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Sorry for being very late….

And thank u so much for ur kind support 4 our story……

Thank u so much friends and silent readers too…….

Last chapie – shan and swara convo with half past relevation…..

Today’s chapie begins……

Shan – come on swara speak up, may b we can find a soln together.
Swara – bcz……. so nly shan….
Shan – what !!!!!
(Shan and swara convo muted :p dont kill us readers)
Swara – s shan this the truth…
Shan- y shud i believe ur story???
Swa – im not forcing u to believe this, its just that u asked me the truth and i confessed u the fact… its upto u to have faith on my me and past…
Shan was thinking for a while and reached out his arm like hand shake….
Swara was blinking her eyes, making her think upto he is ??

“Swara im ready to help u and bring back old the sanskar bcz both of ur happiness lies within eo”, shan said with determined face…..
Swara was on sky hearing shan’s postivity and gave a wide smile to him…
“So for what are u waiting patner plz accept my declaration mission on finding the true culprit” shan streched his hands….
“Im ready on the mission patner”, swara said with a bright face…
Both shook their hands with courage and determined looks accompanied by truthful smile on their face…..
So lets have our dinner, shan said while explaining swara dramatically holding his stomach…
“Sure patner”, swara replied him rolling her eyes….

Table was set ready for dinner…

Swa – wr is sanskar?? At what time will he  reach the house??
Shan – donno may now or later bcz today he has gone to attend client meeting. I cn’t predict his time of arrival, it depends on the situation in the meeting patner…
Swa – oh !!!! She said with sad face. Which was easily caught by shan..
Shan – swara dnt worry about sanskar, he will b bck soon..
Swa – nodded her head like a small child…
Shan – look at ur face!! its like a lost puppy on the streets….
Swa – huuhhh… look at u!!! Mr. Drumstick, she said with giggle….
Both were pulling eo others leg giggling happily….

Pom… pom a horn sound caught their attention…….

Sanskar entered the house with attitude,heads up holding a lap bag in one arm and speaking on call on the other side…
He gave deadly glare to swara who was having her dinner along with shan….
Swara was gulping saliva in fear seeingh is evil face…
Shan signaled her to stay calm through eyes…..

Sanskar hanged the call and moved towards the table shooting daggers to swara….
“Hey u !!get up ” sanskar pointed her and making shan a bit uncomfortable …..
Swara stood up with fear and her eyes were welled up with salt water…..
“Who the hell are u to have ur food at dinning table??? Behave ok ur just a slave here” sanskar spitted fire on her trembling heart……
Shan protesed sanskar to watch his words….
Sans – Wow from when u started supporting her shan??
Shan – bhai im not supporting her, im justing say u to give respect for women..
Sans- sabash !!!!! This money digger pointing towards swara, has now manipulated ur brain against me.. im impressed mrs.swara….. he gave claps while finishing his sentence..
Swara was no more able to bear his taunt, with heavy heart she ran from her place….
Due to her saree fleet she stumbled on the stairs as a result she fell down…
“Aaahhhhhhhhhh mummy”…..

Two legs were running to hold her, but forcefully one hand grabbed her in swift making her steady…….
“Cant u even walk properly??” Sanskar scolded her in concern….
Swara was staring sanskar’s eyes with pain were she can read his concern….
“Thank u for saving me Mr.sanskar maheswari”, swara pushed his hands aside which was holding her proctectively..
Shan gave a chuckle gazing at swasan…
Sans – gave a look to shan making him close his mouth…
Swara – gave a wink to shan which made him cool…
San – cleared his throat making them aware of his presence…….

Scree n freeze…….

Next part!!my sis will continue (maha ;-))

Thank u for reading….

#ur Mavina……

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