Mehrya my version Part 93

Part 93 06/08/2018
Next morning Mehak silently entangle herself from Shaurya’s clutch and showered. She decided to wear a saree and took out light violet which was given Dolly maasi for her birthday as gift. Her wet hair tied in the towel and she walked out slowly out of the bedroom she lit up the lamp at the Goddess statue and prayed silently. She opened the glass door of the balcony and admire the morning blue sky. She walked back to the kitchen and check in the fridge what to prepare for breakfast and she thought of making his favorite blueberry pancake with fresh fruits and syrup. She started to beat the batter for the pancake and leave it to rest.
She made herself a cup of chai and had it at the balcony swing. She remove the towel from her hair and wipe off the excess water from her hair. She went to check on Shaurya who was still in deep sleep. She tip toed to his side of bed and slowly sat next to him. Shaurya looked different in sleep maybe more approachable. He was undeniably handsome and Mehak decided to have the luxury of looking at him and study each and every feature of her handsome hot stud husband. She can’t do this when he is awake as he will taunt her as you are checking me out or usually there was never a chance to look at him as he will be busy eating her up if there is any chance left. 20minutes left and Shaurya was still in his deep slumber his usual fixed hair was left in free manner it was falling on his broad forehead. Something naughty strike in Mehak’s mind she took her still wet hair end near to his face and draw a pattern on his bearded cheek. His eyes still shut as he rubbed his cheek and scrunched his nose a bit. Mehak laughed covering her mouth. After few seconds she started to do the same around his nose above his lips and this time he scrunched his nose and immediately his hand came to his nose as she tickled his nose he came awake instantly and he slowly stretched and fluttered his eyelid. He saw Mehak who looks enchanting with her wet hair dangling messily and in violet saree.
His arms came to pull her by her waist to him she was on his side now as she rested her face on her chin at his chest and looked at him. He slide his large palm to her cheek which his fingers touched along her hair to her neck and pressed a bit she rested her head on his palm. He studied her more she look gorgeous in her wet hair look and now this saree, she looked like a goddess which comes in fairytale his own fairytale beauty with her almond shaped doe eyes which she have a glint when she smiled at him. Her pouty lips which makes him crazy and increase his heartbeat as if he is running on his lush green lawn at Delhi whereby his heart beat increase but when looked at her and her lips especially it even increase higher. She was simple yet entrancing. Everything about her made him nuts. He inhaled her scent, she recently using Victoria Secrets Body wash in Berries scent which he got for her as a part of her birthday gift, he gifted her tones of Victoria Secrets shower gels, body lotions and perfumes as these are also Mehak’s favorite stuff. Mehak snapped at him and in her low voice asked, past 21 minutes I am sitting like this watching you but you are sleeping she gently hit on his chest. He took her small hand planted a kiss on her fingers as he inhale her scent more. He told her in his raspy voice, early morning seeing you like this wet hair smiling and your fresh scent makes my morning happy and I am happy to see my morning as bright and beautiful as you he complimented her which made her to become warm. He pulled her face closer and planted a long kiss on middle of her eyebrows. He held her closer to him and said do you remember the first Karwachauth we met in the apartment you break my mobile and I throw water on you, you were shivering in cold. Mehak nodded gently as she listens. I saw you in wet hair too. That moment when you wiping your hair and your wet hair was so alluring and I felt something else when seeing you I wanted to watch you like that all day long although at that point of time your presence does irritate me but that moment I felt strange never thought Mehak Sharma will be affecting my whole system and now she is all over me affecting my sanity making me do all the wildest thing and I have not done before. You see you made me a wild man Mehak she pulled his cheek, patidev enough of your morning romantic bhajan now tell me how I look in this saree? He traced his finger along her hairline pushing her hair which falling on her face away and took a deep breath said , the saree looks nice violet color looks soft on you, to tell the truth you will look smoking hot without the saree he smirked which made Mehak’s jaw wide open and made her blush heavily she beat him gently and saying Besharam aadmi your mind is always in one track romance track other than that do you think of anything , she tried to get up from the bed pushing her hair away, but he held her by her belly and she was on the bed and he was next to her with his right arm holding his head firmly as his other arm caged her between his body.
