Mehrya FF Our First Child Part 2

Shaurya woke up and found his beauty sleeping peacefully on his chest. He kissed her forehead and slightly put her head on pillow and left grabbing his clothes. He get ready for his morning sprints and left for jogging. After jogging and boxing practise he went into his room. She was still sleeping holding a pillow. He smiled and pecked her cheek before going to have a shower. He came in his casual wears and was shocked to see Mehak still sleeping. He set his hairs and sat beside Mehak.
“What happened to you jaan…why are you sleeping till now??”
She turned to his side and pulled him on her. She swiftly opened her eyes and looked at him. He was looking at her with his million dollar smile.
“You are asking me why am sleeping till now as if you don’t know what you have done last night…”
She made a cute pout and and he chuckled. He kissed her nose tip and she smiled.
“Get up and have a bath with warm water…you will feel better…”
“Shauryaaa…am not feeling like getting up…let me sleep…”
“Nooo…get up now and took a warm shower…”
She reluctantly get up wrapping the bedsheet around her body and he teased her.
“You can go without the sheet baby…”
“Shut up Shaurya…”
He chuckled and she went to have shower. After having a warm shower she felt better and came out wearing her floral long skirt and simple top. She saw the whole things arranged in a good manner. Bedsheet of the bed is changed and duvet is also replaced with a new one. Everything was on their place where they were last night before their love making. She smiled and sat in front of mirror to comb her hairs. She was about to took the comb but Shaurya came and took that before her. She saw him in mirror and smiled while he started combing her hairs slowly.
“Are you feeling better now??”
“Much better…”
He finished the combing and made her wore her wedding neclace. He kissed on her nape and hissed in pain. He said sorry in eyes and she smiled. Both went in the hall and he brought coffee for both of them.
“Well pati dev I should say that you are quite good in handing the house…”
“Thank you biwi…”
“Well did ma papa left??”
“Yeah they left last night…”
“What?? They only came here for my b’day??”
“Yeah…because you want to be with our family on your special day…”
“You mean my b’day was my special day…but sorry pati dev yesterday was not my special day…”
“Then which is your special day??”
“Our marriage anniversary…remember how I proposed you in our bedroom and you teased me with your silly pranks…”
She made a cute pout and he chuckled.
Mehak had arranged everything for their 1st marriage anniversary and get ready in peach and green colour sarree that are Shaurya’s favourite colours while he get ready in his black tuxedo with peach colour tie. After cake cutting they both danced on Sochh Na Sake and both lost in each other while dancing. Mehak was waiting for the guests to go while Shaurya was unable to distract himself from her beautiful face. As their marriage was under wraps so just few family frinds and relatives were invited for the party. Shaurya’s cousins teased him saying Majnu, Romeo and all while he just blushed. Finally guests left and everyone retarted to their rooms. Mehak had already decorated their room with scent candles and flowers. She went to room and waited anxiously for him to come. As he came in room he found the whole room decorated and Mehak was standing in balcony. He called her name and she came into the room. She was so nervous but made her mind to propose him on their anniversary only. He was standing before her eyes with a smile on his face for which she is ready to die. She started twisting her fingers that was noticed by him and he went close to her. Her heartbeat rose and she gulped her saliva to wet her throat that went dry when he approached her.
“Why the whole room is decorated like this??”
“You what Mehak??”
“I…umm vo…I wa…I want to say…some…thing…”
He was curious to know what she want to say as she never become this much nervous before and would directly put her demand before him but today she is hesitating to tell him. She kept her face low not able to meet his eyes and he hold her chin to tilt her face. He was shocked to see a blush on her face and her eyes still closed. He grew more anxious to know.
“Mehak…what you want to say??”
“Actually…vo…I wa…want to say…th…at I…”
“Mehak please speak yarr…I need to sleep and go for practise tomorrow early morning and if you kept blushing and won’t speak anything then I would miss my practise…”
“Tumhe toh sirf apni practise ki chinta hai meri chinta toh hai hi nahi??” (You only care for your practise but do you care for me??)
He was shocked by her sudden question. She never used to question him if he care for her or not but today she just shoot the question at him as she was annoyed by the word practise because the practise is only thing due to which she never get to see him first in the morning.
“Mehak are you fine?? You never asked such questions to me then what happend today??”
“Kabhi nahi puchhti hu toh kya ye matlab hai ki mujhe koi farak nahi padta?? Tumhe andaza bhi nahi hai muje kitna farak padta hai…” (I never ask this doesn’t mean that I don’t mind?? You don’t even have an idea how much I mind that…)
“Kaisi baatein kar rahi ho…chalo chhodo…ye batao tum kya kehna chahti ho??” (What are you talking…anyways leave it…now tell what you want to say??)
