Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update : Pallavi confronts Raghav

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pallavi asks Rajan to get oil exchanged and if doesn’t get cold pressed she will order online, Rajan says food is ready and leaves. Raghav pulls Pallavi aside, and says Mrs. Pallavi Raghav Rao, you focus on whole house what about your husband, Pallavi says someone will see us what are you doing, Raghav says first say I love you, Raghav puts his hand on his lips, Pallavi says Amma will see us move, Raghav pulls her back. Raghav goes close to kiss her, Amma calls Pallavi and she runs away.

Jaya says Pallavi I have few sarees, I never have worn them Kirti has selected few you do too, Pallavi says so pretty, Raghav walks in, Amma stands with finger on her lip, Pallavi starts giggling, Raghav asks why are you standing like this, Jaya says one is laughing in this and other anger whats wrong anyways I will get more sarees, Amma leaves, Raghav starts chasing Pallavi when she starts laughing at him, Amma sees them and is very happy.

Raghav sees Farhad still working and asks why hasn’t he left, Farhad says he soon will, Farhad asks is tracker working well, Raghav says yes, I knew Mandar will do something and so I kept in Pallavi’s bag, Kirti hears that.

Pallavi, Kirti, Jaya having breakfast, waiting for Raghav, Mandar visits Pallavi, Pallavi asks why is he here, Mandar says I went to near by temple got you Prasad, Jaya says so nice, Mandar says Pallavi I think I kept my ear phone in your bag, please check, Pallavi says okay, Jaya offers Mandar to have breakfast he denies.
(Kirti has informed Mandar about tracker).

Pallavi starts checking her bag and says I didn’t find anything, Kirti surprised thinking how didn’t she find, and says empty your whole bag, Pallavi does so and finds tracker, and says what is this, Kirti says show and says this is a tracker, Pallavi asks meaning, Mandar says it gives live location, Raghav sees Mandar and asks him what is he doing here, and sees Pallavi holding tracker, Pallavi says I don’t know who did this, Jaya says someone might have done by mistake, Kirti says someone has done by mistake, Pallavi says who might have, I went restaurant yesterday abd Raghav jad handed me bag, Kirti looks at Raghav, Pallavi says why give him that look, Kirti says he is so quite may be its him, Pallavi says Raghav would never do this, Kirti says let him answer then, Pallavi says I dont want explanation from him, Kirti says for once say no Raghav, Pallavi gets angry says enough Kirti you are behaving too much lije Sunny, and stop doubting your family, Kirti says cmon Raghav say it, Pallavi says he doesn’t have to, Raghav shouts yes it was me, because Mandar is taking advantage of her kindness and she isn’t understanding this fact, Pallavi asks why Raghav, Raghav says when you were offline for whole day I had gone mad, and this is fraud man, he on one side challenges me that he will take you away from me in 7 days and on one side behaves innocent in front of you, Mandar says enough Raghav.

Mandar says to Raghav, stop blaming me and that to with so low reason and so I keep asking you Pallavi is Raghav fine with it, because when a husband sees someone else with his wife he gets mad does whatever he can to his best, Raghav attacks Mandar says liar, fraud, Pallavi stops them, Raghav pulls Pallavi and says he is liar, Pallavi says you dont talk about trust, I have seen what you did, Pallavi asks Mandar to leave. Mandar says I never want to talk about it and will never comr back. Kirti stands aside smiling.

Pallavi looks at Raghav and leaves, Raghav in tears follows her and says please listen, Pallavi asks why, don’t you trust me, Raghav says I trust you more than I trust myself, and because of Mandar his challenges I did this, Pallavi says why didn’t you tell me earlier, the truth is you don’t trust me, you doubted my love too, I stood by you, and you want to go against me, for Mandar I am just doing my responsibilities and you have no right to test my love, Raghav says Pallavi I, Pallavi stops him says you said we will fight together so where did that go, I told you everything, and this is how you treated me, Raghav says I never doubted you, Pallavi says but the actions are showing something else.

Kirti enjoying Pasta, says Sunny you cook the best Pasta, Sunny says you had such good news, Kirti says I had so much fun seeing them fight, your plan worked, and now soon they will separate, Sunny says Mandar will do all that, we just have to support him and once Pallavi is out of your house we will be all good.

Mandar walks in disturbed in Deshmukh house, Vijay asks what happened, Sharda asks what happened Mandar, Mandar faints, Milind rushes to them.

Ramya examines Mandar and says he had a seziure and this has happened after long time and if this continues he will never recover and I think you should call Pallavi here, she needs her most and if she doesn’t he will go worst. Sharda says its difficult for her to come, you tell us we will do what is required, Vijay leaves. Sharda thinks God what all is this happening.

