Mehrya FF Our Baby Part 3

Mehak and Shaurya spent two beautiful weeks in New York and enjoyed a lot. A night before they have to return India Shaurya was sitting in balcony while Mehak was packing some stuffs that was left. He came in to the room and saw 3 suitcases near bed and 1 was being packing. He was amused as when they came they brought just 2 suitcases and now from where there are 2 more suitcases.

“Mehak when we came here we brought 2 suitcases right??”


“Then from where 2 more suitcases are ready??”

“Actually it’s our shopping…”

“Seriously?? Mehak I know that we brought just some stuffs and for that there is no need for 2 suitcase as they could be shifted in our suitcases…”

“Shaurya vo…it’s…it’s shopping for…for ma papa dadi…”

“What?? Have you brought this much stuff that you need to prepare 4 suitcases??”

“I am sorry Shaurya but…”

“Aww I was joking…”

“Joking…pakka (sure)…”

“Yeah my love I was joking…have I ever stopped you from buying anything for anyone??”

She went near him and snaked her arms around his neck while he put his hands on her soft milky skin that was exposed as her top shorten when she snaked her arms around his neck. She moved a bit closer to his ear.

“On January 27, 2018 at 5:37:13 pm you stopped me from buying the shirt exactly like yours blue check shirt…”

She pushed him making a face while he was amused as she remember the date time and even seconds. He pulled her by waist and pushed a strand of hairs behind her ear before kissing her rosy cheeks twice. He started kissing her cheeks one by one repeatedly making her laugh. She giggled requesting him to stop his kisses but he hadn’t apid any heed to her and turned her around.

“Shaurya…saara samaan aise hi pada hai…muje pack karne do na…”

“Mehak I had postphined our flight…now it’s tomorrow at 7 pm not 7am…”

“Phir bhi…”

“No more excuses my love…lemme spend a blissful night with the world’s beautiful lady…my wifey…”


He shushed her keeping finger on her lips and made her face him. He pulled her closer to his heart and palmed her cheek. She was looking in to his black eyes that were filled with love for her. She stared at his bearded cheeks and jawline.

‘I don’t know why Shaurya…everytime I look at you I just fell more and more for you…your eyes are so clear and nothing can be hidden in them…whenever I hear your voice my lips always curl into a smile and that smile is just for you…every morning I woke up to see your face first…I just can’t explain my love for you but just say that you are someone in my life who is sent by god to make me smile in any type of situation…I am the luckiest girl on this earth to have you as my husband, life partner and my best friend…I love you Shaurya I love you more than anything in this world and would do till my last breathe…’

“Checking me out??”

She smiled and nodded but her eyes were fixed on him refusing her to bulge. While he was confused at what she is staring.

“What are you staring at snuggly bear??”

She kept her finger on his rough lips asking him to shush and traced his jawline.

“Nothing special my cuddly bear because I don’t need to check you out…”

“Why my heart is saying that you are going to rape me…”

She slapped on his bicep and made a face.

“Tumhara dimaag inhi kaamon mein chalta hai na…don’t use your useless mind somewhere else…”

He chuckled making her smile too.

“What to do when this much beautiful girl is staring at me but it’s not your fault because I am Delhi’s most eligible bachelor and also the most handsome sportsperson you remember I got that…”

“You would never stop praising yourself…”

“Oh my snuggly bear…mein toh hu hi tareef ke layak hi hu…”

“Yeah after all you are my hubby…”

Both chuckled and hugged each other. He kissed her crown and he hugged him more as a sign of comfortableness.

“Shaurya…I am still very nervous…”

“Why my love??”

They broke the hug and he gave her a questionable look. Soon he guessed the reason and cupped her face as he gave a feather kiss on her forehead making her smile.

“You can do this my love…everybody is with you and don’t be nervous I know you will surely do better…if you could handle me then you could obviously handle the cafe…”

She chuckled kissing his palms. He again took her in his embrace. Both remain like that for few minutes and then broke apart to pack their left stuff. After that both went to bed and slept after their love making session. Next day Mehak woke up first to find her in arms of her cuddly bear. His arms were around her waist holding her possesively. She managed to turn around to face him. She was looking at him with utmost love in her eyes that could never be explained but could be feel and seen clearly. She gave a kiss on his cheek caressed his hairs. He woke up as he felt her rose petal soft lips on his cheeks and saw his beautiful snuggly bear smiling.

