MehRya My version Part 41

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They reached home, Mehak with others went to their room. Mehak lie down on the bed and looked blankly on the ceiling. Sonal sat beside her, she said sorry yaar we want you to relax and bring you here but we only add more to your trouble. Now this Jaggu also creating nuisance. Mehak said he don’t know I am married Sonal , I think if I tell him than he will be fine and won’t continue this, I feel so bad for him , imagine if he find the truth how hurtful it will be to him. Sonal and Nehal looked at her sadly. Nehal asked so now you jiju is it okay all misunderstandings cleared? Mehak gets up from the bed and look at Nehal. I am still angry with him because didn’t tell the truth earlier. They understand Mehak just being unfair and play naughty game with Shaurya. They left her alone to freshen up and joined others for dinner. Mehak said she is tired and she didn’t want to see Jagjeet so she will eat later. They left her at room and went to joined others for dinner, Shaurya asked where is Mehak they told her she is tired. He understand she have no appetite as she is stress and didn’t want to eat now. He is afraid she will faint as it is she anemic. He quickly had his food and took another set of meal and walk to Mehak’s room.

Mehak lying on her tummy on the bed swinging her legs in the air. He came into the room and saw her lying on the bed. He locked the room, Mehak thought its Nehal she ask her to do some massage on her shoulder as she is feeling sore. She sit down on the bed and Shaurya sat behind her and started to massage her. Mehak felt the touch is slightly different. The massage was good, he pressed on her shoulder and neck points which makes her felt so good. She asked, Nehal nowadays you are massaging so good, it’s better you start as your business you will have lots of customers. As there was no reply and Shaurya’s hand trail lower to her back, Mehak felt not right and turned to see it was Shaurya and not Nehal. She jump off from the bed and asked him what are you doing? How you came here. He smiled at her and pull her closer to his chest. He replied her I came to ask you to dinner but you the one asked me to massage. Now you are scolding me. Very funny, Mehak rolled her eyes and said who asked you for dinner, I am not hungry. He make her to sit down and took the plate, don’t do drama with me, since you came here you faint and feeling dizzy. Because didn’t take the iron supplements and vitamins, stress and not enough sleep. Now eat. She refused to open her mouth. Shaurya gets up and asked so what can I do so you will eat. She kept quiet and looked at different direction. He asked shall I pull my ears and squat, she ignored him, or shall I give you nonstop kiss so you will forgive me? Mehak’s eyes open wide and her cheeks turn red. She went to the take the plate and start to eat. Shaurya rested his arms on his waist looking at her cuteness. She finished her meal and washed her hands. He look for her medicines on the table and give her with the water. She took it reluctantly from him and gulped it down. He took the water cup from her and give a quick peck on her cheek. She felt shock from his sudden act. Shaurya taunts her if you don’t like it you can return that to me, Mehak looked at him and asked how? By kissing me back on my cheek. I don’t mind if you want to return it in double or more, the more the better. Mehak’s face became hot as she flushes redness. She try so hard not to react but her inner feelings towards him don’t listen to her. He smiles at her leaves the room, from far Jagjeet saw Shaurya leaving from Mehak’s room and gets frustrated.

