Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Raghav chooses Kirti

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 12th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kirti goes runing to Raghav and says please save me I don’t want to go jail, Pallavi fooled me and made me confess I was one who did that accident and has the confession recorded in pen camera, please save me. Raghav hugs her and says nothing will happen to you.

Pallavi thanks Farhad for helping her and apologize for shouting at him, Farhad says its okay but Raghav he won’t let Kirti get arrested, Pallavi says Kirti will be punished.

Milind angry at Vijay’s behaviour, Amruta walks to him and asks him to have something, Milind says I am not hungry, Amruta says we all know Vijay Kaka’s anger, and so he slapped you, so forget it, Sulochana walks in and says shut up Amruta and Milind how long will you get insulted, you have always treated his family and our family equally but look at him, Amruta says Mom enough this is not the right time to talk, Sulochana says you shut up, and Milind this is why I want property for us, Milind says because of this behaviour even Mandar was away from him, but he didn’t learn but I won’t let this happen and I will let him repay for this. Sulochana thinks finally now my mission is successful.

Pallavi tells Krishna about Kirti, Krishna says I will come with you to police station, Pallavi hides the camera hearing Raghav’s voice, Pallavi sees Raghav walk in drunk, Raghav says I am sorry for everything in past and future, Pallavi asks what do you mean, Raghav says nothing and goes to bed.
Pallavi says I can understand your pain, Kirti is lucky to have a brother like you and I am sorry, I am helpless too.
Pallavi looks at the recording camera and hides it back and goes to sleep.

Next morning Jaya sees Pallavi with Police and asks her what is it, Pallavi says for Mandar’s murderer, Jaya asks who is it, Raghav walks in and says Mandar’s case is closed long back it was an accident case, Pallavi says that was old confession now I have proofs about who was driving and it was Kirti Rao, she committed the accident, Kirti looks at Raghav in tears. Jaya confused, Pallavi says I know it is hard to accept but she did it, and she was here in Hyderabad and I have the confession recorded, Jaya looks at Kirti, Police ask Pallavi for confession.

Pallavi hands them pen camera and realises its not the camera but a normal pen, Pallavi starts looking in her bag, Pallavi realises Raghav apologized her last night. ( Raghav sees Pallavi hiding pen under the pillow and replaces it)
Raghav says inspector sorry this is family matter I will handle it.
Jaya says to Pallavi how can you do it, you are blaming my daughter of a murder I will never forgive you.
Kirti leaves with Jaya

Pallavi in tears looks at Raghav and says you changed it right, Raghav says yes, Raghav says I learned family values from you, and I have my sister and mother after long and if you want to punish someone here I am, Pallavi says you learnt family values but not the fact if standing with truth, you were right so I went against my family and stood with you, but you are mad in your sisters love, Raghav says I am just trying to save my sister, Pallavi says am I not your family and do I not matter to you, I had so many wishes from my marriage so many dreams but your sister snatched away everything from me, I was in so much pain, and over that people’s taunt, and today when I have my answers you want me to ignore them.
Raghav says Pallavi I am saving someone’s future and you past and remember when you saved Amruta then why am I villian and look at Kirti she has gone mad she ia just lying and if you want to proceed this way sorry I will choose my sister.

Kirti says to Jaya what’s wrong with Pallavi choosing ex-husband and not us, Jaya thinking about Pallavi’s words and asks Kirti are you really innocent, Kirti panics and says I didn’t, Jaya calls Raghav inside and asks Kirti to get water, Kirti leaves, Jaya says Raghav, help Pallavi, Kirti hears Jaya say that, Kirti leaves.

Pre cap: Pallavi says to Kirti, you should die in shame, Kirti says I don’t because my brother will keep saving me, Sunny walks in and says why are you so jealous, Pallavi finds it fishy.
Pallavi in jail with Raghav asks him what exactly happened, Raghav says it was raining very heavily and I saw Kirti in that car who hit Mandar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Is makers going to make sunny responsible??
    Some spoilers are mentioning ved
    Kirti is too wrong ; in upcoming track she will be another mansi
    leads are much wrong when it’s come to their family
    I just hope they will not spoil the show for trp
    Excited for next

    1. If trp increase ni hui to yh deserving show bhi SAAKK ki tarah unfortunate ho sakta h .

      Hope ki esa na ho .

