MehRya.. Two bodies One soul (Part 2)

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Hyy frnds!! for the delay in posting.. coz I was busy wuth my family functions.. hope you sll understand nd will still give me your love nd support.. Nd here I begin..!!

Mehek decided to go Mumbai nd persue her career.. So she took the permission from her family members..

Mehek’s home..
M: I want to say something to uhh all.. I want that all of you to forget about all happened in the last few days.. bcoz it was an accident..
Ravi: No I will never forget about Shaurya’s betrayal.. He had broken our trust into pieces!! I wud never forgive him for his deeds!!
Jeevan: Mehek puttar speak up what you wanted to say!!
M: Chachu I want to go Mumbai nd persue my career.. Nd for that I need uhr permission..
Kanta: No mehek we won’t let you go alone.. It’s a new city for uhh.. how will you manage everything all alone??
M: but chachi..
Balwant: Mehek kanta is saying right.. how will you manageeverything all alone.. We already did a mistake sending you to Shaurya nd now we are paying for that.. nd now we won’t do any new mistake!!
PD: I am with my Laddo.. She is now big enough to take her decisions.. nd what she is saying wrong in this!! She only wants to go Mumbai to fulfill her dreams!! Nd she will manage everything as she had used to manage in her College days!! Go Laddo m with you!!
Mansi: Yes.. I think PD is right.. Our Mehek is very intelligent.. She will handle everything!!
Kanta: Ok If everyone thinks so.. then Mehek permission is granted to you!!
Mehek happily hugs Kanta!!
She goes to her room nd packs her bag!! She didn’t tell that this is a revenge from Shaurya!!
She leaves for airport.. But she didn’t go to the airportinstead she went to Shaurya’s office.. Sbe entered into the cabin without his permission!!

At office..
S: What the hell… I know Mehek that you don’t have any manners to ask permission before getting in.. but I didn’t know that you don’t have your self respect too!! after this much of disrespect you again came here!! Don’t you have any shame??
M: Mr Khanna don’t you dare to think that I am standing here to say you please come back in my life.. I would never complaint you for anything… I know that you don’t luv me.. but I luved you whole heartedly.. But now I hate you whole heartedly!! I can’t never forget about your betrayal!! I can’t still believe that you did this just for a recipe book..
S: Yes… I did it for my business nd my profit.. coz Shaurya Khanna luves himself only!!
M: I know Shaurya that uhh r a very bigbusinessman who had reached to big heights!! Uhh did this luv drama to steal my mother’s treasury recipe book.. I never imagined that you will stoop so low to get the recipe book !!
Nd do you know want you stole this book to get crores nd crores of profit na?? But taste nd name you want from dishes will not ever come to you!! Even if you employed best cook for cooking these recipies.. that taste will never come!! Taste comes from the feeling nd luv that cook mix with it..
S: No big deal I will mix that love in my dishes which I had got from this luv drama!!
M: (smirks) Really Mr Khanna?? But I don’t think so You will get success in this!!
S: M not interested in your lectures coz I don’t have free time for all these nonsensical talks!!
M: M not here standing to give you lectures.. bcoz M getting late for Mumbai.. M only here standing to say that you are very proud of your business nd celebrity image na?? Then I Mehek Sharma vows to destroy all your celebrity image in front of all.. Mark my words Shaurya Khanna!! Just wait nd watch!!
S: (smirks) M also eager to see what a blo*dy middle class girl can do!!
She leaves from their..

At airport..
She did all her checkings done nd She take off for Mumbai..
Nd the story moves to 2 yrs ahead!!

To be continued..

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  1. Suprb yr…….
    Bat is tooooooo late….
    Plz uplod next part soon…

  2. Dear pls update next part soon waiting

  3. What is this is this a part of a serial. I navel saw this par and 2 year of leap. ??? can someone please tell me what’s going on.

  4. Wow…gud one dear…do post the next one ASAP

  5. amazing episode… love it….
    revenge an all awesome track.
    post next one soon.

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  7. Great going girl.. I’m loving your story.. Waiting for the next part…

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