MehRya my version Part 35

As Mehak sat and cried whole day and night. Don’t know when she slept as so tired and weak as well, Shaurya left house in anger and disappointment. The next morning Mehak woke up, she realize it’s quite late morning. She heard some noise from the bathroom she gets up and saw Shaurya busy packing his suitcase. She wonders where he is going. She was thinking deep in her heart want to ask or just ignore him. But her heart says just ask. Shaurya saw her standing near the bathroom he ignores and continue with his packing. Mehak brave up and decided to ask. Are you going somewhere? He ignored and brushed past her to get some of the files on the study table. Mehak asked I am talking to you. Are you going somewhere? He just answered her yes. Where she asked. Mumbai. When will you be back? He replied maybe a week or longer. I don’t want to stay here where there is nothing for me, no one trust me and no one cares for me. Mehak was dumbstruck. She can’t utter anything. Her heart wants to stop him but she can’t say or do anything as still in daze of what she heard from Shaurya. Shaurya zip up his suitcase and roll it out of the room and went downstairs with it. She followed him downstairs still unable to say anything. He called Awara and ask him to place the suitcase in the car boot. He obeyed immediately, He ask Awara to inform maa that he left to Mumbai and he left without looking at Mehak who is standing behind him. He gets into the car and Mehak was still waiting for him to look at her he ask the driver to leave. Mehak’s knees can’t stand she stumble on the floor as new tears runs down her cheek. Shaurya saw that from the driver’s rear view mirror. He felt sad and he looks out to his right side of window.

At Khanna Mansion Mehak cried in silence. She can’t think of anything, she tried to gets up and walks back to her room. She sit on the bed and wiping her eyes. She don’t know what else is left for her, it seems like the entire world has crushed on her. On the other side Sonal was in call taxi with Mohit and Nehal going to Patiala for her cousin’s wedding. She wonders why there is no phone call from Mehak after yesterday and she decided to call Mehak. She called Mehak. On the bed Mehak still crying and saw her phone ringing and took it to answer as it’s from Sonal. She cried loudly, Sonal shocked hearing her crying like that. She asked what happen Mehak, why are you crying like this. She kept asking as Mehak still crying at last Mehak uttered, all finished Sonal, everything is finished. Everything in my life is like a dream which went away after wake up. There is nothing left for me anymore she said. Sonal asked her what happen she keep saying everything is finish Sonal. Sonal replied you don’t worry I am coming there now, you wait I will come to see you and she quickly ask the call taxi driver to drove to Khanna mansion. Mohit and Nehal asked what happen and Sonal said some problem between Mehak and Shaurya, Mehak is crying I want to be with her. At Khanna Mansion Karuna maa and Dolly maasi came back after some medical checkup. Awara came to the living room and said Shaurya sir has left to Mumbai he asked me to inform you. Karuna maa asked where Mehak is, he replied bhabhi is upstairs at her room.