Her words again died in her throat and again that blush came on her face. It was enough for him and he pulled her by waist that shocked her and a gasp came out of her mouth. Her heart was beating at a very high rate.
“I saw a blushing Mehak for the first time…”
She freed herself from his hold unwillingly and closed her eyes to gather some courage and finally took a long breathe before kneeling down making him shock.
“I don’t know why Shaurya but whenever I look at you I just forget to breathe even…whenever you come in front of me I just lost in you…I don’t know why but whenever I don’t see you around an unknown fear took place over me and I just start to search you around me…I never felt like this ever before…whole day I just dream about you and you know what I imagine you everywhere even when I see any TV program then I just see you…I never took interest in boxing but now I never ever missed any of your match…I was not able to name this feeling till last week when you went Ukraine for your match…I missed you a lot and when you returned yesterday I just feel like hugging you so tightly and never let you go anywhere…I…I just…I fell in love with you Shaurya…I love you…I really do…”
Her sudden confession made him so much elated that he want to hug her and tell her that he too love her and felt the same. He want to tell her that his life is imcomplete without. He want to tell her that he woke up half an hour before than he used to wake up just to saw her sleeping. He want to tell her that he is badly in love with her. But somehow he controlled his feelings.
“Kuch bolo bhi (speak something…) my knees are paining…”
She made a puppy face face and he just smiled. He made her stand and she was nervous for his response and crossed her fingers. He hold her shoulders and she became more nervous.
“See Mehak…I know we both get married as per our family’s wishes but I don’t love you…”
Her eyes widen in shock. She was expecting him to say those three magical word that she said to him but he didn’t.
“I love someone else…someone who is very close to my heart…I love her and can’t love anyone…in fact I can’t give her place to anyone…she had took my heart and I am unable to get my heart back from her…”
“Then why did you married me??”
“Because at that time I didn’t realized that I am in love with her but now I realized…”
“And why didn’t you divorced me??”
“I was waiting for today…because if I divorced you before one year of marriage then we both have to live under one roof for 6 months but now we would get divorce soon…”
She was in tears and want to be alone and cry whole night. She removed his hands from her shoulder and went to washroom. He slapped himself on his head and cursed himself for making her cry.
‘I am sorry Mehak I just want to have a little fun but don’t want you to cry…you are really mad Shaurya…jisse sabse jyada pyaar karta hai usse hi rula diya ( you made cry the person whom you love the most)
She came out in her night dress and lie on bed making the wall of cushions. He too changed into his boxers and t shirt.
“It’s okay Shaurya…I am ready to divorce you…”
Fresh tears made their way from her eyes. He was having no idea that it would affect her this much. He switch off the lights and lie beside her. She was crying that made him so angry on himself. He removed the cushion wall and hugged her from back.
“The girl is you Mehak…”
She was shocked and quickly freed herself switching on the lights. Both sat upright facing each other. Mehak was having tears in her eyes and her face was covered with tears. He gently wiped those tears and cupped her face.
“I only love you Mehak…it was just a joke…I could never think of betraying you and loving someone else…although our marriage was arrange marriage but the vows that we took would be same if it was love marriage and I decided to fulfill those vows…the moment your father gave me your hand in my hand that moment I decided to give you all the happiness of the world…I myself don’t know why I was feeling like that but I just made my mind to be your life partner in every way…and your innocent smile, cute pouts, becoming angry on me whenever I made fun of you, selfless love and care for everyone, loving nature, these rasgulla eyes and caring for my likes and dislikes made me fell for you…you taught me how to live, how to be a good son of family, how to fulfill responsibilities, you taught me everything Mehak…I just can’t express my love for you in words…if anyone ask me to write an essay on you then I won’t write it…”
She was already in happy tears and gave him a questionable look. He kissed her forehead.
“Because I could write a book on my Mehak…”
The last two words MY MEHAK were enough for her and she hugged him to which he too responded with equal passion. They hugged each other for the first time and felt like heaven in each other’s arms. He kissed her cheeks making her smile.
“I love you so much Mehak…I love you more than anything else in the world…”
Both hugged again but just then she recalled how he made her cry and told her that he loves someone else. She broke the hug making him shock and started hitting him on his chest.
“Mehak what you doing??”
