Mehrya My version Part 97

Part 97 18/09/2018

Next morning it was usual business Mehak got up early showered and started to prepare Shaurya’s oats and coffee as breakfast. Shaurya after finished his breakfast left for work. Since it was Onam festival and she decided to make some laddoo and Balusha for Mrs Srinivas and her family. She gets into work preparing the sweet dishes. Once done and she packed it nicely she went to Mrs Srinivas house and greeted them for the Onam and she presented them with the homemade desserts. Mrs Srinivas house was pleasantly decorated with and Mehak awed how it was all arranged. With fresh flowers hanged on the walls all over the house and many delicious foods arranged in the living area with large floral arrangement laid on the floor. Mrs Srinivas was wearing her traditional attire the Kerala Saree in white with golden border with jasmine tucked in her hair. The entire house smell sweet with jasmine and rose petals was in the floating in a brass container in the centerpiece with diyas lightened creating calm and serene environment. The walls adorn with colorful Kerala mask which is bright and flamboyant to bring in the festival mood. Neev came in to wish Mehak and Mehak kneel down and said he looking cute as he was wearing the traditional mundu. Mrs Srinivas asked Mehak to sit down and Mehak asked more about Onam special and why is it celebrated, Mrs Srinivas explained it’s a celebration to welcome King Mahabali into the house in the ancient days Vishnu asked for the land and Kerala was used to prosper under the ruling of the King Mahabali. It is celebrated for10 days and each days it has own agenda. Here they are at Bangalore they will gather to celebrate with all Malayalis.

Mrs Srinivas patiently explains what they do on every day from the first day of celebration which is Atham, 2nd day Chithira, 3rd.   day Chodhi, 4th   day Vishakam, 5th day Anizham the snake boat festival, 6th day Triketa, 7 th   day Moolam where they wear the costume of tiger and do tiger dance, 8 th   day Pooradam, 9 th   day Uthradam and the final celebration on 10 th   day Thiruvonam together with how they do 26 types of dishes to make the celebration extra special. Mehak asked usually the floor decorations are done with colored powder in rangolis but theirs is special done with flowers. Mrs Srinivas continued it’s called as Pookalam and as the celebration continues the design will expand and becomes bigger as well. Mrs Srinivas notice Mehak was wearing her long Anarkali suit and ask her to wait for a while she went in her room. She came out in a while with a Kerala saree and handed over to Mehak, Mehak looked at her blinked her eyes as she place the kasavu material on her hand. Mrs Srinivas suggested her to wear that Kerala saree and follow her for the event organized by the Bangalore Malayalis. Mehak was excited as well she was like how to suddenly go without informing Shaurya. Mrs Srinivas asked her to call Shaurya and inform about it and comes along with her. Mehak quickly dialed his number and told about the Onam gathering and asked her to go ahead as he will be busy till evening. She hang up and happily went to get ready for the Onam gathering with Mrs Srinivas. She tied the saree and paired with a maroon blouse. Mrs Srinivas adjusted and helped to pinned her saree pallu. Before leaving she assist to tie up her hair into half pony tail and adorned with jasmine flowers and her placing a red bindhi on her forehead. Neev came and sees Mehak and said didi you are looking gorgeous, take a picture and send to hero. Mehak giggled and they leave for the gathering.

At the Onam celebration, Mrs Srinivas introduced Mehak to all her friends and after a while all the ladies gathered for performing their traditional dance which is Kaikotti Kali. Mehak started to record them as the ladies encircle a brass lamp. They are clad in traditional Kerala saree bedeck their tied hair with jasmine flower strands and accessorize themselves with gold jewelry. The dancers move downwards, move sideways in order to go in sync and clap with their fellow dancers. The graceful and symmetric steps of the group dance are backed by rhythmic music of the song that is sung in the background, by two to four women.

After this performance another group of girls performed for some songs and Mehak enjoyed watching their performance which includes Kathakali, Kummatti Kali and many more. She enjoyed herself with Neev and Mrs Srinivas. Later join the rest of them for the Onam Sadya session where the feast consisting variety of vegetarian dishes served on banana leaf. It has almost 28 types of dishes with variety of taste. It was almost evening and they left for home. They continue chit chat about the event till they reach home. Mehak thanked them for bringing her to a wonderful event as she learn a lot about Kerala culture and especially their food which was so delicious. Neev pulled her and she kneel down to his level, she asked with her eyebrows raised. Di can you marry me once I grown up, Mehak and Mrs Srinivas laughed hearing it and she pulled his ears, you will grow up but I will grow old so will you marry me then, Innocent Neev said let me grow up but you don’t grow first then I will marry you, Mehak bid good evening to them and goes to her home.

