Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update : Raghav’s memory loss

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 19th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandar asks for Pallavi and says I dropped someone here and I heard this name, and this name, Receptionist says we don’t have anyone named Pallavi in staff, Mandar asks visitors, She asks him to check entry register, Mandar thanks her and goes, Receptionist sees Pallavi’s name on receipt and calls Mandar back and says there is Pallavi here, her relative is admitted here, she has worn grey saree and went to 5th floor, room 506.

Mandar looks for Pallavi, he sees grey saree and follows her, someome taps on Pallavi’s back, Pallavi turns around,its Mandar’s friend he says I am from KDSM blood bank here for payment, Pallavi says your driver left, where is he, he says he is on emergency call, Pallavi says okay thank you, you helped us a lot, here is money.
Mandar walks to his friend and asks for Pallavi, He says shutup this woman is married and stop chasing ladies with Pallavi named and if you have to find her you you will.

Sulochana says Milind you have only Pallavi and I care nothing about her, Milind says okay so even I dont care about you, so you and your daughter, I am not paying a single penny for you two, and takes cosmetics from them and gives to Amruta and says its yours, Sulochana says what nonsense is this, Milind says talk to Dada, he is looking after you right, Milind sees Vijay and says thank you Dada, Milind says Amruta when Raghav comes back we will party. Vijay leaves.

Sunny is bailed by Ved, Ved says you helped me once it was my turn now, Sunny says whats the catch, Ved says come I will tell you.

Pallavi sees Raghav awake and gets very happy and says I am so happy, and relax you will be fine, you had injury in head, Raghav asks what injury and why don’t I remember, Pallavi says relax Raghav we will talk later, Raghav asks who are you, Pallavi in shock, Doctor says calm down and asks sir please tell your name, Raghav says I am Raghav Rao, Doctor says okay answer my few questions, where do you leave, Raghav says RR Mansion, Doctor asks parents name, Raghav says Ajit and Jaya Rao, Doctor asks him do you know her, Raghav says no I don’t, Raghav says I want to go, Nurse gives Raghav injection to calm him down. Raghav goes to sleep

Doctor takes Pallavi aside and says Raghav has partial Amnesia, Pallavi says will he never remember me, Doctor says we dont know we have to observe him. Pallavi says do something, Doctor says his someone close can help him, Pallavi calls Jaya immediately.

Pallavi sits alone and thinking of Raghav not remembering her and their good times. Pallavi walks in the room and hears Raghav say please have this prank for some more time, and I will tell her the truth, Doctor says its unethical, Raghav says hardly one hour, Raghav sees Pallavi, Doctor says he is fine he had forced me to Prank you I am extremely sorry.

Pallavi very angry walks to Raghav and says Prank, how dare you, are you fool, you just keep troubling me, do you have any idea how hard it was when you didn’t recognise me, you are the worst, you played with my emotional, sit alone here and leaves.

Amruta reaches hospital and so does Farhad, she sees Farhad struggling with bike stand, Amruta says let me try, Farhad says its bike not Scotty, Amruta says allow me and parks it and says lets go.

Pallavi very angry and vents at Krishna, Krishna says he is Raghav we know he keeps doing it, Pallavi says my whole world was shattered when he didn’t recognise me, Krihsna says calm down, have some water and finally you have some love in your life. Pallavi says nothing of this kind, Krishna says then what is this anger and worry called, this is your love, its love where you just want to think about partner, you never felt this and so you are not accepting this, when you met when you lost Mandar Dada it was the girl who lost her husband and yesterday the one who cried hugging me was one who lost her world, trust me its love and except you two all can see it and confess it before its too late, tell Raghav how you feel about him.

