Mehandi hai Rachne Wali 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Raghav track Pallavi and Mandar

Kirti tell Mandar that I have seen true love for Pallavi in your eyes. Infect you love her so much that even after forgetting everything you remember Pallavi. Mandar ask, being real sister of Raghav, why you want to ruin your brother’s married life? Kirti says Raghav-Pallavi doesn’t know the meaning of true love (like seriously😨), they are trying to apart me from my love sunny😱. Kirti further add, that she knows sunny and I did wrong with you, but we both want to reactify our mistake.

Pallavi-Raghav and Amma enjoy photoshoot📸📸 with song tu kich meri photo🎶
Pallavi thanks raghav for so many good memories. Raghav says you made my life perfect, its nothing infront of that. Pallavi says you are so cute and kiss her while hugging him. Jaya tease them. They see pictures and decide one of them to put in hall.

Mandar call Pallavi and tell her that he saw picture. Pallavi ask about which picture? Raghav tell her I sent him selfie, as he is close to us now, so he must know we are perfect. Mandar listen all this, while he says seeing picture, I remember our wedding pictures(suddenly sab bhut jaldi yaad aa raha hai isko🙄).
Mandar further ask her to come at deshmukh house to see more pictures, so that my memories revive. Pallavi tell Raghav and ask if she can go? Raghav says ofcourse, you are doing so good work, why would i stop you!.

Pallavi goes to change, while raghav keep gps tracker in Pallavi bag. Pallavi ask raghav not to choose picture without me. Pallavi goes. Raghav says sorry to her, for tracking her, as he can’t trust Mandar.

Mandar call Sharda and Pallavi, whiling adding that I remember how Sharda saw Pallavi in mirror. Sulochana support him stating MIL see DIL face this way only. Mandar thanks Pallavi for helping me. Sharda throw mirror and take Pallavi inside.
Sharda tell Pallavi that stop coming at deshmukh house, otherwise after everything will be fine, Mandar will not be able to move on and it might affect your happy life. Pallavi says to her Raghav knows that she is doing all this as friend only.

Mandar tell Pallavi that she should not come here, even Sharda don’t want this. Pallavi defends sharda stating she is worried for her children. Mandar says I feel suffocated in deshmukh house. Pallavi says we shall go out. Mandar ask Pallavi to infrom Raghav. Pallavi does so while Raghav says I have never stopped you, right now I am busy in meeting. Pallavi-Mandar goes out. Raghav follows them stating when fight is with Raghav, Raghav win always.

Milind ask how mirror broken. Sulochana inform that Sharda did, as she doesn’t want to Pallavi come to deshmukh house. Milind ask Sharda he knows why she fears? But it will be good if Mandar memories return with help of Pallavi and she is smart, don’t worry. Sharda says we all want that, but not at cost of ruining Raghav-Pallavi house. They are newly married. I shall do what i feel right in future also.

Pallavi and Mandar reach resturant and find Raghav. Pallavi ask about his meeting. Raghav says it was here only, ended just sometime back. Mandar was like🙄🙄
Pallavi says then we should spent time togther.
Pallavi sits in middle while Raghav on right and Mandar on left. Raghav ask did you remember anything by spending time with my wife? Pallavi says yes he remembers one ritual.
Raghav says its so strange, Mandar remember everything when Pallavi is around. Mandar says because we share special bond. Pallavi confused🙄🙄. Raghav says that was past, and past stays past. Mandar says destiny can’t separate past. Raghav hold Pallavi hand stating destiny is mine and no-one can change it. Pallavi more confused🙄🙄, while ask whats going on, which i don’t get it? Raghav says nothing just random talk. Lets order something, feeling hungry. Pallavi ask Mandar to order, but he excuse himself stating I remember something important and goes.

Pallavi think🤔why he left suddenly? Raghav says timing. Lets eat something, feeling too hungry. Pallavi says fast, as i have work at home. Raghav as your wish is my command🥰🥰. Pallavi orders food. While he remember how 3 days are gone out of 7 days challange. Mandar says 4 days are with me to win challange.

