Mehyra ff – Ae dil hai muskil – Chapter 3 (will Shaurya and mehak meet)

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Shaurya was working in his office when he recieved a call , ” sir we have got a new offer from the khurranna’s for collaberration with them for our new project in lucknow , sir if we are interested we have to inform them and u have meet them personally in lucknow since both mr khurrana and his son is staying there , since khurrana’s are our rivals , it can first big restuarant in india where both biggest rivals come together”, shaurya replied ” book my tickets for tmrrw and inform my conformation to them” he ended the call.

the meeting had finished , mehak was leaving home , when she heard a voice , she turned back to see arjun .
Arjun came near mehak and said ” mehak it is late i will drop u” ,
mehak: arjun please i am habitual to these things. I can go alone.
Arjun: mehak what is ur problem? I was just trying to help u.
Mehak: arjun please i do not need ur help.
Arjun: mehak i want to be ur friend, u were right in the morning about me, but u were the first girl who was not smitten by look , so my ego was hurt , so tried to come close to you, to prove myself correct but mehak now understand the difference , mehak ur different , u make me feel normal, u do not act sweet to charm me , i genuinely want to be ur friend, please accept my friendship.

Mehak: see i was right, i was just way to satisfy ur ego, now also ur not changed , now u will make me accept ur friendship next u will try to win my heart finally u will break my trust , as ur ego will get satisfied by then, right , do not use this tricks with me arjun.
Arjun: mehak why do not u believe me? Maybe someone has hurt u but everyone not same, give a chance.
Mehak: yes ur right someone has hurt me, but again giving a chance may hurt me only finally, maybe everyone are not same but i cannot risk to new wounds when i am healing my old ones, please leave me, i think taxi has come,bye.
Mehak walked away leaving arjun behind.

Arjun: i know mehak , life has given too many wounds to u but ur not leaving any one to heal it, ur not pretty or so much beautiful as girls i have meet but ur the genuine girl i have meet, ur the first one to arise feeling from my heart. I will make u give me chance anyhow. Arjun got a message of meeting with Shaurya tomorrow from his phone .
Mehak reached home late, found nehal sleeping in the dining chair, she shouted nehal wake up, nehal woke up
” di do not shout like this”
mehak : nehal i have said not to wait for me when i am late.
Nehal: di it is okay , have ur dinner now.
After dinner
Mehak: how was ur day today.

Nehal : not bad, di my colleague like me and he is asking me out?
Mehak: nehal if u find me genuine , he really like u, he can heal ur wounds, and will not care ur past and finally ur ready to move on u can give a chance.
Nehal: di u will also do the same thing di if u find anyone genuinely likes u ?
Mehak suddenly remembers of arjun ‘s words of giving him a chance.
Mehak: Nehal it is time go and sleep.

Nehal goes to her room, after nehal leaving mehak says ” life has given me so many wounds because of giving a chance to Shaurya i really do not want to repeat the mistake by giving a chance to someone who may give more pain to my wounds, i am very bad in identifing people, i hate u shaurya i hope i will not see ur face again in my life” said a teary eyed mehak.
shaurya : why am feeling that i will get my happiness back again in Lucknow. I hope i meet mehak in lucknow , i love u mehak please come back, give one chance heal ur wounds, heal my wounds also
.” sir ur flight ur lucknow is ready to board” said a voice.

Precap: Shaurya and arjun meet.

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  1. Moni7

    Superb kashaf???????

  2. Wow dear u nailed it I loved it please continue this ff so intresting can’t wait for next make it fast na all the best kashaf

  3. Wow dear u nailed it I loved it please continue this ff so intresting can’t wait for next make it fast na

  4. Please update the next episode soon……eager to know will Mehyra meet………

  5. Sry I have posted my same comment two times I double clicked on it

  6. Darshini

    Hey dear…it’s awesome…
    So mehrya gonna meet…
    Do continue soon na dear…
    Am waiting for it…
    Loved it..

  7. Kashaf…pls update next episode…ASAP…tiz episode awesome…

  8. Nice episode .Kashaf. . Waiting for the next one

  9. Mind blowing yrrrrrrrrrrrrrrf
    Feel like a Amezing time….

  10. Plz thoda to lenthy karo plzzzzzz itna interest aata h aur wo khtam plzzz its a request

  11. Awesome……nice one yaar….pls update nxt one a bit lengthy…..

  12. hey kashaf..
    its really nice. so real & very cute one.
    post next part soon.

  13. Raniboudy

    hey Kashaf!! nice story!! love it, but its too short!! could you make it longer please?

  14. Nice story!!!waiting for your next post

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