Meher’s TS – Love beats all odds

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“Love beats all odds”

A lady in her late twenties was selecting toys from a toy shop, murmuring something.

“Oh god! It’s already late. Swara! Be fast. Vidhi must be waiting for you. She will blast on you if you get more late. It’s already 8!”

She grabbed a few toys, hurriedly paid the bill and drove to her house.

She opened the door and found her home to be silent and clean, it was unusual. A home with a small kid has to be messy and noisy. Being silent was something strange.

“Sorry! Vidhi, Mumma got late! Come here!” Swara shouted.

Swara drank water and called Vidhi again.

” vidhi! Come here and see what Mumma bought for you. I have bought everything which you asked me to.” Swara said unpacking the toys. Listening ​to her voice her mother Sharmishtha came out in tension.

“Maa, what happened? Where is vidhi?” She asked.

“Since when she came back from her school she was just crying. I made her sleep with much difficulty she didn’t even have anything. she said she will tell you only, what happened with her.” Sharmishtha said.

“Firse Wahi hua hoga.” Swara sighed sadly.

She opened the door of her room and found little girl of 5 sleeping on her tummy. She lifted her and saw the tear marks which were clearly visible on her face. Swara felt something breaking inside her.

“Vidhi, Beta get up. Look Mumma has came.” Swara said caressing her hair.

Vidhi, scrunched her eyes first. The moment she opened her eyes and found her mother beside her she busted into tears.

“Vidhi? Kisi ne kuch kaha kya? Bolo beta?” Swara asked in concern, while rubbing her back.

“I won’t go to school ever! I hate everything there.” Vidhi said crying.

“Tell mumma everything. Then only Mumma will understand.” Swara asked her, hoping her doubt to be untrue.

“Everyone teases me there. Everyone said that I don’t have father so they won’t play with me. No one​ talks to me. Everyone said that their parents told them to stay away from me. I hate everyone!” Vidhi shouted while crying.

“Don’t worry, I will talk to your​ teacher tomorrow.okay? Then everything will be fine. Now wipe these tears.” Swara said wiping her tears.

“Teachers also say bad about you and me. I heard them saying something like il-ille-illegimte about me. I don’t wanna go to school, Mumma. I will go with you, your office.” Vidhi said hugging Swara tightly.

“Okay, don’t go. Now happy?” She sighed, hugging her tightly.

It was vidhi’s third school in a year. Everywhere, she heard more or less same comments, bears same behaviour, fought with same thinking, everything. Only the name of school was changing, nothing else was changing.

“Now wash your face. Let’s have dinner at your favourite restaurant. Okay?” Swara asked her.

“Yesssss!!” Vidhi beamed with joy.

Vidhi went in for washing her face, leaving Swara in delima, she walked downstairs, where Sharmishtha already understood the thing. The stigma on vidhi being an illegitimate child was not letting vidhi living her life like any normal kid. Swara, on the other hand was tagged as a sl*t. Swara, was managing anyhow at her side but what about Vidhi? The society had stamped them this way, but she can’t let her daughter suffer only because of some stupid stamp by society.

“Is she fine?” Sharmishtha asked.

“Hmm.. I need to find other school for her.” She said.

“Beta, kab tak ese school change krwati rahogi? Isse kuch nahi badlega, meri mano to shadi kr lo aur apni zindagi jio, Vidhi ki aur apni zindagi mat barbad karo, ” Sharmishtha said.

“Ma, I don’t want any man in my life, all are same, moreover I have no issues with anything, Aap mere saath ho, vidhi mere saath hai bas or kuch nahi chahiye.” She said.

“Beta, I can’t see my daughter suffering like this! Ye samaj jeene nahi dega tumhe!” Sharmishtha said.

Before Swara could say anything vidhi came… “Let’s go Mumma!” Vidhi said, with a smiling face.

“Let’s go!” Swara smiled and lifted Vidhi up.

“Naani nai jayengi?”she asked.

“No beta,you and Mumma go. Nani will have dinner at home.” Sharmishtha said kissing her cheek.

Swara was telling vidhi about her day at office, when she out of no where vidhi asked a question which left Swara on the Verge of crying.

“Mumma, why I don’t have papa? Everyone else has papa but not me.” She said.

Swara gulped a lump down her throat and spoke.

“Because your papa is busy in his job. He lives in other country and his boss is very strict, he doesn’t allow him to have a leave.” Swara lied, but vidhi being too smart for her age wasn’t satisfied.

