Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story~ Shivani Dead?! Or Is It An Illusion Chapter 9

“Shivani, actually…”, I narrated everything to her and she looked at me with a frown. “No, there’s no mumma or papa besides you and papa”, she said. I kissed her forehead. “Vani baby, think from their side too, they are missing you from much time, you don’t know their pain, I explained you to always make people happy and not sad right? Won’t you listen to me? I m not leaving you here, don’t be sad”, I explained calmly.

She went to each one of them and hugged them. “Sorry”, she said and they smiled. “What should I call them mumma? Uncle aunty or mumma papa? I don’t know”, she asked and I looked at Anita. “You can call them mumma and papa as well”, I said and she smiled and after a last hug, we went from there. This time I made sure we both had rosaries. We reached the house and Shivani went straight to her room. Later when everyone were sleeping, I wasn’t getting sleep, I went to the terrace to have some fresh air. I stood there opening my arms feeling the breeze when I felt being pushed and fell from the terrace.

I screamed and hit the floor getting hit on my head laying on my stomach bleedingly. It pained a lot. I tried to get up but again fell. I laid there staring at the floor, slowly my vision started to fade. “ help, Abeer”, I said as loud as I could. “Meher!”, I heard Abeer shout but I was too weak to turn and look at him, I heard footsteps and two hands turned me and made me sit. It was Abeer. He lifted me in his arms and my vision faded more and more. Suddenly it faded completely and darkness came in front of my eyes, I could hear a familiar evil laughter and Abeer pleading me to be okay, the voices also faded as I lost my senses.

Next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital with Abeer holding my hand. “Are you ok? How did you fell?”, he asked with concern masked on his face. “I went to have fresh air when suddenly someone pushed me”, I told him and he caressed my hair. “You’ll be fine”, he said and kissed my forehead. I smiled in return.

He helped me sit and I saw blood on his clothes. “Where did this blood come from?”, I asked pointing at his shirt. “Don’t know, maybe it’s yours”, he said. We talked for sometime and  the doctor allowed me to be taken home. We went to home while I told Abeer everything about the whole truth, that Shivani has two mothers and two fathers. He chuckled.

“Isn’t it weird?”, he asked. “Yes it is”, I said and suddenly I saw someone looking at me hanging from our car upside down, and to my shock, it was Shivani. “Mumma, you’re my sweet mother no?”, she asked in a ghostly voice, all the innocence on her face faded, she gave me a sinister smile. I got scared. “Abeer, look Shivani”, I said pointing at her. “Don’t worry I won’t harm you”, she said and vanished. “Mumma, Mohan killed me, it happened all because of you”, she said and I turned to backseat, she was glaring at me. “Abeer, look back”, I said.

Abeer turned back. “No one is there”, he said and I saw Shivani wasn’t there anymore. Suddenly I felt two hands grip my neck tighter. “Mumma, I love you, won’t you accompany me to heaven?”, she said and this time Abeer too saw her and was shocked. He touched the rosary, nothing happened. He took off his rosary and made her wear it and she screamed and turned into ash. I started crying. “Nooo, Shivani got killed because of us, no”, I said crying vigorously. Abeer hugged me as I cried.

  1. Jasminerahul

    Meher falling down was a shock. Glad that nothing happened.Is the blood on abeer meher’s blood or any mystery behind it.shivani as a ghost was a real shock.did Shivani really die?oh no.very sad.hope she is not dead.if she is dead then when did Mohan kill her?

    1. Salley145

      Wait till next chp is updated

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