MehRya my version Part 37

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At Patiala Mehak serving all the Balusha she made and everyone loves it. The ladies in house gets together and ask the girls to dance around as the sing and play some music.  Neelima’s best friend Pooja also arrived. Usually Pooja will be center of attraction in that house as she always attract people with her talks but she felt bad. As now all looking at showering attention to Mehak. She asked Neelima discreetly who is this girl. Neelima replied she is Mehak. Sonal’s best friend and sister in law. She is very sweet and nice girl. Just then one of the elderly lady said loudly beta Mehak this Balusha is mind blowing till date I have not had anything like this. Mehak said thank you maaji, it’s my mom’s recipe. Do you want to have more she offered more to her. Just then Harpreet mausi came and put the tray away and get Mehak to dance together with others. Mehak did some light dance. Sonal who is sitting with other snap some photos of Mehak dancing. Veer joined the ladies too. Mehak danced with him.

Shaurya finished his meeting on that day his driver opens the door for him to get into the car. Driver on the radio and RJ was discussing some topic. In love, or any relationship who should apologize. Please call to give your feedback. Shaurya listen to this attentively closing his eyes. One caller called said I am married so whenever we had arguments my wife is the one comes to apologies because she don’t want to drag the argument longer. Shaurya smiled and shakes his head. Later another old man called and introduced himself. He said my wife is no longer in the world now, but when she was still alive is me the one who is always apologies even though is not my fault. Because wife is a gift from God after our mother she is the one will walk with us throughout our life is all circumstances, in good health or sickness, while rich or poor, rain or shine she will be with us, she left all her relationship from her maternal home and just came with us with a trust that we husband will be their life companion, and love them. They don’t ask for expensive jewelry or saree but just our attention and love, so give them while they still around. RJ applauded to his suggestion and question by the way sir how long you have been married to your wife, he replied almost 50years. I am 75 years old now. My wife dies 7 years back. If any of you fought with your partner or friend just make up now, don’t wait. He hang up. RJ continues, that was a very beneficial tips from one of our caller. At this era when some couple divorce for small petty issues but he has married for 50 years and now his wife is no longer alive but he still remembers her and loves her. Isn’t that a beautiful about love? Let’s play a favorite love song and he played O’re Piya by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Shaurya listen to the radio and he thinks this message is right on time, it’s for me actually. I want to live with my laddoo and create memories and love her a lot. Maybe she was angry and I can’t explain by now she must be calm already he will call her later to check on her. He smiled and humming the song. Driver asked sir do you like this song.  He smiled said yes, my wife loves this song a lot, and she sings this all the time. You love your wife a lot sir, Shaurya only smiles and drive looks and continue to drive him to the hotel. He reached hotel, and wished driver good night and walk to his room. He took out his coat and put it on the bed and took his mobile out. Saw still no calls and messages from her. He decided to call her.  He waited excitingly to hear her voice but the voice mail said its switch off. He decided maybe tomorrow I will finish my work earlier and go home early and give her surprise, she will be fine. He freshen up, gets his dinner via room service and spent his evening just as the same as yesterday.

After all the dancing, having desserts and running around with Veer, Mehak came to her room and lie on the bed. Sonal looked at her and smiled. Nehal came out from bathroom after freshen up. Mehak gets up and get her kurta and went to bathroom. Sonal talks gently to Nehal, looks like she is getting better hopefully by the time we reach Delhi her problem will be sorted. They give high 5 just then Mehak opens the bathroom door and came out, she saw them giving high 5 she asked what are you two are doing? Nothing just we are high 5. But why? Nothing baby, don’t ask so many questions let’s get to bed early. They turn off the lights and tells some jokes and giggle under their blanket.

Next day morning the house was as busy as bee.  All busy with preparations. Mehak went to kitchen to help the cook there. She helped him to add some spices and makes the dish tastier, he was amazed how talented she is at such a young age. Mehak humbly replied it’s all my mom’s blessings. He blessed her and Mehak learn a few kitchen tricks from him. Veer came to kitchen looking for Mehak, he asked her to do rasgullas. She said okay and started with her preparations. She did the rasgullas and bring in the bowl to serve all and offered one to Veer. He taste it and said its best one and he wants more, she offered one more, after finished that he pull Mehak closer and gives a kiss on her cheek. Mehak give him one in return.


That evening all busy doing something and Mohit was with them too. A masculine man with army suit enters the house and all went to invite him and hugged him. Sonal immediately recognized him, it’s her cousin Jagjeet Singh he is serving in Indian Army at Indian border. Mohit looked at him and gets little surprised. He went to Sonal, and asked if he Jaggu. She replied yes Jaggu, he is back for wedding it seems only last minute he got his leave approval. All are excited to see him. Jagjeet as he passed by he hugged Sonal and asked how is she and all, he recognized Mohit and said Bhai Mohit is that you. How are you? He give him a firm hand shake and hugged him. Mohit stand still looking at Jagjeet. He went in and meet Neelima and others. Mohit pulled Sonal aside and tell her that he have something to say and bring her to the room and said something silently. Sonal looked at him and said we better tell Mehak now, but he stops her and said as it di is troubled with her problem on Shaurya why we want to add her problem again. Sonal thinks about it yes why we want to give her more problem. Okay let’s play by ears.

