Mehndi Wale Haath- Character Sketch


Hey friends this is a new FF of mine..  based on the actual song Mehndi Wale Haath,  featuring Guru Randhawa and Sanjana Sanghi.. I hope you like this as well.

Character Sketch:

Sanjana Sanghi as- Aanya Goenka. Guru’s girlfriend and best friend. Manish and Payal’s daughter. Sara’s younger sister.

Fun family loving girl.. her family has rivalry with Guru’s family, but eventually the two fall in love.

Profession: Ayurvedic doctor.

Hobbies: Interior designing.

Likes: Hanging out with Guru


Guru Randhawa as- Guru Rajveer Singh. Aanya’s boyfriend and best friend. Akhilesh and Maya’s son. Samar’s elder and Ansh’s younger brother and Prakriti’s devar.

Fun loving boy  who’s parents have rivalry with Manish and Payal, Aanya’s parents.

Profession: Army officer.

Hobbies: Playing cricket.

Likes: Hanging out with Aanya.

Alma Hussein as- Sara Goenka.. Manish and Payal’s elder daughter, Aanya’s elder sister. Samar’s girlfriend.

Fun family loving girl like her sister.

Profession: Also an Ayurvedic Doctor

Hobbies: Interior designing along with her sister.

Likes: Hanging out with Samar

Paras Kalnawat as- Samar Shah. Sara’s boyfriend. Anupamaa and Vanraj’s son. Anuj’s adoptive son.

Kind and family loving boy

Profession: Also an army officer

Hobbies: Dancing. Playing cricket with Guru.

Likes: Hanging out with Sara

PRECAP FOR EP 1: Aanya is in her room. Guru jumps in through her balcony.

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this FF and kindly support me through your comments!

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  1. Ishika9365

    Hey everyone, sorry there is a mistake! Samar is not Guru and Ansh’s brother! Sorry everyone once again.

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