Mehrya my version Part 77

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Part 77 30/04/2018

They reached Khanna mansion. Both Shaurya and Mehak gets down from the car. Karuna maa, Harish papa and Dolly maasi waits for them with the aarti tray. Shaurya asked maa how you know Mehak is coming home, Dolly maasi replied Kanta chachi called and inform so we immediately get ready. They made the aarti for Mehak and Shaurya and applied tilak and tikka for both of them. Karuna maa feed Mehak sweet and bring her inside. They all welcomed her and blessed her for her good health and happiness. Harish papa excitedly said my bahu is back now she will do for me all my favorite snacks. Dolly maasi joined him and said yes our bahu is back we are missing all your delicious foods and snacks. Mehak opens her mouth to reply but Shaurya interrupts and said maasi my wife just came home after few months. I have many things to talk to her and discuss so she is not free for cooking and entertaining you all. If you all excuse us I have something important now saying that, he scooped Mehak in his arm and headed to the staircase. Mehak keep shouting Shaurya are you mad please put me down I can walk. Looking at their antics the 3 elder family members smiling quietly shaking their head.

Shaurya keep smiling as he carry Mehak in his hand , she keep struggling and he warned her if you keep moving so much then both of us will fall from the staircase stay quiet. Mehak keeps quiet and watches him as he reached their room entrance. He put her down and took out a cloth and blind fold her. She asked what this now Shaurya is. He placed his finger on her lips and ask her to be quiet. He opens the room door and walks her to their room and both stands together in the middle of the room. He went to lock the room door and watch her as she keep talking and asking Shaurya what is this, you never learn to do things straightforward is it, and she continues to blabber cutely he ask her to remove the blindfold, Mehak removes it and her throat hitched in surprise. She look around the room from ceiling to the entire room setup. It was totally mesmerizing.

The entire room interior has changed to European romantic bedroom settings. The room’s color scheme has also change to dark red with gold color. The wall paper is light gold some patch works .All the walls filled with Mehak and Shaurya’s pictures since ISC till the recent ones. Their room now change to a canopy bed frame with whole design of the bedroom interior as well as furniture. It was a majestic setting and Mehak was totally taken aback. She asked him is this our room Shaurya? He enveloped her from her back resting his chin on her shoulder saying yes jaan it’s our room. I want all our old bad memories to be gone forever and that’s why I change the room interior. What you think about it. Mehak turns her head to see him. She cling her arms around his neck, what I think? It’s so beautiful. I have only seen such setting in magazines and TV but never thought of in our room. Shaurya asked is it up to your expectation or you want to add anymore I can always change them. Your preference is my priority. His words sent her butterflies in her tummy. She try to be naughty with him, if I said I don’t like what you will do? He smiled and said I will just change them till you like them, you want me to call the interior agent now, they can come immediately now. Mehak jump in excitement at his shoulder no need, I love it, and I love it so much. Shaurya swings her and asked is it more than me you love this? Mehak’s finger went to his nape and she ruffles his hair and said I will never able to love anything more than you Shaurya. Hearing this Shaurya joined his forehead on hers and twirl around asking is it so, tell me? Mehak giggled and said I love you Shaurya, Shaurya pretends as if cannot hear her and ask what did you say? I love you, he twirled her fast I cannot hear you what did you say he ask her again she responded I Love you Shaurya, I love you, I love you I love you I love you hearing her love confession his heart beats even faster he smiled heartedly seeing her beautiful face and both gets dizzy due to twirling and drop on the bed. Mehak laughed and giggled with all her heart as Shaurya lies next to her.

