MehRya my version Part 38

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At midnights Mehak will get up and sat at the balcony and cry alone, she don’t want to show her sorrow to others and it will bother Sonal. After letting her heart out she will go back to bed. Nehal has seen it and feels so bad about it, she wants to go and console her but she knows Mehak is not so easy to change her mind. She decided she will talk to Shaurya herself and try to make things get better between them.
Next morning, Mehak with the other ladies sat together doing some work for the meals. Veer came to her and called her but she said will come once finished her work, he sat next to her observing her. She was busy and didn’t see him looking at her attentively. He gets up and touch her earring and give a quick kiss and run away. Mehak turned in surprise, she realize that’s how Shaurya will kiss her and run when she didn’t pay attention. She started to miss him so much, from far away Veer called her and said di try to catch me, she gets up and saying badmaash kahinka. Started to run after him. As she was running she bump into Jagjeet. She stops and apologies to him saying that she was running after Veer and didn’t see him coming, he smiled at her and look at her as Mehak almost caught Veer. As she caught Veer she tickles him and play with him.

Shaurya at Delhi wakes up, did his morning run with his headphone. After complete his run he pass by the kitchen, his imagination plays tricks on his eyes as if Mehak cooking there. He turns and see her giggling at him, he shakes head off and get his milk shake and went upstairs. He headed to the balcony and emptied his milk shake and started his punching bag workout. His head still plays how Mehak cried and accused him on the other side he also remembers how he proposed to her in front of Taj Mahal. He took his mobile and dialed PD’s number. PD answered my handsome hero how are you? How’s laddoo? Shaurya realized she didn’t tell them anything and quickly responded said I am fine and laddoo also fine PD. Just I called to say hi and ask how everyone at home is. PD replied all are fine. Sonal, Nehal and Mohit went to Patiala for Sonal’s cousin wedding, they will be there for 1 week so that’s all. She asked Mehak didn’t come by few days, Shaurya said she is quiet busy at restaurant and that’s why I will ask her to call and talk to you all. He hangs up the call and scratching his chin. Nehal came to upstairs, she went to balcony and from far she can see Mehak busy with Veer and the other ladies. Some ladies asking for some suggestion for the decoration and Mehak assisting them. She quickly called Shaurya. He stopped his workout and rush to get his mobile, he was expecting it from Mehak but it was Nehal. He quickly picked it and slide to answer it. He asked hi Nehal how are you. Nehal responded jiju now listen carefully. She told him how they saw her at Khanna Mansion, then they bring her to Patiala on insistence of Karuna maa. How every night she sat alone at the balcony crying. Then she blurt out she fainted and have to bring her to see doctor. Shaurya’s eyes bulged out in anger and disappointment. He told her that she didn’t let me to explain and rushed in deciding everything. I need to talk to her Nehal he said. Then you come here jiju, talk to her and explain to her and clear this misunderstandings. He closed his eyes and inhaled deep breath and said okay I am coming, I will take the next flight and tell me how to get there. Nehal gets excited and texted him the details. He saw and notice it’s a village in Patiala. He showered and start packing his clothes and he saw her mangalsutra on the dresser he took and kept it safely in his pocket