“Good morning patidev…”

He kissed her lips thrice and then traced them with his tongue. She was amused to see his reaction early morning. Her eyes were wide with shock while he was having his killer smile.

“Ab hui morning good…”

“Uthhte hi shuru ho gye…you are impossible Shaurya…”

“I was not till January 23, 2018…after that I became mad because of your love…”

“But I proposed you on March 29, 2018 then how could be January 23 ??”

“That day I realized my love for you…”

Hearing this she made an angry face and started hitting him on his chest while he was loving that very much and laughing. This was annoying her more.

“You are very bad and darpok Shaurya…2 months 2 blo*dy months you spent in fear of losing me why hadn’t you proposed me…mera toh sapna hi adhoora reh gaya…I dreamt of my prince charming proposing me…oh god you are really impossible…darpok kahin ka…”

“Oh god save me from my babes…she is so dangerous…”

He chuckled while she made an angry pout. He pressed his lips to stop his laughter and cupped her face to make calm her down.

“Mehak…please na don’t get angry…I know I did a mistake but don’t you worry jaan I will fulfill your dream very soon but promise me that you won’t shed your precious pearls from your eyes at that moment…”

“I know that you would fulfill my every dream…I promise that I won’t let my tears fell from my eyes…”

He hugged her and kissed her crown before starting their cuddling business. After that both went to have shower together and get ready. Mehak wore her long side cut navy blue kurti with white printed flowers and white jegging while he choosed to wear his navy blue blazer on white black dotted shirt and blue jeans. Both spent some more time with each other and flew back to Delhi. On the way back to Delhi both were going through some of the photos taken in New York when they saw their selfie taken on Mehak’s b’day. Shaurya was showing his tongue with eyes closed while Mehak was kissing his cheek. Mehak smiled as she rested her head on his shoulder.

“We both are still kids Shaurya…”

“Mera toh pata nahi but you are surely a child…my snuggly bear…”

Mehak made a face and looked at him while he rubbed his nose on her.

“Why are you calling me Snuggly Bear from tomorrow instead of baby, babes, jaan, hotie etc…”

“Ohhh so my wifey want me to call her with these names huh??”

“Not like that but I just want to know why you named me Snuggly Bear…”

“Because you are my snuggly bear and will be forever so that’s why I am calling you Snuggly Bear…”

“Okay my cuddly bear…”

Mehak giggled followed by Shaurya and they continued their business of recalling their quality time moments. After some 16-17 hours both landed on Indira Gandhi International Airport. Mehak quickly ran as she saw their family waiting for them. He just shaked head on her childishness. Mehak bent to touch everyone’s feet and took blessings from them. She hugged dadi saying, “I missed you dadu…”

“Me too missed you laddu…”

“Dadi ki laddu apni maao par bhi taras kha le aur ek jadu ki jhappi de de…”

“Oh god maa app bhi na…how could I forget my MIL cum maa…”

Mehak went to hug Rashmi and Sarita. Shaurya too came with bags and took blessings from everyone. Dadi pulled his ear while he winces in pain.

“Oh my god dadi…your grandson return back after 15 days and you are making him wince in pain…not fair…”

“Chup kar tu…you kept my laddu away from me for 15 days and now wishing me to forgive you…not fair pote…”

Everyone giggled on them. He looked at Mehak who was giggling but quickly pressed her lips to control and showed him tongue.

“Maa aap bhi na…leave it abb toh hamari bitiya aa gayi hai na…”

“Jugraj tu ghana sir pe mat chadhave iss chhore ne…(Jugraj you don’t spoil this boy…)I will handle him in my way…”

“Dadi…it’s okay na…now I am here then why to tease this biga billa…”

Everyone giggled while Shaurya made a face on her. Dadi left his ear giggling with everyone and hugged him. He smiled before giving a fake angry glare to Mehak while she showed him her tongue.



