Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update : Kirti steals Jewellery

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Farhad is told that Raghav and Pallavi will.get bail they after, Milind sees Farhad and asks him where is Raghav and Pallavi, Farhad says both are in lock up, Milind asks why both, Farhad says more worry some problem is if I dont get them bail now they will be in lock up all weekend, Milind says I can help you with lawyer come with me.

Pallavi has problem with mosquitoes, Raghav says its jail, Pallavi says still people live here it can be decent right, god don’t send Lizard and cockroaches, lights go off, Pallavi sees Raghav lost, Raghav says this is why I didn’t want my sister here and since time Kirti has learned she is exposed she keeps lying, she also said she can’t drive, Pallavi says what, Raghav says yes when Amma was sick I asked her to drive but she said she can’t, Pallavi says how can you be confident that Kirti can drive, Raghav says then how did she commit accident and also I saw her on driver seat.

Kirti hugs Sunny and crying says I don’t want to stay in this house, now even Amma is against me, Sunny says look situation is against us and if case reopens we will be caught so lets flee away, I have some money, how much do you have, Kirti says I don’t Amma might, Sunny says we will require atleast 10-15 lakhs, we have to arrange money asap.

Pallavi asks Raghav to tell what exactly happened on 1st Dec, Raghav says I was on my to pick important consignment and police called me saying Ved ran away and I knew he would come for me so I asked security to look after house and since Farhad was not available I went to pick up diamonds, and on my way back Ved was behind me, and so I informed police and they sent patrolling van for Ved, I was looking for Ved when Mandar hit my car and I thought it was me and so I came out and saw it wasn’t me but another car and saw Kirti peep from other driving seat. Pallavi starts thinking about Kirti.

Raghav sees Pallavi in tears and holds her hand, Pallavi asks what happened next, Raghav says Pallavi Mandar was alive, Kirti ran away and I rushed to Mandar, Ved reached there he saw Mandar, Ved says this is Mandar Deshmukh I know him. Raghav puts Mandar in car and finds ring on road picks it, and leaves. Police catch Ved and leave.
Raghav says I took Mandar to hospital, Doctor Janki took over the case, I admited Mandar as Rajiv, I left as Janki said we are monitoring him, at 4am I got call from hospital that Mandar is fine and his family took him home. Pallavi says this is lie.
Raghav says from the day Ved told me about this accident I am thinking about it, I met doctor too but she didn’t tell anything, Pallavi asks did Kirti drive again, Raghav says no, Pallavi thinks something is still hidden.

Sunny calls Kirti and asks did she, Kirti says sorry I can’t how will I steal my mother’s Jewellery, Sunny says its not time to.get emotional and if you dont want to go jail get them, Kirti says okay tomorrow morning, Sunny says are you mad, do it right away, Kirti says okay dont worry I will.

Raghav and Pallavi get bail, Raghav thanks Milind,Milind says I know it’s not you.
Kirti sneaks into Jaya’s room get keys and steals jewellery, Kirti hears Raghav’s voice and hides the bag beneath sofa, Kirti says thank god you two are home, Jaya sees them and very happy, Jaya says Pallavi today you stood by your husband, Raghav says I will freshen up, Jaya says you must be in trouble last night, Pallavi says it was some time but real culprit will go jail for sure.

Pallavi sees Raghav in pain, Pallavi asks what’s wrong, Raghav says back ache, Pallavi says remove shirt go to bathroom, Raghav says what do you want, Pallavi says stop thinking nonsense and go inside, Pallavi sees Raghav unable to remove shirt and helps him unbutton his shirt and removes it says go inside I will come.

Pallavi gets bucket if water, Raghav says I already have showered and there’s water here why get it from outside, Pallavi says you are very impatient, sit down, Pallavi says this is hot water with salt this will relieve your pain, Pallavi steams his back with a cloth.
Raghav smiles, and looks at Pallavi, Jaya calls Pallavi, Pallavi leaves.

Kirti tells Sunny she is leaving soon. Kirti sees there is no bag under the sofa, she sees Pallavi’s leg and Pallavi holding the bag, Pallavi walks to Kirti, and says looking for this.

Pre cap:Raghav sees Pallavi walk in gown, and can’t get his eyes off her.
Sunny says to Kirti if you want to stay with me you stay or else I am leaving.
Raghav hits his head on a nail.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. AditiJhanvi

    That scene of Pallavi unbottoning Raghav’s shirt was so intense…
    Sunny and Kirti- I am confused about what is Sunny upto..

  2. I have a feeling sunny killed Mandar not kirti

  3. This is my first time to comment here. I have been a daily update reader for some time now, and I want to say Thank You for your consistency.

    I gathered that this show is likely to go off air… This is by far the best show on Starplus. I’ve been a Starplus fan for 9years now. And I know a great show when I see one, and this show is! I am not Indian by the way😉

    I don’t see any current Starplus show that beats this one (no offense).

    I hope Pallavi continues to support Raghav. They share something beautiful.