    2. @Hhh

      I think it’s now raghav’s turn to understand Keerti is
      not worth supporting . Previously it took pallavi time to see sanki’s true colours and now the makers are running the same plot with Raghav . And it’s true the leads lose all their senses when it comes to their family. Family is imp and what the leads have for their family is not love it’s insanity 🀦

      I read the spoiler about Ved as well . Not sure if it’s true . I assumed Raghav and Ved were racing that night and Keerti was in a 3rd car . It’s all very confusing and the makers are not trying to tie all the lose ends .

    3. @Hhhh @Pooja yes ved is supposed the real murderer probably it’s be true for ved always wanted to outdo raghav so that is y he did all this drama @pooja vijay and keerti’s cases are different vijay is arrogant and judgy man who blames raghav for no reason using his poverty as an excuse pallavi also did the same thing to raghav keerthi is totally selfish who only thinks about herself acc to me pallavi is more insane to support a criminal like sulochana calling it love for family whereas raghav’s case is different he is trying to secure his sister’s life without doing injustice to deshmukh family he is more doing his responsibility as a parent & brother

    4. @lisa

      I was referring to the same article earlier . Not sure how it’s ved πŸ€” . This still reminds me of race 🀦🀦🀦

      I don’t use scales to measure insanity or stupidity to know if one is more mad or less stupid. Both of them are blind when it comes to their families and behave irrationally . Pallu was being insensitive not thinking about Raghav and Raghav was being plain stupid for wanting to take the blame on himself . I am not calling Raghav stupid bcuz

      1. A victim’s family is not going to get justice by punishing an innocent
      2. If Raghav surrendered then it wouldn’t protect Keerti but make her more vulnerable. Pallavi would still go after Keerti and make sure she proves Raghav innocent .

      Him taking blame serves no purpose. ITV just likes to add tadka with meaningless drama.

    5. @Pooja true pallu is totally insane she will ignore all crimes of her family meaninglessly go behind one pointless crime of someone outside her family to show she is a devi pallu is totally more insane than raghav despite we use scales to measure who is more insane stupid between raghvi

    6. @ lisa

      Sorry for the typo .

      Meant to say “I am calling Raghav stupid bcuz” 🀦.

      Like I said … I have no scales to measure stupidity or madness . Pallavi was not right then and I have even called out on her double standards . I also think it was insensitive of her to not understand raghav’s position . But I can’t call raghav’s move a smart one because it is neither going to serve justice or help Keerti .

    7. @lisa

      Just realised that I have repeated myself with a new sentence 🀦 . Sorry for that, it was totally pointless 🀦🀦 I also realise that I have nothing new to add . I don’t want to go on like a broken record, I will 🀐🀐

    8. @pooja raghav is doing a smart move by both saving keerthi taking the deshmukhs responsibility also supporting them like @sunitha has written below although keerthi is totally selfish she is his child/sister & no parent will leave their child to suffer we know that now pallu is totally acting insane & stupid it is not at all understandable that she is okay with the deshmukhs crimes but wants to punish keerthi it seems more selfish from pallu’s side raghav forgave that sulochana regardless she was responsible for keerthi’s mms for at tat time sulochana was his wife’s kaku then what is wrong with this pallu now

    9. P.S. even I don’t encourage any hit & run cases

    10. @lisa

      I completely agree with you on your points with pallavi .

      The smart move for Raghav will be to defend Keerti and not take the blame on himself .

    11. Lot of typos

      * I agree with you on pallavi’s topic.

      I like how everyone is taking their stand on running over people πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    12. @pooja hmmm i’m afraid i still disagree as for now raghav is doing the finest move he can to help everyone he can in his reach hiring a lawyer risking keerthi’s life reputation is not a smart move it will help pallu as she is being totally adamant tat only the real culprit should get punished not raghav or his family still i agree with u it is totally pointless go on like this like a broken record when we have different perspectives also when we have nothing new to add it’s better to leave can you share that bts which you were talking about below

    13. @ Lisa

      πŸ‘ Works for me .

