Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update : Pallavi confronts Raghav

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 8th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pallavi sees Raghav in Watchman’s lane, tries to call him but Raghav leaves, Pallavi thinks what is he doing here.

Pallavi hands watchman money, watchman says that night there was occasion in my family my mother in law’s Birthday and I didn’t want to go and fought with my wife and I was sitting at hotel then your husband came he was in wedding outfit and was looking for auto and he was hit by a car and it was a big accident, the driver ran away, Pallavi asks who was the driver any idea, Watchman says it was Raghav Rao.

Pallavi reaches home to Raghav and asks him did he kill Mandar, did he make her widow, and asks him to tell truth, Raghav looks at Pallavi and says yes I did, Pallavi says you can’t Raghav, why are you lying, you can’t do this, I saw you near watchman’s house, tell me the truth why are you taking this blame on you, the person who can help a poor little girl can’t run away with a accident, he married a girl to unite his family, was ready to be humiliated for his wife, such man can’t runaway after an accident.

Raghav says I did, I was impatient, I was scared so I ranaway, I am infront of you, I am ready to accept punishment, Pallavi says okay tell me who killed Mandar, who are you trying to save, I am sure that you may not kill someone but save someone, Raghav says I am the culprit trust me, Pallavi puts Raghav’s hand on her head and asks her to swear that he killed Mandar, Raghav says I hate all this, Pallavi says you are trying to save criminal, if that person would take him to hospital Mandar would be alive and he didn’t just kill Mandar but whole family, Raghav says I am ready to surrender, Pallavi says I wilo find the real culprit, Raghav says Pallavi you want real culprit I challenge you, you won’t find the person, Pallavi says atleast you accepted its not you and if you are Raghav Rao, I am Pallavi Raghav Rao.

Raghav asks Farhad to set meeting with lawyer, Farhad says okay. Raghav looks at Pallavi’s picture and says why do you trust me so much, you never listen to me.

Pallavi thinking about Raghav near shop, Krishna asks her what’s wrong, and goes to get water for Pallavi, Pallavi asks what will you reach right or wrong for a close person, Krishna says explain me in simple way, Pallavi remembers Mahabharata narrated by Sharda, and says Raghav wants to save his relations and its definitely between Farhad, Kirti and Amma but I want to know the truth.

Jaya asks Pallavi why she is early from shop, Pallavi says I have something important to talk shall I, Jaya says no, lets sit and talk and smiles, Pallavi says Amma I am not trying to blame you or Kirti but I need help, Jaya says don’t justify just ask freely, Pallavi says by any chance you remember where you were on 1st Dec 2018, Jaya says not really, Pallavi says anything special, Jaya says we had a boring life, Pallavi says no worries don’t stress just tell me when you remember, Jaya says there must be something in my gallery, lets check 2018 photo’s, Jaya shows that she and Kirti went to Swamiji Ashram, Kirti walks to them, Jaya tells about the date, Kirti gets sacred, Pallavi tells about 1st Dec accident, Pallavi says see I dont want, Kirti says so why are you interrogating us, you think we are killers such a shameless girl you were, Amma look what you got in this house, Jaya says enough Kirti stop over reacting, Pallavi says Kirti sorry if you felt bad but I was just asking because I found a clue that there was accident, Kirti says and where did I find a car for accident and leaves. Jaya sees Pallavi emotional and says Pallavi forget her, I didn’t feel bad at all, because I want you to find the truth and punish culprit, Pallavi hugs Jaya.

Pre cap:Kirti on call in tears, Raghav walks in and says Kirti I know it was you.

Pallavi says to Raghav, I won’t let you do this Raghav, I won’t allow you to take the blame and let the culprit free.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Anonymous predicted right.
    But i like this new way.
    It is far better love-misunderstanding-reunion circle
    I can watch the show till pallavi trusts raghav
    That mandar will come alive, 1-2 week later as he is alive may be raghav know about him
    Trp of ssk 2,mhrw, saakk are 1
    Udariyan 1.6
    So saakk will go offair sure
    I watch only mhrw leads act much better, shivangi watch always better, sai has improved much from 1st episode

    1. @hhh Where did you see the trp results? Can you share the link please?

    2. Lisa
      You can findout trp result any of social media like you tube, instagram, twitter by using #trp on search

    3. you can follow gossips tv in instagram

    4. @Hhh

      TRP of ssk2 and MHRW is 1.0 . They both are slot leaders . I hope the upcoming jail and mandar drama kill the makki show.

      Star plus has 3 shows coming up . ZMGA promo is out and vidrohi poster is available as well . I think SAAK and ANNS will be the first to go . MHRW might survive till aug .

    5. I like that mhrw sustained trp
      Not reduce like saakk
      I hope they will show good story till it last and will not change script for trp

    6. @ Hhh

      That is my hope as well 🀞 If star plus has made up it’s mind then the makers might as well as follow their own script and put up a good show instead of comprising the story .