“But neither I know his name? Rita’s papa also lives in other country but he always talk with her on phone. She told me this, when we use to talk, then her Mumma forbid her from talking to me.” She said sadly.

Swara was completely broken from inside, but she knew it would happen. She had choosen this life for her. She knew life would never be easy for a single and unmarried mother. But, the bitter experiences which she had with men in her life made her believes that all men are same, betrayer.

She was self sufficient and don’t want any man in her life. Yes, she was successful and independent. She was a dotting mother, but somewhere, Vidhi needs that special father daughter bond, Swara, needs a companion, a friend, a life partner, who will walk with her till the end of life. Swara was scared to marry anyone. She was scared of facing betral again, she was scared of leaving alone, once again. She doesn’t want her daughter to suffer like she did.

Swara was driving all lost in her own thoughts when vidhi shouted.

“Mummmaaa loookkk!! Uncleee!!!”

Swara saw a man infront of her car and applied breaks immediately. She step out of the car to see if the man was okay.

“Vidhi, don’t step out okay?” She instructed her before leaving.

The man was all okay with just some bruses.

“I am really very sorry sir, I was just unable… I-i am sorry… Come with me i will drop you at hospital.” Swara apologiesed to the man.

The man was starting at a particular direction, Swara followed his gaze and got to know that he was starting at vidhi.

“Excuse me sir? Are you fine? I’m asking you something?” She shook that man.

“I-is s-she y-yo-your da-daug-hter?” The man asked while stammering.

“Yes she is. But that’s none of your concern just tell me if you are fine or not. If you want any help I will help you, just stop staring at my daughter like a kidnapper!” She yelled at him.

The man left without even answering anything. Swara came back in car cursing him mentally.

“Who was that uncle Mumma?” Vidhi asked.

“Don’t know beta.” Swara said.


2 days later

“I’m sorry miss Bose but you can’t live in this society, you need to vacate your appartment in a week.” The secretary of society said, handing a letter to her.

“What? But why? I am paying rent on time, neither I am doing anything illegal.then why the hell you want me to leave this appartment?” She asked in irritation.

“Because you have concealed several facts while taking this appartment on lease and it’s clearly written in the deed that if you conceale any fact it would lead to voidance of that agreement. So, now you need to vacate the apartment.” The owner of the house said.

“I haven’t concealed any fact!” Swara asserted

“You didn’t tell me about your daughter.” The owner said.

“What rubbish! I told you that it would only be me , my mother and my daughter, who will stay in this apartment!” Swara napped at him.

“Did you tell me that your ​daughter is illegitimate? Did you tell me that your daughter was born out of a wedlock? Did you?”

“Get the hell out of this apartment right now! I will shift within 6 days, just get lost now!” Swara shoutedt them.

“huh BL**dy b*t*h” owner curses her and left. The moment he left Swara banged the door.

“Mumma, hume yaha se bhi Jana pdega?” Vidhi asked innocently.

“Hmm, people here are very bad na. So, Mumma and vidhi will go to a good place. Okay?” Swara said, consoling her.

“Vidhi, come with Nani. I need your help!” Sharmishtha said taking Vidhi from there.

She saw something or rather someone behind the window pane but she ignored that assuming that to be her hallucination.


A month has passed quickly, and luckyly Swara got a new flat on lease on the very next day. Since a week she was feeling that someone was following her. Daily she found some kind of gifts at her doorstep, initially she use to throw those gifts but gradually, she started to keep the gifts.

Today she has decided to catch the person who was keeping the toys at her door. She was awake whole night just to know the truth behind those gifts. Nearly, at 4 in the morning a car stopped near her home. The moment that man placed the gifts at her door, she recognised him as the same man who got hurt with her car.

“Why he is keeping gifts ?” She wondered.

One more month has passed, but she kept on receiving gifts, while little vidhi was overjoyed with her “toy uncle” although she has never seen him but she developed a soft corner for him.

One day she met him at a toy shop by chance. She recognised him and wanted to know why he is keeping toys at her door daily.

“Excuse me?” She spoke.

He simply ignored.

“Can I have your​ one minute?” She again asked.

He again ignored.

“Why the hell you are keeping toys at my doorstep since two months!” She shouted.

“I will tell you everything, but I want to meet your​ daughter.” He said.

“I won’t allow my daughter to meet any stranger” she frowned.

“I am dr Sanskar Maheshwari. I work in Sunshine home. Here are my I’d proofs.” He said passing his IDs to Swara.

Swara was shocked and confused. She took a minute to think and then she denied.