Mehak was sleeping at night, at midnight she turned in her sleep and she felt like someone watching her she opens her eyes slowly and saw Shaurya sitting nearby her, she smiled and continue to sleep. Suddenly she felt it’s not a dream she waked up and don’t see him, she rubbed her eyes and tell herself maybe she is dreaming. Just then Sonal was coughing and gets up too, Mehak gets up and found the water bottle was empty, she asked her to wait and she will get water for her. Mehak took the bottle and cover herself with a shawl and walk towards kitchen. She drink some water and refill the bottle, just as she turned to leave the kitchen a huge arm hugged her from back and cover her mouth. She was panicked and as the person turn her face forward it was none other than Shaurya. She pushed his hand away from the mouth and whispered to him have you gone mad, why you doing like this, I got scared and my heart almost stopped. He hold her closer to his chest, so have you forgiven me? Mehak looked at him with her pouted lip. She blow off her hair which falling to her face. Are you really mad you came at this hour to ask this question? No I have not forgiven you, so now leave me Sonal is thirsty and she needs water. He caged her with his arms. I am also thirsty mine will be only fine and he caressed her lips with his thumb. Mehak’s cheek became warm with his touch and loving look. She brush off him saying she won’t give him anything as she is still upset with him. He said if you haven’t forgive me then why did you smile at me when you were sleeping? Mehak’s eye opened wide, you were really there next to me? He nodded smilingly, how you came there she questioned him in disbelief? I climb the wall and enter via the balcony. So now I am in bad shape quickly lets makeup and give me a kiss baby. Almost 1 week I missed you a lot honey, please Shaurya started to beg like a child who wants his treat. Mehak turn away and ignore at his plea. Suddenly there was a light near to the kitchen, Mehak asked Shaurya to hide as someone is coming they look for a spot and Shaurya hides there. Mehak stands covering Shaurya who is hiding behind her, Harpreet mausi came to get some water. She looked at Mehak and asked beta what are you doing here at this hour, Mehak stuttered and replied Sonal feeling thirsty auntieji so I came to get some water for her, I am going off soon. Mehak started to sweat and Shaurya who was hiding at the corner on the floor tickling her and she keep moving and jumping in discomfort. Harpreet mausi asked her are you okay beta why are you sweating and jumping like this? Mehak assured her she is fine she is sleepy. She kicked Shaurya and quickly walked away with Harpreet mausi to her room. She locked the room and laughed quietly thinking of what happen at the kitchen and Shaurya’s antics. Earlier that evening she put her mobile into charger, she saw there was a message coming in. She quickly grab the mobile and saw it’s from Shaurya. He messaged her just now you escaped Mrs Khanna next time no way I will let you go like that. She smiled at his message. She started to think what to reply him, then she typed a reply, you can try harder Mr Khanna you can’t get what you want from me so easily. He sent her another text. Over confident is not a good sign, I will take whatever rightfully mine, no one can stop me good night baby I love you. Mehak blushed at his text and send and emoticons with tongue sticking out and good night. He smiled and went to sleep. Mehak also check through her mobile for the missed calls from him, she put her mobile away went to sleep.

The next morning, Mehak and Shaurya talking in eye language, he is asking her to come aside to meet alone she ignored him and busy herself with the wedding preparations. She was at the kitchen helping the cook with some dishes. He came there as well, distracting her by giving blowing kisses to her, he walked passed her touching her waist. When none watching he brushed pass her and kiss her hair gently. Mehak turns and give him a glare and warns him with her eyes. She continue helping the cook with the dishes and complete cooking. Sonal and Nehal came to her and pull her aside, saying di you must be crazy, now your life is really going to be spoilt. Mehak looked at them and asked why they are talking like that. They bring her to show, Shaurya with Pooja offering him to eat gulab jamun. He try to stop her and avoid her. Mehak saw this and fumes in anger and blowing off air to cool herself down. Nehal continued if you keep avoiding him I am afraid this Pooja will be his next girlfriend. What to do your hubby is the hottest and wanted guy and all girls go crazy seeing him. It even added more anger to Mehak. Shaurya saw Mehak from far and purposely to irritate her, he said to Pooja did you do this gulab jamun by yourself, it taste wonderful, I have not tasted anything like this in my life. Mehak turn and walked from there, she was scolding silently he is my husband but all these girls are going after him and trying to seduce him, don’t they have any senses? How can they behave like this to a man? He used to say my gulab jamun, and desserts are the best and today he is saying hers are so good and taste better. Okay fine. Wait I will teach him a lesson. Just then she heard Pooja talking to Neelima, omg that guy Shaurya is super-duper cute. I am going to propose him tomorrow. Mehak walked quickly avoid them. She saw Shaurya with Veer and other kids playing and having fun with them. She went to him and pull him to a side and stand closer to him. She asked him what are you doing with that Pooja. He looked at her as if don’t understand her question. She smacked his arms and said don’t act as if don’t know anything. I saw you flirting with Pooja eating gulab jamun. If I see you flirting with any girls Mr Khanna you better watch out you will be in news headline. Shaurya replied her fine if you don’t like me flirting with other girls’ then give me what I deserve then I will behave properly. She steps back from him but he pull both her wrist and bring her closer to his chest. She struggles to let go from him but his grip was so hard. He came near to her ears and said in 24hrs you will run to my arms. As he finish saying that he rub his nose tips on her hair to her ears and to her jawbone which stirs her immediately. He let go of his grips and walked away from her giving her his usual s*xy smile. Mehak was still in her trance looking at him. She only get back to her senses when the boys run around her asking her to prepare some sweet dishes for them, she smiled at them and she felt her cheeks are so hot as she is blushing. She blamed herself for being stupid falling into Shaurya’s tricks and didn’t push him when he was so close and doing his naughty stuffs.

