Memories(os)- belated birthday treat

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Sorry sorry I know may bina kuch bataye gayab hogayi..I know I am very late…thank u so much everyone for making my birthday so special…thank u…this os is for u guys as my belated birthday treat…sorry for being late…

Things end but memories don’t. I wish I could live those moments once again; not to change it but to feel it once again. She is still breathing in some part of this world. I just hope wherever she is; she is happy.

‘You have to leave right now.’ pointing towards the window, Twinkle lovingly looked at me. ‘My kiss.’ I said pulling her towards me. ‘Don’t be naughty Kunj.’ she bantered with a smile. ‘I am serious.’ tightening my grip. She tried to wriggle out of my hold but I held on.’Let me go.’
‘Not until I get my kiss.’

‘Kunj.’narrowing her eyes.
‘You are scaring me.’ I tried teasing her. Suddenly we heard a knock on the door. KNOCK! KNOCK!!
‘Oh fish dad Kunj u have to leave.’
‘Pyaar kiya toh darna kya.’
‘Kunj go.’ she pushed me.

‘OK.’ I said as I escaped through the window. It was no big deal. Her room was at the ground floor; easy to sneak in and out.
‘Kunj.’she called. I turned around. ‘What?’
‘Nothing.’she just smiled.
‘Kunj leave my hand.’ She struggled to free her hand but I pulled her towards me as a result she ended up sitting on my lap. We shared an eye lock. We were in my room for our group study. But rest of our friends hadn’t arrived yet. ‘My kiss…no excuses.’ I warned with a smile. ‘Don’t be naughty.’ hitting my chest slightly. ‘Ek I love u toh bol do.’ ‘Koi sun lega.’
‘Toh sun ne do.’
‘Your mum is at home.’
‘So what she won’t disturb me.’
‘Kunj tum bilkul pagal ho tum.’
‘Tumare pyaar may pagal hu.’

‘I love u kunj.’ she pecked my cheek.
Right then we heard some footsteps. ‘Lo kahani ka villian aagaya.’
‘Kunj.’ narrowing her eyes.
‘You are scaring me.’

‘Tum nahi sudh roge.’
Twinkle tried getting up but her locket got stuck with my locket. She hurriedly tried taking it out but all her efforts went in vain. ‘Let me try.’ I slowly separated her locket from mine. Right then we heard the door open. Twinkle hurriedly got up from my lap.
‘Sorry sorry I didn’t see anything. Mahi let’s go.’ Yuvi said as he pushed Mahi. ‘Hey dirty mind it’s nothing like that.’ I contradicted. ‘We are not blind.’ Mahi chuckled.
‘Hello baby.’ Twinkle was talking to someone on call.
‘Baby.’I repeated as I clutched the pillow. She was laughing n talking all the while whereas I was clutching the pillow. At one point the pillow tore.
‘I love u baby muahh??.’
Now my anger was out of control. I just snatched the phone from Twinkle’s hand n shouted on the caller,’Who the hell are you?’
‘Hey who are u? Where is Twinkle di?’the caller said.
‘Twinkle di.’ I repeated.

‘Yaa dii tum kya samjh rahe the.’ folding her arms. My lips were zipped. There was nothing left to say. Oh god kunj what have u done. I gave her phone n silently moved towards the door. ‘Hello green-eyed-monster.’ Twinkle shouted. ‘Hey u can’t call me that. I was not jealous.’
‘No doubt u were…green eyed-monster.’
‘I am warning u for the last time Twinkle.’ I said pointing finger towards her.
‘Twinkle Taneja aise dhamkiyo se darne wali nahi.’ She said dramatically.
‘Really.’ I said

‘Green-eyed-monster.’ she shouted.
‘Siyaapa queen.’
‘How dare u call me that.’ Pointing a finger towards me.
‘Siyaapa queen.’ I bantered with a smile.
‘May koi siyaapa queen wiyaapa queen nahi hu.’ being irritated, she shouted.
‘Siyaapa queen.’
‘Twinkle don’t u think it’s too much.’
‘Kunj still half shopping is left.’
‘W-H-A-T oh no both my hands are full… I won’t be able to carry even a single shopping bag.’
‘I bought u here to carry my shopping bags so u have to carry it.’ she gave me a cute pout.
I tilted my head slightly whereas she wrapped her arms around my shoulder. ‘I just love u.’ she said as she pecked my cheek

‘I swear I want to take u in my arms.’
‘Aww but u can’t.’ she said pulling my cheeks.
‘Twinkle.’ I said.
‘Just look around. Everyone are staring us.’
‘Kunj close your eyes.’
‘Par kyu.…’
‘Just close your eyes na.’
‘OK.’ I said closing my eyes. I tried opening my eyes. ‘Kunj no cheating.’
‘Haat aage laau.’

‘Yeh lo.’ I forwarded my hand.
She tied something in my hand.
‘Now open your eyes.’ I opened my eyes.
‘Kunj yeh braclet kabhi bhi apne se door maat karna. Jab may tumare pass nahi hongi tab yeh tumhe meri yaad dilayegi.’ ‘Tum nai toh may bhi nahi. I will die…’ before I could complete she put her hand on my lips. ‘Kabhi bhi aisa maat kehna. Tumhe jeena hoga mere liye. Mujhe kabhi bhool maat jana.’ ‘Aaj meri siyaapa queen itna senti kyu horahi hae.’
‘Mera green-eyed-monster.’
‘Don’t call me that.’

