Mehrya FF Romeo and Juliet Part 6

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I am really sorry my lovely frnds for not uploading the next part here but I just got busy with IF and forgot to continue here…I returned after 1 month or more?? Please forgive me for not showing up here…so here is next part…


The opening ceremony went very well..Shaurya introduced Mehak to his investors n also told them that she is equally passionate as he is if she had given a chance then she would surely shine..Mehak felt good as he appreciated her talent..Rajeev didn’t came due to some work or we can say Shaurya planned it so that he won’t come…as the day passed n MehRya return back home..they were so tired so retarded to their rooms..Karuna got a call from her cousin so she left without informing anyone n Vicky too didn’t came due to his friend’s birthday party..Mehak n Shaurya were left alone in the huge house n both were unaware of the fact.
In the past midnight Mehak dreamt bad about Shaurya..she saw that Shaurya had met with an serious accident n his car is burning..she woke up screaming his she realized that it was only a dream she quickly ran to his room to check him whether he is fine or not..but to her shock he was not there..she checked everywhere in his room but he was not there..she was in tears..then the door opened n Shaurya came with a jug of water..he was confused to see Mehak in his room..Miss Sharma he said making her turn..he put the jug on table..Mehak ran n hugged him..he was surprised by her action..he realized tht she is crying..he caress her back..Mehak are you fine..why are crying..what happened to you he asked worriedly..she broke the hug n replied I m sorry sir..I dreamt bad about you..I saw that you are in your car n it is burning..I get scared for you..he made her sit on bed..he wiped her tears n cupped her face..Mehak..dreams are not those that we see while sleeping dreams are those for which we leave sleep..dreams never come true that we see in sleep..don’t panic about them ever..they are just our imagination..may be you had imagined me to die so that you won’t get scolding from your boss he said trying calm her down n cheer her up..she smiled faintly he too smiled at her..Mehak..can we be friends he asked..she smiled n replied sure sir..he shake his hands with stop calling me Mr. Khanna or sir..just call me Shaurya he told her..she chuckled..n what would I call you when we were in restaurant Mehak asked..then you can call me sir..but not when we are not in our working place he replied..they talked for few more time..after a long time Shaurya talked to someone whole heartedly..he was feeling so good..he had found Mehak a good girl who don’t prefer money but prefer happiness..Mehak too found a friend in Shaurya..she concluded that Shaurya is not that much bad that she was thinking..Mehak felt her eyelidds heavy n just in seconds her head was on Shaurya’s shoulder..Shaurya too was feeling sleepy n as he saw her sleeping he didn’t bother to wake her up n silently appreciated her beauty n he too slept.
Next morning Mehak found herself in Shaurya’s arms when the sunlight fell on her n she woke up..Shaurya was holding her waist protectively n her head was on his broad chest..thay were in the same sitting position as they were last night..Mehak recalled how she end up sleeping in his room..she tried to free herself but his hold was tight n when he felt movement he tighten his hold..she was quietly watching him n appreciating him..when he opened his eyelids she acted to be sleeping..he looked at she is holding him n in deep sleep she is smiling..he watched her for some time n then he get up from the bed..unwillingly he shook Mehak n she too get up..they were not able to see in each other’s eyes..I AM SORRY both said at the same time n Mehak ran to her room..Karuna just came back from her cousin’s house n Vicky too returned home at the same time..both noticed Mehak coming out of Shaurya’s room..Vicky’s blood boiled while Karuna felt happy..Vicky went to his room n Karuna too went to her room to freshen up.