He took her fingers intertwined with his to his lips and place a kiss on it. Mehak blink her eyes and see colorful heart shape with swirls notes hanging above their bed. Her reaction was priceless. She asked him what this Shaurya is. I can see there are something written on it. He ask her to see it by herself. She climbed on the bed and start to read. The note says I miss your Mehak (fragrance), I miss your giggle, I miss your smile, I miss your anger, I miss your hugs and comfort, I miss your cooking , I miss your tantrums , I miss your smile in sleep , I miss your messiness , I miss your naughtiness , I miss your talk , I miss your s*xy lips , I miss your touch , I miss your hot breath , I miss everything about you Mehak. Her eyes moistened after reading all the love notes. She looked at Shaurya who is now standing and watching her she extended her hand and hugged him tightly whispering sorry Shaurya because of me you suffered a lot. Shaurya pull her to see her face, tear fell from her eyes he rubbed away with his thumb and said it’s not your mistake Mehak, I lose my temper as usual and I was the sole reason for all the misunderstandings and pain. Mehak cover his mouth with her palm and said don’t say about it anymore let’s forget about all. He kissed on her forehead and made her to sit down on the bed and ask her to wait there he got something else to show her too. She waited anxiously as he went to their walk in wardrobe. He came back with a box. He handed to Mehak and she asked what by raising her eyebrows. He replied in the same manner asking her to open it. She took the box from him and place it on the bed. Shaurya sat in front of her. She pull out the ribbon gently and open the box cover. She saw some greeting cards. She took it out one card it reads Happy Valentine’s day my love. Thank you my love for always being there for me when I am in anger or sick or in upset and my happiness. You are all what I want in every moment of my life. Love you a lot my laddoo. She blushed as she put the card aside. She took another card. He wrote in there today is Holi the entire Delhi is colorful but my life will be only colorful with you, get well soon darling. She kept that card away and took another one which is Baisakhi wishes and many more greetings cards he actually get for her for other occasions. She smiled looking at him and pull his bearded cheek and say thank you patidev. Just then there was a knock on their room door and both get up to check. It was Vicky and Dolly maasi. Vicky rushed to hug Mehak. Bhabhi you are back home finally, we miss you. Shaurya pull Mehak aside and looked at Vicky , Vicky did you finish the work I asked you to do in the morning yes bhaiya I have done that when maasi said bhabhi is back I came home quickly. Dolly maasi added lalla we also want to spend time with our bahu, saying that she invited Mehak to living area to sit with them. Shaurya looked at them confusingly Arey yaar my wife is back after many months I want to talk to her. Dolly maasi taunted him just now so long in the room what were you doing, not enough talking or what? You can talk later now it’s our turn. Mehak smiled sheepishly as Dolly maasi and Vicky made her to follow them to living area. Karuna maa and Harish papa were at downstairs. Shaurya furrowed his eyes in anger as his family don’t understand about his feelings. He wants to spend more time with his wife. He try to sign Mehak to come upstairs but she ignored him and sat with the rest and enjoy talking with all. Mehak signed him to sit down quietly without no choice he sat there stealing glances at her. That evening was well spent at Khanna’s with their long missed cute nok jhoks.

Back to their room, Mehak went to shower and she saw the gift that Shaurya give her for Valentine’s Day still inside and she caressed it. She thought of checking it later. She change to her cotton kurta and pyjamas. Shaurya was at his laptop when she was coming out from bathroom. He looked at her and shakes his head. She looked at him and wondered why he is shaking his head. She asked him why you are laughing. He denies and continue to do his work. Mehak brushed her hair and climbed on the bed to sleep and say good night Shaurya and turn to her side to sleep. Shaurya look at her and look at the time. He chuckled and switch OFF his laptop and join her in the bed.

Mehak felt slightly tensed as they are not been together for so long and she was not sure how to react as they need to sleep together. Shaurya saw her uneasiness and volunteered to go sleep day bed. Mehak quickly replied its okay and ask him to sleep in the bed together. She just turned to her side and play with her tresses. Few minutes passed she keep tossing on the bed as its new , Shaurya from his side notice she is moving and asked why you can’t sleep is it? She just replied hmm Shaurya, don’t know not sleepy usually by this time I already slept but don’t know what happen today. Shaurya turns to her and said yes usually at this hours you already in deep sleep. Mehak still playing with her curls suddenly something strike in her mind, she turn and saw him he wonders what happen now why she looking at him now. How do you know I am already in deep sleep at this hour? Shaurya smiled naughtily as now he realizes he just blurt out something and he has to tell her the truth, he pushed his tongue to his inner cheek and adjust himself to her side and Mehak also sat on the bed leaning on the headrest. Shaurya inhales a deep breath and started, since the day you met accident I was always at hospital in the night watching you. So even when you were discharged from hospital, I always sneak to your room watch you sleeping, you will smile in your sleep I will feel immense peace watching you sleeping after that I will go home. Mehak face was warm as she is blushing hearing his words her eyelash lowered she see him through her eye lashes. He took her hand and intertwined with his fingers and inhale her smell. Mehak I know you will be back but I am so happy today that you are here with me on the bed next to me. Every time I see yourself sitting at the dressing table, sometimes on the bed, sometimes at the balcony. I will turn and look back you will be gone, now this moment I don’t want anything just see you like this closely is more than enough for me. Mehak moved slightly closer to him and asked him how you come into the house? He smirked and replied Kanta chachi and Nehal will help me. She laughed and asked ha Kanta Chachi helped you to sneak in? I can’t believe this, he nodded in excitement and remember one day you woke up in middle of sleep you realize I was there, both of them was outside your room and laughing hearing it Mehak started to hit him on his chest. He was enjoying her cuteness and grab both her hands and pull her towards him she covered herself on his chest. Both were laughing till they didn’t realize the time. Mehak fell asleep and slept on Shaurya’s side. Shaurya kept caressing her and held her so close to his chest as if she will leave him again. He press his lips on her forehead and inhaling her scent he held her hand with him and he fell asleep as well.