Next week passed in teaching Mehak some important things about business. Jugraj and Vikram too helped Mehak along with Shaurya. Mehak was having a tough time in handling house and business both but still she was trying and was excellent in her efforts. Rashmi and dadi used to spend time with her after dinner when the ladies of house sit in the garden. Both were supporting Mehak and she was feeling blessed to have such a supportive family. Another two weeks had passed and next day is opening ceremony of cafe that Mehak is going to handle. After having dinner and copleting kitchen chores Mehak went to her room and changed into her black nightie. She sat in the balcony and waited for Shaurya to come and join her. After few minutes Shaurya too came and went to balcony after changing into his lower and T shirt.

“Mehak…what are you doing here love??”

Mehak hadn’t replied while he sat beside her. As soon as he sat beside her she hugged his waist and put her head on his chest. He too hugged her as he kissed her crown. Both remain silent for some time while Shaurya too let her rest in that position.

“You cancelled your world championship because of me…”

“No Mehak I hadn’t…”

“I am not asking Shaurya…I saw your tickets of Buddapest for World Championship that will start from coming Tuesday…”

He took a long breathe and then blow out the air. She looked at him and kissed his cheek as he was not looking at her. He looked in her big brown eyes that were showering love on him. His eyes fell on her red juicy lips that were trembling. He palmed her cheeks and started benting towards them. His eyes were not able to see anything else than her beautiful face where some mixed expression were roaming all over. He was so lost in her that her tears went unnoticable by him. His lips landed on her juicy lips and started kissing them passionately but she was not responding to the kiss and tried hard to remain uneffected. Some more tears came out from her almond eyes. He was pulling her more close to him while she remain uneffected. At last she gave up and kissed back passionately pulling him closer and closer while hands roaming in his hairs. After the passionate kiss they both broke apart and joined their forehead.

“I am sorry Mehak but you are everything for me and I could never leave you alone in this condition when any lady would need her hubby the most…”

Mehak looked at him and gave a confused look. He smiled and pecked her forehead and suck the tears.

“Could you share me with someone else??”

Her curiousness increased and his this question shocked her and she was not able to ulter any word as she was totally unaware of what he was talking about.

“Answer me Mehak…”

“I ca…can’t share…I can’t share you with anyone…”

“You have to share me with someone…”

Mehak was about to shout but before that he went on his knees and kept his head on her lap such that his ear touch her belly. He hold her hand and kissed her fingertips.

“We are going to be parents Mehak…”

Mehak could not believe her ears that she is going to be mother soon. Her lips curl into a very beautiful smile while eyes filled with tears of joy.

“I…I am preg…I am pregnant Shaurya…I can’t believe it…we are going to be parents…”

He lifted his head to look at her joyful face covered with tears. He sat beside her and wiped the tears.

“Yes Mehak we are going to be proud parents very soon…”

She hugged him tightly while he kissed her hairs and caressed back. He slowly broke their hug and wiped those pearls that were continuously flowing from her eyes.

“Abb no more wasting these pearls…you know na kitne important hai ye aansu…”

“Shaurya I can’t explain how much happy am I right now…but how do you come to know…”

“We went to clinic today…remember??”


Mehak had made Shaurya’s favorite coffee and went to room for giving him his coffee before he leaves for restaurant. As Mehak gave him coffee he took that cup on side table and pulled her by waist.

“Kya kar rahe ho Shaurya…koi aa jayega…”

“Toh aane do I don’t care…”

“Besharam…Shaurya you have to for meeting in restaurant today…”

“Oye madam…ye baat tum bhi janti ho aur mein bhi that I go in restaurant just to help daddy ji in some work and this meeting weeting is not for me…”

“But still you have to go na…”

“I will go my babes but before that I want my dose so…give me my morning dose…”

He traced her lower lip with his thumb while her jaw dropped on his increasing demands everyday.

“Aren’t you getting very cheesy nowadays??”

“What to do if this much beautiful wifey is in front of me…”

She knew that he won’t stop but once she agreed then he would get ready to leave his work and stay with her all the time. She shaked her head and then finally kissed his both cheeks. He was not at all satisfied and made a puppy face.