Mehak walked to her home and open the door she enters her house. She was about to switch on the lights after placing the key on the key holder a familiar arms wrap around her from her back in a tight embracement around her chest.  Mehak leaned on his chest as he held her closer to him. He whispered slowly I missed you my jaan. He started to nuzzle from her ears to her neck, she smiled and turned to face him, and she swing her arms around his neck and looked at him as she slowly kissed his forehead. He looked at her from top to toe checking her out in her new transformation. He whistled to tease her and said my Delhi base chamak now in Kerala traditional attire and she looking like pure Mallu girl. He gently held the jasmine flower strands as he bend closer to smell it. You look gorgeous baby he said as he rested his arms on both her shoulders. Mehak blushed and looked at him. She asked what time you came, didn’t call me as well. He replied I just came and showered wanted to call you but you are back. So how’s your day at the Onam gathering, Mehak explained about the event and showed him the dance and how is the entire atmosphere of Onam festival.

She went to freshen up as Shaurya was busy with his work over the phone. After having dinner Shaurya told her that their shooting will start that week and he will be busy with work. Mehak wished him and said all will be fine and good for him. Just as the two settled on the sofa, Karuna maa and Harish papa did face time. Dolly maasi said she misses Mehak a lot. Shaurya asked maasi don’t you miss your lalla? Maasi said I do miss you too but not as much as Mehak bahu. Karuna maa asked Mehak how’s everything at Bangalore beta, how are you managing there as Shaurya also is away for work? Shaurya popped his head in between said maa your beti is enjoying herself. She has enrolled into Yoga classes, doing videos for her cooking demonstration also she made friends in the apartment. Today she dressed up as Mallu girl to attend Onam party. The best part is that she is not waking up to do my coffee or breakfast she is sleeping beautifully and I am starving. Mehak’s mouth opened wide hearing his accusation. She pushed him away and said maa his telling lie it only happens once because I was tired after attending Yoga for first time. Your son is lying maa. Karuna maa and Harish papa laughed at her and said its okay beta, Harish papa called Shaurya beta, please take care of our beti, you took her away from us so it’s your responsibility to take care of her. If you cannot let us know we will take her back to Delhi, we will take care of her as we misses her a lot. Shaurya dumbstruck with Harish papa request. He quickly responded okay I will take care of your beti properly. They talked for a while and later bid good night and disconnected the call. Mehak took the pillow from the sofa and started to hit him as he told about her to Karuna maa and Harish papa. She was bashing him as yelling now what will they be thinking about her he is bad husband. Shaurya tries to protect himself but he was more likely enjoying her cute antic.

As for the next few days Mehak was able to move around attending her yoga lesson and managing White Chilies as well learning few recipes in between. She manage to video them took notes on the changes need to be made. Shaurya’s first session started with ice breaking event between the judges and the participants. Young or middle aged female participants were drooling over  Shaurya Khanna as he looks hot , dashing , handsome , devilish as well stylist. As for the first day of the event the participants were asked to do a dish which is very close to their heart with whatever the ingredients placed on their grocery baskets. Upon completing the task they were evaluated as identifying what is their strength and weaknesses and other aspects of the participants in terms of culinary knowledge and as well their behavioral attributes.

The first event there was no evaluation or marks given as they are still in preliminary stage. Upon finding and discussing with fellow judges Shaurya announced that the next session will start with evaluation and marks will be given. Heavier task will be assigned so he and his judges wish the participants good luck and also to brush up on their culinary kitchen skills as it also will be counted in.

It was first day for the Bangalore Cooking Star competition and Shaurya was wearing black suit with tie he sat at the dining table. Mehak served him breakfast and cling to his back today you look so handsome patidev she nuzzled his nose as planted a kiss on his earlobe. Shaurya smiled and bring her to front and looked at her, what happen today my baby so much in love with me, tell me if you want I will cancel today shoot and will stay with you he pulled her leg. Mehak pulls his nose and replied don’t say like that you are celebrity don’t act like that snobbish celebrities okay? Now go for the shoot I will wait to watch it on TV she said eagerly. He finishes his breakfast and gets up , Mehak wipes his mouth with her duppatta and pull him closer to plant a kiss on his cheek as she caress his cheeks . He looked at her and caress her cheek with his thumb as he plant a kiss on her forehead before leaving. He wore his sunglasses and leave from there. Mehak smiled as he leaves the house, she quickly started to do the house chores as Shaurya’s show will start airing on TV live.