That whole afternoon Mehak didn’t see Shaurya and was busy, then she realizes she didn’t even see him during lunch time. She looked around the house and walked to the rooms, the balconies, to the open areas around the house, he was not there. She asked the kids where is the tall bearded bhaiya, they replied her didn’t see him, but one of the kid said he saw him going with Jaggu bhaiya. She gets panic why Shaurya went with Jaggu. She asked the kid where they went he pointed the direction. Mehak quickly went to get Mohit, Nehal and Sonal. She told them that Shaurya not in house he went with Jaggu, they get alarmed as well. They quickly get permission to take the car from house and left to look for them.

They passed by the field and saw Jaggus’s jeep was there. Mohit stopped the car. They run towards the field and saw Jaggu beating Shaurya. Mehak heart stopped seeing it and she runs fast and screaming to stop it. She bent down to Shaurya and hugged him. She saw there was blood oozing out from his lips. She took her duppatta wipe off the blood. She cupped his face and asked are you okay Shaurya? He nodded yes, she gets up and went to Jaggu and give him a slap across his face, he was shocked and so as the others. Mohit whispered to Sonal and Nehal di’s slap is such a strong one, poor Jaggu will not able to eat for few days. She screamed holding his kurta collar, why did you beat him Jaggu? He was still in shock from the slap he got from her and why she is being protective towards Shaurya. Mehak continues I am asking you why you beat him Jaggu.  Jaggu slowly came back to his senses and said I saw him troubling you so that’s why I want to teach him a lesson. Mehak looked at him and said do you know who is he? He looked at her confused. She let go off his shirt grip and said he is my husband. Jaggu was shaken to hear that. He slowly asked you are married Mehak? Mehak replied him yes I am married to him. We both had some misunderstandings and I came with Sonal and he came after me to console me. I am sorry Jaggu with or without knowing I have caused so much pain to you. I only know that you have some feelings to me when my brother told me about it yesterday. I am sorry we have caused you tremendous pain. He wanted to say something but Mehak continues Shaurya didn’t beat you back not because he is weak, he knows I don’t like violence and all these hooligan behavior. Or else when you report back to duty you will be going back without 1 hand 1 leg. Jaggu was still in his shock. Mehak rush to Shaurya who was now standing looking at her, she hugged him and asked are you okay, he hug her back tightly. Just then Shaurya said to Mehak didn’t I told you within 24hrs you will come to me, give me what I want. Mehak pull herself from the hug and look at him, she knows she has lost the challenge. Something strike in her mind. She let go of her hug and look for something on the ground, Shaurya asked what are you looking for , she said wait you will know , then she found a stick she tie her duppatta on her side and took the stick and went to him , first your ex-girlfriend Shruti, then Nikita then Archie. Today I saw you flirting with Pooja. You will not learn your lessons right? Shaurya starts to run around to avoid being hit, he ask her to show some mercy and stop it you cannot hit your husband it will be a sin for you. Mehak screaming akudu kahinka, still haven’t learn your lesson. After today if I ever see you any girls coming to you and talking and you are talking sweetly you are finished. On the other side of field Mohit, Sonal and Nehal giving other high 5, yes problem solved, now jiju and di are back together. Mehak stops to catch her breath. Shaurya came behind her, he lifted her off the ground and swing her around in the air. Mehak giggled and asked Shaurya to stop. He later slowly put her on the ground. Both joined their forehead together and closed their eyes and catch some breath. Shaurya said I want my kiss. Mehak opens her eyes and run from him. She goes to stand behind Sonal and Nehal. Nehal asked so jiju you manage to convince my di, well done jiju. They all laughed. Shaurya turned to see where Jagjeet he was not there at the field. He asked where is Jaggu, Mohit replied he went away when he saw you and di patch up. Mehak suggested to go back home. They went home immediately.

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