      I am sure both of us will agree that the BTS looks 😍😍 . I have added both the links below .

    14. @pooja i’m afraid i still disagree as i am not a fan of shirtless raghav i am fed up of seeing his nudeness in the show i agree with what u said last time he has taken inspiration from salman khan

    15. @lisa

      πŸ™„πŸ™„ I was making no reference to Raghav or his shirtless picture . The links contains more pics with Raghav having his shirt on than the alternative . I was trying to say they both look good together 😍😍

      I hope they don’t cut these scenes ☹️. They already cut the kitchen scene which was shown in the promo and there were BTS of Pallu in a pink sari being playful in the garden with Raghav which never made it to the screen πŸ˜’

  2. Looking at the pace at which this is moving the makers will wrap this murder drama soon . Is anyone else too πŸ’” to watch the show bcuz of all news about it going off air ?? I need to catch up on the last few episodes but feel so bad about it 😣😞 I hope it lasts till aug

    1. Actually i think it will last at least few weeks of august
      Few days ago , star plus released anns promo which is also under scanner
      Star plus still promotes mhrw
      So we hope it will last till august
      Actually indian people needs to change their taste
      Though my mom also watch those cringy crap family dramas
      Hope for the best, they will not introduce unnecessary drama for trp

    2. @Hhh

      🀞🀞 for end of aug atleast

      Seriously !!! I wish ppl would reject bad content which forces makers to produce half decent shows .

    3. Actually i like to watch bts of mhrw
      From that i learn those craps also have huge online fandom also
      I still can not understand how people can be fan of show like imlie-naukrani babu sahed selfish romance
      Sorry for that comments, imlie fan

    4. @pooja

      Even I don’t get how ppl ship EMA couples , it’s really gross . I don’t watch imlie or even read the updates but never miss out on their comment section . It’s highly entertaining 😁
      GHKKPM shocks me more . I saw a couple of episodes for the first time and couldn’t believe ppl could even sit through it . The 2episodes I saw was just a family abusing an 18 year old while the husband watches . And ppl are shipping this spineless man with her 🀦🀦🀦

    5. The new BTS is soooo ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

      Raghvi look so good .

    6. frustrated soul

      @Pooja talking to @Pooja πŸ€” lmao 🀣🀣
      In imlie not only the husband even the 18 year old is spineless woman until she got her husband back, she always said babu saheb maang mein sindoor ek hi baar barta hain once she got him she is okay with malini divorcing him..blo*dy spineless cheap woman

    7. @frustrated soul

      Hahaha … I didn’t know that . The whole concept of calling his marriage with imilie a legit one and trying to get a divorce from mailini was beyond my understanding.

      Also what is with ITV and shipping 18 year olds with middle aged men . What are they smoking ???!!!

    8. @ frustrated soul

      Noticed the typo now πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ . Pooja talking to pooja is the latest sequel to karthik calling Karthik .

      I am working on a tight schedule and doing too many things all at once , obviously as you can see , nothing is going well πŸ˜†.

    9. It is not for the romance or babusaheb-naukrani and things but the Imlie serial’s cast performance and acting is at another level. More than romance what we find in the show is comedy and humour. More than that we like the reasonable high dialogues with deep meaning. Also, every character in Imlie show gets an equal role. No one is ignored everyday. Every person has one dialogue atleast.
      Almost all shows end to become a crap, or with high voltage drama, but entertainment and fun determines TRP whose proportionality is relatively less in MHRW. But I liked the acting of Sai Ketan Rao, he is a fab actor, actually from HYD ! Also, person casted as Pallavi has the potential to rise to the top. But other cast members are relatively average. And storyline isn’t that great because it is a typical hate love story which began at the very start. I think if there were strong cast in MHRW, the show would have been a sure shot top serial !

