Mein phir bi tumko chahunga part -2

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Someone press calling bell which breaks the romace of our love birds…

What the hell is this..?? Who have reached here..that too on wrong time..

Its not wrong time rockstar .what you are doing now is in the wrong time..

Again bell is pressed…

So my rockstar..just go and open the door..pragya started to giggle..

Dont smile alot are going to have a punishment for this…and winks at her…

Abhi opened the door .

hello is this miss.pragya aroras flat?

yes ..may i knew how are you and what you want?

are you her manager?

abhi look at him in anger…yes iam her overall manager.. that so?then be in that limit , i want to meet madam ?

mad…suddenly his voice get stooped when she place her hands on his shoulder..

hello..iam miss.pragya arora..what you want?

mam..iam arjun,i came to talk with you about a new project

we can talk..first you get inside and take your seat..

so kind of you mam arjun replied back and started to be seated..abhi look at pragya in irked look while pragya waves a flying kiss without arjuns notice which make our abhi flat(seriously a love sick boy )

pr:so arjun whats the new project about?

arj:actually mam,its an ad with shabir may be you knew well about him…

pr:omg..shabir..with shabu..(now pragya become love sick puppy)

ab(in mind):who the hell is this…how can she call him shabu…she even dont call me abhu right?then him???shabu…why she this much excited..its like she is going to get her love..its me na her love….and glares at fuggi

arj:actually mam..shabir sir have seen your ad and photo shoot video and its he who justed you for this ad.


ab:what???? he suggested her..oh look at this fuggis look its like she has got a jackpot…

arj:mam,the shooting will start from tomorrow..i knew its become a short notice..but you knew na shabir sir is too busy..

pr:its k..iam ready for it..

arj:thats sounds good…i think sir will be happy hearing that..

ab:he will be happy??for what???

ar:actually mam, i forget an important thing the shoot is in india..i will arrange your tickets..

pr:k then send me tickets soon

arj:k mam will send you soon..thanks for your co-operation

pr:that’s not needed Arjun..actually I feel indeed pleasure to work with shabu…

ar:will meet you soon have a nice day…both hugs and Arjun leaves…

abhi slammed the door which was a shock for pragya..

pr:what happened rocksar…why are you burning in jealous…

don’t make face on me are too bad,no love for me right..only for your shabu…

pragya started to laugh aloud…arrey rockstar..aap kyun aisa hein… knew well na what u meant to me and what I meant to you..then why are you behaving as a small kid..

abhi pulls pragya closer to me him by holding her waist and move his face closer to her..only a small gap between their noses to meet…

I knew what you meant for me..and what I meant for you..but others don’t knew how we are you.there is chances na..someone grabbing my angel from me…

Pragya holds his collar and make him more close..abhi,this angel is only for u,meant for you no one can snatch her,without abhi,there is no pragya….

Abhi hugs her tightly…he cupped her face…

You are mine,in this moment

You are mine,tomorrow..

Things may or may not remain the same,

May be something happens that you don’t remain yourself,

May be something happens that I don’t remain myself ,

May be our paths diverge,

And get lost whie walking,



Pragya place her hands on his mouth..dont say like this abhi, what happened to you..why you become so much emotional..

Don’t knew fuggi..when you agreed to go to India, I don’t knew why ,my heart aches..i feel like iam going to lose you..

Abhi..whats this yaar..iam only yours na..look if you are not comfortable I will do one thing will cancel this assignment..nothing is more important than you..

No must go..i feel an insecurity that’s why,I knew this your passion,and passion is your happiness,I don’t want to break your happiness..

Nothing is more than you abhi..i will just call him and cancel this..when pragya started to dial his number abhi stops her..

Look you are going that’s it…

No I wont…

Then don’t talk to me..he make faces…

K I are too bad abhi…always playing same trick you knew na I will fall on this trap soon…

Abhi started to nuzzle her neck…pragya get lost in it…as he feels she is enjoying it with in a fraction of second he takes her in arms and move towards their room…

Abhi place her on bed, let me this time who will stop me…

Oh poor naughty boy,if I stops you then…

Then..suddenly he grabs her lips….both are fighting for domination..abhi moves his hands towards her waist where as pragya is roaming all around his back…

Abhi break the kiss, look you wont stop me na..i knew which mode make you turn of fuggi…pragya giggles…

After some sweet moments, pragya was resting her head on his bare chest, too can accompany there na..

What happen madam ?? so sudden missing your rockstar…

I too don’t knew abhi..i will arrange tickets for you too..

Sorry fuggi..i cant come na because your greatest ambition wont fulfill then..i cant allow to go it like that…you knew na within 1 week my first show is going to happen..and iam going to launch as rockstar..

Yes abhi..i  knew and I too wish to see you so..but..

No but fuggi..look this is just for 2 days na..then we will be together right..

So , be a good girl ..abhi kiss her forehead ..pragya pulls his more closer and drift into sleep..

Next morning,

When sunrays falls over abhi..abhi with irritation heck his fuggi on bed..but no where she is found..

Hey rockstar,open your eyes and serach then you can find na iam not there..abhi open his eyes and look at fuggi who is getting ready..all her bags are ready..

Oh you got up early..then why don’t you call me..i will help you na..actually arjun send me ticket early and you are in deep sleep so I thought not to disturb 2 days your sleep was gone na..

Who told you that…??? Don’t think like that fuggi..i will sleep peacefully..

I knew rockstar.without me you cant always need a companion while sleeping..

Oh is that so??then I will call maya or karthi…

What? What you will call them and will sleep with them ahh…she hold abhis collars..

Why are you like this fuggi..even for showering love and for showering your anger you hold my collars..what they did to you..

Hey don’t change the topic..just tell me will you call them

Oh my ghansi ki rani…don’t yell at me na..will you think without you I can sleep..will they replace you…

Pragya smiles…oh my god…before sometime,I see some kalimatha…now I see my fuggi…when abhi move towards pragyas lips again calling bell rang..

This bell bi na…always ring at wrong time…look fuggi…I will remove this bell..then will see na who will come between…pragya giggles..

Don’t laugh..your Arjun would have standing there wait you..

Oyye dramebaaz…

Go and open the door..i will freshup and joint soon…

After sometime , pragya takes her luggage and started to move..when she reach the door,just turn  and and look at abhi..

Episode ends…

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