Pre cap: Pallavi walks to Raghav, Raghav says sorry I didn’t want to hurt you Pallavi, Pallavi stops him and says I want to tell you something, Raghav I love…

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Milind kaka 🥰😍 u r too good hope at least now they try to understand others emotions.
    Raghav seriously prank 😡 u gave heart attack to us .
    Now what this ved is planning?man this keerthi wont understand and now this sunny ved duo will definitely do something against raghavi using keerthi I just hope this wont turn too ugly.amrutha is good now and seems makers r trying to make farhad and amrutha pair.but due to keerthi any problem arises and farhad had to step in than amrutha abd farhad will be heart broken .farhad is too innocent year he don’t deserve that.and if sulochana knows this all than world war will start.she already saw one daughter heart break and now other than god knows what she will do .
    It will be good if it is just keerthi realising sunny is not the one for her and try to move on than it will be good.lets see

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Pallavi-Mandar hit and miss: so common in every tv show😆😆
    2. Farhad and Amruta☺️☺️
    3. Vijay thought that if I will do partition Milind will feel sad and low, but Milind turned tables and gave all responsibilty of sulochana and Mansi to him😅😅😅
    4. Krishna is really proves her name, she always guide Pallavi, just like lord krishna use to guide Pandavs☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
    5. Raghav ka prank, ussi par bhari padd gya😅😂😅😂😅😂😅
    Bada aya pallavi se panga lene wala..

    1. Oh hello you fool miss. Shraddha😜.I have seen your comments in all the serials forums you are nothing but a big dumbass miss.shraddha.sorry for the rudeness but you really need a reality check you are a big fool who just bashes the male leads of the shows you watch with this fake illusion of the female leads in the shows are devis.I agree everyone has their personal judgements but you just write shit most of the time.your last point in this comment proves your shitty thinking.sorry if I hurt you but I had tell you the truth.

    2. Sorry I missed the memo ,is misogyny in vogue these days ?

      Also what is the point of being rude and apologising unless your edit options aren’t working , which I am pretty certain isn’t the case 🙄😒 . You could have said what you needed to without calling someone names . Its not only cowardly to sit behind an unidentified account and abuse but is also highly immature .

  3. Mhrw storyline is going interesting day by day.
    By the way Love the way raghav lie. actually Raghav pranked all of us..pallavi today looked very cute😘😘…waiting for upcoming episodes…

  4. I am so happy with today episode
    I was determined to stop watching the drama for memory loss track
    Already tolerating unwanted mandar, i don’t think i would watch a memory loss drama
    Krishna is really krishna in pallavi’s life
    So many unwanted drama will happen soon
    with ved , sunny,mandar,keerti
    I like raghvi bonding.Till they are together, I will watch the show

  5. I almost hit my head on the wall after reading the heading. I thought maker’s chose the Ekta way but no I am so glad they proved me wrong.

    I just hope Pallavi confesses her feelings without any interuption

  6. I almost had a heart attack when Raghav was behaving with memory loss, I am glad its all a prank. Hope Pallavi expresses her feelings soon.
    Milind kaka and Krishna are awesome, the ones who are sensible and do everything for their loved ones ❤
    What’s the ship name for Amruta Farhad? AmHad, FaMruta, AmFa,…quite difficult to form the name, but they are cute 😍 I really don’t want Kirti to interrupt in between them.
    Ved and Sunny must be deciding to plot another villainous plan, and who knows maybe Kirti might also join. And there’s Mandar, who might become a grey shaded character. And we have Sulo, Mansi and Sanki Trashmukh also for the lineup. Please makers, no need for any more vamps in the show. There’s already a lot of them 😑

    1. Yeah. Except Raghvi, amma, aai,kaka ,krishna and AmHad all are vamps😂.
      Soon Mandar will also be on the list of vamps. I think Kirti and Mandar may pair up in future.
      Kirti will definitely join Ved and Sunny. It’s fun to see sanki with sulo and mansi. He will pissed them off in a matter of few minutes. He won’t let them waste his money 😂😂.

    2. @Tk_ Agreed

  7. This is only the most interesting serial 😍😍loving the storyline day by day and it is my favourite show😍😍the only improvement the makers will have to bring is removing all the unwanted villains😍😍even if the villains are there, the makers should never let any conspiracies of any of the villains to affect the gorgeous lovely couple RaghVi😍they should continue the story like this without ruining the show😍😍thats what sets this show apart from all the ridiculously bullshit crappy serials 😍🥰that is why this show is is undeniably the most beautiful unique and interesting😍😍 Also I am happy seeing krishna guiding pallavi and also the precap is soooooooooo beauuuuutiful😍😄 now waiting for the scene of love confession between the two leads 😍😍hope nobody interrupts them while they doing that😍😍😍looking forward to see this show everyday and hopefully this show becomes no. 1 in TRP soon

