Mein fir bhi tumko chahunga (episode 5)

Yuvraj cries badly after listening suhani’s words
He left the house crying in his car
He goes to the nearby bar and gets drunk

Yeh dil tanha kyun raahein
Kyun hum tukdo mein jeeyain
Kyun rooh meri yeh saahein
Mein adhura jee rahaan hoon
Har dum yeh kaah rahan hoon
Mujhe teri zarrorat hain
Mujhe teri zarrorat hain…

Why should this heart remain lonely
Why should we live in pieces
Why should my soul bear this
I have been live alone
I m saying this every moment that
I need you
I need you

Suhani and yuvraj both are seen crying recalling there moments

Yuvraj drives the car rashly

Andhero sa tha mera rishta bada
Tune hi ujalo se vakif kiya
Ab lauta mein hoon in andhero mein phir
Toh paaya hain khudko begana yahaan
Tanhaiyi bhi mujhse khaffa ho gayi
Banjaro ne bhi thukra diya
Mein adhura jee rahan hoon
Khud par hii ek sazza hoon
Mujhe teri zarroat hain
Mujhe teri zarroarat hain

With darkness i was having close relationship
You are the one who made me know what is lights
Now i have came back to darkness but i have found myself lonely here
Even lonlyness is angry with me
Even the homeless pushed me away
( even the homeless didnt allowed me to stay with them)
I m living incomplete
I had became a punishment on myself
I need you
I need you

Yuvraj breakes the drunk bottle in his hand
His hand starts bleading badly
Suhani feels that her heart is hurted

Tere jism ki woh khushbooyein
Ab bhi in saanson mein zinda hain
Mujhe ho rahi in se ghutan
Mere gallen ka yeh fanda hain

These frangrances of your body
Are still in my breathes
I m feeling choked due to this
They are the noose around my neck

Yuvraj recalls the kiss with suhani

Teri choodiyon ki woh khanak
Yaadon ke kamre mein goonje hain
Sun kar ise aata hain yaad
Haathon mein mere zanjeere hain
Tu hii ake inko nikal zaraa
Kar mujhe yahaan se rihaan
Mein adhora jee rahan hoo
Ye saadayein de rahan hoon
Mujhe teri zarorat hain
Mujhe teri zarorat hain

The clinking sound of your bangles
Echoes in the room of memories
Hearing this i reminded
That there are chains around my hands
You only come and remove them
Free me from here
I m living incomplete
I m calling you
I need you
I need you

Yuvraj stops the car near a cliff

Suhani gets a call from gauri
Suh – yes gauri
Gaur – woh dii bhai is not receiving my call
Suh – dont worry i will check where he is
Gau – thank you dii
Gauri hangs the call

Suhani takes her car keys and left the home

Suhani starts finding yuvraj on every road
Suhani pov…
Ohh where are you yuvraj ??
Suhani reaches the cliff after seeing yuvraj ‘s car

Suhani sees yuvraj sitting there crying near cliff andhis hand bleading
Suhani runs to him

Suh – yuvraj what is this ?
Yuv – i was knowing that you will come
Suh – get up you are drunk
Yuv – if you dont love me why do you care for me
Suh goes to her car and gets first aid box
Suh applies ointment to yuv
Suh – is it paining now?
Yuv – every pain is small infront of my heart’s pain
Yuv holds suh close to him
Yuv – i love you suh why dont you understand ?
Suh – i know
Yuv – then say me i love you back
Suh – no i dont love you
Yu – promise ?
Suh – promise

Yuv gets up and goes near the cliff
Suhani turns away to put the first aid box in car
Suh turns back but didnt find yuv
Suh shouts – yuvraj
Suh starts crying badly
She was about to fall from the cliff for saving yuvraj
Yuvraj holds suhani back and pulls her
Suhani sees yuvraj and slaps him
Suh – how dare you . How could you do this . I know you dont car about your life but i do
Yuv – why
Suhani – coz i love you
Suhani hugs yuvraj tightly and speaks
Suhani – i love u , i love you ,i love you plz never do this
Yuvraj hugs her more tightly and speaks
I love you too

Yuvraj kisses her forehead

Yuvraj – sorry suhani for making your fun now i understood what is love
Suhani – its ok my sadu
Yuvraj – my jhansi ki rani
They both smile

————————–the end—————————-

Soo here i end this ff
Hope you liked it and plz plz plz comment
Or else i will not start any new ff

  1. Samyukta

    Very nice EPI. But it ended too soon and abruptly. Yet I have no right to say that as my ff ended in mere 3 episodes. Anyways awaiting Ur new ff

  2. Ooh the confession scene was too gud..U rocked it..Superb epi..But I did not like one thing..U finished it a way too fast..Please be back with another one..Otherwise everyone including me will be angry with u..Only if u r not busy with studies..if u r busy,I understand..

    1. Avanikamdar

      Ohh plz dont get angry with me i will post soon

  3. nice epi but aisa laga end jaldi kar diya

  4. superb ending of tis story.. pl start with another ff n only ffs are giving peace always..

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  9. Sanaa.khan

    Hi avani, missed u a lot….the episode was superb and keep writing ffs. Love u <3

    1. Avanikamdar

      Hii dii where are you ?? I miss your ff sooo much

    2. Sanaa.khan

      I was busy in my studies since I am an 11 grader . And ya I already published an epi of my ff . I am free for a week from school due to easter and so I am glad to catch up with ur ffs.

    3. Avanikamdar

      Ok i hope you will try to post your ff on weekends

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    nd sry for late comment

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  14. Jasminerahul

    poor yuvraj.felt sad when suhani lied that she doesn’t love him.but saving him and confessing her love…their union was emotional and beautiful

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