Jagjeet after he freshen up comes to join the family, He saw Mehak serving dinner. He went near her and stand in front of her by folding his hand on his chest, she try to walk away but he blocks her and she looks up at him. Ji please move, he asked her do you recognize me. Mehak said sorry who are you Ji?  He asked her to see properly, she looked at him and she can’t recognize him she moved away and started to serve others. Sonal and Mohit looking at this from far and they hope nothing will happen. After a while Jagjeet came to Mehak who is with Nehal, Sonal and Mohit. Looks like someone having memory problem, they don’t remember be or acting as if don’t remember me. Mehak question Ji its better you introduce yourself who are you? He held his hand out and say his name Jagjeet Singh Jaggu. Mehak bring her hand to handshake with him then she remembered him. Omg Jaggu it’s you, you look so different. How are you? Sorry I can’t recall it was you. Jaggu sat beside Mehak and keep chit chatting, he asked how is she and she just replied she is okay good busy with work and all. He complimented her that she is very beautiful than how she used to look when she was young. Jaggu was in Delhi 7 years back. He is Sonal’s cousin and his parents was also staying in Paranthe Wali Gali. He likes Mehak when they were young and also pulls prank on her all the time. He annoys her to the max and Mehak also always pay him back. 7years back his father got transfer to their village and they moved to Patiala. They sat and chit chatting about their school life, how they used to run around at PWG. Sonal was sitting with Mohit too watching them. They prayed nothing should happen. Another elderly lady came there and Jaggu introduced her to Mehak, he said maa look at Mehak our neighbor at Delhi ,look at her how she have grown up and became beautiful like butterfly, Mehak only stands and blushes. Jaggus’s maa blesses her and asked how about everyone at home, Mehak replied all are fine they will come nearing to wedding time. She was checking Mehak on her neck and said I will need to talk to Kanta chachi and smiled and went in. Some male guests came and called for Jaggu and he followed them he turned and look at Mehak said we will talk later bye. She waved at him and look at Sonal. She asked Sonal why this aunty behave strange and she said want to talk to Kanta chachi, Sonal change the topic and said she is tired and ask her to do head massage. Mehak followed her back to the room.

Shaurya finish his meetings early and decided to fly back to Delhi earlier and to surprise Mehak. He reached home. He asked Awara where is Mehak, Awara replied bhabhi not in home sir. He nodded and went to the room upstairs. Awara came upstairs with his suitcase. He left the suitcase and wanted to say something then Karuna maa came in, he excused himself. Shaurya hugged Karuna maa, he asked where is Mehak did she went to Paranthe Wali Gali, let me go and bring her back. Karuna maa stopped him. He looked at her surprised. She is not there. By the way you said will come back after 1 week or so but why you came back in 3 days. What happen not enough of taunting my child is it? Shaurya shocked and he realized his mom also not trusting him. Maa let me explain to you and I will also explain to Mehak. She was angry that day and didn’t let me to talk. He ask let me call her and bring her back, Karuna maa said that poor child cried a lot and I sent her away from Delhi so she can calm down herself. You stop calling her and disturb her. She will be back this weekend. Karuna maa said that left the room. Shaurya takes a deep breath and sat on the bed. He gets up and saw their photo frame. Just then Awara came to the room with a jug of water and glass. Shaurya gets up and remove his coat. Awara called him sir and Shaurya turned to look at him, he opens one of the drawer, and pass him Mehak’s mangalsutra. Found this at the laundry basket, maybe bhabhi dropped at didn’t realize it. I kept it there. Shaurya took it from him and stare at it and covers in his fist. He change his clothes and came to balcony and sat on the swing and close his eyes. He missing his Mehak a lot, he tried to call again. It went to voice mail again and mumbles where you went Mehak. Karuna maa came upstairs with dinner. She saw him sitting on the swing. She sat on the bamboo stool and ask him to eat. He refuse to eat. She said you must eat something or else you will get acidity, she manage to feed him some paratha. She put the plate aside and talk to him I don’t know what happen between you both, it must be some huge misunderstandings. I only saw her crying and when I asked her what happen and she refuse to tell. She was very bad when you left and I sent her away for a change for few days so she can calm down herself. I know my Shaurya will not hurt or does anything bad to any women especially Mehak. You need to talk to her so she can understand and all the misunderstandings gets cleared. He nodded her and jokingly said your daughter gets angry above her nose nowadays and I am scared even, she smilingly pulled his ears from who else, must be from you. She controlled you and now she gets angry on you. We get angry only on our loved ones. Shaurya smiled and Karuna maa left the room and Shaurya came to the room. He sat on the bed and hug Mehak’s favorite pillow, he can feel her scents, Mehak I miss you jaan, he mumbles under the pillow. He fell asleep.

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  1. Hii
    Nice …but pls I request u to make Mehrya together..pls….dont seperate them …and I didnt git why were Sonal and Mohit were worried??..pls post the nxt soon…eagerly waiting for it…nice storyline ….

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Rajnandini
      Good day to you , will be uploading my continuation part , you will know why.
      have fun and blessed day ahead

  2. Anjali Dahiya

    Hi Haseenah
    I think Sonal n Mohit r worried bcoz it may b that they knew about jaggu’s love for Mehak…pls update something like Shaurya reached Patiala n see jaggu with Mehak n show that Mehak is only made for him…I love his way of saying that line…today I was free so read ur ff n u know I m not able to compare ur n Atul’s gift…but I love ur gifts…pls update nxt part soon I m waiting for that eagerly.

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Anjali
      New bride how are you doing? I am so happy to see your comment here on my post. How are you doing please convey my wishes to Atul as well. Will upload by today evening.
      thank you dear and have a blessed day ahead

  3. Okay great so Shaurya is back now
    Will he also go behind Mehak to wedding? I’m so interested to see what happens next
    Please update soon

  4. Haseenah2020

    Hi Sabrina
    nice to see your comments.
    check part 38 dear , have fun

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