“I can’t trust you.” She said.

“Why you can’t trust me? I have shown my IDs to you, I just want to meet Vidhi. ” He said.

“Look, I don’t know what you want from my daughter but one thing is sure that I can’t​ let her meet any random man” she retorted.

” I am requesting you, please let me meet Vidhi.” Sanskar said politely.

“Do the hell with your request! And if I found you next time near my house or my daughter, I will call the cops.” She said angrily and left. Sanskar sighed.

Swara was crossing the road in anger, she didn’t even notice the flow of traffic, but Sanskar noticed and pulled her back.

“Leave me ! Or else I will shout!” She said.

He left her and took a card out from his pocket.

“Keep it, it’s my card. It has my number and address if you ever need any help just call me. I will be there regardless of any circumstances.” He said keeping the card in her purse.


It was nearly a week to her first encounter with Sanskar. Now, Sanskar use to keep gifts without any fear, he use to came in morning rather than in late night.
Swara was still wondering about him. Swara decided that she won’t let vidhi meet him but something else was written.

At night

Swara was doing her office work, Sharmishtha was out of town.Vidhi came to her crying.

“Mumma! My tummy is paining.” She cried.

“Don’t cry beta, Mumma will give you kadha. Just two minutes!” Swara said and hurriedly went in kitchen.

Swara gave her kadha but it doesn’t worked.

“Ahhh!! Mummmaaa it is paining!!” Vidhi cried.

“Come vidhi.” Swara lifted Vidhi n moved towards hospital with a crying Vidhi.


“Excuse me! My daughter is having stomach ache.” Swara said at reception.

“I am sorry mam, no doctor will see your daughter, they are on strike!” The receptionist said.

Swara drove to another hospital but the doctors were on strike there also. In the mean time, Vidhi’s condition worsens and she started to vomit.

“Oh god! Kya karu?” Swara cried in helplessness.

Then she recalled about Sanskar. She checked his address and straight drove to his house.

“Dr Maheshwari!!! Please open the door!!” Swara banged the door while crying.

Sanskar opened the door and saw a tensed Swara.

“Swara? What are you doing here​?” He asked.

“Vi-vidhi, kuch ho gya hai use, please do something! No doctor is available! Please.” She pleaded.

“Where is she?” He asked.

Swara pointed towards her car, Sanskar immediately rushed towards the car and lifted Vidhi who was half unconscious by now.


“It’s sever food poisoning. You need to take extra care of her.” Sanskar said to Swara.

“Thank-you so much, I will always be thankful to you. Your fees?” Swara said with teary eyes.

Sanskar smiled.

“Let her rest here. It will be my fees.” Sanskar said stopping Swara, who was about to lift Vidhi.

“B-but, how? I mean… Vo…” Swara hesitates.

“I understand, but I would suggest you to let her rest. Vese bhi it’s not safe for you to go at this time, and in any case if she needs my help again I will be here.” He said.

Swara agreed and sat beside her. She was caressing her hair, when Sanskar came with coffee.

“Coffee!” Sanskar said passing a cup to her.

“No thanks!” She denied.

“Have it you are looking tired then you can ask whatever you want to.” He said, leaving Swara astonished.

“Why you are doing this much for her, I mean she is an unknown to you. Why you care for her.” She asked.

“She isn’t unknown to me. I have met her once in her previous school in Kolkata.” He said.

He looked at Swara who was looking at him in confusion.

“Come here I will show you something.” He said.

Swara hesitantly moved with him, he took her to a kid’s room. It was coloured in pink and cream. Having each and every toy which any kid would ever dreamt of, having a big portrait of Sanskar along with a lady and a small girl.

“This is Lavyanya’s room. Or I should say this was. Lavanya was my daughter.” He said with heavy voice.

“Was?” Swara asked.

“I lost her last year. She had a genetic disease, when she was born doctor told us that she won’t live a long life. Still, being a father I had Hopes that my daughter will survive but she left me. Namita, my wife couldn’t take this trauma and she too left me after a week of Lavanya’s death.” Sanskar’s voice choked.

Swara was listening to him, just like a good listener.

“When I went to her school to inform them about her death, I met Vidhi and found my Lavanya in her.” Sanskar said recalling the day when he met Vidhi first.


Sanskar was sitting in the school playground, after telling the teachers about Lavanya’s death. He was broken beyond repair.

Vidhi who was going with her friends saw him crying and went near him.

“Uncle, why are you crying? Did teacher scold you?” She asked innocently.