He took his luggage downstairs, he saw Vicky and asked him to manage White Chilies and house properly. He turned and look at Karuna maa, he told her maa I am going to get Mehak home, and she is not well. I will talk to her and convince her to come back home. In the meantime you do the preparations for Lohri. It’s our first Lohri after marriage. We shall celebrate it with a bang. He kissed her on her cheek and hugged Dolly maasi as well. Dolly maasi told him lalla please bring back our daughter, house is very quiet without her. He nodded and left to airport. He took the next available flight to Chandigarh and took a cab to the village. It was a bumpy ride which took almost 3hrs to reach the village.
In the meantime Nehal during the meal with Mehak and Sonal asked di, just in case Shaurya showed up here in Patiala what will you be your reaction? Mehak turned to look at her and said don’t talk nonsense just eat, answer it di or else I will keep asking this question. Mehak replied her all these kind of thing will only happen in movies, hero coming to see his heroine then running around the trees singing full of romantic drama. Well in real life there is no such thing and it’s better that you start realizing it soon so it will be better for you too because you think whatever in film will happen in real life. In real life is all cheating and it hurts more to be in love. She finished her food and left both of them. Nehal tells herself di your hero is on the way and your love story will have a new chapter now, wait and see. She was smiling to herself as Sonal asked why are you smiling what is going in your mind? Nehal finished her meal and pull Sonal aside and told her that Shaurya is on the way. Sonal’s jaw dropped wide, what? I thought he is away to Mumbai for 1 week but Nehal continue he get back to Delhi in 3 days because he missed Mehak di but our di is stubborn and I am very sure he have explanations and what happen actually. We should give a chance to him to explain. Just then Sonal realized that they lie to the people in the house that Mehak is not married so how to introduce Shaurya in house. Not enough of this Jagjeet is trailing Mehak like shadow. Only Mehak don’t realize what is happening but I am watching him closely. Nehal asked what is with Jagjeet and she told about Jagjeet has feelings for Mehak. Nehal excitingly told it’s going to super drama and action love chapter now. Sonal knock on Nehal’s head stop talking rubbish start to think what to do with Shaurya, Mehak and Jagjeet.

Shaurya reached the location where Nehal texted him and waited for her to come. She came and saw him and he asked how Mehak is. She is okay jiju still not eating much but she keep herself busy with the wedding preparations and others at home. Now also she left home to go and play with the kids. He said he wants to see her. Nehal bring him where Mehak went with Veer. They both hide and saw Mehak with Veer. Finally he sees her after 3 days and he dying to hear her voice. He notice she smile but it didn’t goes to her eyes and her hair keep falling to her face , he wants to tuck it behind her ears. Veer bring along 2 of his friends and introduce to Mehak, Mehak shakes hand with them and they all went to the lake with the wooden bridge and want to play throwing stones. They sat at the end of bridge and started to throw stones. Mehak jumped and screamed when hers went further than the rest. Nehal and Shaurya looks at her confused is she really 22 or 5? She is screaming like the 5years old. Shaurya said now you how I am managing my life with your sister. They continued to watch them. One of the kid asked Mehak di do you want to do something adventurous. Mehak looked at him what you want to do. They said lets jump from this bridge. Mehak shake her head off and said no way I can do this. They 3 boys try to convince her but they hold her hand and get ready to jump to the lake, Shaurya wants to stop as Mehak don’t know how to swim. Mehak screamed I don’t know how to swim, before she could finish her sentence they jump into the water. Luckily the water in the lake is shallow and only till her waist level. She manage to get away from the water and she shivered as the water is cold. The boys laugh at her. She yelled at them how if I drowned, di the water here is very shallow that’s why we come here to dive. Don’t worry no one will drown in this water level di. Then she look at herself and blamed them now I am soaked and my clothes all are wet how am I going to get back home. They assured her not to worry she will be fine. The boys saw she still in the water, one of the boy said playfully faster come out di or else the crocodile will come it seems it like female meat more , Mehak get panicked and run out from the water, the boys laughed at her. Arey di you believe everything we say, how crocodile lives in this water. Mehak gets annoyed and understand she has been tricked. She pushed her hair away and look around for a stick and chase them screaming stop there syaitaan kahinka, badmaash you tricked me, made me jump into the cold water , spoil my dress and now again tricked me saying got crocodile. Shaurya seeing this laughing quietly with Nehal behind the tree. You see your di is a grown up child her mentality is still 5. He saw her from behind the tree she is laughing and chasing the boys, her dress sticks to her body and shows her curves. Shaurya saw her wet hair dangling and her laughter around the boys. He missed her a lot. Then they paused a while as running out of breath sat on the ground and Mehak dry up her hair. Suddenly she stops and she felt like someone is watching her she turn to look around. Shaurya and Nehal hides. Nehal asked did she know we are watching her, he asked her to be quite. Mehak felt something different. Boys interrupted her and suggested to go home and change the clothing. She covered herself with her duppatta and walked in the field still giggling with the boys.
Mehak follows the boys and wants to enter the house via the back entrance and there is another stairs too leading the upstairs. Mehak jumped the wall throwing her shoes in and climb and jumped in. She tiptoed and walked to her room. As she was walking to her room, Sonal saw her coming back soaked and rush to her. Both went in to the room and lock it Sonal shoot her with questions. Why is she wet and where did she went? Mehak ignores her went to bathroom to change her clothes and she came out Sonal makes her to sit and wipe her hair. Age 22 but all antics like 5 years old, Mehak turned and show her cute pouted face. Sonal ask her not to show that cute face turn and sit properly and comb her hair. Both laughed as Sonal try to imitate like Kanta chachi and scolds her like how she does. Then both went downstairs. Harpreet mausi ask her to help to prepare gajjar Ki halwa. She nodded and went to prepare it. She remembers how she and Shaurya made it few days back and enjoyed it. She brush off her mind and start concentrate to make it.

