Mehrya OS Simple Love Story

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It was such a restless night for Mehak. She was tossing on her bed as tomorrow is her marriage and to a boy she had never saw even they were not engaged. The boy lives in USA and his mother done all the formalities. He never asked for her photo so she too can’t ask for that. Her family agreed to their alliance and she too said yes as she believes on her family. She sat upright and saw his name on her mehendi and read that. She had read that a lot of times from morning and everytime a smile crept on her face and she blushed hard.
“Shaurya…naam to bahut achha hai…pta nhi yeh kaisa hoga…”
The lights of her room was on so Meera saw and went to her room. She opened the door and saw her sitting on bed in a deep thinking.
“Mehak…abhi tak jag rhi ho?? Neend nhi aa rahi to malish kar du??”
“Maa..aap yahan kaise??”
“Tere kamre ki lights on dekhi to socha ki ek baar check kar lu…”
Meera sat on bed and Mehak put her head on her lap. She started caressing her hairs.
“Maa agar aap aise hi mere laad ladati rahogi toh mein kaise ja paugi hun??”
“Bas ek hafta hi toh hai mere paas tere laad ladane ka phir th tu uss paraye desh chali jayegi apne rajkumar ke saath…”
“Maa muje aapki bahut yaad aayegi sachhi…”
Mehak hugged her mother and she caress her back making her calm but she kept hugging her for some more time.
“Beta…Shaurya bahut achha ladka hai…vo kabhi tuje kisi cheez ki kami nhi hone dega…”
“AAp mile ho Shaurya Ji se??”
She asked breaking hug.
“Haan..bahut baar…kal jab teri shaadi hogi to dekh lena…ab soja…good night…”
Meera get up from bed and left without even giving a chance to Mehak for asking questions. Mehak was now confused more. She lie on her bed and start thinking then soon her eyes became heavy and she slept. Next day she woke up quite late. As she woke up Meera came to her and asked her to take a bath as she has to get ready and left for the venue. She lazily get up and took shower. Beauticians came and for the whole day she was kept in a packed room that was becoming worst for her. Finally she was ready in her beautiful red embroidry work lehnga that was designed by her. Yeah she wanted to be a fashion designer but can’t because her father refused her to do so. She didn’t gave up. She continued her designing that improved day by day. She was quite good in painting too. She had painted the walls of her room with beautiful patterns.
“Maa…I am feeling suffocating please lemme go out…”
“Mehku we leaving for venue in just 2 minuted…till then wait…”
“I am waiting from morning…kahin aisa na ho ki mera dulha mujse behosi ki halat mein shaadi kar le…please maa…”
“Meeraaa…chalo baraat aati hi hogi…”
“Hanji…chalo chalo jaldi karo…”
“Maa…aaj meri shaadi hai…aap please papa ko bolo na kam se kam aaj to muje apni beti maan le…please…”
Mehak was sad because her father never paid attention to her. He want a boy but Mehak came and after that Meera can’t concieve so for that he always blame his faith and never accepted her as his daughter. No doubt he fulfilled all her requirements but he never talked to her normally. This tortured her a lot but she never complained. And today when she is getting married then she want to talk to him for once so that she could leave the house happily.

“Mehku he won’t talk…”
Meera turned to the owner of the voice. Both were shocked to see Sunil standing there with tears in his eyes. He is sad too that was clearly visible from his eyes.
“Mehak bachhe I am sorry…”
“No papa…you are here and talking to me is enough for me…”
Saying so she ran and hugged her papa. He too hugged her and fresh tears made their way.
“Mehak beta muje maaf kar de meine tuje kabhi nahi samjha…par aaj jab teri shaadi ho rahi hai toh muje bhi tujse dur ho jane ka utna hi dukh ho rha hai jitna tuje…”
“Papa…aap sorry mat bolo please…sab bhul jao…bas muje ek happy face se mere sasuraal bhej do…”
“Pagal ladki…koi happily apne dil ke tukde ko khud se dur karta hai??”
They broke the hug and smiled. He cleared her face and wiped her tears.
“Dekh beta meine na Shaurya ko bola hai ki meri beti bahot sundar hai aur ab agar tu royegi toh apni shaadi mein chudail lagegi…”
They chuckled and Meera done a small touch up of her make up and they left for the venue. After waiting for sometime baraat came and Mehak got married to Shaurya. When she first saw him her then her heart started beating faster may be it had skipped one or more beats. He was looking damn handsome in golden and red sherwani. Her friends teased her by saying Shaurya handsome and she blushed hard. Finally they both went to KM with Karuna maa. She does all the rituals of their wedding and after leg pulling and rituals they both retarded to their room. Mehak was so nervous as its their first night. Although she liked Shaurya but still she was nervous. Shaurya came in room. He was smiling. She saw his smile and appriciated his smile but kept looking outside of the window.