Jaya sees Raghav sitting upset and asks him how is Pallavi, Raghav says she is not talking to me, and says even you think I was wrong, Jaya says your way was bad Raghav, and we see you as jealous husband who doesn’t trust your wife, Raghav says but this isnt the truth, Jaya says I know that, and you hurt her only you can make her happy. Raghav says okay Amma will do something.

Pre cap:Raghav on call with Mandar says you will regret. Mandar says it’s end of your story and start of mine, Raghav gets very angry.

Sunny and Kirti hand Mandar stuff he needed.

Raghav calls Pallavi and tells her he loves her a lot and didn’t understand when he turned insecure.
Mandar sees Raghav calling Pallavi, and goes stand on parapet, Pallavi sees that and gets scared.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Amma is being a good support for raghav, all the advice and support he craved from his mother is finally there. Just hoping for turn of events as we can’t just expect a smooth move in a show, there will be drama, emotions, fight, mishaps everything may be the ups and downs are what makes show get going. New bts of farad and amrutha are quite good n raghav is winning some award i guess, n ganesh pooja ahead seems like there is gonna be good entertainment stuff.

  2. Makers hope so pallavi and raghav don’t get separated because we watch this show only because of their chemistry and love… We want to see more and more of love in their lives plz don’t separate them…

    I don’t know when mandra, sunny and kirit will rrealize their mistakes and leave theses negative role.. There are more villains in this serial now…

  3. Can they change this dumb track of mandar kirti and sunny it’s getting boring now and kirti take her out of the house she doesn’t deserve to be in that house and pallavi should not go to mandar what are the doctors for

  4. Raghavi separation???? Well just like other serail…..when will Mandar chapter close its is irritating. I have stopped watching and used to read written update, now that is also getting predictable… Pallavi is becoming dumb just the opposite of what she was in tbe beginning of the serial and raghav get ur senses back ,be the RR Hyderabad was scared of…get the truth of Mandar out very soon and let pallavi realise her mistake and feel guilty for some time for all the time she did not heed your sixth sense and ignored you. Let her now start working your relation again which she has spoilt with her own hands… kirti and sunny let them learn a lesson let vedant put them in trouble…..but please END MANADAR CHAPTER,LET RAGHAVI BE TOGHETHER AND PALLAVI REALISE HER MISTAKE…Makers can we expect a good story line once again it had started so beautiful and was different from the regular crap that is being shown on tv…but now it is gutter just like others… SAI and SHIVANGI IF THIS TOXIC CONTINUES PLEASE LEAVE THE SERIAL BECOS FOR THE PAST FEW EPISODES U GUYS HAVE BEEN REDUCED TO EXTRAS AND THE VILLAINS HAVE TURNED OUT TO BE THE MAIN LEADS.WE WERE WATCHING THE SERIAL ONLY FOR RAGHVI BEING TOGETHER..TWISTS AND TURNS ARE OK ,BUT THEY HAVE TO BE TOGETHER,THAT WAS THE BEAUTY OF THE SERIAL

    1. Yes, it is becoming boring. How can pallavi be so dumb? but at the same time I feel that this is raghav and pallavis’ plan to get the truth out of Mandaar. They didn’t even question about the differences between raghav’s story and mandaar’s doctor’s story. It seems like writers are getting Ekta kapoor’s idea for the script

  5. Now this is becoming usual daily soap drama lots of misunderstanding lots of conspiracy and pallavi become so dumb looks liks that she doesnt want to see Mandars intention even AAI and Raghav is saying clearly..It’s like usually women have sixth sense to find bad intention of men only if they wanted to or else everyone is saying same thing but hume to drama karna hai
    Now Dr. Ramiya is still talking pallavi pallavi and pallavi is also saying yes me and me only will be responsible for Mandars memory to regain
    Sone pe suhaga keerthi is doing conspiracy against brother…Now I am damn sure k amma ki upbringing ka hi problem hai thank God Raghav was not with amma in growth years🤣
    Now feeling little irritated to see last 2 3 episodes
    Will stop watching this show if plot is dragging like this only

  6. This show… god… what to even say. This is one of those ridiculous, cltiched,trope ridden one which makes me wanna watch and at the same time bash…since it is better in some aspects while staying privy to the itv standards. Both the leads are total hypocrites and blind when it comes to their family…And regarding the current track… I understand that pallavi considers the trashmukhs as her family,and no matter how much anger she might harbor for them.. she will want them to be in good terms since her aai aka her mother and kaka are there and I get it mandaar is in a delicate situation but can’t she just tell her ex to stay in his limits and not make her uncomfortable with his talking.
    Like girl you have all the signs in front of you.. one single line is enough… and why would you want to go there again and again..when the whole family is there for him and again I get it since her so called ex is terminally ill and for some reason only is responding to her but this much humanity and naiveness…Pallavi you seriously need to grow that spine back..this is stupidity and better be it your crazy plan to expose mandaar by observing him or some big explosion of emotions when the truth comes out.(I hope the makers give it a proper execution). And as far as Raghav is concerned his character had come a long way and is rather enjoyable to watch the differeng shades unfold….but honestly speaking, instead of keeping a tracker in her bag he should have being transparent about the challenge and should have warned pallavi beforehand… and again it might be possible that the makers want to show that since it is a newly formed relation.. it will take time for them to be fully transparent with everything and this incident might be an eye opener for it.
    P.S. I’m hopeful with all the bts pictures and I’m all in for some amhad content.

