Hey guyzzz actually I’m a mehbeer fan and today just checked on PBNM – BD on TU n found many ff’s n as per a request by maanvi I’m writing a mehbeer os , hope u all enjoy it!!!!!!!
Meher – abeer will ur dad be agree fr us……………..
Abeer – meher u dnt take tension it doesn’t suits u
Meher smiles – okk baba , vesse do u remember first we doesn’t use to talk with each other n now see……….

Abeer – yes how cn I forget that……

Fb ( mehbeer r thinking )
A boy wearing blue denims with white tee and a jacket is coming on bike , he’s driving it really fast , just then a girl in short pink n white kurti with blue denims is passing by and the boy’s bike was about to hit her bt that boy stopped the bike in the nik of tym , that girl lost her balance and was about to fall bt the boy hold her waist with one hand n one hand on bike , both had an angry bt cute eyelock………
Girl – hey mister dnt u have any manners that how to drive a bike
Boy – ohhh hlo u were the one who came in front of me , u got only my bike to suicide
Girl – who the hell wanted to suicide , I was going n then u wre the one who came ……….
Boy – wtever

Girl – now will u leave me………… ( actually he was still hold her , and realized and left her ) n she was about to fall just then he holded her hand )
Boy – first learn to stand and helps her
Girl – thxxx
Boy – it’s alright , I knew it was ur mistake and he left……
Girl – ohhh mr, I said thxxx fr helping me in getting up , ( shouts ) it was ur mistake only……….DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!

The same girl was going towards her class holding her books and on the opp. Side same was boy was coming while listening music , and then wt happened ( u al know ) both collided and fall the girl was above the boy , both shared an eye- lock , bt it was broken as they realized the situation and both stood and composed themselves…..
Boy, girl together – wt’s ur problem……………
Girl – wt’s ur prblm , do u only find me to bump , how cheap…
Boy – ohh miss. Lecturer, y r u always blaming me, that’s ur fault
Girl – mr.attitude , firstly I’m nt a lecturer n it’s ur fault so I’ll blame u only
Boy – ohh just keep ur moth shut

Girl – y will I , u shut up………
Girl – DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!
Both gave a glaring look to each other n then left
Fb ends…..
Mehbeer were laughing
Abeer – ya ya I remember it , in 1st meeting we were haters n now……..
Meher – lover ( n both smiles )
Abeer – do u remember that golgappa fight……

Meher laughed – yeah!!!!!! U were so tensed
Abeer – and u were sooo naughty
Fb starts

Abeer – I need to teach that ms.lecturer a lesson…… oh yeah!!!!!! Wow abeer wt an idea ( yups he’s abeer , vesse abhi tak pta toh chal hi gya ohga hehehe )
Abeer goes to meher ( the girl is our meher , I knw that u knw , bt u knw that I knw that I have to tell u wt u knw , actually I knw n u also knw that u r getting confused , bt I knw dat u’r gonna like it , n u’ll also knw that wt I knw )
Abeer – hey , ms.lecturer , actually I think from past few weeks we’r always fighting , so I think wt’s the need to fight we can be frdz , I mean y to fight everyday n smiles ( I love his smile , he looks dam cute )
Meher thinks – ohhh hoo mr. attitude that too with frdship offer , cnt even imagine something is fishy , bt he doesn’t knw me , if he’ll do something then I’ll teach him a good lesson
Abeer – so frdz…
Meher – ya sure….. so wt’s ur name
Abeer – mr.attitude, hehehe , I’m abeer , abeer malhortra
Meher – meher , meher purohit
Abeer – so let’s go out for some coffee
Meher – yah!!!, sure , let’s go

They were going n then mehr saw golgappa stall
Meher – ohh wow golgappa , I lov it let’s go there
Abeer smirks – ya sure even I love them
Both goes there

Abeer – hey meher wt abt a golgappa fight , who so ever will win means he or she was right
Meher thinks n then says – ya y not , bt u’ll loose
Abeer – I never play to loose
Meher – n I always play to win…….
Abeer – hmm , nice confidence let’s start
The vendor gave them 1 by 1
( the counts become slow )

( meher is full with it n even abeer )
( bt meher ate 7th n at in it abeer signaled the vendor to add much spice )
Meher shouted – water ! water ! water !!
Abeer was also tensed
Abeer – meher take this r u okay ……… have it
Meher drinks n started crying – that’s cheating I asked fr sweet n he gave spicy n I ost that’s nt done
Abeer – sorry meher , actually I asked him. Sorry , r u fine…….. n u won I lost
Meher – really
Abeer – yes
Meher – pakka
Abeer – yes fr sure bt plzz forgive me
Mehr – yippie!!!!!!! I won n u r asking forgiveness fr wt

Abeer – wt do u mean fr wt
Meher – I mean I saw when u signaled to him , and ididn’t ate that one I changed it.
Abeer shocked meher rocked
Abeer – it means u were acting this all , to win…..
Meher winks and laughs , abeer was also smiling seeing her laugh
Meher – so now frdzz , bt pakka wala frdzz
Abeer – yes fr sure pakka wala frdzz n u r too naughty bt cute
Meher – I knw n giggles u r nt less
Fb ends

Abeler – that was the starting of our love
Meher – hmmm , I still remember when u proposed me…
Fb starts
Abeer was very tensed thinks – omg abeer , how will say her , ohh noo , directly , no no wt if she said no , u cnt loose her frdship , bt wt if she said yes. OMG!!!!!!!!! Wt to do wt to do ya idea!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abeer took his guitar n leaves where meher is n he sw her and went towards her and started singing

