Mehriya- a simple love (Part 12)

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Episode 12
Mehak couldn’t believe her ears.. Shaurya and Sruti again..?? Are they still together?? Sonal hold her hands. Only then Mehak understands that she was shivering.
Sonal: mehak.
M: I am… I am ok.
Sonal: do you want water? I can get it for you…
M: NO Sonal! I am fine… I AM FINE….
Sonal: relax mehak…
Sonal take her to a chair. And make her sit.
Sonal: Are you ok now?
Mehak nodded a yes.
Sonal hugged Mehak.
Mehak: Sonal, I want to go home… I can’t stand here.
Sonal: what? Why… come on mehak.
Mehak: please Sonal…
Sonal: look mehak. Don’t repeat the same mistake. Two years before you do the same thing. You run away from everything and everyone. Don’t do that now. Face him. Ask him what is going on. Let him give an answer.

Mehak looked Sonal.
Sonal: And even if he turns to be wrong, you don’t have to run away. Find yourself here. It’s from here you chose to runaway, and now it’s time for you to change your choice. It’s a new Mehak. Now prove that…
Mehak hugged Sonal.
M: Thank you…
Sonal: Really!! You are impressed my talk?? Even I am impressed…
Sonal and Mehak laughs. Their laugher was disturbed by a voice.
“Excuse me.”
Sonal and Mehak turns.
Sonal: hi!! Ajay… Ajay Parmar??
Ajay: ya… hai…
Sonal: how are you? How is your work and all??
Ajay: I am good. I was working in Wipro. But now I am thinking about quitting and beginning something by myself.
Sonal: It’s good to know.
Ajay: Hi Mehak?
M: hi!
A: I have seen you during our college time.
M: oh… I am sorry I don’t remember…
A: it’s ok. We haven’t met personally. And today you look so different. I was not able to recoganice you at first.
Mehak smiles.

A: so… what are you doing Mehak?
M: working.
Sonal: Excuse me. I will be right back. You two carry on…
Sonal move from there before Mehak could say anything.
A: do you want to have something to drink. Come let’s have something…
M: ya…
Mehak says with a faded smile and went with him.
A: what do you prefer?
M: Juice.
A: ok.
Ajay serve her a glass of juice and take a glass for himself.
Ajay was talking to her about his job and new project etc. Mehak was not concentrating on what he says.
A: Are you looking for someone?
M: I am sorry. I… I want to meet Sonal. I was looking for her.
A: it’s ok. You may go. And I don’t want you to get bored my talks…
M: no it’s not because I am bored, I just want to meet her.
A: it’s ok mehak. I will see you around.
M; thank you. I will be back soon.
A; no problem. Take your time…
Mehak leaves from there and looks for Sonal.

A voice made her stop. A voice that can make her skip a heartbeat.
Shaurya. There was he… With a smile that can kill any girls heart.
S: hi mehak. OMG!!!!! You are looking so beautiful…
Mehak don’t move nor did she say something. She had mixed emotions. A part of her was happy seeing him, reveled by his presence. But the other part reminds her about Sruti’s name…
Shaurya move towards her…
S: Beautiful is not the correct word to say. Gorgeous, may be…
Mehak stared at him, not knowing how to react…
S: mehak, why are you looking like this..? Are you ok?
M: I want to talk to you…
S: ok. Tell me.
M: are you and Sruti together?
S: What do you mean by together?
M: do you come together?
S: yes… we came together…..
Shaurya understands what Mehak was up to…
S: no… No… it’s not what you think Mehak. We came together because, we are family friends. I can’t ignore her like that.
M: I don’t ask you to ignore her… actually I don’t ask you to do anything Shaurya.
Mehak turn away from him. Shaurya hold her hand and stop her.
S: mehak listen to me…
M: I don’t want to know anything…
Mehak try to free her hand. But Shaurya hold her tight…
S: you have to listen to me mehak. Come with me…
Shaurya take her to the corridor outside the auditorium.
S: look mehak. I am not with Sruti, not in a way you think. She is our family friend. I can’t destroy our family relations just because I can’t stand her. I can’t do it that way…
Mehak freed her hand.

M: it’s ok Shaurya. You don’t have to give explanations to me. You are not answerable to me.
S: I want you to understand me Mehak, as… as a friend at least.
M: it’s fine. And even if you are in a relationship with anyone, it doesn’t matter…
S: oh! Mehak, I am not in any relationship. Not with Sruti. Not with….
Shaurya stops and looks at mehak. He smiles.
S: Ya… I am in a relationship… it’s not Sruti. Some other girl.
Mehak looks at him… Shaurya came near to Mehak.
S: you may know her. She is from our college itself…
Mehak turns her face.
M: I don’t ask you… I don’t want to know…
S: I want you to know Mehak. She is soo beautiful… And she is…
Mehak’s phone rings and it disturbed Shaurya’s words.
Mehak look at her phone.
Sonal calling.
Mehak: Hello Sonal.
Sonal: Mehak. Are you ok? Where are you?
M: I am here only. What happen?
Sonal: I couldn’t find you here. And Ajay said you went looking for me.
M: I was looking for you…
Sonal: But, I here na.
M: I went to the washroom, I am coming…
Sonal: Ok. Come fast…
Mehak turn to Shaurya.
M: I have to go…
S: k…
Mehak went to the auditorium, and meet Sonal.
Everyone was busy meeting their old friends. Rewinding good old times, making new memories in selfies.
Mehak’s home. Later that night.
Sonal: Where were you?
Mehak gives her a confused look.
Sonal: where do you go missing from the hall?
M: Washroom…
Sonal: Mehak don’t you dare to lie to me ok??
M: what!!
Sonal: You don’t understand??
Mehak look down.
Sonal: I saw you and Shaurya entering the hall.
Mehak look at Sonal.
M: Sonal, Shaurya is not with Sruti. They are just family friends…
Sonal: So??
M: So means??
Sonal: Does that mean he have feelings for you?
Mehak nodded a no.
Sonal: Does that mean he will understand your feeling?
Mehak don’t say anything.
Sonal: Look Mehak, they are family friends. They may or may not be in relationship now. But they were. And still now they are together for some or other reason. Think about yourself, will you be able handle all these? Don’t waste your feelings on someone who will never understand it.
Mehak had teary eyes. Sonal hugged Mehak.
Sonal: I know it’s not easy. But…
Mehak hugged her.
M: I know I know… Thank you…
Sonal: will you be ok?
M: Ya…
Sonal: Do you want me to stay with you for the night?
M: no. I will be fine…
Sonal: are you sure?
M: ya…
Sonal: take care of yourself.
Mehak hugged her goodbye.

to be continued..

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