    10. @Anu
      Actually show mhrw /khkt/ saakk will not run long ,indian tv needs evergreen high voltage amily melodrama with women aganist women.actually people tastes different

    11. I haven’t watched imlie but I agree that MHRW has crappy actors . Sai and Shivangi are superb but I can’t say the same for Manasi, Keerti and even sanki 1.0. I also agree there is nothing new and unique about MHRW but this is the case with all ITV shows . I don’t think there is a single show which is unique or path breaking . I only watch it for the two leads and also find it slightly progressive when compared to the regressive stuff itv churns.

      I also agree with Hhh . Audience love to watch women pitted against women. All the top trp shows revolve around the concept of “other women” and it works very well . Women degrade each other over these characters and even sometimes even bring in the actress playing the role into this filthy mud pit while producers and the network count cash.

    12. @Hhh
      I totally agree with your point. Indian audience only needs high voltage drama. Nothing else. No logic, no plot, no sense needed. I remember one hilarious scene from KHKT where the ML gets frustrated on seeing an Indian Serial’s episode which had the FL as the actress. Lol that’s my exact reaction whenever I see saas bahu serials πŸ˜‚
      After MHRW ends, I don’t think I wouldn’t be waiting to watch any other show (only one I am waiting for is Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3 which is way better than those crappy serials)

  3. This show is under scanner.. ..😭latest news

  4. Dear Sandip Sickand Sir,
    I’m writing this message to you here considering that you look at the comments given here and change your story according to what they want. It is my most humble request to you Sir, please do not change your story according to what the fans say. Majority of them are some witless silly women who show a lot of favoritism for the FL, Pallavi. According to them Pallavi is a human being who can never be wrong, thus the fans always account for all of that character Pallavi’s mistakes. The fans always show partiality to Pallavi and consider her more as a goddess than a human being. I acknowledge that you are under a lot of pressure and are compelled to show the fans what they want in your show. I realized it lately when I saw changes in your show with reference to the comments of the different fans in TU. But sir listening to these fans is spoiling your story and your show, hence I kindly request please do not listen to them rather listen to what your heart says and write your story as you want it to be. I found it absolutely necessary to write this down now on hearing the news that your show mhrw is under scanner. Sir, you can save you show only by giving a deaf ear to the witless dumb fan’s propositions. I accept that your story needs some difference which can balance both drama and content and for that I propose someone like the TU and wattpad fanfic writer Aleyamma can do it, there was a moment when the original Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka series was going totally directionless while at the same time the fanfic series of that writer had everything balanced and well written which many readers loved and appreciated. I wouldn’t recommend you to hire a experienceless, infamous and insignificant personality like some trivial fanfic writer yet I strongly believe if you get any good or better writer like her can then that writer will hundred percent help you to balance the drama and content equally in your story considering only your story can help you to save this show. I can’t do anything else for you sir considering our differences in real lives than to to pray that your show may be saved. My prayers are always with you and your team and it is my strong recommendation not to listen to slow-witted intolerant fan’s foolish concepts.
    Wishing you all the best and hope that you will win over your struggles and save this show.
    Thanking you,
    Your Well-Wisher

    1. @Well wisher

      The probability of him reading your message is higher on twitter/IG . You can tag him there as well . I really doubt anybody from MHRW team is even aware of this platform

  5. An accident means not only losing someone’s life , Whole family’s life turns upside down. If that person is the solely one who earns bread and butter for them then the impact is huge . keerti didn’t do it deliberately at that point of time she got scared and flew away from the incident area by not taking responsibilities that’s human nature( when an unexpected thing happens in life that’s how humans react to it … so here keerti just thought about herself ). Living a life with repentance is more for the person who did the wrong doings .. because that it is going to eat a person alive when he/she didn’t receive forgiveness for the wrong doings.

    I don’t agree with certain points like how pallavi is so stubborn sending keerti to prison after 2 years, both pallavi /keerti went through grief in those years. We can’t bring back the gone ones, Raghav wants to take the responsibility for her sister doings.He is willing to help Deshmukh’s to support in every situation.
    In society what people look for is support system when there is no one to look after them .. that raghav is willing to give.

    Why pallavi won’t agree with those terms and she is not only ruining her future along with her 4more life’s.

