Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update Raghav saves Pallavi

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 25th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

At Rao Mansion, staff prepping, Jaya asks what all is this, Farhad says even I don’t know.
Raghav gets disguised same as Swapnil looked, Jaya and Farhad see him and are impressed, Raghav says no one will recognise me in this get up but this mask will help me, Jaya says but your Hindi, Raghav says I will pretend to be dumb, Farhad says why will they hire you then, Raghav says I am dumb not my assistant, Jaya asks who, Ramakrishna walks in Marathi attire, Jaya asks who is this, Raghav says he is Rama, he will cook with you, Raghav says yes he will manage cooking and I will manage Pallavi and office, and Rama will be called Prakash, Jaya says be very careful, because you are going to save Pallavi, this is for her, Rama says yes.
Jaya gets aarti and performs aarti for good luck.
Jaya says get back my daughter in law and finish Mandar’s bad wishes. Raghav leaves and says look what Raghvi do now Mandar.

Mandar holding a matchbox and thinking of Sunny’s words that Pallavi is fooling him, Pallavi walks in and says Mandar here is the glass you want, Mandar holds her hand while holding glass, Pallavi says I will come back, its medicine time for Aai. Mandar says Pallavi have you forgotten Raghav, and I am scared that you will go back to him, Pallavi thinks whats wrong with him, Pallavi says don’t you trust me, Mandar says you need to express love and so is trust and you need to gain trust first, do you want to earn it, Pallavi says yes, Mandar gets a Raghav’s photograph and asks her to burn it and prove that you have no feelings for him, and you shouldn’t think twice about it, burn it and prove yourself, Pallavi thinks of good times with Raghav, Pallavi says Mandar if you will trust me by doing this, I will, Pallavi unable to light the match stick, Pallavi damages few match stick, and says get me candle from downstairs, these match sticks are not good.
Pallavi removes a Mandar’s photograph from cupboard, Mandar gets candle, Pallavi burns Mandar’s photo, Mandar thinks she is burning Raghav’s photo, Pallavi says I am burning the photo of man who separated me from my love, and my family, Mandar sees in Mirror that the Photo isn’t what he got her, and is confused.

Mandar says show me photo, Pallavi says I won’t you will again have doubts on me, Photo falls on Pallavi’s veil and it catches fire, Pallavi rushes down for help, she calls Vijay says baba help me, Vijay asks Mansi to get water and Amruta to get a blanket, Raghav disguised rushes in and tears her saree veil and saves her, Pallavi faints, Raghav holds her in his arms, Vijay asks Amrita to get her some ice. Pallavi looks at man who saved her and moves away, Vijay asks how did your saree catch fire, Raghav thinks its definitely Mandar, Pallavi says matchstick fell on my saree by mistake, Mandar says Pallavi are you fine, will call doctor, Pallavi says not required I am fine, this man saved me and smiles, Mandar says thank you for saving my wife, but who are you, what are you doing here, Mandar about to remove Raghav’s mask, Raghav holds his hand and stops him and pushes him away, Mandar says this is my house, how do you show attitude, Vijay stops Mandar from attacking Raghav and asks who are you, Raghav signs him that he is cook, Vijay says can’t you talk, Prakash walks in and says he is dumb, and greets everyone, and says he is Swapnil Nerurkar Singh, and I am his assistant Prakash, Mansi says he doesn’t look like cook, right Aai, Sulochana says agreed.

Prakash shows Vijay their Ids and tells film stars name and says we worked there, Mandar says why did you come here then.

Pre cap:Raghav kisses Pallavi on her cheeks, Pallavi kisses him back.
Kirti asks Sunny to get these papers signed, they are Pallavi and Raghav’s divorce papers.
Kirti add the papers to Raghav’s important file and hopes he doesn’t see them just signs.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. I am confused from where Sunny got the divorce papers? Ok, maybe tomorrow we will see Mandar giving him the divorce papers.
    Anyway, I don’t think Raghav will sign them, I think he will be interrupted by something at the last moment.

  2. Cheeranjivi garu and NTR garu ka chef in deshmukhπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Pallu sawped the photos, Smart one but she was standing in front of mirror, but she didn’t gave up, jab RR ke photo itne special hai toh RR kitna special hai all can imagine.
    In other serials jab look change hota hai we can identify eaisly but here rama and RR were very different. Now raghavi will romance under the shadow of mandar πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.
    Sunny and Mandar ego clases always, there are Chances where sunny can double cross mandar for his own benifit 🧐🧐.

    1. Don’t think sunny will double Cross Mandar. SUNNY is a creep and so also keerthi. in tomorrow promos they have shown sunny giving Keerthi divorce papers to get signed by Raghav.. sunny is interested only in Raghav property. Just fail to understand are divorce papers so easy to make don’t they require any authentication.Also if Raghav signs the same without reading what’s the use ,because no smart businesse man will ever do that.Also read somewhere that there is a leap and Raghavi are separated. If this is true then it’s good bye to MHRW.Lets hope for the best and hope that this irrelevant track of Mandar and then of sunny and Keerthi also end and we get to see raghavi πŸ₯° moments and as I keep on saying bring krishna rao track as it has a relevance to the story line and Raghvi handling the same together.Just for sake of having negative characters they should not show irrelevant track of sunny and Keerthi. Krishnan rao character is more negative and will have more impact..Hope u guys agree with me .