His voice was husky and enough for sending goose bumps in her stomach. She didn’t turned a bit. He understood that she is nervous but he can’t took that more. He went behind her and grabed her waist from behind. Her eyes popped out. He then placed his chin on her shoulder and kissed on her cheek. She blinked her eyes many times.
“Laddoo…you didn’t changed a bit…bilkul vaisi ki vaisi ho bas thodi aur beautiful ho gyi ho…”
She was shocked to hear her nick name from his mouth. She turned but he didn’t loosen his grip on her and continued drawing patterns on her waist.
“Shaurya Ji aap muje ladd…”
He brust out in laughter and left her. He was laughing leaving her confused.
“Tu itni samajdaar kaise ho gyi…pehle to sabko tu tu karti rehti thi aur ab AAP lagta hai aam aadmi party ka jyada hi asar padh gya tujpe…”
“Aap muje daraa rhe ho…”
“Mein tuje daraa rha hu…ab to had ho gyi Mehak…”
He became serious ans she was whole confused and scared.
“Mein Shaurya hu…tera Shaurie…”
Her jaw dropped as he mentioned Shaurie. She blinked and took a look of him again carefully.
“I can’t believe you…”
“Ab tuje mujpe vishwas bhi nahi hai…ruk tu…”
He hold her hand and took her to Karuna. Karuna understood the matter and before he tell her she made Mehak sit on bed.
“Mehak…yeh tera Shaurie hi hai…jise tu sara din apni aakhon ke samne dekhna chahti thi…yeh vahi Shaurya hai jo tere pichhe pagal tha aur ab bhi hai…”
“Mehak…maa aap rehne do…”
He carried her in bridal style. She was asking him to stop but he didn’t paid any heed to her and took her to their room. He put her down on bed and closed the door. He dialled Sunil’s no. Meera picked it. Mehak asked her about Shaurya then Meera told her that he is her Shaurie. She disconnect the call and looked at him.
“Abhi bhi yakin nahi hua…are yaar kya kya socha tha ki jab Mehak se miluga toh yeh batauga voh batauga…tumne sare armaano par pani fer diya…”
He sat there on couch sadly. She get up and went to change. He changed in room. When she came out he was not in room but in balcony. He was wearing his lower only not shirt.
“Shaurya Ji…ahhh…”
He rushed see her if she is fine or not. she was holding her back and wincing in pain.
“Mehku kya hua??”
He went to her side to check. She was wearing her night gown that was making Shaurya crazy but he holded himself.
“I think thoda sa pain hai…”
He made her lie on bed and took out a spray from drawer and gave to Mehak.
“Ise laga lo aaram ho jayega…”
Before he could move he felt as if someone pulled him and the other second he was on bed.
“Itni jaldi haar maan gya tu…isiliye bol rhi thi tu mera Shaurie nhi hai…”
He was shocked to listen the words. It means she was acting but why. He sat upright so as Mehak.
“Tu acting kar rhi thi…”
“Haan…tuje dekhte hi muje vhi feeling hui jaisi Shaurie ko dekh k hoti thi aur fir mein samaj gyi ki yeh mera Shaurie hi hai…”
“Toh fir itna preshan kyu kiya…??”
“8 saal ke baad mila hai tu…kyo gya muje chod ke yeh uski punishment hai…hun…ab chup chap yhan soja tuje pta hai na muje nayi jaghaho (places) pe darr lagta hai…”
He was confused by sudden change but he have to face it because he had done wrong by not even calling her for once. They were childhood besties and used do all the work together. They both were naughty and used to tease others. Shaurya was short tempered while Mehak was sweet. It was the only difference between them. They loved each other but never said. Mehak was 15 yrs and he was 18 yrs old when he topped in 12th and he got scholarship to study abroad so he left. Mehak was so sad and thought that he don’t love her and tried her best to forget him but can’t and when her alliance came then also she want to say no her father would feel bad so she agreed. He lived in USA but still his mind was on Mehak. HE wanted to go back to her but he had promised her that he will achieve his dream so he concentrated there and as soon as he got what he want then he returned to India and searched for her. He used to stalk at her and follow her without her knowledge and on one fine day he sent his mom there and want to surprise her so didn’t went in front of because he knew that she will recognize him. He lie on other side and switched off the lights. After some time he felt her hand on his body.
“Shhh…tu pehle bhi boring tha aur ab bhi boring hai…”
“Achha bachhu…ab dikhata hu ki Shaurya Khanna kya cheez hai…”
Saying so he came on her top and pinned her hands above her head and bent down to taste her lips and this was the thing she want. She too want to make love to her love and he too was carving for this. They both made love to each other and the room was filled with thier moans and groans. Finally they became one after a long wait.
After 5 years Mehak was sitting with Shaurya in garden and caressing her swollen belly and watching their 3 yr son Viren playing with ball. Her head was on Shaurya’s Shoulder and he was reading a book for her.
“Viren…mamma is sleeping na…what happen??”
Daddu I want to talk to my little sister…”
“Bachhe she is sleeping…”
“You are awake??”
“Who said I am sleeping…tumhe laga ki mein so rhi hu…”
“Hmm…I think Pari ki vajah se jyada hi bol rhi ho tum…ek baar Pari aa gyi fir dekho kaise tumari neend kharab karta hu…”
“Mhrr mhrrr…I am here daddu…”
“Kuch toh sharam karoo…”
“I love you…”
“Don’t worry I love you too daddy…”
Mehak chuckled on his taunt. He too smiled and get busy playing with Viren. After two months Mehak gave birth to a cute girl. Viren was on ninth cloud. Karuna, Meera and Sunil too came US for caring of Mehak and Pari ans they lived happily after that.

Hey guys please ignore typo…I was sleepy but managed to write this n I will b bsy in work so will update nxt parts of my stories on Tuesday…luv u all…

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