Right after she complete some chores she settled down in front of the TV and change into the channel. The program started. With loud claps echoing Shaurya with his fellow judges who are Mr Venkatesh and Mrs Bhavna entered the studio whereby each contestant was standing in a row ready to meet the judges. They were in mix age range from 20 to 40 years old. Total were 24 candidates. The camera started to focus on the judges as the trio shakes hand with the participants. The session started with introduction of each participant with their reason why they joined Bangalore Cooking Star. After getting knowing the participants the season started with Shaurya revealing the ingredient of the day. He explained that they need to prepare 1 dish using that specific ingredient. As he was explaining about the upcoming dish Mehak got an idea and she wants to be naughty and took her mobile. She dialed Shaurya’s number. His mobile vibrated and cause interruption as he is on microphone as well. The technical team waved at him. He signaled them as he complete giving the instruction. As he flagged down saying your time starts now, the participants started to rush to get their ingredients. Shaurya moved away from the camera focus and off his microphone button placed on his coat lapel he got his mobile from his coat pocket. He saw it was from Mehak. He was worried why is she suddenly calling, he quickly answered, Mehak Kya Hua is everything okay jaan he asked in worry. Mehak giggled in silent and made a sad voice yes something happened to me, he asked what is all okay. She continued, my patidev went to work didn’t say I love you to me, so you tell me now do you love me? Shaurya smiled in silent and moved further away as he press his lips together and said baby I am on live TV program and you are calling me to ask whtr I love you or not. Mehak giggle again and said I don’t care I need to know whtr you love me or not. You tell me now or else I will assume you don’t. Shaurya’s ears gets red as he slowly replied her, if you in front of me I will eat you up and say how much I love you in my own way. Mehak stops him I don’t want all that, I only wants to know you love me or not? He smirks and said I love you very much, so much that I don’t want to go work and be with you cuddling you kissing you endlessly, he was interrupted from behind, it was Judge Mr Venkatesh, Shaurya are you alright? We need to start now just now it was break shall we. Shaurya quickly responded all is fine Venkatesh just some things let me finish this and I will join you. Venkatesh went to his seat and Shaurya said I love you jaan and smiled as he hangs up his call. He shakes his head and went to his seat. Quickly the makeup artist came in to touch up and applied some powder before they go on air again.

On the other side Mehak face palmed and think about herself what did you do Mrs Khanna, you disturbed him at his work with naughty phone call. I am sure today he comes home and will be upset. Get ready to face him, the show continued. She watch as how her handsome husband with the other judges walks around the participants stopping each and everyone’s counter asking about their dishes and gets to know them . This reminds Mehak of her own experience as a participant at India’s super cook and how Shaurya will be following her all the time and it reminds his signature smirks and his attitude towards her. She laughed quietly and watched the show till the end where the judges giving remarks and how to improve the dishes. That day episode ended in good note.

Mehak went to make chai for her and was enjoying it at the well decorated balcony with nice melodious song was playing from the home hi fi set. She was humming and enjoying to that song. She finished her chai and slowly gets up to water the plants at the balcony. In the meantime, Shaurya reached home, he sneakingly enters as the music was loud at home. He locked the door and take off his shoes and socks. He walks in as he takes off his coat laying them on the sofa and saw Mehak was busy watering the plants at the balcony singing along with the song playing in the hi fi set. He scooped her from behind which startled her immediately she started to scream Shaurya when you came home, where are you carrying me put me down now, he didn’t listen to her but brought her to their bedroom, throwing her in the bed, she looked at him in surprise. He undo his tie and tied her hands up and she asked him Shaurya what are you doing why are you tying my hands now, he didn’t answer either he took out the duppatta laying on the bed and tie up her eyes. Fear built up in her as she was blindfolded and tied up and Shaurya is not saying anything she kept asking Shaurya I am so scared now what are you doing. I think you are upset because I called and interrupted you in live TV program so sorry I will not do them again, he was having his devilish grin as he unbuttoned his shirt and trousers. He jumped on the bed lying next to her as he trace her face from her hairline, first of all I am not angry or upset. Since you are my wife you played cheeky with me so I want to take my revenge with you in my way. His traced her lower lip teasing it gently as she tremble, why are you blind fold me and tie my hands like this then, he slowly whispered today I want to show you 50 shades of Grey in my style which is 50 shades of Khanna so you wanted to know whtr I love you or not right now I will show you how much I wants you and love you, my lips will let you know my love to you today, Hearing this Mehak’s heart beat rose and she try to move away from him but he held her tightly by her waist. He slid his hand under her tops she froze with his warm touch and he squeezed her waist. Mehak tried to move away but he pulled her and placed her on top of her.  She felt his warm body and bare body. His hand moved up to her zip and undo her zip.  He didn’t listen to her pleas as he started to torture her sweetly. First he started by planting non-threatening kisses on her hands moving towards her shoulder teasing her with his stubble. She let out a moan and called his name. He didn’t stop but he kissed her hungrily all over her body as her body felt intense pleasure. He fondled and caressed her and captured her lips vigorously and his tongue pushed inside her mouth and continue to tease her. Their love making continued as Shaurya was insatiable he unknotted her hand tie and she started to caress him and pull him closer to him. As he made his way into her, she sucked her breath as he pushing himself further in. They made love till both satisfied and rested next to each other. Mehak tracing on his chest where her name was imprinted, she gets up and kissed on it and kissed his nose as well. He looked at her pulling her closer to him. So now you know how much I love you, you are my morning coffee, my spice and flavors in my food and my colors in my life. Never doubt my love on you okay baby he pushed the tendril away both collided their nose, unless you want me to remind you in my special way than I am always ready. She apologized to call and pull his leg in live show. He chuckled and said its okay you made me blush heavily at the live show from the technical team to the fellow judges and participants noticed that I was flirting and blushing like a college boy all thanks to you he pulled her by her nape and kiss on her forehead. They cutely played teased laughed till Shaurya grumbled he is hungry and carried her off to the shower and continued his wild act including kissing her and Mehak started to splash water on him as they lather each other soap.