Sanskar looked at her with teary eyes and nodded no.

“Then? Did you fought with your friends?” She again asked.

“No, my daughter got angry with me. So, she left me forever.” He said with tears flowing from his eyes.

Vidhi wiped his tears with her hanky and said…” Don’t cry uncle, I will tell your daughter to talk to you. You know, even I don’t have papa, but my Mumma loves me and if I fought with her she too cries like this, and I feel very bad for making her cry. I kissey her like this ( she kissed his cheek saying this) and she began to smile. Don’t worry your daughter will kissy you this way, she too must be feeling bad for making you cry.” Vidhi said all these things in her innocence, but Sanskar was amazed to see her maturity.

“Thank-you beta” Sanskar said.

“You’re welcome uncle. Byee!” Vidhi said and left.

Sanskar then enquired about Vidhi and Swara from the school teachers, and soon Swara left the city.

***Flashback ends***

Swara was in tears.

“Swara, I have a request for you, Please never stop me from meeting her.” He asked.

She didn’t say anything. She just kept on staring at him. Neither she could say yes nor she could say no.

“So friends?” He forwarded his hand.

“Friends!” She shook his hand hesitantly.

“Achha, it’s very late now. You go to Vidhi’s​room and take rest there.” He said.

Swara nodded and went to the room where vidhi was sleeping. Whole time Swara kept on thinking about him.



Vidhi woke up and saw Swara besides her.


“You got up beta. How are you feeling now?” She asked.

“My stomach is still paining.” Vidhi said.

“It will be alright soon.” Swara smiled.

In the mean time Sanskar entered the room with breakfast for vidhi.

“Breakfast!” He beamed.

“Vidhi, he is Sanskar uncle. You know he is a doctor and he make you fine.” She introduced vidhi to him.

Vidhi held her hand tightly.

“Hello young lady? How are you feeling now?” He asked.

Vidhi didn’t answer.

“I am your mumma’s friend don’t you want to be my friend?” He asked.

Vidhi looked at Swara once, she nodded.

“You won’t give me injection na?” She asked.

“Nopes, I won’t. ” Sanskar said

Vidhi slowly shook her​ hand with his.

Swara tried to feed vidhi khichdi but she was not eating. Sanskar took the charge.

“Vidhi, do you like princess Rapunzel?” He asked.

She nodded.

“What you like about her?” He asked.

“Her loonngggggggg hair.” She said opening her arms.

“Do you want same, long hair?” He asked.

“Yes, I want even longer!” She smiled.

“If you want long hair then you need to eat this vegetable khichdi.” He said, forwarding a spoon towards her.

She initially made faces and then have that while making faces.

Swara smiled seeing him and Vidhi.


Days were passing, with each passing day. Sanskar’s and Vidhi’s bond was becoming stronger and a beautiful friendship was blossoming between SwaSan. Sanskar’s visit to Swara’s house was very frequent. Now, he didn’t left gifts at her doorstep rather he gave gifts to Vidhi directly. Sanskar seemed to be a nice man to Sharmishtha.

“He loves Vidhi alot na?”Sharmishtha said, seeing vidhi playing with sanskar.

“Hmm.. I wonder how can he love vidhi this much” Swara said.

“Swara, don’t you think vidhi needs a father?” Sharmishtha said.

“No I don’t think so!” Swara said angrily and left.

Swara saw Vidhi who fell while playing and bruised her knee. Before she could move towards her, Sanskar took vidhi in his arms and made her sit on sofa.

“Swara, first-aid box please!” He asked.

“It’s hurting uncle!” Vidhi cried.

“Just a minute, vidhi is a strong girl na? So, stop crying” Sanskar said, dipping the cotton in antiseptic.

He was about to clean her wound but vidhi held his hand… ” It will hurt” she said.

“Okay, I won’t apply this!” He said throwing the cotton away.

“But Sanskar?” Swara spoke in jesture, Sanskar signalled her something.

“Achha tell me what did princess Cinderella left at the palace?” He asked.

“Glass slipper!” She said excitedly.

“Look there, can you see any glass slipper?” Sanskar said pointing towards a particular direction.

The moment Vidhi’s focus shifted to that side, he applied antiseptic to her wound.

Swara was very comfortable with Sanskar, she got a true friend in him, but again society can’t accept Swara’s friendship with Sanskar. Or it was a single, unmarried mother’s friendship with a young, successful, widower.


“Bye Sanskar uncle!” Vidhi waved her hand with an ear to ear smile.

