Mehriya- a simple love (Part 9)

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Mehriya Ep 9
Mehak reach home.
M: Chacha, Shall we go out??
Jeevan: What happens Mehak puthar?
M: I feel like having ice-cream…
Mohit: Wow Didi. Great idea. But what is the reason??
K chachi: Wahi toh. You were upset for two days, and suddenly you want to celebrate. What’s happening??
M: No chachi. It’s not celebration or anything. I just feel like having soo…
Mohit: ohoo maa. Please stop questioning. Come didi lets goo.
K Chachi: ok ok.. Go safely ok…

Later that night
Mehak was searching for something in her room.
M: Chachi, can you please came here for a minute?
K Chachi: what happen dear?
M: Chachi do you see my college magazines? I can’t find it here.
K Chachi: why do you need it now?? Is it urgent?
M: Woh… sonal… Sonal ask for it.
K Chachi: look in the upper shelf. That’s where your old books are kept.
M: ok chachi.
Mehak got the magazine she was looking for. She turns the pages of it. And stops at a class photo. Class photo of civil class of batch 2010-14
Shaurya’s class photo.
Mehak looks at Shaurya’s photo.
Do you know how much I miss you.? How much I cry when I lost you? It was my mistake. Yes it was my entire mistake and I regret it every day, every minute after that. Shaurya , I can’t name what was between us, but… I know there was something and that is special…., very special for me
Mehak talk to Shaurya’s photo. She hugs the magazine. Holding it close to her heart….
Next day morning
Mehak reach office. She went near Shaurya’s office.
R: Good morning Mehak.
M: good morning sir.
R: everything fine Mehak?
M:yes sir. Everything is fine…
R: do you want to discuss something??
M: no sir no..
R: ok. Then why are you here??
M: Shaurya.. I mean Shaurya sir… Who.. Sir asks me to meet… sooo….
R: ,,,,,???
M: Sir aaya nahi??
R:Till now no..
M: Ohh.. Ok.
Mehak went to her work site. She got busy in her work. Afternoon also Mehak went to Shaurya’s office, but he was not there.

Evening Mehak reach home.
K Chachi: Mehak, come I have made your favorite snack.
M: no chachi. I don’t feel hungry.
Mehak went to her room.
K chachi: what happen to this girl? Yesterday she was very happy and wants to have ice-cream. And today, look….
PD: Ohooo. You don’t get tensed about it. She may had a hard day. Let her take rest.
Mehak reach her room. She sat on her bed and takes her phone.

Should I call him? There is nothing wrong in calling na? He doesn’t came to office for a whole day, so I am just being social. Right…I just want to know whether he is ok or not. Nothing else. There is no problem in calling. After all we are working together, sooo….
Mehak dialed Shaurya’s number.
M: Hello, Shaurya?

S: Yes Shaurya Khanna here.
M: Its Mehak, Mehak Sharma.
S: Yes, Mehak tell me. What’s the matter??
M: Woh… I looked for you today but…
S: Ya, I count make it to office today. I was caught up with some other works. Anything important to discuss??
M: No no… nothing important. I mean I was….. just…
S:Mehak, if it’s not that important, can we discuss it during office time tomorrow??
M: Oh! Sure. I mm… I am sorry.
S: It’s ok.
Mehak throw her phone to bed.
What he thinks about himself?? I was just being friendly. Can’t he just say “hai Mehak how are you,” . No he wants to play I am the boss. Oh nooo. How … how could he do that… I mean… he was soo nice…., I can’t believe it is the same guy…. Whatever. And if he wants to be the boss, let him be.. I know to play it with his rules…
Next day morning
Mehak don’t feel like going to office. She called Rajeev.
M: good morning sir.
R: Yes Mehak. Tell me.

M: Sir, I am not feeling well. I couldn’t make it to office today.
R: What happen Mehak?
M: Sir please, I can’t came today. Please sanction my leave for the day.
R: Sorry Mehak. I can’t do that. not today.
M: but why sir??
R: Shaurya sir strictly said soo.
M: What??
R: Yaa. Today we have some important meeting, so he wants everyone to attend it. I am sorry.

M: ok sir.
Wow!! What an order. If someone is senior in office does that mean he can order others about their leave and sickness?? How stupid??? How can he do that..???
Mehak get ready and reach office. She was with workers when she saw Shaurya & Rajeev coming.
R: Mehak how are you feeling now?? Are you ok?
S: What happen to Mehak? She seems fine right?
R: yes sir. But Mehak ask for a leave today soo.
S: really mehak? What happen??
M: nothing sir. I am fine. It’s just a head ache.
Mehak said the last words looking at Shaurya.
S: I hope you get over the head ache soon..
Shaurya says with a grin.
Mehak walk towards the workers.
S: Rajeev, can you get me the electric approval file from my office?
R: sure sir.
Rajeev left from there.
Shaurya walks towards Mehak.
S: Mehak, can you please show me the area was the work has stopped due to change in plan?

Mehak walks towards that area without answering and not looking at him. They reach that portion of the work site.
Mehak starts to explain the work without looking at him.
Shaurya came near to mehak.
S: Mehak, why you call me yesterday? What was that you want to discuss with me?
M: I.. I forget what that was.. I .. I am sorry.
S: mehak, wait.
Mehak turns.

S: Tell me. What happen??
S: You have not studied to say your feels still now?? I had taught you to express yourself, remember? Or do you forget that too???
M: I haven’t forgotten anything Shaurya Khanna. If someone had forgotten anything it’s you, not me. And you want to know why I called you yesterday evening right?? I called to know whether you are ok or not. You were missing from the office for the whole day, so I was just…
Shaurya move close to Mehak.
S: Do you miss me???

Shaurya ask with a smile.
M: noo. No way. I was just… just being concern about…
S: oh!!! Concern…. Care….???
M: as a friend. I just try to be a good friend. Nothing else. And you decide to be a rude Boss. Ok its fine with me..
Mehak turn and try to walk away. Shaurya hold her back by pulling her dupatta.
M: Leave it. Let me go….

Shaurya leave the dupatta and came near her and stood facing her.
S: not that easily this time, Miss Sharma. I had let you go away without a reason, I won’t repeat my mistakes. And you don’t want to know why I was missing yesterday?
M: no. I don’t care if you come or not.
S: Really??? You don’t care??? But your eyes say something else…..
Mehak turns and tries to walk from there.
S: I was missing because, I want to make sure that this Mehak is the same Mehak I had met at Mumbai…
Mehak stops and turns back.

S: Yaa. I want to make sure this was the Mehak I was missing for past two years. The one who make teach me to color my life with small happiness.
Shaurya came near Mehak. He touches her chin and makes her look into his eyes.
S: I want to know whether you miss me or not.
M: Do you have your answer??
S: answer is in your eyes Mehak. I can see that. You can lie to me, not your eyes….

To be continued…

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