Mehndi Wale Haath- Episode 1 – Broken Friendship and Forming a marriage


Hey guys this is episode 1 of my new FF, I hope you like it! Also YRKKH cast is included, except Sirat. In my FF, Aarohi is also Kaira’s daughter.

Ansh, Prakriti, Guru, Sara and Aanya are having a tour of Anuj’s house by Pakhi, Samar and Paritosh.

Ansh: (whispers to Prakriti and Guru) Prakriti.. Guru-

Prakriti: (phone rings)

Prakriti: Hello? Maa?

Maya on phone: Hello. Prakriti.. you Ansh and Guru come to front room of Kapadias. We cannot stand here a moment longer.

Ansh slightly hears what Maya is saying and takes the phone.

Ansh: Maa… kya hua? Why are you saying like this? Goenka’s and Kapadia’s are more like friends than family.. what happened maa?

Sara, Aanya, Pakhi, Samar and Paritosh are confused.

Ansh cuts the call.

Guru: Bhai kya hua? Maa ne kya kaha?

Ansh: Guru.. we have to go home..

They all go to the front room.

Guru: Maa.. papa kya hua??

Akhilesh: Guru-

Manish: I will tell you Guru.. we said that we opened a new Hospital.. and now your maa and papa are saying we are rivals.

Guru: Papa.. what is uncle saying? Its good na that they opened their own hospital…

Ansh: Yeah papa.. we have our own hospital.. you work there. I do, Abhimanyu (YRKKH) does, because he trusts us.

Prakriti: Papa, why will Akhilesh Uncle be a rival? Is it because you think his hospital will do well, and Abhimanyu, Aarohi, Harshvardhan uncle, Mahima aunty and Anand uncle will join his hospital?

Ansh: If we misbehave with them, then yes!

Akhilesh: Im sorry Manish Goenka.. no more of this friendship

Anuj: Akhil wait.. don’t do this!

Singh Family leave.

Manish: Anuj..

Payal: Anuj ji, don’t interfere.. they cannot insult us!

Anupamaa: Payal! Yeh sab kya hai!

Payal: What?? We can’t be insulted..

Goenka’s leave.

Samar: Yeh sahi nahi hua.. Akhil uncle ko aisa nahi kehna chahiye tha..

Pakhi: Haan.. ab kya hoga?


Goenka’s home

Manish: Payal.. lets drop this idea of the hospital

Payal: Manish, why? It is our idea..-

Aanya notices Guru outside and:

Aanya: Maa.. I am feeling sleepy.. me sone jaa rahi hu

Payal: Ok Aanya.

She locks her room door and find Guru waiting for her there.

Aanya: Guru? W-what a-are you doing here! M-maa papa.. di will come.. go.. jao

Guru: I need to tell you something jaan..

Aanya: That?

Guru: I.. I.. have.. have to go to war..

Aanya is shocked.

Aanya: W-wa-war?

Guru: Haan.. I w-wanted to take leave but sir didn’t let me..

Payal and Manish have overheard this.

They knock on the door.

Payal: Aanya… OPEN THE DOOR!

Aanya gets scared.. and:

Guru goes to open the door

Aanya: What are you doing! Papa will kill you.. Guru don’t open the door!

Guru still opens it.

Manish: Guru? What are you doing here! We broke all relations with you and your family, but still are keeping a relation with my daughter?

Guru: Sir.. you let Sara be with Samar.. and Kapadia’s are related to us..

Manish: We don’t have enmity with Kapadia’s. We have with YOUR Singh Family.

Manish is about to grab Aanya’s hand and take her, but Guru stops him

Guru: Sir.. you may be her father, and have known her before and more than me.. but ask her.. if she will be happy with me or not.. if she is not, then I will leave and never come back..

Manish: Aanya.. will you be happy with him? Or with Amandeep?

Aanya: P-papa? W-who is Amandeep?

Kairav comes in

Aanya: Akshu and Aaru’s bhai? Kairav bhaiya?

Kairav: Sorry not me.. but him

Kairav: This is Amandeep.

Aanya: You guys go out, I need to speak to Kairav bhaiya alone..

(Kairav, Abhimanyu, Akshara and Aarohi know about Guru and Aanya)

They all leave, but Guru stays.

Aanya: Kairav bhaiya.. you- you know we both.

Kairav: I am sorry, Aanya.. your father compelled me to! I wanted to tell him that you both love each other.. but he made me swear on Reem..

Reem enters.

Reem: I am sorry Aanya.. because of me you hav-

Aanya: It’s ok bhabhi.. (she looks at Guru)

Guru leaves

Surekha Hospital:

Abhimanyu: Why was Ansh’s mood off today? Anyway.. let me call my Akshu.. she has been waiting for my call

Abhimanyu: Hi Akshu..

Akshu: Hi Abhi.. anything important?

Abhimanyu: Just wanted to hear your voice

Akshu: Accha ji?

Goenka Villa

Naira calls Akshu

Naira: Akshu!! Akshu! Jaldi ao..

Abhimanyu: Jao jao Akshu Rani.. mata bula rahi hai..

Akshu: Abhi! Ok bye.

Akshu goes to Naira.

Akshu: Kya hua mumma?

Naira: Aaru kahan hai? Aur.. tumhara Abhi kesa hai?

Akshu: Mumma! Aaru, Surekha Hospital gayi hai..

Naira: OK..

Akshu: And before you ask- Kairav bhaiya.. Aanya ke ghar pe hai, Reem bhabhi ke saath..

Naira: Bhai ki shaadi ho gayi.. tum aur Aaru kab karogi?

Akshu: I will.. but when I want to! Mera career hai na.. mumma

Naira: Ok ok! Calm down..

Naira gets Kartik’s call

Kartik: Naira? Is Akshu there? If she is not call her and put your phone on speaker

Naira: Akshu is here.. phone is on speaker what happened Kartik?

Kartik: Abhimanyu…

Akshu: Papa! Kya hua Abhi ko?

Kartik: Speak to him yourself..

Abhimanyu: Akshu.. will you be my life partner?

Akshu looks at Naira..

Naira mouths at her:

Naira: Kya hua? Reply na?

Akshu: When do you want t-to marry?

Abhi, doesn’t reply and gives the phone back to Kartik.


PreCap: AbhiRa’s sagai..

Aanya’s sagai to Amandeep.

She cuts the call and goes to Naira

  1. Ishika9365

    Sorry everyone, mistake again! Last precap sentence should be: Aanya’s decision! Sorry once again

  2. Ishika9365

    Akshu’s decision*

  3. Aaru911

    Amazing 🤩

  4. Aaru911

    Waiting for next

  5. Ishika9365

    Thank you ep 2 has been uploaded but I wrote AbhiYatri- Gujarati VS Marathi- It can’t even be friendship after this, so if you want to read it you will have to look for that title. Sorry for that.

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