Just then Sonal, Mohit and Nehal reached Khanna Mansion they entered the house and greeted Karuna maa and Dolly maasi. Dolly maasi queried you guys are here so early morning anything, Sonal replied we came to see Mehak she sounds not good. Karuna maa surprised what happen to Mehak. I didn’t see her since yesterday too, I asked Awara and he said she is okay and didn’t even join for dinner too. They all went upstairs and saw Mehak’s condition. Her eyes swollen due to crying for long time and her face pale and she doesn’t looks good too. Karuna maa rushed to her and sat next to her on the bed and asked her what happen to you my child? Why are you crying like this? Did Shaurya said something? Tell me, she fell on Karuna maa’s lap and continue weeping. Sonal sat on the other side of bed and patted on her back. After 15minutes they manage to calm down her but she still not able to talk. Sonal tells them what Mehak relayed to her yesterday on the phone. But after she followed Shaurya I don’t know what happen aunty, I forgot to call her as we are busy packing as leaving to Patiala today for my cousin’s wedding. Today I called and she crying saying all finished my life is all gone. I got so worried that’s why I rushed her to see what happen. Karuna maa as she patted Mehak’s head she said I don’t know what exactly happens till you tell me. I won’t defend for my son because he is a man. But what exactly you saw there. Mehak said maa I don’t want to talk about this anymore because it’s really broke my heart. I am not sure I still have my rights to call maa anymore after this because I don’t know I want to be in this house as your daughter. Karuna maa replied you are thinking so much child don’t talk about it anymore no matter what happens this is your house and I will remain as your maa. No one can change that. Mehak hugged Karuna maa and cried again. She pacify her to calm down. She cupped her face and wipe her tears away. Will you listen to me? Mehak look at her in confusion. I want you to follow Sonal to Patiala for her cousin’s wedding. Maybe you can calm down a bit and all these angers and tears will subside. Now you are not able to talk and listen because of confusion and anger. Any decision taken in anger will only result failure. But maa she opens to reply. Karuna maa stops her if you still respect me as your maa and you think I will only do things for your own good than you listen to me. She looked at Sonal and Mohit. Please take her for few days with you guys for the wedding maybe change of place will make her calm down and she will be better soon. Anyway Shaurya is not around for a week so you guys also will be in Patiala for a week it’s a good thing. Mehak still on bed. Karuna maa asked Dolly to follow her, Sonal ask Mehak to shower and get ready, and they will pack her stuffs together. Mehak slowly went to shower. Mohit went to living room and wait for them. Sonal, Mohit and Nehal decided not to tell anything to Kanta Chachi and the other elders at home they will try to do things on their own. Nehal asked for the suitcase and Mehak took it out from the wardrobe top cabinet they lay it open on the bed and took some suits and dresses to wear. Sonal took out her accessories and jewelries from the dresser. Mehak standing in front of the dresser trying to comb her hair, Sonal makes her to sit and help to comb her hair as she looks very weak and tired from all the crying. Mehak was really tired, lifeless and her face was white as sheet.

After packing up they left the room, Mehak turned to look at the wall frame which portray their wedding picture. Tear rolls down her cheek Sonal holds her bring her downstairs. At downstairs Karuna maa gets Awara to prepare some stuffed rolls and other food for them to have it on their journey and packed it in a tiffin. She hand it to Mohit and said beta this is some food for you guys to have it in the train, he declined as mummy already prepared for us auntieji. She ask him to take it as the journey is a bit distance and they will need some food and Sonal is pregnant she can eat as well. He thanked her and took the food from her. Karuna maa went by Mehak she pecked on her forehead and blesses her. Hugged her and said don’t think of anything this 7 days you decide what you want in your life. Just listen to your heart. Mehak gets blessings from Dolly maasi and ask her to come home soon beta. I will miss you. They left Khanna mansion.

They arrived the train station and get the extra ticket for Mehak and headed to the platform. Once in the found the coach and seat numbers they place their luggages and sat down. Mehak sat near the window. As Sonal sat down she saw Mehak’s neck was bare. She called Mehak and asked where is your mangalsutra? Mehak quickly checked her neck and found her mangalsutra is missing. She gets up from her seat and said Sonal my mangalsutra is missing maybe it dropped at home I need to go home to check. Sonal and Nehal calm her down and said maybe she misplaced it or it dropped somewhere don’t worry. We can’t go back now as the train will move now. Also we didn’t tell people at home that you are coming with us as they will question us and we don’t know what to tell them so please sit down. Mehak sat down on her seat. Sonal ask her to lie down on her lap and ask her to sleep and don’t think of anything everything will be fine. Mehak placed her head on her lap and wipe the tears away. Sonal keep patting her hair and Mehak fell asleep.
At the airport, Shaurya sat at the waiting lounge for his flight. He kept thinking how Mehak didn’t let him to speak and accused him of having affair. He was sad as she didn’t even give a chance to him to explain. He is broken and he rub his temples as they announce for his flight time to board. He took his mobile out and decided to call her and see. He saw their recent selfie when they had the pillow fight he rub with his thumb on her picture and quickly dialed her number. At the train, the train has left Delhi and heading to the Patiala. Shaurya waited for the ring tone but he could only hear the message the number you are trying to reach is not available. He thought she switch off her mobile. He puts back his mobile into his pocket and headed to board the plane.

  1. Gm how are you? Nice ff ,but felt sad ?

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      Hi good morning Chetana. Dont worry dear, upcoming excited chapters are coming , you will be excited same as me. I am in the midst of updating and adding some lines here and there in between my busy work schedule.
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    Hi Haseenah
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    But excited for next part pls update next tomorrow itself as I want my wedding gift from u too n if u update the next part tomorrow then it would be my wedding gift.
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    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Anjali
      Wish you shaadi mubarak.
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