  3. Seriously in getting this Manadar track done with,the writer and makers are actually making a fool of themselves and turning the serial into a crap serial like all others on star plus and zee.Why can’t they get proof about Mandar dark past and expose him and hand him over to the police.How come DR Ramya is suddenly nowhere in the picture,does Mandar not require any treatment. Also this sunny and Keerthi track is also getting nauseateing as they have no other work than keeping a watch on Raghvi and finding ways of separating them. This has no bearing on the storyline,what is the writer trying to project in the storyline,are we saying that once mandar is eliminated and let’s say Keerthi is successful in getting the signatures on the divorce papers will it have any significance,also if Raghav and Pallavi get divorced will Raghav allow Keerthi and sunny to get married. seriously by allowing this mandar track to stretch for so long the story lost it track, instead of exposing Mandar dark past they kept on showing his psyco mode having no relevance to the story.Also this sunny track unnecessary being kept ,they should end this keerti and Sunny track also. Keerthi deserves to be dumped by Sunny. Read somewhere in the upcoming story line spoilers that there is a short leap in which Raghav and Pallavi are separated and Pallavi is staying in an ashram and Raghav is back as a angry ruthless man. If this is true then it’s goodbye to MHRW ,becos it wil loose it’s uniqueness and will be like a crap serial like all other. Why can’t they change the storyline and let raghavi live like normal married couples and instead of this nonsense Keerthi sunny track, bring the krishna rao track and have Raghav in his DON element take revenge on krishna rao and close his chapter..Just becos raghav is smitten πŸ₯° with Pallavi and loves her beyond anything,does not mean that he is no longer a DON ,and kill his DON attitude. Raghav attitude is the highlight of this serial and that should be retained and this attitude should be used to address all evil that could into their lives.separation,leaps, misunderstanding between the leads is what we get to see in all Serials.we want to see something different. BUT GUESS SERIAL IS DOOMED INCASE KEERTHI AND SUNNY TRACK CONTINUES AND THEY ARE SUCESSFUL IN SEPARATING RAGHAVI.GUESS EVIL WINS ALL THE TIME IS WHAT ALL STAR SERIALS ARE TRYING TO MESSAGE USERS AND LEADS ARE ALWAYS SEPARATED…

  4. Every news cooks up its own story what percentage of its real no one knows until it’s done. Making opinion on some random news or stressing about it will lead us nowhere. After all that matters is what currently going on and is great, just enjoy what we have. If u like it watch, have problem quit it, spreading stress on something not happen or will happen is useless.

    1. Guess you are right…but I m sure u will agree what started as a unique storyline and strong leads coming together in unusual circumstances and then slowly getting to trust each other before falling in love is lost somewhere..Maybe Mandar track was required to tie up loose end on how he disappeared on his wedding day,but STRETCHING it for so long and the manner in which Mandar is being exposed is ridiculous, especially when we say that RAGHAV RAO being such an influential person does not have his sources to dig into the dark past. Even Sunny Keerthi track having no relevance than to separate the all other shows the no of negative people in the show increases and the good is always shown a losing .In The current pandemic situation where there is so much of mental stress and few moments of light hearted positive serials spread some postivity…so hoping for all negativety to end and Pallavi and Raghav together dealing with all future problems… Anyways story have stopped watching MHRW for the last 2 days and maybe continue to not watch and just read the updates till some postivity is shown and get to see RAGHAVI moments and change of story to move away from stupid antics by sunny and Keerthi to more logical track of krishna rao.

  5. Well about negative characters I would say everyone is write on there own place, sunny parental issue, kirti loneliness about loosing her father n brother, all these made her fall for him, when no one was with her sunn5 was there but with te she may realise the difference in choice made by her. Till entire mandar story unfold we can’t tell about his importance in show or storyline. He is a dark past of pallu which have to be resolved. It’s not a movie or web series to end in specific time period, it’s a daily basis entertainment show, regardless of anything and everything if something we like n enjoy we must stick to it n trust it and if not there are 1000s of other options to do. Make own choice… And also if a give a fair try may be u won’t regret n enjoy it too….

    1. Actually all serial should have specific time period,otherwise in the race for TRP and extension for content is lost and negative tracks are introduced and becomes repetitive .You need to watch Pakistan serials and and a few Turkish dramas they so clean with crisp story line amazing acting and not Over the top negative tracks…MHRW started with unique storyline and amazing acting by the leads,but now they are also getting lost .Also heard and geeta Tyagi who is playing the role of Raghav amma confirmed on insta that she might turn negative,if thay happens then it’s the usual saas bahu drama and the uniqueness of the relationship that amma and PALLAVI shared is lost.
      Me giving a fair try will not increase THE TRP . The viwers were awestruck my MHRW becos of its uniqueness and amazing acting..but that is getting LOST somewhere…Raghav as a DON is completely lost and incase the DON attitude is back becos of the separation track then what’s the use ..all serial on starplus and Zee where the serial are on for more than 5 years and negatively winning and lead separation

  6. Finally Raghav is in Deshmukh house . I honestly wasn’t expecting him to get there before sept with the pace at which the show is moving . I am so happy to see a new promo that I won’t even complain about the divorce papers 😍😍

    Mandar is so useless , why couldn’t he even put off that fire ??? It wasn’t even clear what was running in his head it seemed like the makers told him to just stand there and stay away from pallavi so they wouldn’t get trashed the next day πŸ˜’πŸ€£ . I am really not enjoying the show after the plot change done to please the fans ,it’s gotten boring and repetitive.