‘Green-eyed-monster.’ pulling my cheek.
‘Siyaapa queen.’ Unexpectedly today she smiled. ‘I love u Kunj.’
‘I love u too.’
‘OK I have to leave right now.’ handing me a letter. ‘Tumhe meri kasam u won’t read this letter until the clock strikes tweleve.’ Before I could say anything she left.
Aaj bhi yeh dil sirf ushke liye dhadakta hae….sirf ushke liye..Iss dil may sirf ushki yaade hae…kaash yeh dil pattar hota toh itna dard bhi nahi hota….kaash maine woh letter phele he khola hota toh shayaad aaj woh mere paas hoti…
I just took out the letter from the closet…

My green-eyed-monster
I love u a lot but may be we were never meant to be together. I can never be yours. I have to leave. Hope u will forget me n move on. Mujhe dunt ne ki koshish maat karna. It’s worthless. May tumare pass hoke bhi door hongi. Mujhe bhool jau.

Tumari siyaapa queen….

Tears rolled down my eyes. Kehena bahat aasan hae par karna bahat muskil. Hamari kahani adhuri reh gayi…bahat dunda ushe nahi mili…but I still love her…I will love her always….


Some love stories are never meant to be complete.

Hope u guys liked it…Once again sorry…..

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  1. Amazing story
    But a bit emotional too

  2. Presha

    Fabulous story…
    Just loved it..
    U nailed it… emotions we’re clearly described…
    Love u so much…

  3. yrr phir rula diya ????????
    itna emotinal aakhir kha chali gayi ye twinkle?
    too good yrr amazing mindblowing marvellous ?????????
    what is ur name??
    luv u yrr

  4. Diiiiiii ???????????
    Kya story likha thi???
    It was very emotional
    But Loved it to the core ??????????
    Post your ff”Love in rain”
    And don’t be sorry as you must have gone because of some reasons.
    I was not able to wish you
    So,Happy belated birthday dear di????
    Love u
    Keep smiling ☺☺☺☺

  5. Nishuu

    Amazing episode but emotional too
    Loved it

  6. Reruru

    Aaku darlo..
    Wow!!! the memories were so cute and adorable. Perfectly described. Green-eyed-monster what a name. Perfectly suited kunj. He was so jealous. Siyaapa queen u know very well it’s my favourite. It did have a sad ending. Where did Twinkle go but according to the letter I guess she died. Other else why would she write tumare pass hoke bhi door. Really u wrote it perfectly. Hope to hear from u very soon. Love u darlo.

  7. Very beautiful and emotional os
    I was badly missing ur ff
    I’m very happy to see ur os

    And belated happy birthday dear
    Waiting for ur ff
    Do continue
    (I’m sohi only)

  8. Tumhne toh mujhe emotional kardiya….
    May tumhse sehmaat hu…things end but memories kabhi katam nahi hote.
    Jealous wala kunj padhne may bahat maaza aaya??…
    ??Kunj was so jealous…
    Last ka letter ne emotional kardiya…

  9. Cheena2001Cp

    Mujhe rula Diya!! Ohhh …..mujhe rula Diya??…..It was SUPEREB…..perfection on its
    peak!!! ???…..

  10. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome. Epi but emotional. Tha

  11. Swasti_aaku

    Heya aaku,
    My irritator awesome amazing???…mujhe jitna irritate karti hae usse jyada aacha likhti hae…emotional mujhe rula Diya tha??….par mujhe saachi bahat psand aaya… twinki ne kyu choda kunj ko…incomplete love story??…..kitni curiosity thi jaane ki twinki ne kyu aisa kiya ya pir twinki ko tune maardala…kaatil kahi ki??…okk okk mujhemay tujhe kaatip nahi kahungi par i really love it….love u

  12. Amazing
    Each n every memory was perfectly described.From starting till the end it was awesome. Love u.

  13. Aamu

    It was very much enotional though loved it.
    Sorrry yaar me lmbi cmnt n krsakti its already 6:36 n i have to go to school at 7_ n..i m on bed still so ya??

  14. Aaku awesome Amazing
    Last mai rula diya
    It was so emotional
    But so lovely
    Loved it
    Love you keep smiling

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    AWESOME emotional

  16. Baby

    aaku yeh toh pata tha its u ♥

    bt m sooo sriiee first of all I wasn’t able to wish u n give a gift or my wishes for u m soo sry…….♥
    well really it was jst sooo cute n sooo emotional……♥
    asiiieee kahan chalii gyi twinkle ♥
    really amazing ♥
    ho ske toh kbhi iss stry ka 2nd part zaroor post krna ♥
    loved it ♥
    love u soooooooo mch ♥
    post ur ff soon 🙂

  17. Emotional ??????….where did twinkle go…hosake toh part two jarur likhna…incomlete reh gayi kahani??????

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