Mera dost Mera pyar -Ragsan – epilogue

Hi everyone. I thought to write epilogue on this. Hope u like it.

A big decorated hall is shown where all workers r busy in preparation of marriage.

Its ragsan marriage.

Suj: janki ji , I told u na. ragini will become my bahu. They look like made for each other. Now it turned true.

Jan: yes its true. We lost contact in between, then also we r together. Its only coz of our ragsan.

They heard ragini’s voice from her room.
Jan: y she is shouting? She has to get ready by now.

Bel: let me see aunty. u be here.

Bela goes to rag room. There she sees rag talking in phone.

Rag: no. its not looking gud. Change it. Wear which I gave.

San: come on ragini. Its just a watch. Its not bad too. And who will look at watch when I wore costly sherwani.

Rag: idont know that. Change it and send me pic.

She cut call. Bela was opening her mouth to talk, rag mob rings.

Rag: wat happened now?

San: ur payal.

Rag: wat my payal?

San: its not matching with my sherwani. Wear another.

Rag: y it shud match with ur sherwani? It is matching with my lehenga and that’s enough.

San: I changed watch on ur saying. Now u also do.

Rag: is this any reason?

San: I don’t know. Change it.

He cuts call.

Bel: ragini wats this? Today is ur wedding. Still u r fighting on silly things?

Rag: we wud have not fight if he wud listen to me.

Bel: u and ur fight. I wont involve. Let me get u ready. Its already mahurat time.

All were waiting at hall for bride and groom. Behir comes there.

Suj: hey chori. Wher is ragini? U dint bring her?

Bel: aunty. she doesn’t need me.

Mah: and sanskar too dint need me.

They dint understand. Meanwhile they saw ragsan coming both together by holding their hands.

Suj: janki ji. They r looking very cute. Nazar na lage.

Mah to bel: cant they wait till marriage.? After one hr they have to hold hands for lifelong.

Bel: do u think they r coming with love?

Mah: ??

Rag audible to san: sanskar, remove that watch. Let me take it. I had already told na. y dint u change?

San: let it b. its mahurat time. Don’t fight. Leav my watch. Everyone watching us only.

Jan and suj make both to sit in mantap. Priest chants mantras and declared them as hubby and wife.


Ragsan r going for their honeymoon. They took blessings from ram and sujata and left for airport.

San: still angry?

Rag was quite.

San: next time we will go to ur decided place ok?

Rag smiles.

They reached restaurant. They took rest and went out for shopping.
They r in mall now. Ragsan were selecting finger ring. That time a couple was also there beside them. That lady’s car key fell down by mistake. They were going. San took it and called them. Lady comes back.

Lady: thanku. U r so handsome.

San: thanku. U r also beautiful.

Lady smiled and went. San turned and sees ragini’s angry face.

San: m gone.

Rag: beautiful ha?

San: she said handsome so just said. Nothing like as u r thinking.

Rag: tonite u’ll sleep on floor.

San pouts.

Rag: I’ll not melt for this.



Rag was on bed. San was sitting on floor with pillow and blanket.

San: ragu pls.

Rag: no.

San: pls pls.. I’ll not do again. U r one and only beautiful girl for me. Now pls let me sleep on bed. Its very cold.

After so many requests rag agreed. San smiled on bed. He looks at her. She turned other side.

San: ragini we came for honeymoon.

Rag: so wat?

She took her mob and got busy in that. San took a flower kept on table and disturbed her with that by placing it everywhere on her body. She dint pay heed. San took mob from her.

Rag: give me my mob.

San: never. Now u’ll get ur mob after reaching home only. She sits and tried to take. In between their fight both fell on floor. Ragini on top of san.

Ragini’s hair falls on san face. He slowly makes them behind her ears.
Ragini blushed.

San: ragini. Can I ask u a question?

Rag blushed hardly as there was no gap between them.

Rag: hmmm?

San: which shampoo u use?

Rag glares him angrily.: On our honeymoon u want shampooname? Wait I’ll tell. She started to hit him. He ran in room only. She chases him. At last both get tired and fell on bed.

San: ragini I never thought that u’ll become my wife.

Rag: me too.

San: I thought kavya will become my wife.

Rag again raises her hand towards him. This time he holds and hugged her tightly. They share a deep kiss. They get intimate.


After few yrs.
Now ragsan and behir r neighbours.
Ragsan have son named aditya.
Behir have daughter named zoya.

Both adi and zoya r classmates. Now they r in 2nd class.

Behir used to stay sometimes out of house due to their business. At those days ragini used to take care of zoya.


Ragsan and behir were having evng tea in ragsan home.
Adiya came fighting from school.
Ragsan : wat happened to both of u? y r u fighting?

Adi: mom, dad, zoya is coming in between of my love. M in love with pooja.

All 4 looked at them quietly.

San: ur upbringings effect zoya too.

Rag: adi is ur copy. He’s just in 2nd class.

San: today’s generation is fast.

Ragsan and behir congratulates each other. Coz they r going to b relatives in future.

……………… the end……………

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