Meow LilView (+ of Ishqbaaz n KRPKAB)

“Candle Candle”..Childish Voice n Sound of LilBells..
Light of Lil Torch…
Lil-She circles the Torch..

His Voice
His Fingers hold a Candle..
Yellowish Path goes Circular waves on room..

Lil-She follow him in runmode..
LilShe:”Mea..No Meow..
Where R U?”
(She put her fingers circle like a telescope n search the room full)
Lil-She try to see one side of the bed..
He:”Zia..See There”..
Zia with Torch turns n see where Mea is..

Zia:”Come down”..
Mea jump down from window n circles her..

“Maayam Kalaave
Saayam SinaaSae
He take the phone..
His another hand put the candle on table..

(His Lips on screen)

Another side
Juliet:”Is this Mr.Dev..?”
He (Dev):”S..I m”..
His Eyes n long Hair..
Juliet:”We r from Yugi Toy Store..Ur Toy is Ready,Sir”..(Her lips n Eyes)
He (smile):”Tanqq..Miss Sona”..
Mea put her fingers on Zia’s hands..
Zia:”Good girl”..
Touching Her Moustache..
Mea lil yawn..
Dev see tat n smile..

Smile Contain Puzzles n S Miles of Others..too
To be Continued..
Hi Frndzz,
Tis is HarSHaN..
After a long time,
Start to write again..
Hope U like tiz..
Tanqq for readingg n Don t forget to twinkle ur thoughts after reading.
Tanqq?..Take Care

  1. Super bro!! Pls post soon yr

    I love dis

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Sissy!!Suree??

    2. HarSHaN

      Nxt one is on Tom

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq!!How R U Dear Frnd!!!??I think U remember!

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    1. HarSHaN

      Sissy!!Hw R U?? Tanqq?

  4. Hey bhai title is so cute and heart touching. Because its about a cat ? and cat yawn!!! Thats coolll.. Cute adorable and lovely kitty. And that song right ?? I Love that kitty’s scene. Keep writing kitty’s scenes bhai ? good luck

    1. HarSHaN

      Tat Song?..Tanqq Sis

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