Mehbeer FF Yeh Dil Part 9

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Part 7

Taiji invites the high society girls to the Malhotra house so Abeer could choose one of them. Abeer dials Meher’s number and said, “Come to my place immediately.”

Meher: What happened all of a sudden?
Abeer: Problems have come suddenly. It is about our relationship. There are no problems from my mother and grandfather’s side, but, Taiji is upto some mischief.
Meher: I’ve not even dressed up. I’ve to go for shopping.
Abeer: Come with a normal dress. I will come with you for shopping once this issue gets resolved.
Meher: Fine, I am coming right away.
She leaves for Malhotra house hurriedly and reaches there. Abeer & Meher hug each other.

Madhavi: Rishab has gone to an important meeting. He will come by today evening or tomorrow.
She gives the dress to Meher so she can face those girls. Taiji gets irked, but unable to say anything in front of Abeer. Meher dresses herself up.
Finally, the girls come.
Taiji introduces the girls to Abeer. They have got higher profiles.
Taiji: This girl’s name is Reena. Her father is managing a huge empire. She is his only daughter. If you marry her, you will have the entire property. The other one is Tina. She is a top model. She has got beauty, brain, and bank-balance.
She introduces every girl to Abeer. However, he told the girls, “I’m sorry. I won’t be able to select any of you.”

He introduces Meher to everyone saying, “She is Meher, my fiancee. I love her & will be marrying her after a year.”
Everyone is shocked except Madhavi. Their parents confronted Taiji and said, “When you know that he is engaged, why have you call us in this regard. You have wasted our time. We are leaving.”
Taiji tries to stop them, but she fails.
Taiji’s legal advisor Mr. Gandhi comes. He calls Abeer and Meher with them.
Gandhi tells Abeer and Meher, “You guys are young. I understand that both of you are engaged & will be getting married after completing your studies. But a lot of things can happen within that time. So I suggest you all be away from each other for one year. If your love is the same, Taiji will agree on this relationship and get both of you married to each other. If she doesn’t agree, then I will get you guys married.”

Abeer: Our love has always been the same. I know that Taiji is elder to my parents in the relationship, but my grandfather has no problems with us. I can’t accept this condition. We have crossed 18 and can marry anyone we want.
Meher: I agree with your condition because I have got faith in my love. Our love for each other will never change.
Abeer: If Meher says so, I agree with your condition. Our love is true.
Gandhi leaves.
Taiji contacts Gupta over the phone and asked, “Why did you assure them that if their love is the same for one year, we will get them married?”
Gandhi: I had to give them false promises; otherwise they would not agree to separate. I also know they are madly in love with each other and can go to any extent. So you have to take Abeer far away from this place so he won’t be able to contact anyone nor anyone can reach out to him.

Taiji meets Kuber and discusses the next step.
Kuber: The advocate is right. Even if you have to keep Abeer away from Meher by kidnapping him, don’t hesitate. We cannot let Purohit family win. Everything is fair in love & war & this is not less than war. The entire Purohit family is gold-diggers. One more thing is dad should not know about this. It is easy for him to trace Abeer. Keep me updated about the happenings.
Taiji: Don’t underestimate that family. Shyam is maintaining both his wives. They are well-off.
Kuber: Middle class people are middle class people. Whatever you do, be careful.
Taiji leaves.

College results are out. Meher tops once again. Abeer clears all his papers with flying colors. Rishab has to visit different places to sort out the issues. College reopens after a month.
Taiji: Lalla, there are better colleges near my house on the Central side. I have spoken to the principal there. He has agreed to give you admission. It is a better college and has got more facilities to provide.
After Abeer shifted to Ghatkopar, he is shocked to see himself locked. It was only restricted to his studies and extra activities. His mobile phone is with one of Taiji’s men.

Abeer’s friends try to contact him, but Taiji has his phone. Abeer is frustrated that he is unable to reach out to his grandfather, mom, Meher, or any of his friends.

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    Nice story, keep going, nowadays no one comments on this page

    1. Krkavita

      yes, you are right. it is so discouraging when no one comments or gives short comments. I guess, I should write all the movie related ff’s and send it to IF members. Which other couples do you like other than mehbeer?

      1. Salley145

        Of movies, I like Shraddha Kapoor andAditya Roy Kapoor and of serials other tHan Mehbeer, i like the couple Manik and Nandini of kaisi yeh yaariyan, y don’t u join wattpad? U will get a good response once u get followers, I too post there, its ur wish, it was just a suggestion

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    Will try that.

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