    When revealing truth shatters more no.of lives then better be quiet 🀐.How she did in Amrutha case..

    Even Ram has choosen to hide behind a tree when taking the life of vali .

    P.S :I don’t encourage any hit and drive cases personally ….

    1. @sunita

      I agree with your logic .

      In real life most of these cases are settled out of court. Although it may not sound fair it is the brutal reality .

    2. @Sunita
      Agree with you. Living a life with repentance itself is the biggest punishment for a person who hasn’t got forgiveness.

  6. I don’t find pallavi insane for doing this, if they are to solve without any further drama shouldn’t bro sis duo apologize and compensate for the deed done either to pallavi Or deshmukh family but they are just trying to brush it off which is why she is adamant about justice and all that. How could you move on with a family if said family didn’t care about what they did which totally changed her life? Also why should pallavi send sulo to jail for what happened to kirti (which she was not even aware of)didn’t she pay a huge price for it from raghav misunderstanding that it was her.

    1. @luna keerthi is scared not brushing it off like @sunita has written above raghav is nowhere brushing it off he is ready to take the entire responsibility for deshmukhs and also give them justice for their son’s loss by facing the law himself for his sister’s crime y shouldn’t pallavi send sulo kaku to jail if keerthi did something like that to mansi or amrutha would pallu have kept quite yes she gave a price by marrying raghav still raghav apologised to her & repented for whatever he did also he is taking care of her well as a wife so pallu got back for whatever she paid for

    2. Kirti is not scared she doesn’t even feel a bit of remorse for her action it was shown in today’s precap thoughπŸ˜‘Well raghav is not taking responsibility he is trying to save his sister by not thinking about pallavi his wife so it’s him being stupid and also raghav should be the one to send sulo to jail for what she did to kirti but he didn’t do anything he let her goπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ And how is he taking care of pallavi as a wife by going to jail for a crime he didn’t commit!

    3. @luna kirti is going through severe griefs which we saw all episodes till now still yes she is very selfish only thinking about herself raghav is taking responsibility for the deshmukhs only 2 episodes back he told pallu when kaka and amrutha came to handle him to the law and let deshmukhs get justice he is thinking about his wife also over there as he is thinking she too will gets justice yes raghav should have sent sulo kaku but he didn’t as she is his wife’s kaku over there he thought about pallavi only but this insane pallu will ignore all her family crimes and pick on one thing she acts a devi and selfishly punishes people who are not from deshmukh family which shows she does not consider raghav or his family as her family but only deshmukhs are her family i think you too are acting as pallavi and ignoring all of pallavi’s mistakes as you are a fan or you love her more you seem to have totally forgotten how much raghav took care of pallavi as his wife till now and picked on one incident that he is going to jail leaving pallavi alone

    4. Lol no I don’t think pallavi is right all the time just in this scenario I don’t find raghav right for he is not handling it differently. Pallavi was insanely obsessed with deshmukhs and made raghav the bad guy and blamed him
      a lot without substance or evidence but that was prior marriage after marriage she trusted and took raghav’s side. I am just a little miffed how he chose kirti and not answering pallavi whether she is not his familyπŸ˜…

    5. @luna it is totally pointless to go on like a broken record especially when someone is a fan or fake feminist thinker who finds no faults with the female lead i have nothing new to add so I stop here and will not be replying anymore as somehow you are looking at things from pallavi’s side and find her to be always right

  7. @sunitha …i agree with ur logic….me too have same thought….though Keerthi is selfish ,but what pallavi is about to do was also disappointing….She could herself inform this to Amma before informing police…..there are 2 motherly women in her life…She could talk to them…What if suddenly Amma get heart attack and die while police taking Keerthi off..How can Raghav bear all this…

    If she wants to give justice to deshmukhs ,she should speak to Sharda ,she is Mandar’s mother. And why pallu always saying u made me widow..u made me widow….is she more concerned about being a widow rather than getting justice for Mandar…She can say dialog some other ways…

  8. Oh God this Kirti?! I wish to give a tight slap on to her face, she’s not even an inch guilty of what she did?! Girl you just ran your car over a person and proclaiming “My bhai will save me” is ridiculous πŸ˜‘
    And Pallavi’s dialogues seem to be too filmy, she’s always saying “u made me widow…”. If this story took place in 1921 then I would find it normal for Pallavi to mention about it repeatedly as widows were totally treated differently and insulted, but its 2021 now, even though she was a widow, she isnt anymore, she now has a husband and his family, so I think she should be mentioning about fighting for Mandar’s justice rather than complaining about ‘you made me a widow’.