    1. Y are giving your comments hiding behind so many different ids? I read your comments in all the updates and know you use different names such as now natasha, earlier u used comment in the name of Pooja and even Luna, Riya Krishna in imlie, y do you act like a coward and immature? cuz only those who are cowards and immature do such things

    2. Aditi I think you have been mistaken dear… I have been watching this show for a long time and this is the first time I have commented..

    3. @Aditi

      I am the only pooja on this thread and this is the only show I watch and comment on 🙄🙄. I used to comment regularly but off late I am done with the negative comments so taking a break .

      And even if someone is multiple names not sure what is the problem with it 😒

    4. Typo
      *someone is using multiple names/IDs

    5. There is nothing wrong in using multiple accounts but it’s immensely cowardish and immature when someone lies about it when they really hide behind different ids. They think nobody will know the truth but when we read regularly the comments we can easily find out who says what.

    6. Aditi… as a matter of fact I was just sharing my opinion regarding the current track… P.S. No hatred intended to anyone….

    7. @Aditi

      This is an online platform and I don’t see a problem if someone is trying to protect their privacy , it is a wise thing to do .

      Anyways in this case , Natasha and me are different people and don’t even share the same opinion about this show . Can’t comment on Riya Krishna or Luna cause I haven’t seen their comments 🤷

    8. obviously you will find it a wise thing to do cuz you are doing it when in reality you are making a fool of yourself that’s the truth bitter truth. since you are proud of it keep doing it if you really like it. this is an online platform and a really good place to make a fool out of yourself. there’s nothing more to comment

    9. @ Aditi

      This was so pointless . I don’t even know why I bothered to explain 😒🙄 . I will just go along with you .

      All hail the wise one 🙌🙌. Congrats on cracking this case Miss Marple 👏👏 after your success in resolving the “case of multiple identities ” , what is the new venture you will embark on ? I have 🤞🤞 for Pegasus snooping matter .

  7. Show has become bakwaas with the current story line. I gave up on this show. Good luck to all viewers

    1. Sneha kotian

      Guess the director has changed..heard they had roped in GHKPM director… If anyone is watching GHKPM it is sick serial where again the daughter in law of the house is trying to create problems between the lead couple and not allowing to come together. No family values and thats exactly what is happening IN MHRW…the serial is becoming crap since the director has changed…so it’s bye bye to MHRW hope they don’t get an extension, the beauty is lost….unless they revive RAGHAVI moments and Mandar track for any future twists ans turns RAGHVI face it together it’s curtain for the serial

  8. Bharathi Bangera

    Dialogues superb hain especially Raghav Rao like beena address ke envelope, understand (in telegu) etc Raghav Rao really style icon hain sunny and ved ka bhi dialogue mast hain hum logo ko Raghav and Pallavi ka dance sequence dekhna hain Raghav aur Pallavi superb. All characters superb. Mansi ki shaadi Pallavi aur Raghav ke wajah se tuti toh woh log hi karayenge uski shaadi

  9. Krishna rao ki raghav k sath kuch pictures dekhi
    Thank God
    Lagta h ab mandar track bas isi week tak chalega sachchai sabke samne aane hi wali h I Hope

  10. I stopped watching weeks ago, but continued reading updates. I can’t do that anymore. Actor that plays Mandar I can’t look at his face because he’s too creepy looking. Negative plot is too much. Too many nasty and creepy characters and too feel good characters in this show now.

  11. Mandar is playing with Pallavi’s emotions and she is falling right into a trap. Feel so so sorry for Raghav’

  12. I cannot believe what they are showing now. Raghav and Pallavi they started so strong and because of trivial matter they are misunderstanding each other. Pallavi – she understood him when no one did and now failing to understand him just because of tracker & not believing his words really this is nonsense. I have stopped watching this since 3 days & i am only reading updates. Will watch ones they sort their misunderstandings.
    Mandar track is fine, but they should show how strong love is that no mandar, sunny ved and kirti can come in between. And why are they showing Pallavi’s character as a puppet?