Precap: Pallavi find tracker in her Bag. Kirti ask Raghav about it. He says yes. Mandar get home in torn clothes and fall down

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  2. 1. Shraddha di love your style of updates. The emojis and your bracket comments actually portray my own emotions so well so reading becomes more satisfying… thanks for the update.
    2. Sharda and Milind are the only people in Deshmukh house who truly love Pallavi.
    3. Mandar actions are very cheap. tumko kuch yaad hai nahi lekin 2 saal baad aake baki logo ki life barbaad kar rahe ho.
    4. Tracker will create issue b/w Raghavi…
    5. Kirti ke sar pe coconut phodne ka mann karta hai.
    6. Pallavi needs to stop ignoring Sharda’s warnings
    7. Why doesnt Raghav tell Pallavi about Mandar’s challenge.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thanks @prachigill
      4. Yes it will create and fire will be ignite by kirti
      5. I feel uska memory loss krva dena chiye.
      6. I think you want to say, pallavi should take sharda warning seriously🤔🤔
      7. I doubt same🤔, becoz it will create more bigg issue than tracking

  3. Photoshoot was quite cute and beautiful, they really look great.
    I hope Raghav n pallavi are knitting a plan to expose mandar. Like in ishqbaaz shivika did a memory loss drama to expose culprit, in naagin bela and mahir did a fake fight, I don’t know why but I’m getting similar feeling here too as it will be shown than Aaye will inform raghav about mandar plans (bts info.).
    Support by watching regularly, Raghav Rao is hydrabad ka don he must have something to defeat mandar. patience n trust n enjoy ☺ ARGAMINDA😎

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      @KR in others also but like krishna chali london where krishna and veer did drama to expose fake radhe

    2. Aai will inform raghav about mandar plans ?when did that will happen?sorry I didn’t see any of that least aai is sensible enough.

    3. Wow I like ur way of writing. Its like reading story not an update.😍
      May be raghav doesn’t want to stress her that’s y he is not saying about challenge but everytime he is indirectly warning her about his intentions but she is behaving too blind to see and supporting or rather say sympathetic to mandar.I really didn’t get it pallu is ignoring all intentionally or she really not getting anything.
      Keerthi hats off to u 🤷 one should learn from u how much person can stoop low in her blind love not caring about own family.

    4. ShraddhaSharma392

      I agree @anju..
      Pallavi is not getting hints neither of raghav nor of sharda..
      Kirti is now gone case..

  4. @ShraddhaSharma392
    You have a really innovative way of writing the updates which makes some boring things also sound funny 🤣

  5. @ShraddhaSharma392 i never expect that u will write updates here waise bhi using emojis it was too good pls continue commenting in udaariyaan i cant find urs did u quit commenting

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      @keerthi, i don’t write updates regularly, but sometime when tellyupdates regular writer is busy, i help them.
      Regarding uddariyan, yes i have stopped watching, reading or commenting. As what fateh and jasmin doing with tejo was totally unbearable.. i can’t tolerate them any more..
      Rather tejo need new partner and let cheaters stay together.

    2. Okk @ShraddhaSharma392 right now without quitting I’m watching only ghkkpm hope so jaldi se samrat will return accidently i saw todays update of mhrw but shockingly u were her but nice update yaar

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      @keerthi i am following this show since long time…
      May be you didn’t noticed..
      I am also following but for Sai firm decision to leave Virat.
      Anywya thanks for liking my update😌

    4. @Shraddha di I recommend you to keep reading udaariyan cause now Mami and Gippy are going to expose jasmin’s acts…it may be a good track.

    5. In that track i think no one gonna believe mami and gippy….And they both will be sidelined…

    6. ShraddhaSharma392

      @prachigill i can’t tolerate that show any more .
      And what @deep wrote i agree to it..
      Until tejo herself find truth, nothing will be solved..

  6. The way u wrote this update is awesome 😍😍😍 I loved it. Aur bohot kuch kehna h episode ko leke but I’m too lazy to write all of them.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thanks @sameera
      😅😅 For lazy line

  7. Sneha kotian

    Boring and crazy….Mandar issue is now dragging..till date the serial was going great and any Twists were getting closed in within a month and raghavi bond used to get stronger…this track is unnecessary being stretched and also the USB of the serial the trust between raghvai the very foundation of their relationship is being questioned.Pallavi who was smart enough to crack through sunny behaviour in just 2 meetings can’t see Mandar game isn’t it ironic..also she claims to know and love raghav more than herself can’t she see he is in pain and feeling disturbed and threatened.I don’t think this is love.raghav on the other hand is not telling palavi what mandar is upto beocs pallavi is not ready to listen…he is trying to protect his relationship nad pallavi is acting like a idiot totally brainless….enough of this Mandar. We want Raghav Rao in his old swag he should close the mandar chapter using his connects and also start a life without Pallavi… Pallavi does not require such a caring husband and amma..she is better off with the Deshmukh as a doormat..Please show how MANDAR is exposed by raghav in his RR style,let pallavi understand his mistake of not trusting raghav nad now let it be a reverse gear where pallavi is trying to impress raghav instead of the other way round as it was earlier where raghav used to do everything to please pallavi….but pls end Manadar track. I have stopped seeing the serial now only written update for me

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      I think extensions spoil shows..
      Otherwise this matter would have ended soon..