  9. Also, If Kirti did the accident purposefully, I wouldn’t mind Pallavi doing anything to get her into jail, but what she did was an accident, I think Pallavi could have taken the decision of forgiving Kirti or not, instead of sending her to jail. Because firstly this is an accident, secondly her husband Raghav is also involved in this, who’s ready to even die for Kirti, should Pallavi be risking Raghav’s life too? As Pallavi was really heartbroken on Mandar’s death, she should have taken the decision of NEVER forgiving Kirti and should have even gone ahead to curse her. (Kirti doesn’t deserve an inch of forgiveness for her selfishness and cunning attitude). And as we all know Karma will strike back, and Kirti will definitely suffer one day for her actions of selfishness. But if Pallavi is going ahead with law and order, Raghav will be in risk, what if he’s punished and put to jail and he loses his business, assets, etc and his family run into streets without anything by their sides? Raghav will suffer in jail and Amma will also have to suffer the consequences. Moreover will Pallavi be happy by seeing Raghav and Amma suffer? Raghav will be devastated and so will she.
    She can go ahead and fight with law and order, but shouldn’t Pallavi think about the side effects?
    (These are just my thoughts, and I do not support hit and run cases too)

  10. The show might off air soon, but please I just hope that the makers give a proper ending rather than an abrupt one. A good start and a good ending is important for a show, so if the show’s ending, makers please give a good ending to MHRW.

  11. Both Raghav and Pallavi have clearly misunderstood Justice, haven’t they? Well, it is human instinct to try and protect one’s family. Families stick together and Blood is thicker than water, right? But, I think I’ll side with Raghav on this one. From the beginning of the series to now, he has had the maximum POSITIVE growth.
    In the Sulochana-Property Tax incident, it was Pallavi who convinced Raghav to forgive her. Sulochana leaked pictures of Kirti online. Was she sued for them? No! Amrutha was not exposed when she created a ruckus at Raghav’s place during Holi. Just coz Raghav was Hyderabad’s Don, every character felt fit to accuse him of something, at least once(even Farhad).
    If the show makers want Raghvi to reconcile, they will have to make Kriti innocent. Here are some of my theories:
    1. Ved is responsible for Mandar’s death. He recognised Sharda, didn’t he?
    2. Sunny might somehow be involved in this fiasco. Pallavi has to prove that he is not the right one for Kriti. Honestly, comparing to that one conversation with Rocky during the necklace incident in the car to his actions, I think he is not good. Especially coz Pallavi doubts him. Don’t get me wrong but Pallavi always ends up being right. (I don’t understand this. Both Raghav and Pallavi are the leads and Pallavi is always right or the damsel in distress or danger doesn’t go well with me. Why can’t Raghav be dorrect at times?)

    Barring all these, what I hate the most is Vijay and his temper. There is no reason whatsoever that justifies his actions. Does he actually care about his son? Coz he seemed interested in knowing why Milind had not told him that it was a Murder rather than the fact that it was a MURDER.
    I know, I might receive some hate for sharing this but I thought Vijay was just manipulated by Sulochana to doubt Pallavi’s Character but he is a good person. No! He is bad in reality. He was mean to his son and is to his Brother.

    I personally feel that it will be the end of the show if Mandar turns up alive. He should have had a funeral if he had died. Now, if he turns up, it is going to be stupid. Until it’s just a doppleganger, recruited by Sulochana.

    I like this show. Hope it doesn’t become like other TV shows. Do you think it has less views or TRP because it doesn’t have Saas Bahu Drama? All others have it at some point!

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