    A man who spent his whole life with his family especially his mom is not comfortable with them but comfortable with a women with whom he did not even spend a night – bakwass

    it is getting really annoying and boring. There is nothing to watch on startplus now Anupama- high torture , GHKKPM – utterly nonsense and now this one is turning into one

    1. U hit thr nail rashi…Starplus serials are all becoming gutterish. Anupama serial torture and no self-respect shown for women,fail to understand how ex-wife and present wife stay under the same roof..Anupama who started with josh of self respect when she got to know fo vanraj affair is still helping him and his wife can’t see this happening in real . GHKKPM as u rightly said utter nonsense,but as I mentioned earlier I heard that the director of GHKKP has taken additional charge of MHRW,nd guess that the reason for the crap being shown in MHRW… other wise such a clean and beautiful serial which was being appreciated for its different concept is now one of those where women have no brains and cannot take a stand.normally the trust and evil track used to get done in a week time in MHRW , however the mandar track is on for 2 weeks,7 days khatam hi nahi ho rahe hai.Believe it or not I was religiously watching the serail at 6.30 so that TRP increase ho jaye,and continue with office work afer 7 pm again,but last 1 week watching creepy MANDAR and illogical Pallavi stopped watching the serial used to read updates abhi do din se that also stopped…the serial has lost it charm and I wonder if they will be able to bring the loyal fan base back…

    2. Rashi Agarwal

      Seriously Yaar, they should show some great twist..ek dum parda fad twist..

  13. i think Pallavi and raghav now will plot against Mandar….because Pallavi knows that Raghav doesn’t lie in especially such situations..
    Otherwise nonsense….when are they going to come in senses…

  14. I don’t understand why in almost all Indian serials there’s so much enmity anger revenge and jealousy shown. Can’t this story writers write something more positive.
    Also that Pallavi can’t be so dumb not realise that Mandars’ memory problems are all fake sharda’ s role is the only positive one. Just hope the writers change the track so that Pallavi sees who is behind all this plotting and planning.

  15. Wth is going on?pallu is strong girl ,raghav is strong y pallu became dumb,raghav becoming emotional helpless is the strong base of their relationship from starting now that is being questioned r u serious? 🤷
    Keerthi up to yesterday she is saying bhai shouldn’t face any problem as if she care about him now she is going against his back.😡perfect ex for sister 😒
    Mandar master stroke suicide drama,now what is this powder?he is up to something big.definitely this time pallu will be trapped in big problem.
    I don’t understand they should face the problem wisely together but here they question eo,believe others than their partner and give chances to others to manipulate them and destroy their relation.🤦‍♂️

  16. Having watched from the beginning… which was fantastic…now…well the magic, great dialogue and fantastic story has become not enjoyable entertainment anymore. Raghav was so exciting to watch but now he’s become a weak crying man and lost control of his life. Pallavi is in her mother Indian mode and looking foolish. Amma is not the head of the family anymore and become a dummy on the side….Kirti well glad she’s not my sister as who needs enamies when you can have a sister like her..miss the old days when the characters where fantastic to watch. I have stopped watching repeats as can only stomach one time watch. Sai your acting is brilliant but they are destroying all your efforts now….the Don of Hyderabad has left the show….In an interview Sai was asked what parts of show is his favourite he replied…don’t have a favourite but would go back to beginning and do things differently ?? What was he trying to say here?? Oh well let’s hope story becomes original again and soon !! Thanks for reading 💚

  17. The serial with its current track is Doomed. Is it becos of change in the director…this was one positive serial and also had its funny moments and was very pleasing to watch without much negatively…who needs so much negativety especially in today’s time when all are stressed becos of the pandemic..also such cheape tricks nad ideas send a wrong message to the society and youngsters of today… Enough is Enough. Stop this Manadar track. Guess Sandeep sir is competing with ekta as to who has more evil in their serial…Sai Ketan Rao incase u are reading this please come back to the original RR swag this lost love does not suit you,expose Mandar and let pallavi now start working on your relation. You are not the only one who broke her trust by keeping the tracker,you did so beocs mandar has switched off her cell the last time you called her,but she has broken your trust by not listening to you nd heeding your sixth sense,and which woman leaves her husband to take care of her so called ex..bhai 21 ka era chal raha hai.medical science itna aage baad gaya hai that this bina address ke envelope can be treated medically is PALLAVI A MAHAN DEVI???? GET PROOF OF THIS NAUGHTY MANDAR, THROW IT IN THE FACE OF THE TRASHMUHK ESPECIALLY SANKI BUDDHA AND PALLAVI AND GO BACK TO RR mansion…Let Pallavi stay with the trashmukh nad creepy loser mandar and incase she comes back to RR mansion and says sorry ,tell just like she felt he broke his trust,she has also broken his trust ans he will need time as he does not allow anyone to become so attached to him since he is afraid they will break his let pallavi feel the heat and insecurity you felt.😰

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