Mehriya- a simple love (Part 11)

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Episode 11

Next day morning.
Mehak come near Kantha chachi,
M: Chachi.
K Chachi: haaam, Mehak. Tell, do you have your breakfast?
M: no, I will have it. Chachi, that this week end there is our college alumni meet. And I, can I go chachi?
K Chachi: will you get leave for the day?
M: Chachi, it’s an evening party at college.
K Chachi: What? Evening party? I don’t think you have to go Mehak.
Mansi came there hearing this.
Mansi: wow mehak. College party, superb na…
K Chachi: Mansi, don’t start.
Mansi: but, it’s her first college alumni. Please let her go…
K chachi: I know that, but I can’t send her alone that too at night.
Mansi: She will not be alone na, there will be a lot of students from her college.
K chachi: But still…
Mansi: oho… aap bhi na. Let her go…
K Chachi: Mehak, do you really want to go??
M: Chachi, If you agree… Sonal wants me to come, and… And also think it will be nice to see my class mates and all…
K Chachi: If it is what you want, you can go…
Mansi: Wow!!!
M: Thank you chachi…

Mehak hugged K chachi. K Chachi hugged her back and kissed her forehead.
M: Chachi, I want to go for dress shopping with Sonal today evening. I will be late to come home.
Mansi: aren’t you getting new dress?
M: I don’t decide chachi.
K Chachi: If Sonal is getting a new dress then you can also get one. I will tell your Chacha to give you the money.
M: no chachi. I don’t need money, I have it with me. And I don’t decide about dress too.
K Chachi: Get a nice one for you too. Ok?
M: ok chachi. Let me go…
K Chachi: Have your breakfast.
Mehak had her breakfast and leave for her work.
Her Work site.
Mehak was busy with works in the morning. During her break time she went to Shaurya’s office.
M: May I come in?
S: Yes please Mehak…

Mehak came inside.
S: How are you? I think you were too busy in the morning.
M: I had some works to take care of.
S: yup… It’s good. And Rajeev says we are lucky to have you in team.
Mehak smiles.
S: Am I being too formal..? Leave it. Tell me, what you want to talk with me.
M: Actually, I … can I leave an hour early today?
S: can I ask why?
M: woh… Sonal wants to shop for the alumni, so… she asks me to come with her…
S: wow!! You girls will do shopping for anything right!!
M: No…She wants to buy something… so…
S: You don’t want to buy anything??
M: I don’t know…
S: Ok… You can go anytime you want.
M: Thank you.
Mehak leaves from there. She reaches near the door.
S: Mehak
Mehak turns.
S: you are coming for the alumni na…
Mehak nodded.
S: Thank you…

Mehak smiles, and left the room.
Evening. Mehak and Sonal were shopping.
Sonal: Mehak, at this red one! Isn’t beautiful??
M: isn’t it too short?
S: it’s not that short. And after all it’s a party yaar.
M: as you like.
Sonal: I am taking it. Aren’t you getting anything?
M: I don’t want anything like this…
Sonal: what do you want?
M: I don’t know…
Sonal: you can’t go in your salwar kameez ok??
M: let me look…
Mehak looks through the racks of clothes…
Mehak got a message. She checked her phone.
One new message from Shaurya.
She opens the message.
S: “how is your shopping going?”
Mehak typed her reply.
M: “boring. I couldn’t find anything”
S: “Do you need any help  ”
M: “How??”
S: “Try something new and different. Something you haven’t tried till now.”
M: “What different?”
S: “I can’t tell you that. Try find out yourself..”
M: “you make me more confused”
S: “sort it out dear… ok. I will message you later.”
M: “ok”

Mehak searches the racks. After some times she finds something she hasn’t tried till now.
A black colored full length gown. A simple plain gown.
Sonal: Do you really want this? You haven’t worn a gown before.
M: That’s why I want to try it now. How is this dress??
Sonal: It’s beautiful. But, will you be comfortable wearing this?
M: I don’t know. If I am not, I can give to Nehal na. she will be happy to have it..
Sonal: Ok. If it’s what you like.
They pay for it and leave.

Mehak each her home.
Nehal see the shopping bag in Mehak’s hand.
Nehal : Di, you go shopping without me??
M: Sonal asks me to come with her.
Nehal: wow! Di.. its soo beautiful.. do you get it for yourself..
Mansi: mehak you got this dress for party?
Nehal: party?? Di, you are going for a party??
M: it’s my college alumni.
Nehal: Wow!! You are wearing this!! I can’t believe it!!!
M: Sonal, wants me to try something new and different. So I thought, Nehal, if it don’t suites me, you can have it as yours…
Mansi: it will suites you. You will be beautiful in this…
Nehal: why don’t you try it now??
M: no. I will try it on that day only…
Nehal: ok… as you like…
Mehak went to her room.

Next day at work site.
Mehak and Shaurya meet during the work.
S: Rajeev, we have to finish the 4th floor as soon as possible.
R: Yes sir. We will put additional workers there.
M: but we can’t delay other works. We don’t have additional workers to manage. I think we have to arrange for more workers to finish 4th floor.
R: but mehak it will take time for that. And it’s urgent.
M: but we don’t have any other way.
S: Mehak, what do you suggest to do?
M: I think we have to get some workers.
R: it’s not easy to get trained workers soo fast.
M: I am not talking about trained workers. I am talking about daily wages workers. We can rearrange our workers in the new area and get the daily wagers as helpers. It will give as more workers strength without compromising quality.
S: I think it is a good idea. What you say Rajeev?
R: Yes sir. It’s a brilliant plan.
S: ok then. We can do that. Rajeev
R: Yes?
S: arrange for daily workers from tomorrow itself. Mehak, I have to get the rearrangement papers done by the evening.
R: Yes sir.
Rajeev leave from there.
M: I will get the papers ready.
S: ok.
Mehak was about to leave.
S: wait. How was your shopping? Do you find something?
M: ya.. I got something..
S: something new and different I hope..?
M: new and different..
S: Good..
Mehak smiles and leaves from there.

On the day of alumni.
Mehak got ready.
Nehal: Wow!! Di, you look soo different..
M: did I look ok? I mean, I am weird toh nehi hain na??
Nehal: no!! it’s different in a good manner. Your friends will be shocked to see you in your new look.
Mehak smiles and left with Sonal.
They reach their college and went to the auditorium. Sonal and Mehak meet their class mates.
Everyone was surprised seeing Mehak in her new getup. All compliment her for her new look.
Mehak’s eyes were searching for Shaurya. But Shaurya was nowhere to see.
Sonal: Princess is all ready, but prince charming is nowhere to see right?
M: Stop it Sonal..
Sonal: Come on.. you were looking for him na?
M: ya..
Sonal: Just call him.
M: no, what will he think?? I can’t be soo desperate for him..
Sonal: You are desperate.. and he will think you loves him, and its true right..
M: shut up Sonal! It’s not love and all.. it’s nothing in that sort..
Sonal: ok, lie to me.. but stop lying to yourself yaar…
They heard a sudden hush of girls saying Shaurya’s name. Mehak was soo happy to hear his name. But all her happiness dies knowing, he is alone.. Sruti is come with him…

To be continued…

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    1. Thanks for your support Rani. I am happy to make you smile….

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    1. Moni, thanks buddy… I am working on the next part.

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  11. Thank you Somi, Salma and Sapna. Keep reading dear friends. And also don’t stop commenting. Your comments means a lot to me… I really feel happy knowing that you all are enjoying my FF. Thank you for your support and love…

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    1. Thanks Reema. I am happy that you comment even if you were busy. I hope you have done well in your practicals. All the best for you.

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