“Bye beta!” Sanskar, who has came to drop Vidhi said.

Swara was taking Vidhi into the society, when again people started to badmouth about her.

“Huh! Look at her. How shameless she is.” A lady said.

“Exactly, she has no shame in roaming around with her boyfriend.” Another lady said.

“She is not at fault only, that man is also shameless, just a year ago his daughter and wife died and he being a shameless, now is spending time with Swara and her illegitimate child.” A man said.

Swara was hearing everything till now. But her patience was decreasing. She tried to move in but a man with wicked, lusty look blocked her way.

“Where are you going? ” He said, checking her from top to bottom, she felt disguste and wanted to punch him straight in face but seeing Vidhi’s horrified look she stopped.

“Tell us, this girl is that man’s daughter na? She is his bad blood na? You both had a affair. Right? That’s why he is unaffected by the death of his wife and daughter, because he has his other daughter and a concubine,right?” He shouted. Making vidhi Shiver in fear, she hugged Swara tightly

“Can’t you see, she is getting scared with you ? You are a lady, a mother still you can’t understand that my daughter is getting scared from you!” She shouted.

“First tell us, she is that man’s daughter na?” A middle aged lady asked giving disgusting looks to her.

Sharmishtha was at a distance when everyone stopped because of a strong voice.

“Yes she is!”

Swara turned her face and found Sanskar standing there, who came back to give Swara Vidhi’s toy kit, with blood shot eyes.

“Sanskar!” Swara murmured in disbelief.

“Yes, she is my daughter NOW! You people are so pathetic that I don’t even want to waste my time on you. You all want to know Vidhi’s father’s name, right? Then listen, from now onwards, She will be known as Vidhi Sanskar Maheshwari! Daughter of Sanskar Maheshwari!So now you guys better clear my daughter’s way before I hit you guys forgetting my limits.” He shouted

Everyone left while murmuring something or the other about Swara. Vidhi ran and hugged Sanskar tightly. Swara who was boiling in anger because if Sanskar’s recent saying, departed Vidhi from Sanskar angrily and moved towards her flat.

“Swara, listen!” Sanskar tried to stop her

“Its enough! Don’t you ever come near vidhi! Dr. Sanskar Maheshwari!” Swara said angrily and moved towards her flat.

Sanskar followed her and forcibly entered into her flat Followed by Sharmishtha.

“Swara, you better not create any scene in front of vidhi!” Sanskar murmurs angrily.

Swara realised that vidhi was seeing everything, so she calm herself. And Sanskaar moved towards vidhi and kneel down infront of her.

“Vidhi, don’t you want to show your toys to me?” He asked, while wiping her tears.

She nodded.

“Then go and take your toys out I will come in a minute.okay?” Asking this he kissed her forehead and she ran into her room.

“Get out ssanskar! We don’t need any man in our lives!” She said angrily.

“You don’t need any man, I agree! but don’t you think vidhi deserves love of her father?” He asked

“I will give her all the love which she deserves! You please go from here!” She said in irritation.

Swara was about to say something more, when Sanskar stopped her.

“Look Swara, I know it was abrupt. But think for once, kab tak tum dono ye zillat sahoge? Kab tak tum vidhi Ko pita ke pyar ke liye tarsaogi? Kab tak vidhi se uska bachpan cheenogi? Kab tak apni Zid ke chalte, us Masoom ki zindagi barbad karogi? Kab tak?” He asked.

Swara was speachless. She knew Sanskar was right at a point, Vidhi wants a fatherly love. It’s her right to spend childhood like any other normal kid. UnTill when she would keep on changing Vidhi’s school or her residance. She knew Sanskar well by now, she knew he loves her, her mother likes Sanskar. She somewhere knew he won’t betray them like Vidhi’s father. She knew he would be with her like a true friend. But marriage is a big descision, was she ready for responsibilities? Was she reAdy to be a ‘wife’?

“Look Swara, I know what you must be feeling, I promise our relationship would be for Vidhi only. We will always be her parents, nothing more than that. I promise I will never force any relation on you. I promise.” He said, the geniune tone of his voice was something which played magic on her.

“And your ​family?” Sharmishtha asked.

“They know everything about Vidhi, and trust me aunty, they won’t have any problem. Ever. My family lives in Dehradun. We can shift there, away from this haterad, this negativity. Rest is upto you, Swara. Take your time and tell me.” He said and moved towards the door.

Swara was confused about his talks, concerned about Vidhi’s future, doubtful about her decision.