Later at kitchen Shaurya was busy preparing dinner as he carried Mehak placing her on the kitchen counter top. She observed as he prepared the dinner. She wants to prepare the salad but he stops her and tie her hands again with the duppatta. She looked at him confusingly and asked why are you tying me again Shaurya, he placed his index finger on her lips and said today I will prepare everything and also I will feed you as well, you just enjoy the meal and later you can thank me. She blushed heavily as he starts to prepare the salad and feed her the salad and asked her how is the taste with Avocado and tomato with chili flakes and lime juice dressing. As she was eating the salad the bits of the salad stick on her lip side. Shaurya asked her not to move and bend his head towards her and licked that part as he start to kiss her again. She looped her tied arm from his head around his neck letting him to kiss her and she started to kiss him in return till Mehak smell the food is about to burn and she pushed him Shaurya the food. He clumsily let go off her lips and run towards the pan and turn off the knob removing the pan from the stove. Both phewww at the same time. Shaurya was resting his arms at his waist and looked at Mehak both laughed endlessly and Mehak said I am so hungry feed me as you said, both moved to the hall to watch TV and Shaurya feeds Mehak and they enjoyed their dinner together.

  1. Hi Haseenah Di…loved this so much. I am silent reader of your both ffs. Loved every part of this. Naughty Shaurya made her his prey and showed her 50 shades of Khanna. Everything is well written n you are the best writer of Mehrya stories. Keep writing see you are approaching 100. If this was zkm story then zkm won’t off air. U r superb di. Have a blessed day ahead n update next part soon of both d ffs.

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Nia , Nice to know you . Glad you break the silence and comment for my ff. Yes Shaurya got embrassed by his cheeky wife at the live show and he comes home to take his revenge on her by showing how much he loves her in his own way. Yes my ff reaching 100 parts. well there are many good writers out there who writes better than me is just that I am inspired by them. Thank you and you too have a blessed day ahead. Will update soon

  2. Hi haseenah, such a beautiful update, Shaurya is so naughty. Loved the mehrya romance. It’s such a pleasure to read your FF. Thank you so much. I’m excited for 100th part. Can’t wait. Add lot of mehrya romance in ? FF and make it memorable for mehrya fans. Lots of love. ????

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Kavya thank you for the feedback dear glad you like my update. Yes Mehak being cheeky with Shaurya who is live on TV made him blush and he came home to sweetly torture her. Yes thank you for your wishes will continue soon and let me see what can I do for the 100th chapter…Wishing you happy and healthy day ahead

  3. Wow haseena…. awesome.. I am nidhi.. how do you know these much information about onam ???

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Nidhi, thank you for commenting. glad you like the update. Well I do read alot before writing an article so I read about Onam festival and how is it done so thats where I get the idea for input them into my ff. Have a blessed day ahead

    2. Wow that’s great….
      Actually I am from Kerala that’s why I asked…

    3. Haseenah2020

      Nice to know you Nidhi, do comment for me frequently. have a blessed day ahead

  4. Hiii Haseenah2020 wow very nice Like always… This is amazing part yrr… I love your ff so much…

    Plz accept my 1 request… After this you try to write zkm story after the end… Show is what happend after mehrya weeding after end…

    Coz i m really sad coz of zkm last episodes…

    We want only mehrya in the end.. But what we want only swetlana track…
    Hate it.. ????

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Sapna how are you doing? Glad you like my update. Well regarding to your request I can try but I cant promise, as I am full time working lady , a mom , a cook , a cleaner and part time ff writer. So I will see how I can fulfill your request. thank you and have a great day ahead

  5. Brilliant update
    Sorry for being late as I had to travel
    Mehrya’s romance was intense????
    Waiting for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Stay blessed??

    1. Haseenah2020

      HI Cindy how have you been? Glad to see your comment and you like my update. Will post soon dear been busy with work load and kids and fasting as well so all is taking toll on me. thnak you so much and have a great weekend ahead

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