Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story ~Sure

“Abeeeerrrrr,” I screamed getting scared as he attacked Abeer holding his neck tightly, the old man’s mouth opened so largely that if we normal humans try to open our mouth that much, our face will get slit from ear to ear, his eyeballs were grey in color, he had sharp teeth. I had to fight to save Abeer and I pressed his neck harder with same force but he didn’t got affected.

He turned his head to me giving me a sinister smile and his eyeballs became round as he laughed horribly. He threw Abeer to the wall and pulled the rosary out of my neck pulling my hair with great force, I tried pushing him but in vain. He was too strong, then I remembered my mother’s words, “Hanuman Chalisa shoos away ghosts” and that’s when I started reciting it’s verses and he screamed and vanished roaringly.

I picked the rosary and went to Abeer making him stand and took him out of there locking the room. I took him upstairs and laid him, I made him drink water and he slept. Now who was that old man I wonder. I too laid down to sleep, but I didn’t even got a wink of it. Our room was pitch dark. Just then a man came to our room, I assumed him as uncle, Abeer’s father. “Can you give me something to eat? I am hungry, I am working overnight so I need energy,” said him and yes it was his dad only. I stood up from the bed and followed him, he was going in his room but he stopped in between. I thought he wants to say something. “Uncle, what happened? Do you need something else too?,” I asked and he didn’t said anything. Then one more thought came to my mind, that he can be sleepwalking. “Uncle, are you awake?,” I asked and he didn’t said anything again. I asked him again. “Sure,” he said and turned towards me and his eyes were closed, the moment he opened his eyes and it grew larger and larger, I screamed loudly.

“What happened Meher? Are you ok?,” asked Abeer making me startle and I opened my eyes and uncle was nowhere to be seen, my gaze went downstairs and I saw a glimpse of that old man smiling at me and disappearing, I hugged Abeer clutching his shirt tightly. It was the old man who transformed into uncle and scared me. “Relax, it’s nothing,” he said taking me to room and I slept shaking badly. Suddenly I felt my neck being pressed and I struggled hard and tried to free myself and as I touched the hands that strangulated me, they were just bones, no skin was there. I opened my eyes terrified and those hands also weren’t there anymore on my neck, a force raised my body up in air and I couldn’t even scream, oh my God, what to do now?

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  1. Jasminerahul

    old man attacked scary.relieved that meher saved abeer.old man coming as abeer’s dad was also scary 4 me.last scene where meher got attacked scares me more.hope abeer saves her.plz reveal who is this old man

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