She looked at him surprised and asked Shaurya what you want, now quickly get up and shower. I will prepare your breakfast and I want to start doing some work for White Chilies Vicky sent email last night. He wasn’t listening to her reason, he came closer and started to work his nose tip from her hair towards her ear where he stopped to nibble and bite it gently as she moved a bit from him. He kissed at the area below her ear when they hear their doorbell sound, Mehak quickly pushed him but Shaurya was not bothered. The doorbell ringed again, Mehak pushed Shaurya and said Shaurya someone is at the door let me go and check you go freshen up, listen to me. He made a baby face and said don’t go, whoever it is they will go away if you don’t open the door, stay here baby. The doorbell sounded for the 3rd time and Mehak pushed him and rushed out of their bedroom. He cursed the person who is at the door and was telling I am going to kill whoever it is there Mehak giggled hearing him and she pushed her hair back and adjusted her saree and walks towards the door. Shaurya gets up from the bed to follow her, then he realize he is still in his boxer. He don’t care as this is his house and he will be in his boxer, Mehak undone the safety chain on the door and Shaurya was at her back she pushed him away and mumbled Shaurya don’t do, someone at the door. He didn’t stop and his hand went down her waist and he slide one hand down her belly where she safely tuck her saree middle and pull it out by that time Mehak already opened the door and she can’t do anything. She was froze as the saree came off from the petticoat. She didn’t open the door completely but she hide herself behind the door as held her neck out to see it was some ladies who are from various age group all with wide smile waiting at her doorstep. Mehak manage to smile a bit and said Ji Namaste, you all are here…. her voice stuttered she manage to come a bit in front of them holding the front of the saree in on hand where else Shaurya at the back manage to pull the other end of the saree and held in his finger and pulling her gently distracting her. The ladies outside their house attempt to come in but Mehak continue to stuttered auntieji, one of them talk we all are your neighbors, we heard that a new couple moved in so we came to introduce our self and see your house too. One by one introduce themselves and their apartment units, Mehak just manage to smile at them nodded and greeted them, one of the aunty asked why you don’t invite us inside is it and the others laughed together. Mehak was in mess and trying to keep herself calm all thanks to her handsome stud husband who she waited to show herself in new saree and now one end of it is held by him and one end is in her she need to make them move away from her doorstep soon or else she will be standing half naked in front of her new neighbors. She managed to put fake smile and told them that the house is in mess and she will invite them once she is done with her cleaning and all. But these aunties were not budging from her doorstep. She manage to tell them firmly auntieji I promise will invite you all just give me some time to settle all, they were not happy but they slowly moved away from her doorstep, she greeted them and closed the door to see Shaurya lying naked on the sofa with his boxer while holding one of the saree, she placed her hands on her heavily beating chest to recover and by then he manage to pull her balance saree covering top revealing and he smiled victoriously as he manage to undress her.
Mehak was furious seeing his victory smirk she walked to him and get the cushion pillows and throw at him he swiftly blocked them away .She runs out of pillows and looked around for something and she found a crystal flower vase she took the vase and Shaurya’s expression changed Mehak do you want to kill your husband or what. She realized it and put the vase down and took the artificial flowers from the vase and move towards him she started to throw the flowers on him and he manage to avoid them and watched at her cute angry face, she was scolding him gritting her teethes. Besharam badtameez do you have brain you almost ripped me naked in front of the neighbor aunties and embarrassed me , you become mad and uncontrollable before she could say further he pulled her on his well-built body and she squirmed in his iron grip asking him to leave her. He cupped her cheeks and made her to face him she stopped struggling when his sensual breath fanned on her face. He pushed her hair back and again cupped her cheeks and ask her just now with wet hair and saree you made my morning beautiful now without the saree just the choli and the skirt you are driving me mad my jaan, never in my life I thought I will be blessed with this type of wife and my life will take a turn like this. Mehak just manage to say Shau but he pull her head down to his lips and savor it with a deep satiated kiss. Mehak was lying on top of him as she give in to his kiss and she let out a moan as he bit her lower lip. Shaurya opened his legs as Mehak was in between him kissing from his neck to his nip*le then to her name tattoo. She felt his love stick gets hard and wants to enter her badly. She looked at him in her shyness in her eyes. He moved a bit getting out of the sofa and Mehak manage to gets up from the sofa too. She moved to get her saree from the floor but he swiftly carried her like a cavemen style to their room and she started to giggle as he place her on their huge bed, seeing his eyes she knows what Shaurya wants to do, she move back and try to talk to him, Shaurya its almost to 9am I need to prepare breakfast now you be a good boy go and shower and come, go now she talk in her babyish tone. Shaurya chuckled seeing her cute antics and he crawl on the bed Mehak reached the headboard and now nowhere to move further he pulled her to him and swiftly she was on his chest. One hand on her waist and one hand sliding caressing her gently both were on their knees standing on bed, her both hands on his hard chest. She gulped her saliva down, Shaurya’s other hand went up to her choli and undone that in split seconds. Now that material glide from her shoulders his other hand slide to her skirt and undone the knots. Mehak looked at him from her thick eye lashes as now Shaurya’s both palms at her neck as his thumb caress her jawline slowly he bend down to kiss and nuzzle from her temple then to her ears he pulled her soft ear part with a gentle bite her hands on his chest hold on him tightly his lips went below to her neck and he suck her flesh then slowly he made her to lie down on the bed and came over her sucking and devouring her throat and below area. After their morning workout session Mehak was scolding him for making her to shower again and complaint that he is becoming spoilt but he entangle her fingers with his and caressing and every soft fingers of hers and kissing them gently with a loud kisses. Mehak adjusted her head to look at her busy husband. Mehak pouted at him and said I am talking to you. He inhaled a deep breath and asked what are you saying I was busy didn’t hear you. Acha busy, okay now go shower and prepare breakfast, I already made the pancake batter, he was coaxing to bath together but she denied no and asked him to go shower finally he went to shower and started to made the pancake as ordered by his sweet heart. Mehak showered and came out she wore Shaurya’s t-shirt with her jeggings, she dried her hair again brush them neatly before coming out. Shaurya from the kitchen calling her to come soon as the pancake is getting cold. She came out of the room and he saw her in his t-shirt which is loose on her, she wore her jeggings and he tittered she ignored him and sat on the dining table smelling the warm pancake aroma where he drizzled for her syrup and fresh fruits. She cut them and gobble it as she was so hungry. Shaurya was watching her and she told him stop staring at me Shaurya eat your breakfast. I am not staring but just looking at you lovingly. Don’t try anything now Shaurya she warned. He cut and had his pancake and said you look cute in my t-shirt. Mehak scrunched her nose didn’t look at him, she only manage to say after so long I wore saree and you didn’t even see me in that but you pulled my saree off from me, that’s why I wore your t-shirt so nothing revealing and you don’t start to do anything now, now eat your breakfast go and do your work quietly and let me do my work saying that she put her last piece of pancake and munching them and drinking her juice. Both finished their breakfast as Shaurya’s mobile rings he picked up to answer the call as Mehak cleared the dishes.