In the meantime Nehal brings Shaurya to home, she got him turban on his head and introduced to the elder as he is their relatives who came near Patiala so she asked him to drop by here and all welcomed him. Mohit recognized him. She asked him to be quite and bring him to his room. At the room, Mohit, Nehal and Sonal looked at Shaurya. Shaurya stares at them. He asked what is happening here. Why you made me to wear this turban and introduced me as relative instead as your brother in law. What is happening here? Sonal assured her is nothing very serious just small matter only. He asked them to spill the beans and he will decide how small is the matter is. Mohit looked at Sonal to speak, Sonal ask Nehal to say it, and Shaurya became impatient with their childish behavior. Finally Sonal speak up. Saying that they lied to the family that Mehak is single and not married, Shaurya’s eye open wide in astonishment. Before he could say anything Sonal continues because she didn’t wear her mangalsutra and her maang tikka she was sad and sick when we arrive her, also we don’t know what to say when all asking where is your husband so I told them that she is not married, even Mehak is not fine with that lie. But since we will be here only for 1 week and you also not around we decided to maintain the lie in such way. Shaurya ask anything else you all hiding from me? They shook their head. He asked where Mehak is. They said she was at kitchen making halwa.
At downstairs Mehak give out the halwa to all and took one for Veer and looking for him. She called him and he came running for her. Behind a pillar from upstairs Shaurya hiding and watching her. Sonal and Mohit went to a corner asking why didn’t tell about Jagjeet as well. Sonal said why you want him to create ruckus here is it, he is total madness. So long Jagjeet didn’t show any feelings so we can hide this. Mehak sat with him and watch him while he enjoys his halwa. It reminds how Shaurya will deny to eat desserts but eventually he will eat. Veer called Mehak and asked her what are you thinking didi? She said someone at my home. He asked is that a kid at your home. She smiled at answered yes he is a kid, but 6ft with a beard. Always does naughty stuff and makes me angry. This time also he did something and makes me so angry, feel like taking the chapatti roll pin (belan) and break his head. Veer asked if he apologies will you be okay? Mehak smiled and asked him lets go and play. Shaurya watched her from upstairs and thinks how I am going to convince her, he take a deep breath I have faced even difficult situation but this will be one tough nut to crack. He smiled and Nehal give him high 5 yes jiju that’s the spirit.

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  1. Hii… Again nice one …loved ur ff…pls upload the next soon…bcoz day by day its getting intresting…n finally Shaurya saw Mehak…thankx…pls upload next by tmrw….pls…

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  3. Love you yrr.. Kya bolu sab kuch tho bol hi chuki hu… I have nothing to say about it…
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  4. Wow great update so hopefully in next part Shaurya will come in front of Mehak
    Waiting to see how he tries to convince her to forgive him and his explanation for what happened
    I love how you did the setting in Punjab and all the details are perfect of the story
    Nice work
    Keep it up

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Sabrina
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      Tq fr ur comment.

  5. Awesome update! Look forward to MehRya confrontation! Keep up the great work!

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      1. Yes was busy for a while but caught up on all of your updates
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