hear some boys talk.
Boy1: hey did u see her.? How hot she is. Wish she wud b my girl frnd.
Boy2: she’s so beautiful. I am thinking y dint I propose her before.?
Mah: I think any hot girl entered.
Bel: angrily glares him: it seems u r so interested to see her.
Mah: no no. m one girl man. Its u baby.( he patted her shoulder with his and winks at her)
Just then they see that girl. She was facing her back to them. When she turns to them they got amazed seeing its ragini. She got herself dresses in very hot manner.
Behir: luking stunning.
Rag: thanku.
Ragini looks at sanskar hoping him to praise her. But sanskar went from there as if like he dint see her. Ragini gets upset. Everyone praised her in company, even manager too. But only sanskar dint even utter a word.
Ragbel: u all sit. We wil bring food.
Trio sits. Ragini takes sanskar’s favourite dish for him. She still remember his likes, dislikes. Both keep food on table and started to eat. Sanskar sees his food.
San: who brought this dish?
Rag: me. Y ? dint u like it?
San: I don’t like this dish.
Rag: but in chi…….
She stops. She doesn’t want him to know that she remembers abt him everything. She want him to fall for her as she fell.
San: wat?
Rag: nothing. Simply I brought. If u don’t like then order other.
San: gud idea. He went to bring.
Rag in mind: he changed this much? I lost my last hope also that he can b mine.
She left from there sadly. Bela follows her.
Ragini goes to an empty room and was abt to cry but sees bela and controls her emotions.
Bel: u r sad coz sanskar doesn’t love u?
Rag: let it be. I gave up.
Both left from there.
Ragini room
Bela comes there and sees ragini sitting holding hers and sanskar’s childhood pic lost in any world.
Bel: ragini.
Bel: still in his thoughts?
Rag: I don’t know y and how I started to love him. Now its paining bela.
She keeps her head on her lap.
Rag: I don’t know y I fought that much with him in our childhood. And after these many yrs how I started to feel for him. Was it from childhood only but I cudnt understand. Now I understood that it was love. Coz I fought wit him only. Not with any other person. Now I realized and want my love but he doesn’t love me. I cant able to forget him. It wud b better if I wud hav never met him after these years.

Rag: I thought mera dost mera pyar hai but o mera dost, dost hi rehgaya. Pyar nahi bana.
Bela consoles and stayed with her only.

Few days passed. Its there final day in company. Result of their final yr already announced and ragini did top in that. But she was not happy. Every one was congratulating her. But she was upset as it was there final day of company and from tmrw she cant see sanskar.
Evng all were leaving.
Behir and rag was in parking place.
Bel: thanku mahir for telling yes. First I’ll work in any company then our marriage and ur buiseness.
Behir hug. Sanskar comes there.
San: so guys u already decided ur future plan too.
Mah: yes. And u too. Rite?
San: ya. And ragini wat abt u? wat u wil do?
Rag: fake smile. : still not thought.
San: all d best for ur future.
He was abt to go. Again turned back.
San: I kept a small party tonite. Pls u 3 also come. Take it as a request. Don’t know again when we all frnds meet.
Trio accepts.
San: thanku. Its already evng. Be at sharp 9 pm.
He leaves.
Ragini room
Bela and ragini were getting ready.
Bel: ragu.. tel me how m looking? Does this suit me?
Rag: smile: ofcourse. U r looking cute. If mahir sees u , he’ll propose u again.
Bela blushes.
Bel: wat u have wore?
Rag: y? wats bad in this?
Bel: we r going to party. U r wearing this salwar? No. u shud change. I brought a dress. Try that.
Ragini was not willing to wear. But bela forced her. She made ragini ready. She wore a golden color gown, free curled hair, with matching earrings.
Bela took a chain from her bag and made her wore.
Rag: hey wats this?
Bel: don’t wry. Its not mangalsutra. Its matching to ur dress. So wear it.
It was heart shape. Ragini saw that and think of sanskar and again washed out her thinking.
Both left for party place. Mahir was already waiting for bela. He got mesmerized by seeing her.
Bela comes and kissed on his cheek.
Mah: wow . u became bold. U kissed me first that too before all?
Bel: now we r graduate, not students and marriage date also fixed. So no fear.
Ragini and mahir smiled at her words.
Sanskar enters with a mike. He was wearing suit and looking very handsome. Ragini was lost in him. She came to sense by his voice.
Sanskar gave small speech on his frnds, collage and everything.
San: now frnds there’s last thing left today to do.
Next moment all lights get off. Spot light focused on ragini. She got shocked and confused. She again shocked to see sanskar before her bending on knees. No words were coming from her mouth.
San: dear ragini. I am . sanskar maheshwari ur childhood frnd or u can also call childhood enemy is in love with u. in these yrs I dint get anyone with whom I can fight like I used to fight with u. I really missed our fight. Then I realized that fight was only my love. Pls will u marry me? I want to spend my whole life with full of cute stupid happy fight.