  2. 1. Glad Pallavi trusts Raghav.
    2. even in Khkt Rohit had faith that Sonakshi had not caused Raima’s accident.
    3. Kirti is getting very annoying day by day.
    4. I love Jaya and Pallu bonding and trust ..unlike other shows where MIL hates bahu

    1. But now there is less shows in which MIL hates bahu..ghkkp..anupama..Saak..Anns..sns2

  3. Year this keerthi is so selfish how easily she is blaming pallavi she should be punished if she did that accident otherwise she wont realise the worth and she is right where she got car for her?and how that car reached raghav garage?even if we think it is sunny car not possible because raghav told that he saw her in the driver seat so that means only she is there in the car and car is with raghav may be he got that in garage so that anyone wont get lead but this is so confusing
    Pallavi 😘dil jith liya sweety after marriage she is taking sensible decisions hope in future too will be like that only
    Raghav when sulochana case came he told she should be punished even she is pallu family member (after he accepted her point ) but when it comes to his sister he is not ready .

    1. @Anju
      But Sulochana case was different. Sulochana was going on planning evil games with both Raghvi, now also. If once you forgive the mistake then it is ok but when someone goes on playing evil games then she should be punished because she will never stop. It is not the same with Kirti, Kirti never hurt anyone wantedly before and what she did with Mandar was an accident not on purpose.

    2. That’s true but her attitude is like I am ms.perfect seriously before i thought because of sunny love trap she acted like that but now she is really becoming crazy she did mistake and blaming pallavi if she will be like that her nature will create many problems and raghav,jaya is not like that than y ahe is like that yaarπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ if ahe become negative totally in future poor raghav will have tough time to face because opposite will be own sister than

  4. One word for this epic. MASS. Loved Pallavi character and took a deep breath as there is no misunderstandings.

  5. My wish came true! Pallavi trusted Raghav and this is way better than hatred developing between them. When Pallavi and Raghav were arguing, I was immediately reminded of the initial episodes when both of them used to be at loggerheads and against each other. Anyways Pallavi’s trust on Raghav is just amazing ❀
    Kirti is getting annoying. Why is she always so furious with Pallavi? Her attitude is going down the drains. I wish she learns a good lesson soon.

  6. But I didn’t get one thing how that car came to raghav garage?they r not in talking conditions than how?
    No one thought keerthi will be the reason because by seeing raghav guilty mostly we thought May be he involved ,manipulated into it.y raghav thinks pallavi will leave him because of that haa the relations May get crack but she wont punish him fir his sister make yaar she know relation value.

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Thank godπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» Pallavi didn’t believe that Raghav did accident, rather trying to save kirti..
    2. Though I know that Pallavi will forgive Kirti , when truth will come out, but she has right to know it atleastπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
    3. Krishna directly and indirectly always guide Pallavi as per her name😊😊😊

  8. Finally I caught up with today’s episode .

    I like RaghVi’s double standards . When their family commits crime then the person should not be punished but if somebody else commits a crime against their family then it’s punishable πŸ™„πŸ€£πŸ˜‚. TBH I don’t even understand what qualifies as a crime in this show… Raghav smuggles diamond , bribes officials , kidnaps and threatens ppl ,drinks and drives . Kaku and Nikhil steal, kidnap, smuggle , cheat and lie .Pallavi’s cringy lines are a crime against the viewers . All these crimes are brushed aside . Madam pallavi will not remember her karma and dharma lessons during these times but will handpick one incident . Why not brush this incident under the carpet as well and move on . I am glad our law makers don’t take notes from these shows.

    Moving on ….

    I am happy pallavi is supporting Raghav. I think it should be very obvious to her that Keerti is the culprit after seeing her reaction . Its amazing how Keerti is living this double life where she is friends with pallavi and helps her out but is also responsible for running over her husband . The makers are now making it seem like Keerti has 0 guilt while on the other hand her brother is dying of guilt for having done nothing …what a bro-sis combo !!

    1. I must say , i love those double standard characters, koi bhi dud ka dhula hua nahi

    2. @Hhh

  9. Thank God! Pallavi didn’t believe Raghav’s lie. Raghav is trying to save his sister Kirti and i think Kirti didn’t do the accident either. It could be Sunny who was driving and did the accident. And she is trying to save Sunny.🀷🏻. Let’s wait for the new twist.

    1. @ Tk_

      Even I feel like it’s sunny . But all my predictions regarding this show have been incorrect so let’s see.

    2. @Tk_
      Even I have started to feel that its Sunny. And if that happens it will be like: Raghav making sacrifices thinking Kirti is the culprit, whereas Kirti making sacrifices for Sunny, meanwhile Sunny the real culprit sipping a cup of tea and enjoying the sacrifice-wala drama πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. I don’t like pallavi going on and on about mandar or Deshmukh’s. She should not forget that raghav is her husband. How can she ask 10 lakh from raghav family to pay the khabri. Nonsense that a girl fights for a husband with whom she didn’t even spend a night and for a such a horrible family like deshmukhs. Pallavi is being ungrateful here


      @R shankar
      pallavi faced people’s rubbish taunts because of she is a widow. This was shown clearly in mansi’s wedding preparations.

  11. I am sure sunny will be the culprit

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