mehyra ff ae dil hai muskil teaser 1

Mahek was watching stars from her window , nehal came and asked di why are watching stars, mahek smiled and said whenever see the star i remember my wish of my prince charming but i think i should never had wished anything , maybe the stars fullfill the opposite way ,i got the opposite of what wished, did i wish so much nehal? Or my fate is playing with me or do i deserve love?

Mahek spoke in broken voice and tears coming from her eyes, nehal hugged her and said di sorry i should never said about shaurya saying me otherwise u could never gone back to him nor he could destroy u, mahek replied no nehal thank u for that if i was not going back to me i could have always loved him and never knew his true colors, i hate him now. Now go and sleep ur sister is strong to face it. Nehal left mahek room , mahek broke down and started crying,she saw her sangeet dress lying on her bed , she took it in her hand and remembered all her moments with shaurya and said ”if u wanted that book u could have stoled it or asked, but u betrayed me and broke my heart, i will never forgive shaurya khanna”

  1. That’s it…. Its too short yr…..

  2. That’s it.too short

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