“Mumma, Sanskar uncle chale Gaye?” Vidhi asked.

Swara was lost.

“Mummaa!!” Vidhi shouted.

“Haan- Haan beta what happened?” She asked.

“Sanskar uncle, chale Gaye?” She again asked.

“Haan, he got an urgent call from his hospital.” She lied.

“Ohhhh!” Vidhi spoke sadly and turned towards her room.

“Vidhi?” Sharmishtha called her.

“Yes naani?” She said.

“Do you like Sanskar uncle?” She asked.

“Yesssss!! I love Sanskar uncle, he is the best uncle in the while world.” Vidhi said smilingly.

Swara heard her, she saw her face, she saw that spark in her eyes which she had when she talks about Sanskar.

“Think about his proposal, Swara. I’ll always be with you in your descision.” Sharmishtha said and left.

Whole day Swara was thinking about his proposal but couldn’t make her mind.

“Shona? Soyi nai Abhi tak?” Sharmishtha asked.

“Neend nahi aa Rahi maa.” Swara said.

“You can tell me what you want to say?”Sharmishtha said, sitting beside her.

“Ma, I don’t know whether I should trust Sanskar or not. I don’t know.” She said.

“Let’s talk upon facts. Why you don’t want to trust him? She asked.

“Because he is a man, and all man are same, vikarm was a betrayer, dad left you, Kartik left Ragini di because of which she committed suicide. Then how can I trust Sanskar?” She said.

” Swara, just because we have bitter experiences with men it doesn’t mean all men are same, I have told this to you many times earlier also.”Sharmishtha said.

“Maa, what if he too left Vidhi​?” She asked in fear.

“And what if he doesn’t?” Sharmishtha said.

“Take time and think about this.” Sharmishtha continued and left.

Swara recalled the moments when Sanskar has proven his love for Vidhi…


Sanskar surprised Swara and Vidhi by his sudden visit to Vidhi’s school. Vidhi was super excited to see Sanskar, she left Swara’s hand and moved towards him, who was standing in other side of road waiting for traffic to clear.

He saw Vidhi running towards him, in between the heavy traffic he just jumped onto the bust road and took her safely away from road.

Swara sighed seeing vidhi safe with Sanskar.

“Vidhi, was that a way to cross road? Why you left mumma’s hand?” He scolded her.

“I want to meet you uncle.” She said with tears.

“When I came to meet you, obviously I will meet you! I won’t go without meeting you! Didn’t you see the heavy traffic? What if you got hurt?” He said angrily.

“S-sor-ryyy.” Vidhi apologised and busted into tears.

Sanskar immediately took her in arms…

“Don’t cry beta, but what you did was wrong na?Achha, Chlo now tell me what punishment you want for Sanskar uncle?” He asked wiping her tears.

“I want two ice creams.” She said with hickups.

“Okay!! Let’s have ice cream!!”Sanskar said and ran with vidhi to a nearby icecream stall.

Swara was just adoring that special bond between them.

** Flashback ends**

Swara smiled recalling that.


Next morning.

@vidhi’s room

“Beta do you want papa?” She asked.

“No, Mumma now I don’t want papa, I have Sanskar uncle.” She said playing with het new toys.

“And If I tell you that Sanskar uncle is your papa, then?” She asked.

“Wowwww!!! Sachhiii!!!! Sanskar uncle is my papa!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!” Vidhi jumped in happiness.

“Achha now call your Sanskar papa.” Sharmishtha said.

Swara dialed, Sanskar’s number and handed phone to vidhi.

“Hello” sanskar said.

“Hello, Sanskar papa!” Vidhi said.

Sanskar was shocked as well as happy, listening to the word papa after a long time.

“What you said beta? Speak again?” He said in happiness.

“Sanskar papa!” Vidhi said.

Sanskar’s happiness had no boundaries, he was overjoyed.

“Vidhi, give phone to Mumma.” He said.

Vidhi gave phone to Swara.

“Swara you?” He asked.

“I am ready!” She said.

“Are you sure?” He confirmed.

“Very much sure!” She said.

To be continued

A/N : So, if you’re​ thinking about title, that it doesn’t matches the story, then it’s not like that. Love is love, it’s one of the purest feeling in world.

A father can love his child.
A mother can love her child.
A husband can love his wife.
A sister can love her brother.

There are many other ways of love. The love which I focused here wad Sanskar’s love for Vidhi. He abd Swara may or may not fall in love with eachother, but their love for Vidhi won’t change.

PS: thank-you Anji for title.

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