On the dining table when Mehak n Shaurya came Karuna coughed n asked Mehak you are scared of dark na n last night there was power how did you managed to sleep..she came in my room n slept there Shaurya replied making Karuna laugh n Mehak maasi..he didn’t meant what he had said..actually we both talked for some time n nothing else Mehak replied n started having her breakfast..yeah yeah Shaurya too supported..after having breakfast both left for work..Mehak was very much angry on him but kept herself calm as its first day n she has to prepare good food otherwise headlines won’t be in the favour..customers started coming n Mehak was busy with staff guiding them everything so calmly..Shaurya was tensed..although he knew that Mehak could make anything delicious n she is having some magic in her hands that make everything super..customers were looking happy but can’t say anything because they are the only one who could make any person star n they are the one who make the same man to come the day was passing smothly Mehak went to his cabin when she felt could you say that Shaurya she asked as soon as she entered into the cabin..what have I said now he asked innocently avoiding eye contact with her..ohhh..ab janab ko yaad bhi nahi hai..good you well know that I am talking about morning issue she told was truth he replied..yeah it was truth but the way you said was should not have to say like that..what would be she thinking Mehak blurted out..don’t worry..she is not mad like you..she can understand me Shaurya are right Mehak replied n turned to leave but then reality struck her mind n she said that I am mad she asked narrowing her eyes..yeah you are see I have said that before n you heard it now so you are mad he replied n chuckled..I won’t leave you Shaurya..wait I am coming she said n started running behind him..we are in restaurant Mehak behave yourself Shaurya tried to prevent way I won’t leave like this Mehak said while jumping on the couch..she was running behide him n due to tables n other thing he escape from her clutches that was irritating her the most..both were blabbering n were fighting like tom n jerry..finally Mehak caught him n satrted hitting on his could you call me mad huh she was asking without taking break..he was staring at her face that was having the beautiful expressions..he was totally memorized by her beauty..he held her hands n they both started looking at each other..they were smiling n looking at each other as if they were seeing each other for the first n last time..they could feel each other n his cologne was making Mehak weak..their lips were about to taste each other when they heard a knock on door..both parted..they were embarassed by whatever had happened..Mehak quickly left from there as the customers increased so Lima came to call Mehak..the day passed n both returned home..they were equally tensed about the reviews of customers n slept after having dinner..both avoided eye contact with each other.
Next day Shaurya checked newspaper n started jumping in happiness..there was positive reviews of his new restaurant..when she came to know about this she too got happy n Shaurya hugged her..she was so happy so she too hugged him back in the presence of Karuna n Vicky..Karuna felt happy while Vicky felt jealousy n left..Mehak..its all your hardwork that my restaurant get positive reviews..there is not even a single negative review..n credit goes to you..thank you so much Shaurya said Shaurya its not only mine but your hardwork too Mehak replied..does anyone remember me..I chosed Mehak as a head chef Karuna said mockingly..both smiled n hugged her..yeah credit goes to you only both said in union n chuckled..days were passing smoothly n MehRya were coming closer n closer as a friend..they share each n everything with each other..they became very good friends and used to spend a lot of time with each other that was noticed by Karuna and Vicky..Karuna had already informed about all the happening to Kanta..she too was happy as Karuna was but Mehak’s past was the problem for both of them.


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  1. hii anjali di after a long time ,how r u ? miss u soo much it is nice update after their misunderstanding cleared hope their bond becomes strong & eagerly wants to know the past that disturbing both hope vicky &rajiv don’t spoils any ways I think our hero is their bye di take care cont soon??

    1. Anjalimalik

      Ty so much Sanju…hru…I too missed u? yeah now their mus r cleared so they will b very gud frnds n support each other…well Vicky aur Rajiv ko smbhalne k liye to hmara hero kaafi h…d past is going to reveal after their confession…will continue soon as work load increased so can’t get tym to type…tk care…

  2. Hi Anjali, very nice update. Short n sweet one. Please update next part soon. Add more of mehrya moments. Lots of love??

    1. Anjalimalik

      Ty Kavya…glad u liked it…will try to add more Mehrya moments…tk care…will continue soon…

  3. yrr anjali plz tum tabhi ff start krna jub tumko continue krna ho… Otherwise nhi krna.. Coz bhut bura lgta hai jub koi ff Middle main chod deta hai…

    i really think that you forgot about this…
    i felt bad…

    hope you understand what i mean….
    any way…

    i love this part like before….
    thank’s for uploading… and it’s to sort..

    have a great day…

    happy belated rakhsha bandhan??

    1. Anjalimalik

      Hi Sapna…don’t b sad yrr…m sry I left this FF but don’t get angry…u r right bura toh lgta h…but tym is everything yrr I was really having a lot of work bt will try to continue it…I understood u very well…m glad u liked it…tk care…
      Happy belated Raksha Bandhan to u too…

  4. Hi Anjali chapter 7 kab update karogi

    1. Anjalimalik

      Hi Anuteja…I m typing tht only now…

  5. Anuteja12

    Hi Anjali it’s me Anu
    When will you update next part

  6. Anjalimalik

    Hi Anu…oh god Panda toh yahan bhi aa gye…I think I will update tht tomorrow or day after tomorrow as I just started today…

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