    2. Sneha kotian

      You are right. Too much extensions and stretching soils the show infact it already has..the trp had gone up slightly due to raghavi equation and how they together handle all situations,but here it’s going in reverse direction, Amma’s advice to raghavi has fallen on deaf everyone is fed up of the normal track in all serials ,this serial was being appreciate because of its different story,but now same jisapita story…won’t be surprised if it goes off air very soon…the earlier episodes before this Mandar track and illogical behaviour of pallavi were so exciting have watched repeat of MHRW on hotstar maybe 8-10 times ,but Stop 🛑 each time Manadar episode come.sandeep sir when trp is required to be increased you ask viewers to watch on TV at 6.30 ,but when viewers are not happy with the track you don’t take any actions that’s not fair ,so end results we stop watching

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      This show can do wonders, but time slot is wrong..
      But good show get wrong time slot.. and worst shows get those slots

  8. When will raghav expose imposter mandar Orbandar sandeep pls close his chapter

    1. After mandar chapter ends. Krishna Rao chapter starts. he is the main villain of the show.
      Remember Krishna Rao lured him into a chit fund controversy and took away all the money and ran away because of that Raghav Rao’s father and younger brother died.

  9. I don’t liking this show.
    I am thinking this should not receive 5months extension
    Earlier i used to wait eagerly for next episode
    So much of love triangle drama, i am not liking this new track
    Where raghav -pallavi has lost their brain. Raghav playing challenge like kids and also doing tracker like things to pallavi
    Pallavi who loves raghav can not understand raghav emotion and also falling in trap of mandar
    Earlier raghvi used to be the side of each other and have some brain. They even not suspecting mandar intention
    Mhrw never dragged any track and now it seems dragging , 7 days not ending yet.

  10. Raghav will be taking it seriously when he is hurt.
    remember ghayal sher ki sanse uski dhad se hai khatarnak hoti hai

  11. After mandar chapter ends. Krishna Rao chapter starts. he is the main villain of the show.
    Remember Krishna Rao lured him into a chit fund controversy and took away all the money and ran away because of that Raghav Rao’s father and younger brother died.

  12. Sneha kotian

    Dont mind thr krishna rao track, atleast raghavi can together fight it…this Manadar track should end soon .kirti and sunny actually are not required,let there be some good times between Raghav and Pallavi and some romance between farhad and Amruta…BUT PLS END MANDAR TRACK MORE THAN BORING ITS IS NAUSEATING AND ALSO THE RAGHAV SWAG IS MISSING.WHERE IS THE DARE DEVIL RAGHAV RAO WHY IS IS NOT TRYING TO FIND THE TRUTH OF MANDAR TO SAFEGUARD PALAVI

  13. Raghav rao acting depend on the director hands

  14. Does this trio [ Raghvi+Amma] consider Kirti as part of family..
    Kisi ko padi hi nahi hai uski..Mast enjoy kar rahe hai..
    These 3 are coolest family on Starplus which i can see..

    Well Kirti, i think you should get married to Sunny and run away from life of Raghvi..Or book a ticket for you to Himalaya..You need to do meditaion and than find out what you really want

  15. Does this trio [ Raghvi+Amma] consider Kirti as part of family..
    Kisi ko padi hi nahi hai uski..Mast enjoy kar rahe hai..
    These 3 are coolest family on Starplus which i can see..

    Well Kirti, i think you should get married to Sunny and run away from life of Raghvi..Or book a ticket for you to Himalaya..You need to do meditaion and than find out what you really want

  16. Sugendha Mudaly

    Didn’t think that I wud say this but our favorite jodi’s love story appears to b doomed.. What started off as this amazing beautiful story with a bang is becoming hard to digest now..Whatever happened to the Pallavi who had that spunk n confidence to stand up to the Raghav Rao n he listened.. She is now both deaf n dumb to all that is in front of her..While RR is spinning out of control taking to placing a tracker in his wife’s bag.. Mr Rao ur waaayyy better than this n u deserve soo much better than this saying one thing n doing another by Pallavi..She needs to go n our hero needs to move on..Writers pls give him his true love..we all derseve a second chance after all😁😁😁😁

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