Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update : Pallavi saves Raghav


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 8th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sharda says in this house only Amruta can do abortion, who else will. Sulochana saus Pallavi, she has done many things behind you, Sharda slaps Sulochana….

Raghav calls Pallavi and asks for shops blue print and to be sent to his house in half and hour ..

Raghav choking on food…

Sometime back…

Sharda scolds Pallavi, and says just tell me one thing were you with Raghav, Pallavi nods yes, Sharda says why Pallavi, why are you giving people chance to talk, I am not stopping you to work with him but there is a time to do work and you need to follow that, Siddhesh walks in and says you don’t need to give explanation you just pack and we are going Kolhapur, Pallavi says I am not going anywhere, Siddhes says can’t you see you were out of house for their work, late night that too but they dont appreciate but are angry with you, they didnt even allow Nikhil to find you, they are selfish people. Pallavi says she isnt scolding without any reason, she is right I should have left informing someone and be careful about Raghav knowing that people are discussing us, but I was so lost with that work call I couldn’t think, I had worked so hard for that order so I just told Krishna and left and I am here safe because of Raghav, Siddhesh says Pallavi why don’t you understand, Pallavi says because she is my mother and has right to know where I am, would you stop our Aai Baba too and Vijay is upset because of Raghav and I will handle it and this is my house I wont leave it, Siddhesh says think again Pallavi, dont make decisions that you would regret later.

Pallavi apologize to Sharda, and says Dada also shouldn’t have spoken in this tone to you, Sharda smiles and leaves.

Pallavi walks to Vijay, he closes door on her face, Raghab upset in tears because of Amma’s behaviour, he sits in his old room.

Sharda gives sareea for ironing and finds a receipt, she finds I s pregnancy abortion report. A man visits Pallavi’s shop with her store pouch and says I got this at Jayti jewels, its beautiful can I see some sarees for my wife, Pallavi welcomes him in shop, and shows sarees, he selects one and gets it packed and asks your sarees and pouches are so good, but shop so old, anyways Thank you.
Pallavi says Krishna he is right, we need to renovate the shop. Pallavi gets call from Raghav and says I need shop blueprint in half n hour at my house, Pallavi asks why, Raghav says to build underground tunnel and loot your shop, Pallavi disconnects call and says he just cant answer properly. Krishna starts laughing.

Amruta on call says only fruit diet for wedding, I can’t gain wait, Sharda starring at her, Amruta disconnects call and asks Kaku what is it, Sharda calls Sulochana and shows her abortion receipt, Sulochana says this one doesn’t have any name just surname, Sulochana says why call me, Sharda says Amruta what all is this, Amruta asks what, Sharda says it’s yours, you have male friends, boy friend’s you keep roaming with them late night, I don’t like it but Sulochana allows it so I didn’t stop it, Sulochana says enough, she is my daughter, there are other girls too, Sharda says who else will abort here, Sulochana says you don’t like me dont drag my daughter into it, Sharda says this is not about dislike, she is on wrong track, Sulochana says Pallavi is also in this house, she is roaming a lot now a days behind your back, Sharda slaps Sulochana.

Pallavi at Raghav’s house, Raghav discussing shop layout with architect, Raghav asks him to start work, Pallavi gets happy and asks you are renovating shop so nice, Raghav says he will start work after 15 days when you will leave, I will make this a godown because I know you will loose, Pallavi says what are you, you helped me I thought, Raghav says one day I saved you other day you were infront of truck. Sulochana says I am quite because of Vijay Dada or else I could slap too, Tina and Abhishek already told us about Raghav and Pallavi and before you left for Kolhapur Pallavi went to doctor, Pallavi was not in house whole night, she spent whole night with Raghav to open shop in mall, Siddesh says enough, Sulochana says you should have controlled your sister then and Sharda my daughter can marry anyone this can be done by Pallavi not my daughter, Vijay says stop this nonsense Pallavi would never do this, Sulochana says you were upset with Pallavi because she meets Raghav, and you tore her cheque too, do a thing call her and ask her where she is and I am sure she must be with Raghav.

Pallavi says enough Raghav, Raghav starts having lunch, Pallavi says I should have slapped you back then,and I dont want to discuss with you anymore, Pallavi leaving gets call from Vijay her phone battery low, she turns around and sees Raghav choking on food, Pallavi says you cant eat food properly what will you win challenge and makes Raghav lie on table and sits on him to remove choked food and hits his back hard, Pallavi gets off him and table, gives him water asks are you better, Raghav says after you hitting me so much, Pallavi says yesterday you gave me business advice let me give you life advice dont talk while having food and don’t consider my humanity my friendship, because you are my enemy and defeating you is all I see and leaves.

Pre cap: Sulochana says to Pallavi after aborting Raghav’s life asking in full attitude you are asking what did I do and hands Pallavi receipt of abortion.
Pallavi says this isn’t mine, I can prove that.
Doctor says I know Pallavi you weren’t expecting pregnancy this is why we aborted your baby.
Raghav holds Vijay’s collar and says show your anger in your house, Pallavi yells at Raghav says leave him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. I think sulochana payed the doctor to say pallavi’s name instead of amrutas. Vijay is honestly getting so annoying

  2. Last scene was amazing, pallu was sitting on raghav🤣🤣.

    1. I saw this too . The Deshmukh family clearly have bad vision .

  3. The whole chocking scene made me laugh so hard!😂😂😂😂😂
    Pallavi’s family already had their mind set that Pallavi is in a relationship with Raghav and also they can conclude that Pallavi had an abortion according to the scenario.
    But don’t stoop Pallavi’s character down in front of Raghav.
    Raghav should’ve been aware about Pallavi’s widowed status by now so that he could have some sort of respect for her who is running the business alone and trying to manage the whole In- Laws family.
    But yaha toh ulta kar rahe hain ye makers!
    Pallavi ki liye Raghav ki nazron mein aur girane ki plan hain ye logon ki. Pallavi ko characterless bhi bana denge ye log Raghav ki nazron mein.

    Pathetic yaar! Itna gira hua drama matt karo.
    Ek aurat woh bhi jo aapni sapno ko dafnaake apni mara hua pati aur sasur ki dream pura karne mein lagi hain aur apni future ki baarein mein na sochke sasural ki baarein mein soch rahi hain uski character mein daag matt lagao.
    It looks ridiculous !

    1. @tonni that is what they are going to do. He is going to get married to her thinking she slept with some guy 🙄 . Its annoying !!!

  4. They should have avoided the choking scene . It was shot a while ago and they just wanted to use it . Raghav and pallavi had grown close over the previous episodes and this made it look like nothing had changed between the two . All the character development just gets forgotten .

    I am sure the next couple of episodes are going to be difficult to watch . Everyone blaming pallavi and probably insulting her in every sort of way. But I am curious to know why pallavi wants revenge from Raghav ( as per the promo) considering she knows he is being blamed for the entire fiasco just like her and his anger is sort of justified .

    Watch this one! If you see clearly, it’ll not be hard to understand it’s written Amruta.

    1. I saw this too . The Deshmukh family clearly have bad vision .

  6. This Baba Sasur is getting on to my nerves now…. more than Bindi wali Aunty…. really crazily driving me against the wall 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


  7. The cat fight between Raghav and Pallavi is very interesting. Nice to hear the telegu words. Milind is very supporting.
    Jaya is to hard for her son. The role of the angry Raghav is outstanding. Hé is cute and very adorable. Looking forward for the next episode.

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