“Jitna khushi khushi mil raha hai na usme khush raho warna ye bhi band ho jayega…”

She tried to push him but he was so hard to be pushed by her. She tried to get out of his grip but in vain. He pinned her both hands on her back and kissed her both cheeks. His kiss immidiately made her calm and she stopped pushing him. He was so close to her that she could feel his breathes over her cheeks. He was close to her lips and was just less than an inch away from her juicy rose lips. She too lost herself to him and closed her eyes in order to feel the moment.

“Ahm Ahm”

Both quickly parted as they heard the sounf on their door. Mehak was embarrassed and her cheeks became red while Shaurya was looking here and there to hide his embarrassment.

“Shaurya beta…your daddy ji is ready for meeting and is calling you…if you are done then come downstairs or I ask your daddy ji to leave and you will join him in restaurant??”

“Yes maa you ask him to leave…I will join him in restaurant in 10 minutes…”

Mehak’s eyes widen on hearing this and she cursed herself under the breathe to come with coffee. Rashmi left nodding her head. He closed the door and went to Mehak who was trying to leave the room as soon as she get the chance. He hold her hand and sneaked another one on her waist.

“Shaurya…lemme go please…already maa had seen us like that…”

“Toh kya…if you are forgetting then lemme tell you tum rasmo riwazon ke saath meri biwi ho…”

Mehak was about to say something when she felt as if she would vomit any time and pushed him running to washroom. He grew worried and tried to look at her but she closed the washroom door on his face.

“Mehak…are you okay?? Open the door and lemme come in…”

She hadn’t replied but he could hear the voices. He easily guessed that she is vomiting. He was hell worried for her and just want to go to her and see if she is okay or not.

“Mehak please yrr just open this blo*dy door…”

“Shaurya…I am fine…”

“Then open the door na…”

Mehak came out of washroom and he cupped her face pushing her hairs behind.

“Are you fine Mehak…what happened to your health this vomiting and last night you fainted too…you never took care of yourself I always ask you to took care of yourself but never listen to me…now no more excuses I am taking you to the doctor now…”

Saying so he picked her in his arms while she was arguing him not to do so and put her down but Shaurya was Shaurya and when it comes to Mehak he never listen to her excuses and always do what he feel good for Mehak.

“Shaurya please I am fine…just put me down…”

“No more words…we are going to doctor and that’s final…”

“But yoor meeting…”

“Nothing is more important than you and daddy ji also there to handle that…”

Rashmi and dadi asked him if everything is right. He told them that Mehak is not feeling well so he is carrying her to doctor.

“Par uske peir bhi toh hai…”

“Aapki bahu itni seedhi nahi hai maa jo ek baar kehne se kehna maan jaye…”

“Achha baba le ja tu isse doctor ke paas…I will call your daddy ji and tell him about her health…”

He nodded his head and gave a glare to Mehak before she could protest. He took her to their family doctor. She done some tests as Shaurya told her about Mehak’s health. He aksed her to call him for giving her reports instead of calling her. She agreed and both left.


“Mrs. Mathur called me to inform that you are pregnant…”

Mehak again hugged him. She was on cloud nine. As she broke the hug he touched her belly and she put er hand over his hand.

“We will be the best parents to our child Mehak…”

“Yes Shaurya…we will become the best parents to our baby…”

“But when would we tell ma papa and dadi…dadi…she will go mad in happiness to hear the news and maa…maa toh pata nahi kitne aashirwad de degi…”

He was grinning as listening to her excitement. She was very much happy and eyes were shinning with happiness.

“Shaurya everyone will be so happy na…”

“Haa Mehak…sab bhut khush hoge…now it’s night and my princess needs to sleep so let’s go tomorrow you have an event and I don’t want my princess to get tired…”

“Aww Shaurya you cares for me so much…”

“Tumhari baat kaun kar raha hai mein to meri pyaari si princess ki baat kar raha hu…”

He touched her belly while her face turned in O shape and she made a fake angry pout. He giggled and pulled her cheeks.

“Aww mera golu molu…I love you yrr…”

“I love you too…”

He picked her in his arms and made her lie on bed. He too lie beside her as he switched off all the night and pecked her forehead. He snaked his possessive husband’s arms around her waist and made sure that she is comfortable and baby is not getting pressure and both dozed off in each other’s arms.

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