  8. After yeh hai mohabbatein and naamkaran, this is my favourite show as the the leads are mature and always strong😍and the storyline just continues to become better and interesting day by day😍😍 also today’s scene in Trashmukh house was soo funny😂😂well done Milind😄😄 the only improvement the makers will have to bring is removing the villains, and even if the villains are present, ALL of their evil conspiracies should ALWAYS fail and backfire on theirselves without affecting the gorgeous couple Raghvi😍😍 RaghVi should always stay 10 steps ahead of each and every villains plans😍😍 happy to see Krishna guiding Pallavi to confess love to Raghav😍😍also the precap is way toooooooo beauuuutiful 😍😍😍Just waiting for the scene of the love confession happening between two leads😍😍😍I have this feeling there will be some more episodes to reach the scene of love confession between RaghVi but I hope they don’t delay that scene for too long and when they finally confess their love to each other they better not be interrupted by anybody😍😍This show is undeniably the most unique and the beautiful show 😍😍All the other serials are just ridiculously filled with nothing other than melodrama, and Bullshits😍😍 hopefully this lovely serial becomes no. 1 in TRP

  9. Omg !!! I am so glad it’s a prank …I was so pissed with the plot that I had skipped the show after Raghav hit his head but will now catch up on the previous episodes .

    On today’s episode –

    Can’t believe Deshmukh house has been reduced to a kindergarden 🤣😂. They are literally fighting like kids 🙄🤦. I also didn’t understand why sulu kaku is supporting sanki over her own husband , espc considering how sanki slapped Milind and has been treating him like shit. It makes sense for everyone to revolt against sanki and lock him up .

    Mandar is finally in the show 😍 😍( I haven’t seen the previous episode so its first look for me). I wish they had chosen a different actor or a different plot bcuz I have started to over sympathise with him 😒. It’s really sad if he has lost his memory and only remembers pallavi 😢. I was hoping he would be married with kids so I wouldn’t feel bad for him anyways let’s see how it goes when he turns negative. Btw what on the earth was the background music when mandaar was trying to catch a glimpse of Pallu .??? 😒🙄🤨Why ??? Why would the makers play that music ??? What are they trying to hint ??? 🙄 Endgame is Raghvi and not ManVi , do they remember that ?

    Farhad and Amrutha ???!!! 😱😱 Makers are now shoving fartha/Amhad down our throats ?! I will happily swallow this after sankee . Would love to see manasi’s expression when Amruta also gets married before her 😂🤣😂🤣

    Does anyone feel like the makers are following KHKT plot line ? Rohit proposes to Sona and everything is going great . Then Raima gets up from her 2 year coma. Rohit is basically pallu here . Let’s see if she manages to tell her feelings or gets interrupted like every other ITV show.

  10. Someone please explain what that black dress was for
    When I saw the promo I thought they’d be going somewhere fancy or something
    Did he really just buy such a gorgeous dress for his wife to wear for 5 minutes in their bedroom?😄

    1. His seduction of pallavi failed. 😂 I have a feeling Amruta is plotting with her mum and trying to get inside the Rao’s househoild to cause trouble for raghav and pallavi.

  11. Sugendha Mudaly

    Guys chill.. This is just a show.. Yeah the talent is sooo damn incredible n our favorite jodi never fail to deliver on the acting but it’s just that.. acting.. All for the drama.. So there is no need for name calling etc..If anything it actually speaks more about the person choosing to call those names.. Just enjoy the entertainment while it lasts

  12. Now the track is quite dragged
    Raghav the don of Hyderabad usko blood nahi milta bas pallavi hi arrange kar pati hai
    Mandar pallavi ko paglon ki tarah chase karta hai and suddenly phone pe baat karne lagta hai.. woow
    Pallavi bas I love bolti hai aur suddenly Mandar fir se phone pe baat karta hua hi window se dikh jata hai vo bhi 5th floor se ground floor pe now this can be done only by macchar jo furr furr karke ventilation ka khidki pe baitha ho😂😂..Sanki buddha itna sanki kaise ho sakta hai🤣
    Farhad aur amruta ka track is nice and deshmukh house ka fun is also mast
    But I feel raghav ka swag is now missing..That look and aura of Raghav Rao is missing now….

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