Mehriya- a simple love (Part 10)

Episode 10

Mehak close her eyes and turn her face. Shaurya smiles.
S: not only your eyes. Your blushing cheeks give me my answer.
Mehak’s turned red more.
S: the rhythm of your heart beat…. I have my answer in every inch of you Mehak. You miss me..
Baatein Kuchh Ankahee Si, Kuchh Ansuni Si Hone Lagi
Kaabu Dil Pe Raha Na, Hasti Hamaari Khone Lagi
Wo Wo O O O O O……..
Shaayad Yahi Hai Pyaar…
R: Shaurya sir?
Mehak move away from Shaurya.
S: Yes Rajeev. Tell me.
R: Sir, approval papers.
S: Oh. Thank you.
M: excuse me sir. I will go and check the works.
S: Sure. Mehak.
Mehak go from there.

Evening – Mehak’s home
Mehak takes her phone.
Should I call?? Mmmm. What should I do??
Mehak was thinking with her phone in her hand. PD came to her room. And sit near her on her bed.
PD: I think my ladoo is not here. What happen? What are you thinking?
M: oh… sorry. Nothing PD. I was just..
PD: I have been noticing for last few days. My ladoo is soo distracted.
M: it’s not like that.
PD: don’t tell me its work pressure. I know you well…
Mehak bend her head…
PD: ok don’t tell anything now. But whenever you feel like talking you can come to me. Ok??
Mehak hugged PD.
M: can I ask you something??
PD: what happen??
M: what will you if you can’t take a decision? I mean if you are confused, don’t know what you have to do. How do you make a decision??
PD smiles.
PD: ask me. I will solve the problem for you??
M: no. I don’t have a problem. I was just asking…
PD laughs.
PD: ask yourself. Ask your mind what you want.
M: my mind doesn’t know what it wants.
PD: Do one thing. Take a coin. Toss it. It will help you to decide.
M: The coin will give me an answer?
PD: no. when you toss the coin, let the toss get heads or tails, you will pray to have the side that your heart wants. you will get to know what you want. You will have the answer by yourself my dear.
PD says with smile.

Later that night
Mehak take a coin and decides to toss.
Heads means I will call him, tails means no ok?? But wait what will I tell him when I call?? No no. No call. I will send him a good night message. That’s all… Mehak don’t think too much. That’s enough for today.
Mehak send a message.
M:”Good night. Sweet dreams”
She gets the reply within seconds.
S:”You take more than 6 hours to send me a message, that too to just say a good night…”
S:” I know you were thinking about calling or messaging me from the time you left the office. But you take all this time and just typed good night!”
M:”I was not thinking about you…”
S:”You know something you blushes when you lie…”
M:”But I am not blushing now na….”
S:”but you are lying now naa….”
Mehak smiles reading the message.
M:”Good night”
S:”Good night dear…”

Next day. Their work site.
Mehak was with workers, instructing them. She was indirectly looking for Shaurya. That’s when she saw Rajeev and Shaurya checking the works at the other corner of the building. She smiles seeing him.
In the afternoon they were able to meet and talk alone.
S: how was your day?
M: good.
S: good.
Mehak smiles
S: and how you decide to work in site?
M: my friend told me to follow my dreams whatever happens. He told me not to compromise my dreams.
Shaurya smiles
S: really?? Do I know that friend?
M: yaa. You may know him.
Mehak replies with a smile. Shaurya also smiles. They both were enjoying the game now.
S: Him?? Boyfriend???
M: Boy and friend yes.
S: wow! Does his name starts with the letter s?
Shaurya asks with a wink.
Mehak acts like she is thinking and nodded her head.
S: from our college I guess.
M: mmm. Yes.
S: my batch may be…??
Mehak nodded a yes. Shaurya was about ask something more.
M: No more questions please..??
S: what happen?? Darr gayi??
M: why should I??
S: then what’s with asking more questions??
M: it’s … it’s nothing… but
S: okk… we will continue it tomorrow ok.
Shaurya said with a smile.
Mehak don’t say anything just smiles.
o re manwa tu toh baawra hai..
tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai..
tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai.. baawre..
kyun dikhaye sapne tu sote jaagte..
jo barse sapne boond boond..
nainon ko moond moond..
nainon ko moond moond..
jo barsein sapne boond boond..
nainon ko moond moond..
kaise main chaloon.. dekh na sakoon
anjaane raaste..
Next day. While Shaurya & Mehak got time to be together
S: hai shall we continue our game from yesterday??
M: noo… Please…
S: hey… just kidding…
Mehak smiles.
S: so… aren’t you coming for our college alumni meet?
M: college alumni…!!
S: yaa…
M: No…
S: what??? You are not coming?? You don’t want to meet your friends and all…??
M: I don’t have many friends to meet there. So I am not…
S: you are kidding… come meet everyone… it will be fun, trust me…
M: I am not interested… and I was not a celebrity like you, to grab all the attention and have fun.
S: no no… it’s not like that… ya… I have some good friends at college. It’s not like everyone wants to be invisible like you…
S: oops.. I am sorry. I don’t mean that way..
Shaurya was feeling really sorry, it just slipped out. He didn’t mean it. And it is clear that Mehak was hurt.
M: I was not invisible Shaurya… I was visible. But you were too busy to notice I think…
Saying this Mehak turns and walks. Shaurya came behind her and stopes her by standing in front of her.
S: relax mehak… I don’t mean to offend you…
M: I am not offended…
S: ok. Mehak I am sorry…
M: please don’t be. You don’t do anything wrong…
S: Mehak look here… I am really sorry… I really am… It’s just I want you to come to the alumni. Meet everyone. Have some fun. Be social and all…
M: I can’t. I am not so social and all.
S: then be… Make friends. Why are you holding back yourself…?
M: I am not good at all these…
S: don’t say that… you are wonderful… Trust me, you are just amazing. It’s time to show others, that you are…
M: but I ….
S: Trust me it will be nice. We will have fun.
M: let me ask Sonal. I can’t came alone…
S: You are not alone Mehak, I am with you, always….
Saying this Shaurya hold Mehak’s hand.
Mehak and Shaurya share an eye lock.
S: You ask Sonal, I think she will be happy to come.
M: I hope so..
S: ok then. See you later..
M: ya..
Mehak nodded.

Evening. Mehak’s home.
Mehak calls Sonal.
M: Sonal yar.
Sonal: haii.. How are you? And how is your Shaurya…??
M: Yar stop making fun of me. I want to ask something important.
Sonal: Ok. Ask me. What’s it now?
M: are you going for college alumni meet?
Sonal: ya. I am going. What happen?
M: I want to came to..
Sonal: What!! Really!!
M: yaa..
Sonal: wow!! Its great… but can I ask why do you want to come??
M: that.. nothing I.. I just think.. it will be good to see everyone right..??
Sonal: Its him, right??
M: no..
Sonal: really Mehak? Are you fooling me??
M: Oh.. yar.. ok.. Yaa. He wants me to come for it.
Sonal: that’s my girl. We will have a blast together..
M: I hope so..
Sonal: so we have to go for shopping tomorrow evening. Meet me in front of the mall ok??
M: what? Wait.. what shopping??
Sonal: What shopping! We are going for a party, and you are asking what shopping??
M: party??
Sonal: yes my bachi.. It’s a party.
M: oh………
Sonal: please, don’t back out now.. come on yar…
M: ya…
Sonal: see you tomorrow evening.. bye..
M: bye..

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