She dried her hands and took her IPAD with her notepad. She sat at the dining table to do her work while Shaurya took his laptop came to dining table she ask him to go and sit at the sofa and don’t disturb her he didn’t want to go but she show her cute angry pout and he shakes his head and settle down at the sofa to do his work. Mehak replied to Vicky’s email and check the weekly menu arranged by Priya and replied her as well. While she was working on it, her mobile rings and it was Sonal. Both teased each other and exchange their wellbeing as both being at new city. Mehak asked how baby Mahi is doing and how is Kanta chachi and Chachu. Sonal excitedly brief about them and her new house at Jaipur. Mehak blushed and cover her mouth and talked discreetly as Sonal teased says some naughty stuffs. She gets red and giggled. Shaurya who was hearing her giggled decided to walk over Mehak to see what is she doing. He walked slowly and snatched the mobile from her hand and put in speaker, Mehak astonished to see him there she started to jump from her seat Sonal keep talking on the other end, Mehak just screamed Sonal I will talk to you later bye bye bye. Sonal didn’t understand just asked what happen to you which baby crying now you must hang up abruptly you better talk now, let me teach you some things, Mehak gritted her teethes and Sonal please understand me hang up now , Sonal teased her why Shaurya is there is it. If yes cough twice. Mehak mockingly coughed and Sonal immediately hang up. Shaurya still her mobile higher and Mehak asking him to return it but he keep playing held the mobile higher from her and make it hard for her. He asked what did Sonal said tell me now or else I won’t give your mobile. Her attempts were in vain she couldn’t get her mobile from him. She give up and asked him if I tell you about it you won’t make fun of me right? You won’t laugh at me right, please promise first. Shaurya hands came down and he encircled around her waist making her lean over his body as he rested near the table there.
Shaurya she slowly stuttered and continued Sonal is mental sometimes she talks rubbish don’t listen to her, he tries to look down at her eyes whereby her head was lower, he called her Mehak tell me I won’t make fun I promise. Pakka she asked, he kissed her cheek pakka. Sonal said since I am away from all the family and living alone with you, she asked me to try wear modern clothes like skirts. Shaurya continued then why were you talking softly. She closed her eyes and open again. Sonal said wear like those short clothes and you will be like bee buzzing for pollen from flower, keep coming after me. Shaurya burst into laughter he was like mad which annoys Mehak she pushed him and walk away scolding him you promised me you won’t laugh and make fun of me but now laughing like this, next time I won’t tell you anything, this Sonal also good in talking rubbish, I don’t want to talk to both of you saying this she walked towards the balcony leaving him to laugh alone. She pouted and self-talking at balcony seater, Shaurya came to balcony see Mehak being upset. He sat next to her after calm himself from laughing, he called her but she ignored him, he tiptoed her arm with his fingers she pushed them away. He do the same thing on her another arm and she beat his hand. Mehak if you don’t turn to see me now then you will regret this, she still didn’t turn to look at him. He knows how to change her mood he immediately tickled her at her waist which immediately made her to giggle and she asked him to stop it but he tickled her so hard as she jumps from her seat she tried to avoid him but he held her by her waist and made her to sit on his lap and continue to tickle her until she begged him to stop it, then he stop tickling her, she was out of breath and looked at him with her pretty doe eyes. Shaurya said sorry baba I didn’t meant to hurt you I was just laughing when Sonal said wear short modern dresses so I will be after you. Today you wore 6 yards long saree also I was after you. End of the day the clothes you were not important just the girl on my lap she even drives me nuts in her traditional suits. Also you said my mind is on one track then you two girls are talking all these stuffs is it okay, looks like you two will talk more he said as he tickled her little. She pushed his hands away but he held her firmly. Once she was okay he told her well it was not bad idea from Sonal maybe you should start to wear modern short clothes for me to see. Mehak covered her face with her palms and say Shaurya don’t say I am so shy.
He asked her to get ready so they can go out to have lunch and watch movie. Both went out and spent day together at the new city discovering new places trying new food and enjoyed watching new movie.

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