Mein phir bi tumko chahunga part -3

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Abhi is sitting in an auditorium with guitar in his hand. There is no one otherthan him, his thoughts are somewhere lost.

Hey man..where are you lost ??  said purab

Lost…no iam justing thinking about new tune..

Thinking about tune or about fuggi??

What are you talking purab, why I need to think about her now?

Because you miss her..

Miss her me , not a way..actually iam feeling little free now as nobody will question me .i can do anything without  restriction

Oh is that so then k iam leaving

Hey man where are you leaving?

Actually , I thought to tell you one thing thinking you may be missing my fuggi.but I was there is no need to tell you abhi…

He leaves…

Hey abhi..what you did ? why there is need of such an acting ahh!!! You can tell him na, you really miss her and thinking about her, then he will say na..but your ego wont allow you for that. Your fuggi is right, she always warn me to control my ego but…

His thoughts been broken by a tap on his shoulder


So rockstar..did your ego allow you to tell you miss your fuggi..??

Abhi suddenly hugs purab.

Yes purab, from the moment she gone from me, I started to miss her. Each second is remainding her memories. I understand how much I depend on her, what is she for me??

Abhi break the hug and look at purab who is smiling..

You are incredible abhi. Haven’t changed a bit??

Then tell what you want to tell about fuggi?

K rockstar. Don’t show more emotional side to me that I cant control you even fuggi is not there for me for this.

Look puru, don’t take this chance for your advantage .just tell me man I cant wait..

Again ego?? K iam not going to tell you..

Hey my sweet puru na..plz tell me he makes a puppy face..

K, just go to your home, there is a surprise for you…

Surprise?? Whats that??

Hey idiot don’t you heard its surprise, how can I tell you? If I say so, fuggi will return from India and will kill me..

K, I will go and find it out.

Within a second Abhi   rushes out and drives away his car.

This purab bi na, just ditto of my fuggi..sometimes I feel both as brother and sister. No, they are brother and sister in case of teasing and naughtiness.but, iam really blessesd to have them in my life. Whatever I have, comparing within them that all have no value..

Abhi reach his home and unlock the door with key..

Suddenly a blast is heard..


Abhi is surprised by seeing his fuggi and the decorations in his house…

Fuggi..tum? abhi takes her in arms and twirl in happiness..pragya giggles continuously..

Abhi..just drop me down..he did as she said..pragya surround his neck with her hands..

Happy birthday abhi..may all your wish comes true, stay happy and blessed always..

If you are with me , then I will be always happy na fuggi..he surrounds her waist with his hands.

How is my surprise??

Its so beautiful just like you.. I love you fuggi and he kissed on her forehead.

Even I forget my birthday, but you???

How can I are my love and my life na…she kissed on his cheek..

So madam , when you return..did that shoot end so soon?? You told me it will be end by this week. But you returned within a day na..

What to do abhi..if I go anywhere then only na I will return..

What ??? I cant get you…

Actually ..pragya just get away from abhi.. actually..abhi..there is no such ad and no such program..i just make an act..yesterday I was with bulbul just to make a surprise for you like this…


You cheater…abhi tries to catch pragya..she runs around the living room..soon abhi catch her and falls on sofa..

You cheater cock…for this surprise you make all this play..your shabu..that Arjun all..pragya make a puppy face. This face wont work now fuggi. You need to have punishment..and iam going to give you..abhi suddenly grab her lips and gone for a passionate kiss. This kiss was full of love, which tell how much he miss her within this time. Pragya encircle her hands around his neck.and make him more access to kiss.

Abhi slowly taken his lips and take a deep breath and go for next.

This time pragya started to shred her tears and abhi get tensed by seeing this..

Fuggi..did I hurt you by doing so…

No she nods

Then why are you crying baby??

Why you love me this much abhi..

Oh that’s your problem sweet heart he cupped her face and gone for one more kiss. This kiss was answer for her question. After sometime, they broke their kiss.

You are too naughty abhi…

You only like my naughtiness na ..

Who told you that??whatever you are I like you a lot and I will love you forever…

Some clapping sound heard..

Abhigya gets up and blushes.

I knew, here romace will going that’s why we make an entry after sometime.

Yes puru, you are correct said bulbul…

So fuggi, my plan work na…said Arjun..hey abhi don’t look so. I will get terrified…

Haaa abhi..its me who ask him a suggestion  and by the way this is Arjun bulbul’s brother..

Nice to meet you Arjun and sorry for behaving so..

Its k buddy. They both gone for a friendly  hug.

So, bhai..lets cut the cake na…

Abhi cut the cake where all started to sing song for him. Abhi feed everyone with cake.

So, lets have dinner…

All sit around the dinning table..

Wow , fuggi you preapared all my favourite and side hug her..

Hey fuggi..seeing you both like this..i really feel jealous said Arjun..

Why arju…??

Because he too proposed me , but I reject him said fuggi.

What?? Abhi was shocked

Yes bhai. Arjun have proposed pragya di before as they both are working in same field.he too is an actor and become friends then slowly he fall for her..said bulbul

But, what happened is already you both are engaged and this idiot Arjun don’t knew that said purab.. bad luck…said Arjun

Hey arju, don’t you want to have a punch from my rockstar said pragya..

Haa Arjun, don’t think like that for a fun too otherwise this abhi will …purab stopped by looking at abhi…

I wont do anything because, whatever happen..fuggi is mine only…

Bul:hey puru and arju..this was a warning for you both hey na bhai…

Pur:how much you grown abhi, your possessiveness for her has no extend…

All laughs..with chit chat they soon finished their dinner and leaves.

Pragya gave a send off and close the door.while abhi hugs her from back and place his face on her shoulder.


I love you fuggi..

I love you too just leave me I have some works in kitchen.. are not going to do all that..we are leaving to room..

No abhi.. I have lots of…within that second abhi takes her in arms and move towards bed by hanging a card “DO NOT DISTURB” . The door get closed.


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