    How are others liking the new plotline ? The cast and makers are literally doing everything to save their show including BTS and talking to fans and I hope for their sake the TRP increases tomorrow . I have been so bored lately with the plot that I been reading comments for most of colours and star shows. This made me realise how lame the shows are and it’s heartbreaking to know these shows are doing better than MHRW .

    1. Why is everyone saying that Amma will turn negative (saw it on twitter as well) ?? What is the source ?

      Does that mean something bad will happen with keerti ?

    2. The comment section is doing something funny
      I don’t remember replying on my own comment . Anyways I found the source .

      Not sure why Amma will turn negative . You basically can’t trust anyone on this show. Every character does a 180 🀦

    3. a new promo ???

    4. i agree too..the unique serial has changed to trash…i dont even watch..i used to only read updates..and reading itself gives me irritation

  7. MHRW started with a bang and every episode was unique and interesting.. Honestly used to wait for next morning to watch the episode on hotstar and then watch it again on TV at 6.30 pm ,never got bored seeing the repeat telecast. Raghavi romance was good to watch ,but now they have become only teasers to ensure that viewers watch the episode . RAGHAV was fantastic in the DON Avatar,but now they have killed it completely. Fine after the marriage track they introduced the ex husband track,but they stretched it too long and also the way Manadar is being exposed in not in line with Raghav character.As a DON there should have been a more logical way to expose Mandar and how he is involved in a murder and how he tried to kill his own Mom.Too many negative people planning and plotting.Serial has lost its magic and tracks are being introduced without any relevance to the past story line.keerti sunny track also being shown to ensure 22 minutes of episode time.The writers have completely destroyed the beauty of the serial and I doubt whether the magic can be revived…also heard leap in show with separation of Raghav and Pallavi and also Amma turning Good bye MHRW and doubt whether serial will get n extension beyond this year or maybe this crap which is being introduced is only so that the show can get extensions because star plus are known for showcasing negative tracks, plotting and planning, separation of lead pairs and degrading of relations then be it husband-wife, brother-sister, daughter-in-law and mother-in law.

  8. To get better trp I think they should delay the episode in hotstar. There are more views in piracy episode of this show. If they will be able to delay the episode to 6:00pm I guarantee their trp will increase.

    1. I don’t think by delaying the episodes on the OTT platform will increase the TRP.
      If you realise all channels like Hotstar, Zee , Voot have shows which are telecast before they are shown on TV.still they have good TRP

    2. Nowadays voot also delays their episode.

  9. Where I can watch the old episodes?? I am not in India, so hotstar is not accessable. Anyone knows other websites.

    1. Plz stop criticizing the show.
      If you have got some spoilers about negativity, then you should watch what actually happen.
      Rather than spreading negativity everywhere. Even pallavi- raghav sad track was less than 2 weeks, so much criticism for female lead than it was expected.
      So bid a good bye rather than spoiling other interest to watch by spreading neagativity

  10. I guess Mandar will have his doubts on this “new goonga cook”πŸ˜‚ and might also get to know his actual identity one day. Raghav is not at all afraid of himπŸ˜‚coz he knows wo kabristaan se utha hua aadmi uska baal bhi baanka nai kar saktaπŸ˜‚… Good Raghav should continue this but then he also have to control himself to avoid giving away his identity as filaal Psychopath Mandar ka palada bhaari hai😢
    And why was Mandar silently watching Pallavi’s saree getting burnt? πŸ™„ Am I missing something here? πŸ€”
    And ye divorce papers ka kya lafda hai? And why is Sunny concerned about divorce papers in the first place instead of Mandar? πŸ€”

  11. I love this comment section because we are all on the same page. We all hate mandar and what him OUT.πŸ˜„

    1. Not really !! I honestly don’t mind mandar. I think he had the potential to be a good negative character and I like the actor playing the role as well . Mandar could have been used well to bring out different emotions in raghavi. It would have been good to see some angst and character development before Raghav and Pallu let go off their differences and came together with a better understanding of each other . Although the plot is similar, it was rushed and executed badly . It really feels like a sloppy teen fanfiction.

  12. Plz stop criticizing the show.
    If you have got some spoilers about negativity, then you should watch what actually happen.
    Rather than spreading negativity everywhere. Even pallavi- raghav sad track was less than 2 weeks, so much criticism for female lead than it was expected.
    So bid a good bye rather than spoiling other interest to watch by spreading neagativity

  13. All cast amazing character it’s great story

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