Mein fir bhi tumko chahunga (episode 1)

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A huge crowd is shown
Everyone are cheering for a man who is sitting on stage and starts singing

Tum mere ho iss pal mere ho
Kal shayad yeh aalma na rahein
Kuch aisa ho tum tum na rahoon
Kuch aisa ho hum hum na rahein

You are mine, in this moment, you are mine ,
Tommorow , things may or may not remain like same
Maybe something happens that you not remain
Maybe something happens that i dont remain myself

( the man is reveled to be yuvraj )
( he recalls his first meeting with suhani )

Ye raaste alag ho jayein
Chalte chalte hum kho jaayein…

May be our paths diverse …
And we got lost while walking

( he remembers that how they looked at each other with tears in there eyes and started walking in opposite directions)

Mein phir bhi tumko chahunga
Mein phir bhi tumko chahungaa…
Iss chahat mein mar jaunga
Mein phir bhi tumko chahunga…

But i will still love you
I will still love you
I will die in your love
But i will still love you

Meri jaan mein har khamoshi mein*
Tere pyaar ke naagme gaaunga…

O my life, in every silence
I will sing the songs of your love

( yuvraj recalls how suhani teached him music)

Mein phir bhi tumko chahunga
Mein phir bhi tumko chahunga
Iss chahat mein mar jaaunga
Mein phir bhi tumko chahunga

And still i will love you
I will still love you
I will die in this love
But then also i will love you

( he recalls how he insulted suhani for her colour )

Aise zarori ho mujhko tum
Aose hawayein saanso ko
Aise talashoon mein tumko
Jaise ki par zameen ko

You are neccesary for me ,
Iike air for breathing
I look for you
Like feet look for the earth

( he recalls how he lifted her when they won
music championship from their college )

Hasna yaa rona hoo mujhe
Pagal sa mein dhoondhu tumhein
Kal mujhse mohobat hoo naa hoo
Kal mujhko ijjazat hoo naa hoo
Toote dil ke tukde le kar
Tere dar par hi reh jaunga

Whether i have to laugh or cry
I look for you like someone crazy
Whether tommorow you are in love with me or not
Whether i have permission tommorow or not
With the pieces of my broken heart with me
I will stick to your door only

( he recalls how he went to her home for forhivness but suhani didnt showed her face also to her )

Mein phir bhi tumko chahunga
Mein phir bhi tumko chahunga
Iss chahat mein mar jaaunga
Mein phir bhi tumko chahunga…

But i will still love you
I will still love you
I will die in this love for you
But i will still love you

Yuvraj was having tears in his eyes

Somewhere else
A huge crowd is their
A girl is seen singing

Tum mile ho jabse mujhe
Aur sunheri mein lagti hoon
Sirf labon se nahi ab toh
Pure badan se mein hasti hoon

Since you have meet me
I feel more golden
Now i dont smile with my lips
But with my entire body

( she is reveled to be suhani )
She recalls her moments with yuvraj and smiles but that smile was sad

Mere din , raat salone se
Sab hai tere hoone se
Ye saath hamesha hoga nahin
Tum aur kahin mein aur kahin

My days and nights are beautiful
All this is because of you only
This companionship will not be forever
You will be somewhere else and i will be somewhere else

Suhani starts crying and recalls how yuvraj insulted her for her colour and recalls her confession to yuvraj which he denied

Lekin jab yaad karoge tum
Mein banke hava aa jaaunga

But when you will remember me
I will become the wind and come to you

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga…
Iss chahat mein mar jaaunga
Mein phir bhi tumko chahunga …

But i will still love you
I will still love you
I will die in your love
But still i will love you

Yuvraj complets the song and everyone cheers for him

Yuvraj pov…
Suhani whatever i m today i m bcoz of you , i love you suhani , i realized it when you left me , plz come back .
After this concert i went to my house in mumbai
I opened the door of my house and went inside . I switched on the lights and i was standing infront of my wall which was having pics of me and my life suhani
I opened my dairy and started living in my golden memories

I recalled me and suhani in the same college, she was the energy of our college . The spark of our college . Her hairs , her smile and her attitude were enough to make anyone fall for her. She was also the leader of our music band . Her voice was melodies .
I recalled her sweet voice .

I turned the page of my dairy
The day when i met her . It was the day when principal told me that i will join college band bcoz we have to win music championship from snk college .

I turned the next page
I shook my hands with suhani
She started making me understand music . We used to spend most of the time together . I dont know why i was so happy to be around her .

I again turned the page
Yes !!! Finally we won the music championship but today it was an akward situation between me and suhani . I lifted her and hugged her so tightly . I m thinking i did something bad .

I turned the page
Today suhani called me at a garden outside the city . I went their and she confessed her love for me but i said no coz her colour is so dark hiw we both will look together . She was just crying .
I left from their .

I again turned my page
One month have passed since i have denied suhani but she is not that suhani now she had stopped talking she is now always quiet .

I again turned my page
I m crying coz now i know i love suhani . I went to her home but she didnt opened the door and i was knowing that she is crying and outside the door i was crying . I shouted that i love her but …

I again turned the page
After that college was over and i never met suhani but i will always love her

Precap – YuvAni meeting ….

Hello frnds so its a gift from my side to you all next part will be last one but i just want comments nothing else so plz comment …

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  1. A.Tejaswi

    Superb start avani…Like ur other ff’s..This is also going to be a super hit one..Update asap.Already in love with this one..❤️❤️??

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you…

  2. Yuvani

    cute………..thank you…….reminded old ssel…..both badly missing each other……..

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you…

  3. Tq soo much for new ff it’s really intresting update soon

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you…

  4. sarita sharma

    nice dear song mě whole story samajh m aa gai nowadays mood off rahta h but yuvAni ff read karke thodi khushi mil jati h

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you…

  5. Unbelieveable!! Its beautifully written by u. You don’t know how stunning it is!! It is the best from all ur writtings. Good job. U r improving day by day dear. Keep it up.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you…

  6. Awesome….

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you…

  7. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome yaar..very emotional..thank u so much

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you…

  8. yaar avni its awsome. u have shown full story through a song its really nice…
    i love this story plot.waiting for nxt epi nd plz don’t stop this ff continue it…..

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you…

  9. awesome… just like song.. this song is from movie half girlfreind na.. i love this song nd u use this song title for ur ff its tooo goood.. thank u…

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you…

  10. Avani thanks for gift sis…loved it so much..keep it up dear

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you…

  11. superb gift dear u made my day even today.. luv u avani for tis wonderful epi…

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you…

  12. Samyukta

    I just loved d concept

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you and sorry i hadent commented on your ff bcoz of my exams but it was awesome

  13. Jasminerahul

    Suhani only taught what music is to Yuvraj.but still he rejected her bcz of her sad.but after suhani left yuvraj realized her value n wants her back.tho a big singer he isnt will yuvani unite?song sequence was very emotional

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you…

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