“You said that you love someone else and that too in front of me…”
“Mehak…paap lagega tumhe apne pati ki pitai karne ka…” (Mehak you would be woed for beating your husband)
“I am ready for that…”
He somehow managed to hold her wrists and both end up lying on bed. He was staring at her lovingly and she was smiling. He pushed her hairs behind her ears that were spoiling the beautiful view. She snaked her arms around his neck and he moved closer to her making her blush. Before he could go further his phone rang and he felt like breaking down the mobile but took that call. He went to balcony and she too followed him there or say that he took her with him. But as the conversation took long time she slept on his shoulder and when he disconnect the call he found her sleeping. He smiled and took her in room and switch off the lights before dozing off.
“I could never forget that my love…I had never imagined a girl proposing a boy because I only heard boy proposing a girl…”
He chuckled pushing a strand of her hairs behind her ear and kissing her red cheeks.
“I am unique my love right??”
“Obviously you are right babes…”
“But tell me why can’t a girl propose any boy I mean they too have feelings and could propose if whom they love is darpok…”
She supressed her lips to prevent her laughter and sipping his coffee last time. He put his and her cup of coffee on the glss table and pulled her resulting her in landing on his lap.
“First of all I am not darpok but was unsure of your feelings and second girls could propose but I said I never heard that…I was on cloud nine when you proposed me and felt myself blessed that I get this much bold girl who came on her knees and proposed me…”
He winked and kissed her forehead making her blush and hug him. She kissed his bearded cheek.
“I love you Shaurya more than anyone…”
“I love you too jaan…”
They broke their hug and he asked if she want to go out to explore the city more.
“Have you left me in that state that I could go out??”
He chuckled on her puppy face before getting up to put the cups to be washed. She followed him and sat on the kitchen counter.
“Tell me one thing Shaurya…”
“Papa gave me gift and I want to ask you if you agree…”
“Proceed sweetheart…”
“He gave me a cafe to run…”
“What?? But he hadn’t even told me about that…”
“He want to but may be he knew that you won’t agree…”
She made a sad face. It was her dream to run her own business but due to responsibilities she put that aside. Shaurya was aware of the fact that and he never refused her for anything. Even Rashmi supported her but she thought that she won’t be able to manage house and business so she refuse. He went to her and put his hands on her waist. She wrapped her legs around his waist. He palmed her face with one hand to make her look into his eyes.
“Why won’t I agree sweetheart…”
Her face lit up and she snaked her arms around his neck.
“You agree??”
“Have I refused you for anything??”
“So why would I refuse this?? You can run that cafe and I know that you would be able to manage house and business…”
“I hope so and if I failed then you are with me na so I would soon join that cafe…”
He smiled and rubbed his nose with her. He carried her and made her sit on sofa in hall. She made a pout as it was her very bed habit that she can’t sit without doing any work.
“No…you must take rest…”
“You making fun of me Shaurya…”
“I am not my jaan…but I also know that you are not fine after last night so don’t you dare to get up from here…just watch any of your serial, show, programme whatever you wanna see but don’t try to do any work…”
She made an angry pout and cursed him under her breathe saying Adiyal. He gave her questionable look as if he heard. She quickly shaked her head and he smile. He gave switched on the TV and kissed her cheek before going into kitchen to clean that.
“People would say that you are Joru Ka Gulam…”
“I won’t mind sweetheart…”
“They would say that you are good in house work…”
“I won’t mind sweetheart…”
“Shaurya men should not do households its our work…”
She was irritated because he was doing kitchen work and she don’t want him to do that while he was not stopping.
“Why?? If women can manage husband, his family, children, work and all then why can’t we men couldnot even help them in household…and my love I used to do these whenever I came for any championship so don’t mind that okay…”
She made a face but felt good at the same time as her hubby is so good who cares for her comfort, discomfort, happiness and all. She started watching TV while waiting for him. He came and sat beside her pulling her closer to him. She put her head on his chest and hugged his waist while he snaked his arms around her protectively.
“Are you feeling good now…”
“If I am in your arms then I could never feel bad…”
She looked at him and he gave his signature smile pecking her forehead. Both watched some comedy shows and laughed.
“When are we going back??”
Her sudden question shocked him and gave her a questionable look then smiled mischieviously.
“Aren’t you felling good with your hubby??”
“Shaurya…just tell me na…I am very eager to join the cafe…”
“After two weeks but if you want then we can go next week…”
“Okay we will return after two weeks…”
She knew that Shaurya want to spend time with her and make beautiful memories so she agreed to go after two weeks. Both enjoyed watching TV continuing their cute nok jhoks and romance.



Finally able to complete this…I would be busy for next 10 days as I just recovered from fever and joints are still paining a lot but have to manage work and get life back on the track…please bare with me and hit like and don’t forget to give fbs.
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