Rag got teary eyed.
Rag: yes I too want to fight with u whole life.
She gave her hand to him. He slides ring in her finger. Both hug happily.
Many of in party were talking in eachother.
‘ we saw many proposals. But it was only starts with I love u. and I love u too. Here they proposed to fight. Strange’
Ragsan laughs looking each other after listening there talks. Behir also joins them.
Next day ragsan were spending time sitting in garden.
Rag: sankar. I hav many doubts and questions.
San: I know. Let me only tell u. I realized my love when I joined college. I remembered u always but as an enemy but soon realized its love. I tried to contact u but cudnt contact, as our families also lost touch with eachother in busy time. Then I found u in fb. I never thought that u wud b grown up so beautiful. (Teasingly) I thought u wud b fat or having pimples and not having proper height.
Rag hits him playfully.
Rag: it means if u wud not see me as beautiful, then u wudnt love me? If u love my beauty more than me, then breakup.
She turned opp side with little anger.
San puts his both hand around her neck.
San: I was just kidding. I love ragini. Not her beauty. Ok. Now patch up?
Rag: ok. Patch up.
Both smiles.
San: then I sent u frnd request on fb. Before that I wanted to know whether u r old ragini only or u changed. So I had msged u using fake account.
Rag: surprisingly remembers something: its u who was telling I love u. come on date and all.
San: laughingly: yes. U blocked me. Then I understood u r still my ragini. When I came to know abt our same company there was no bound for my happiness. I was super happy when I saw u after many yrs. But I dint want to show u coz I thought u will feel on top if I confess u first.
Ragini started laughing loudly.
San: wat happened to u suddenly?
Rag: u know one funny thing. I too thought same and dint show u my feelings first.
San shows fake anger.
Rag: after all we fought from childhood so our thinking matched.
San: hmm. I agree. But somewhere by ur gazes I came to knew that u too love me. But I was expecting a start from u.
Rag: then I was looking beautiful on that day, y dint u compliment me?
San: that day not compliment. I was feeling like to slap u.
Rag: u will slap me?
San: I wont . and never. I said I felt like that.
Rag: y?
San: do u remember wat u wore? It was half backless. And only upto knee. everyone was eyeing on u badly.
Rag: jealous ha?
San: of course. How can I allow others to eye on u? only I hav that rite. And I knew that u wore to show me only.
She again hit him.
San: I was happy after knowing that still u remember my fav dish.
She smiles and laid on grass and kept her head on his lap looking at him.
Rag: then y dint u propose me?
San: I said na, I was expecting from u first. But when I saw u quite after that canteen incident I thought now u cant, I only hav to do something or else I wil lose u.
Rag smiles touching his nose.
San: so I decided to propose u on final day. And that dress was given by me to bela.
Rag: surprised: when? How?
San: evng I called mahir and told to meet and I gave him dress to give bela by saying to make u wear. How was that dress?
Rag: very beautiful. Then in canteen y did u say that u don’t like that dish.
San: slowly avoiding eye contact. To tease u.
Rag got up and started to hit him.
Rag: u did all knowingly. And I thought its real. I was suffering and u were enjoying?
San: ok sry. Now stop beating. Wat people will say. Yesterday only became bf gf and now fighting.
Rag stood and goes to sit on bench. He too goes and sat beside her.
San: sry. Pls forgive me.
Holds his ears making cute expressions. She smiles seeing his expressions.
San: one more thing I gifted u.
Rag: where?
San: its on ur neck.
She saw that chain.
Rag: it means u only gave this also to bela.
He nods.
San: see it properly
Rag sees it and notices that it’s a pendant and inside that ragsan childhood pic was there. She got teary eyed and hugged him.
San: still we have to fight and now only u got teary eyed?
Rag smiles at him.
San: one more thing left. Which we both promised.
San gives her a box. She opens and saw many chocolates.
San: that year u had topped exams. I came second. But we shifted and cudnt meet. So m fulfilling my promise today.
She takes chocolate from box and fed him and she too ate him. She kept her head on his shoulder. Both were holding each other’s hand were doing plan how to fight daily.

……. The end…………..

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