    1. Shainur Shabbir

      Very true an very good and unique show from others I wonder why the want it to go off air

  4. There are some suspicious things regarding Mandar’s death:
    1. Kirti’s statement about ‘she can’t drive’
    2. Sunny. He’s really really weird and sus.
    3. Ved. How does he know about Mandar and his family?
    4. What actually happened when Mandar was admitted in the hospital?
    Raghvi scenes today + the ones in the precap = 😍❤
    What’s with Raghav getting injured? (MEMORY LOSS?!!!?…just kidding 😅)

    1. Maybe Kirti was right she can’t drive & if she was on driver’s seat maybe she was drunk & Sunny was with her & she hit Mandar accidentally.
      Ved is additional in the story ,maybe he has enmity with Raghav and using Mandar as a pawn to satisfy his enmity by destroying his life.
      Maybe Mandar was all ok but can’t survive the accident consequences but if the family has taken him then Deshmukh family should be aware of the occurring happenings but the show is showing illogical facts which even can’t relate to the story,at least they should be constant till the investigation.

  5. Mandar is taken by his family what is that mean?He had another lover or something?or any conspiracy? Ved knows him but how?
    Keerthi is really dumb.she is behaving so stupid and selfish now a days.
    Raghav is injured by nail means there is a hospital sequence May be here we can expect mandar entry
    And if mandar really had family than it is a treat to watch no love triangle and sanki will at least now get some brains to be sensible raghavi will realise their feelings by their own this jealousy,insecurity tracks r not needed yaar.They r far better than that

  6. The best show. What is wrong with Starplus. Stop the madness. Please carry on with the show .The pairing of Raghav and Pallivi is like a breath of fresh air.

  7. That unbuttoning scene of pallavi and raghav 😍😍😍🤪🤪😘😘. I m dead…

  8. What has happened to raghav! How can a nail just piece him like that.
    Why do I feel mandar is alive and might resurface
    Next track will be raghav and mandar fighting for pallavi’s love. Pallavi will be confused as to which direction to go at first
    Deshmukh family will probably also try to blackmail her emotionally to head back to their household as she married mandar first and such they have more rights over her than Raos and since he didn’t die,it means their marriage is still very much legally binding. This will further confuse pallu as she’s obviously inlove with raghav now but she also always reads that hindi marriage act book and may begin to see reasons with deshmukh point of view
    Its gonna be explosive if my predictions are correct. But hopefully the track doesn’t longer than 2 days. Raghav and pallu need to go all the way and unite now. So their bond stays rock solid. Infact, there’s no need to bring mandar back to life. Unnecessary drama and emotional turmoil isn’t needed

    1. You are a little late to the party . Mandaar is coming back and the actor has been signed for a few months .

  9. I still don’t understand why Raghav was hiding the truth from pallavi , there was nothing to hide . Keerti may/may not have hit mandar and drove away and Raghav saved Mandaar’s life . So Keerti was involved in a crime but technically didn’t kill anyone (still terrible to have left someone to die). Deshmukhs got his body after a few days …hmmm…so something happened in between . I will need to rule out ved as it’s clear that he isn’t involved .

    Possible theories

    1. Sunny ran over Mandar and switched seats with Keerti for a while for some reason and switched back and drove off . Keerti is protecting sunny.
    2. Keerti can drive, and fed peanuts to Amma to convince Raghav that she couldn’t drive . So Keerti ran over Mandar.

    After accident

    1. Mandar was running away from sanki so used this to fake his death and got away . Doctor janki produced a fake body for him ??!!!
    2. Ved knew mandar so they both were involved in some drug racket . He was escaping from this gang and they managed to finish him in the hospital or kidnapped him and put a fake dead body .

    The promo is ridiculous …what happend to Raghav ???

    1. I also wish they had used the original “kaise muje tum” . Didn’t like this version.

    2. Or it may also be related to sulo kaku.
      Ved may also be involve in the death body mystery.
      How ved knew Mandar is still mystery as he only knew aai and mandar or may be sanki also from Deshmukh family but he didn’t know his house where he lived ( Ved once accompanied pallavi to sanki’s house for saree designs ).

    3. *Dead body

    4. @Tk_

      I hadn’t thought of sulu kaku , she has been quite for a while . God alone knows what’s cooking in that head of hers .

      Don’t think Ved will have anything to do with the dead body because he gets arrested soon after Raghav puts Mandar in his car . I also feel like Mandar may be involved in something illegal and probably that’s the reason for his disappearance and also how he knows Ved. I remember the episode when Ved comes to deshmuk house but doesn’t know that it is Mandaar’s house . He may have met mandar and Aayi outside .

  10. @Pooja,
    Mandar is coming back? It’s official. That’s a big twist. But it seems to fit that the doctor told the guy was out of danger. What about the Deshmukh family. They should have recieved their son’s dead body for doing his last rites.

    1. Coz they are sanki trashmukhs. They always believe third person than their family and their own brain.
      Pallavi is shown shocked/surprised at the hospital in a bts pic. There may be two reasons: 1. She saw Mandar alive
      2. Something happened to Raghav(less likely)

    2. @ Jiya

      Yes , mandar will come back . It was in news a few weeks ago . Not sure how and when he will make an entry but he will apparently be a grey character and cause trouble in RagVi’s life as per the actor playing Mandar. The deshmuk family did receive a body because Pallu did mention in one of the episodes that they received a body 6 days after he went missing . She did not mention that the body was disfigured so we will need to see how the makers answer that .

      @ TK_

      I saw the BTS as well . I think it’s 1 and mandar is back

  11. Starplus is not showing in Nigeria for one week now. We are just missing everything

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