Next morning Shaurya woke up much earlier than Mehak he kissed her forehead again pushing the hair strand falling on her cheek. She moved in her sleep a bit and she turned from left to right. Shaurya smiles at her as she sleep the other side. He lift himself and nuzzled her hair wishing her good morning beautiful. She didn’t respond. Shaurya kissed on her shoulder and said beautiful it’s already morning and you are still on the bed. Mehak mumbled let me sleep baba I am so tired. Shaurya hugged her tightly okay baby you sleep I will go and get ready, he give her few pecks before he leaves. After 10 minutes Mehak gets up sitting on the bed stretching herself looking around her room and admire every details of the interior Shaurya did for her liking. She lifts her head up and saw all the love notes for her. She smiles to herself and gets down from the bed. Shaurya gets showered and walk in to the room with his towel and a suit in his hand. Mehak wished him good morning patidev he smiled at her and Mehak walks to the bathroom , he hold her wrist and swirl her to his front she came to his front she bump on to his bare chest and she rested her palms on his chest. He raised his eye brows naughtily tracing her lips with his thumb, his other hand resting on her waist. She asked what in the same manner, he bend his head toward her Mehak’s fluttered her eyelid as he planted a kiss on her neck. She quickly pushed him and said she want to shower he let her go.

Shaurya was sitting on the daybed with his laptop doing something, Mehak dressed in elegant white kurti with palazzo pants. She went to the dressing table apply kajal and lip balm. She brushed her just washed hair from the mirror she saw Shaurya is very engrossed with his work and didn’t see her. As she wear her earring she walked towards Shaurya. She sat behind him on the armrest leaning herself on him as she slowly bring one arm embracing his chest another on his shoulder. Shaurya’s face gleamed up seeing his Mehak holding him with love, he close his laptop and keep it away and hold her hand and asked wow my beautiful wife seems to be in good mood can I know what the reason behind it is. Mehak chuckled Mr Handsome husband I am always in good mood, it depends how you wake me up. Hearing her he slowly drag her to the front placing her on his lap and holding her by her waist. Mehak placed her arms around his neck, she said Shaurya can I ask you something? One of his hand move to cup her cheek and asked do you need to ask permission to ask something, just say it Mehak. Mehak asked if yesterday after you explain everything still I be stubborn and didn’t want to come home what will you do? Both look at each other’s eyes for some time, then Mehak continued I saw you have change the entire room setting , decorated with all the love note for me, all the greeting cards and everything so if I didn’t come with you what will you do. He replied with a loving tone you wouldn’t able to see it and continued I am not the most nicest person I have done all the bad and mean things but trust me my love is pure, I belief in God and you. I know you are upset with me but I know only me who can convince you. Maybe my approach can be unpredictable but I will never stop trying to convince you. My feelings for you wouldn’t change, you are the center of my world, I would do anything for you and you are my addiction, my drug which I always needed and I am yours as long as you want me he completes his sentence as he kissed on her forehead as an affirmation and joined his forehead on hers. He naughtily asked her as he play with her earring okay now what is the need for this question. Because I see you do so much and if I do something further to break your heart how will you react, will you really leave me and go to Australia. Even if I go only my body will go my soul and heartbeat is here yearning for you. Mehak said if next time I go to my house fighting with you, you know what you should do, Shaurya chuckled and asked what tell me? Mehak said just come and carry me on your shoulder and bring me back home okay? Shaurya glee hearing her and wow now my wife started to think like me, don’t worry from now onwards we will not fight, Mehak asked are you sure you always say something and do something, your anger will just come and spoil our mood and day. Shaurya assured her don’t worry my wife I will make sure my anger to go away I have suffered enough for the past few months so the upcoming days will be only to love and make more happy memories, so if I am seems like to be angry you should just come and hug me and give me smooch I will be fine the next second okay, so now as a beginning can you give me a kiss. Mehak gets up from his lap and push him away and as Shaurya try to grab her from back both tripped and fell on the bed. Mehak was on the bed and Shaurya was on top of her both giggled Mehak rub his nose with hers and kissed on his forehead and cheeks. Shaurya grazed her cheeks with his beard and Mehak giggled more. Their lovely moment interrupted with Shaurya’s mobile rings. He shrugged as gets annoyed with the ringing sound and Mehak sign him to answer the call first. He gets up and attend to the call. Mehak gets up and adjust her hair and wear her duppatta. Shaurya hangs up and asked her Mehak today can you follow me for a meeting, she nodded okay and both went downstairs. After breakfast and chit chat with the rest of the family they leave for their meeting.

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  1. Hi haseenah your ff is awesome I always wait for your updates. No can can imagine mehrya as beautiful as you

    1. Haseenah2020

      tQ Kavya fr your feedback glad you like my version of Mehrya. have a great day ahead

  2. Anjali Dahiya

    Hi Haseenah….yr I missed u a lot….I always check whether u upload ur FF or not….as I saw ur FF I jumped in excitement….I just luved it yrr…it was the best one n luved the MEHRYA MOMENTS that I missed so much….upload nxt part ASAP…I m eagerly waiting for nxt part….
    N hv u heard the news that ZKM is going to take a 5 year leap first…is it true or not….??? N also some were saying that KV isn’t leaving the show…dun know what’s nxt….

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Anjali I am so happy finally you have read my ff. Glad you like it yaar. It seems the leap for 5 yrs is true but KV leaving or not I am not sure dear. many speculations and rumours all over Instagram and internet. I am not sure which to trust. so let the flow to be. I want to wait and watch how the ZKM team is working on the upcoming track. Lets not jump into any conclusions before we see the actual work. Enjoy the moment dear.

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