Nara na…naa
Na ra na ra ne na ra na
Na ra na ra na nana
Nara nara nara nara
Nara ne…
Juki teri palkon mein
Mil jaaye mujhe panaah
Palkein gire aasu bhari
Reh jaaye mere nishaan
Tute dil ki mat kar
Tu fikar mere humnava
Pyaar doon tujhko is kadar
Reh jaaye mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan
Khakh mein mil javu main
Jaise ke ek lamha
Aa lagja sine se
Banja mera rehnuma
Dekhta hua sapne tere
Sun le meri jaane ja
Khwab ye sach ho jaaye
Agar khuda ho meherban
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Na ra na ra ne na ra na
Na ra na ra na nana
Nara nara nara nara
Nara ne…
Sajde mein tere sar jukta bas
Chahat ki hain ye dastaan
Ruth gaya mera rab jo mujhse
Toh mita de voh mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan mere nishaan
Mere nishaan
Mere nishaan nishaan nishaan
Mere nishaan nishaan nishaan
Mere nishaan nishaan nishaan
Mere nishaan

Abeer – meher actually I knw I cnt say from the day I met u I fell fr u , as firstly we were haters , bt u knw u were the first person ever who fought with me , n I dnt knw gradually I fell fr u , firstly I thought that it’s an infatuation , bt it isn’y I dnt want to name my love as infactuation , I really love u meher , from the core of my heart , meher only u r there on my every breath , my heartbeat , in my everything only u there , no one no one can be compared to u , I love u will u be my girl forever ………….
Meher – yes abeer , I love u too , I knw it’s nt love that 1st sight bt it’s something really better than it , we started our journey as haters n will continue it as lovers
And both hugged each other

Fb ends.
Meher – u were so cute.
Abeer – I knw n winks
Meher – abeer I think we should go to uncle , if he’ll get to knw frm somewhere else it’s nt good
Abeer half- heartedly said yes bt he knew that his dad would never agree
There kuber was sitting on the sofa n mehbeer came
Abeer – dad actually I wanted to tell u something
Kuber without looking at him – yes say

Abeer tells him that he loves meher n if he’ll marry the girl would only be MEHER kuber knew that his son is really stubborn so no point to say no ,he thinks something n said – oh that’s great , I’ll be proud if meher will be my DIL that’s a good news……….. I am ready fr it , we’ll also do a celebration fr it next week……. I’m so happy and hugged meher n meher touches his feet , kuber left , meher was very happy abeer was shocked+ confused…….
Meher – I am sohappy abeer .. oh gosh cnt tell u and in excitement hugged abeer
Abeer – hmm
Meher broke the hug – abeer u seemed worried , r u nt happy

Abeer – no meher nothing like that bt kuber malhotra is not a guy that understands love , he only minutes , something is fishy , I’m not feeling good…
Meher – ohh hoo abeer , u r thinking too much , now go n sleep it’s late even I need to go
Abeer – ok I’ll drop u , he drops her and n before leaving tightly hugged her
Meher – abeer , wt happened , dnt take tension there’s nothing fishy , go n sleep properly
Abeer with fake smile – yeah!!
Next morning
Abeer went to meher’s house bt didn’t found her and all things were messed up. Aber shouted MEHER!!!!!!!!! I knw who has done it n drove his car very rashly , he went to MM
Abeer – mr. kuber malhotra , I never thought that u’ll stoop so low!! ( shouts ) where’s my meher………
Kuber laughs evily – the place she deserves
Abeer – she deserves place in my heart, just tell my u bl***y where is she….
Kuber – ohh hoo ok ok let me tell , at least u cn see her dead………
Abeer – don’t dare 2 speak a word more………….ok………. I knw where would be she
Scene shifts
Some people r forcefull taking meher somewhere ,
Meher – plzzz leave me ,plzzz fr god sake , wt have I done
Man1 – u loved the son of kuber malhotra……
Man2 – that too with middle class standard

Meher was shcked – that means uncle send u
Man1 – yes , n knw u r gonna die……… n both of them laughs
Oon the other hand abeer is driving very fastly
The goons r takig meher to ajungle n r about to shoot meher just then abeer comes in between , meher and goons r shocked , n frm behind a goon shooted meher………. And the goons ran away as they knew if kuber came 2 knw that abeer is dead , they will be dead so they left…….
Both mehbeer falls…
Meher while lying in Pain…- abeer….y…y did…did u came…..
Abeer with pain smiled – i.. have to..meher… u…. I .. I said na…. u … ur … my…my heartbeat…if some…something…will u…then…..even…i…I’m…suppose….to die…….
Meher – i…I’m …sorry abeer….b’coz of …me…today…..

Abeer – no… meher ….it’s….my dad’s mistake….nt urs…… n wt…wt happened….if we couldn’t…. spend….our life…………we….we lived together…..and will……die together….

Meher – yes…y…ess abeer we’ll….be….be…. TOGETHER FOREVR…..
then both while lying holded each other’s hand and looked at each other with a smile that they r together………….. both shared a painful bt happy eye-locjk as they r together forever…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey guyzzz so finished actually i wrote it today only on maanvi’s request….guyzz do comment actually i have lots og=f home work to do , bt fr mehbeer fans n on maanvi’s request i wrote it b’coz didn’t want to dissapoint her!!!!!! soo plzzzz plzzz comment….
and thxxx who commented on my previous os

and if u wished to read my ff on twiraj then u cn n u’ll find mehbeer also , bt they r in supporting nt main

    Amazingly written ❤️❤️❤️
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